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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] he [Music] [Music] hey [Music] and the competition has ended did all right welcome everybody Welcome to the live stream yes are you guys pumped I'm pumped I'm pumped for this this giveaway here it just ended so we're going to choose the winner for the ks0 as well actually as well we got some uh deep miners giveaway as well okay we're people that were mining on deep miners for DX over the past I don't know a week or two your address is shown here all right just a snapshot as of today and uh there are what 1,467 of you guys so we're going to do random uh generator for 200 we're going to draw in $200 in DX okay we're going to uh for those that have been mining will'll win one of you today I'll do the I'll do the winner I'll choose the winner live uh for the $200 in dyx and then next week we're also going to do another $200 in DX as well okay so got a lot of fun stuff Bros thank you for being here smash the like also thank you for today's live stream sponsors we have three today thank you crypto Miner thank you to Coastal crypto mining if you guys are looking for as6 they have a lot of stuff here a lot of Cheaper cheaper as6 here as well as mop.

they just hit me up just recently I am now Affiliated and going to be sponsored by mop. euu thank you guntis VIN of gtis Fan's YouTube channel he also owns mop. he is an OG in the crypto mining space you've probably seen for those that have been mining maybe mined in 2017 saw his videos in 2013 of GPU mining G folin's is the OG as well as bsby Tripp and those are two gentlemen I respect and wholeheartedly have learned everything from every narrative every type of crypto mining like strategy is from these guys okay guntis and bits be tripping those guys have told us all of the strategies all the different things regarding crypto mining I learned it from them what you guys learn from me it's the exact same thing that they have also taught us so respect to them all right guys how is everybody let's do a roll call let me get the live chat up here all right hold on got to make sure I can see all of you all right there we go all right I'm On Top chat all right that's not good all right um oh my God the chat is going nuts the chat's going nuts can we get 100 likes we got 150 people watching 83 likes smash the like Bros let's go let's uh let's see here uh who do we got here who do we got here man pelish Miner what's up amplifier gaming punk rock 43 techy Rod automatic beats sakaro gun one what's up what's up M hi from Malaysia wow what's up the truth I am the owner what's up man uh Power mines crypto anoms Julian Ben Hava let's go Tony Rock hello pen what's up Ros what's up rated raar bacon eggs and hash Jody Miller Patrick Murphy what's up Patrick Murphy Rockport Tigger word RPM word bro hello from Bulgaria wow yeah we got all types we got all types of people here we got all types of people here today that's awesome Helen Shan what's up hi from Hong Kong what's up what's up hi from Romania okay we seriously have worldwide uh worldwide people here today obviously my channel is is worldwide uh but this competition for ones is worldwide okay so hopefully you guys entered already uh it just ended so most of you guys are probably here uh to see who the winner is so are you guys ready you guys ready hello RPM how are you doing I'm doing good son of a rabbit Panda this name your name man just it's it's too good if I haven't done any challenges can I still win son of a p no I'm sorry if you have not entered in already it's already over low Buck mining what's up jeffro paints his toenails I don't UK finally has a chance um okay so I wanted to just okay we'll choose the winner in a about 5 minutes okay mind something what's up what's up man F fud Weiser clone Mason hello hello Carl M what's up man good morning good morning powerminds crypto hello from Nova scoia what's up man fellow Canadian man Jody mol hello from South Africa that's awesome that's awesome okay I want to clarify here the Casper Network hash is now hitting up 50 petahash it is mid October October 15th as we are in this live stream I just wanted to um take note of that and uh there's supposed to be some 800 units of the wind minor K9 which is 11 Tera has so that's about I think we calculated eight or nine petahash by the end of this month or uh beginning of November I believe or no they said they are shipping out end of November November so between now and end of November there's going to be another potentially or at beginning of December could be another 10 petahash or so um but my prediction I think we're going to hit up like between 70 to maybe 100 it could be 100 petahash cuz it I don't know if bitm and an ice River ice river is also going to be releasing a whole a batch by end of this month as well okay so I don't know how many of those I don't know how big of that batch is all right um obviously there's a lot of k3s ks3 M's out there bit M has also their ks3 okay those have been pretty much shipping out this this month so I'm curious uh before we do the giveaway what are your guys's hash rate predictions I want to see in the live chat hash rate prediction let's let's see it let's see it let's see bring it up here how do you choose the winner um I do it through gleam right here uh hold on right here I choose the KERO through gleam now granted okay I will not be able to show this live because it will be doxing it shows their first name and last name and location so I'll have to do it off screen here and then I will take a snap shot and I'll just I'll I'll draw out their location and probably their last name um and maybe a bit of the email uh this is not a live stream giveaway this is a um uh when I choose the winner I'll just contact them through email so you don't have to be here uh to to um to win okay all right let me read your guys's predictions here 100 P has by ex x uh Christmas easy yeah I agree I agree uh month what do you think of a dlink managed switch I found one for half price a dlink managed switch I don't even know dink made manage switches I thought they're all like unmanaged U Milo 75 lmcd 85 2 EXA low Buck mining two ex aash I don't think that's possible that'd be a that's a lot of Hardware pelish Miner what's up uh 100 pah hash yeah I agree 80 by the end of the year yeah that could be more realistic honestly 80 between 80 and 90 that's that's a good range 80 and 90 penah has yeah Ron Watkins 95 85 91 90 yeah you guys are all generally you guys are all generally in that range yeah that makes sense yo RPM thoughts on mining Monero on sell or any low power devices anytime soon uh yeah I mean I think the network hash rate for Monero has come down actually the difficulty no no I lied I lied it's gone back up because people have been getting the x5s look at this it like look at this look at this uh how can I hold on all right I'll show you here hold on let me go here I show you I show you I show you all right you guys wait can I can I zoom in how do I zoom in here where is the difficulty chart here uh there it is okay all right I don't know I don't know if that's big enough hold on can I make it bigger yeah okay hold on make it bigger nope that's as big as I can go all right um that's what he said okay so okay we predicted that bit M that maybe potentially they they turned on like a good like 100 100 100 G's here of difficulty there's no no hash rate I don't know what the hash rate uh is there hash rate on here no um you can see it dropped July 2025 and then ever since it's been down here and then when the X5 started shipping I got my X5 like mid September okay my X5 came mid September I turned it on and this coincides with everyone else turning on their x5s that people that were getting them as well so this it's like bitm was like maybe pre- mining them for like a good like 2 weeks or something I don't know I don't know may or maybe they were slowly turning them off here packing them up but uh most likely it was them packing it up throughout August and then they shipped them out that's that's my that's my thing about it okay all right let's choose the winner for the DX that's what she said we can't see difficulty screen okay you guys can't see never mind um okay uh let's talk about price prediction ah I'm not gonna I'm not going to do that you you you guys really okay let let's let's let's do the giveaways here okay um KS Z and $200 and DX okay let's let's do the $200 in DX first okay so there are thank you to deep deep pool.

De if you guys are mining DX right now um you like if you want to draw in for free DX you might as well mine to their pool um next week we're going to choose another $200 in D for winner and then the last week is going to be $400 in DX so get your hash rate over there if you are mining already and now so we're going to do random number generator and there's 14 1,467 wallet addresses oh this is this is amazing this is a lot of people here okay 1467 so we're going to go random number generator 1467 oops and we are going to generate the random number all right here we go here we go who's going to win three two one number 501 okay who is 501 on this list let's see I I guess we don't we don't know who it is specifically uh but we have the address all right so number 501 is ending in you qqm is that mine no that's not mine I wish it was mine all right oh no 501 wait am am I stupid wait 50 501 yeah 501 okay ending in X5 c72 okay I clicked the wrong one it's not qqm it's X5 c72 okay 51 right here so whoever that is congrats you have won $200 in DX who is that lucky guy I don't know we don't know who obviously crypto mining is uh uh obviously easy you know like non kyc we don't know who wall is who right in a sense um okay that's it good job good job thank you deep if you guys are mining DX already hit your hit your hash right over there you'll get drawn in for the next uh giveaway I'll do the next $200 in DX next week all right next week that's going to be a lot of fun so congrats on the $200 x5c 72 wallet address uh that's your gy what's up Pocket Change hello hello Pocket Change how are you are you feeling better Shea mining Carl M Chris Ng what's up man home brew crypto what's up man great balini great baldini I saw your messages in the beginning domg techman what's up oh so I got entered in already for be mining there yes if you are currently mining on deep miners okay there here are their servers here are the connection settings here are the ports okay uh you will be drawn in for the next week next Sunday next Sunday $200 in DX and then the last week of October will be another uh not another $ 200 it's going to be $400 in DX to your address all right we're going to choose a winner randomly has the winner been announced yes zaber number 501 uh for the ice River KS Z no we're going to be doing that shortly we're going to be doing that in a bit here okay couple minutes couple minutes all right has the winner been announced no not yet okay so I have linked you on my site still win or lose caspo caspo what a what a website how is triple mining bro uh yeah my one little hios rig on uh Ergo alium zil has been pretty good oh I can show you guys here hold on let me bring it up let me bring it up let me bring it up sign in iOS please am I signed in already oh thank God all right let's open it up here let's go here let's move this over look at this it's okay so funny just a funny thing my DX rig my flux rig and my Ergo Al lithium zil rig have restarted I don't know why um but my neoa rig my Nexa rig my narai rig my clor rig and my kapal rig my nice hash kapow have all been running for the past six days and 17 hours straight that's when I started this whole test so it's been pretty it's been pretty these these kapow progpow coins have been so stable but then when it comes to Triple mining uh and I don't know maybe the The Miner I'm using for flux is not stable DX of course is generally I've been seeing restarts uh for my AMD uh AMD rigs a lot so I don't know why that is I know that there's actually a new SRB minor that just came out um it's not uh updated yet on Hi V so uh apparently that's supposed to lower the Nvidia hash rate uh you know what let me bring that up SG minor right here I read this yesterday uh added support for NVIDIA Volta architecture display unknown Nvidia but supported algorithm should work D DX bug fixes minor bug fixes but M here's the here's the mandatory disclaimer mandatory upgrade for dyx mining I got informed by DX developers that after the optimizations I made in previous Miner version some of the jobs they tested return in valid proof of use will work Solutions because of the changes I had to make a fix to fix a problem hash rate decreased on most of the gpus except AMD rdna2 gpus which actually got an increase in hash rate from the new code so 6,000 series 7,000 series gpus dang got a hit uh got a got got a boost Nvidia gpus got the biggest hit to be able to continue mining users must upgrade to the version 2.3.8 as soon as possible older versions will stop working in a few days I don't know the exact date but dyx team will make that decision so I haven't upgraded my uh my Nvidia gpus yet um so I'm curious what the you know what let's go to my other Farm uh here so let's say my my 3070 rig I'm curious what the drop will be on my 307s has anyone uh done their 30 370 Dr uh 370 upgrade SRB minor Pocket Change can you do a Hello shout out to re scarlet and Charlie was in your chat for a wife for the wife and kids well shout out what's up what's up R scarlet and Charlie hello hope you guys are doing okay Costo crypto mining hello bro what's up I mentioned you guys in the beginning of the stream thank you for uh this is where I bought the uh K KS Zero from with my own money all right so good luck to all of you all right good luck to all of you okay worldwide giveaway um if you're unable to ship to your country I'll send you $400 in crypto instead so current cost of has zero now okay so worldwide guys let's do it should we choose the winner now are you guys ready are you guys ready need more voltage or dual or triple be sure to update your SRB 3.37 if you're using DX uh yes um missing my I'm missing a lot of chat here I never make it to live stream So Random uh yes nice hash unable better hash connected anyway can my G1 minis be connected to anywhere yet uh no G1 mini is the grin minor right no those cannot there's no I don't think there's any grin on Ice hash or unminable actually I'm not sure I'm not sure if Nice Ash has grin or not I don't think so um oh the chat is going fast Bros there's a lot of people here here we go let's go we are not worthy John English good luck everybody okay all right 200 gaming Smoky Dan 200 plus likes before the draw I like that all right there's 252 of you 157 likes can we get to 200 likes and I will start the giveaway disclaimer I will not be able to show this as I show it choose the winner because it might be doxing I'm going to use paint take a snippet and uh draw out their last name and their location and probably a bit of their email I I don't want to dox I don't want to dox the winners cuz uh gleam is inherently doxing because it takes their first name last name and uh email and location so I I don't want to dox that uh so I'll be choosing the winner off off camera here and then I will take a snippet and bring it over all right postal crypto mining what's up bro what's up second TL what's up man second TL let us know who wins we will cover shipping ah castal crypto M you don't have to man you don't have to it's all good man it's all good thank you though all right we're at 268 viewers 195 likes five more likes I will begin the ks zero giveaway 22 for rigged DJ mines it's rigged for everyone else but the winner how about that it's rigged for everyone else but the winner hope the winner contains email address containing blue red pite hold I got to get my SN sniping tool up here I'm going to get ready to take a screenshot of the winner all right I'm and then uh just remove their last name and their uh doxing information if it shows any all right we're at 2 likes let's go let's draw the winner I want to just mention again just thank you to the whole Community really appreciate everybody everybody here um it's been quite a wild ride uh you know $400,000 $400 you know KS Z is nothing it's it it's nothing I know it's it's nothing crazy for probably most of you here but um you know this could be something for someone uh I uh paid this for from Coastal crypto from my own money from the commissions that I earned from them back in August and I went on a trip and so I didn't receive it until cuz I told them to stop uh don't ship it to me because I'm I went on a one month trip just last month uh it just came back like a couple weeks ago so now I have this and now the ice K hero is worth $400 uh so I just wanted to uh Express that but thank you everybody so much the community is awesome um I'm I always continue to do more giveaways and actually have another giveaway in tomorrow's video so stay tuned for that tomorrow's video is going to be an insane one Shaker thank you for the donation all right here we go all right I'm going to draw the winner here we go here we go okay I'm going to do it off screen here okay there we go you guys ready can I get 22s in the chat 22s in the chat respect for DJ mines 22 come on let's spam it let's spam it let's go spam spam spam spam spam spam let's go let's go all right all right all right [Music] all right here we go drawing the winner here we go three two 1 draw announce winner H announce winners in widget okay uh click on that why can't I see the freaking winner where's announce winners in widget what is that okay this is new what a export winner okay I got to export all right I'm going to export the winner uh I don't want to dock nothing I don't okay it opens up in in in Excel what [Music] uh uh okay hold on hold on what what does this mean export winner I I just want to see the why is it so weird this time are you sure you want to announce the winners with their Avatar okay winners announced oh here okay okay okay I got it I got it I got it I got it okay taking a snipe taking a snipe I got it I got it okay there's doxing information here I have to draw I have to okay I got it I got a winner look on the left side I'm just I'm just I'm just drawing uh moving removing their location hold on removing leg location drawing out red and I'm going to draw out their email and their last name uh drawing out their email yeah Andrew Mr Andrew Thomas from USA there we go Andrew Thomas from USA who is this entry number 1021 congratulations Andrew [Music] Thomas Andrew Thomas 1021 all right congrats he visited my YouTube channel rigged it's I guarantee you it's not rigged all right that's it you have to be here to win no no um congratulations congratulations Mr Andrew Thomas from USA I will email you if you're watching this and I will get in touch with you I believe he said he one from mid from midusa I don't want to dox I I don't want to dox his state but he's in [Music] USA uh as expected I didn't win I want to read exteme randomly rigged rigged every see it's rigged for everyone except you except the winner crypto KJ it shows The Gleam page refresh it shows the winner [Music] here oh yeah there you go oh that's cool I didn't know they okay they that's a new that's a new thing winning entry Andrew T yes awesome awesome I like that I didn't I didn't know they do that that's a that's a new feature that's a new feature on gleen Andrew T congrats congrats congrats congrats Andrew Thomas is so generic ain't no way you're doxing that guy it's like John Smith magic lucky Andrew is not a generic name it it's it that is not that is an American very American name I think John Smith is very it would be would be would be such a generic name H all right that's it that's it Bros um or no we're not done with wait what what time is it 9:27 all right we got another half an hour to to half an hour until rabid mining goes live we're going to head on over over there okay all right he's going to live stream in about 30 minutes all right so we'll stay tuned for that okay what do you guys want to talk about what do you guys want to talk about what's up congrats to the winners number 501 for DX and Mr Andrew Thomas for the ks0 I'm uh just a just a quick note I'm giving away three gpus and merch and risers tomorrow for one lucky winner in tomorrow's video all right stay tuned that for that in tomorrow's video um mine Capital how many ASX are you bringing to the hosting facility I am bringing you know what I can I think I can bring that up I'm bringing a lot uh hold on oh I don't have it up here I don't know where it is [Music] um I'm bringing a lot I'm bringing a lot all of them all the as6 you seen on my channel I'm bringing all of them DJ mines how are you man okay I got to turn down the music is the music too [Music] loud all right um worldwide of just CAD in USA game is work D did you test the ks Z Coastal crypto mining no I have not opened it it's it'll it's just brand new in box I I did not I did not test it should I open it and test it I can playing Starfield yet low mining uh no looking forward to your giveaway tomorrow Tim I am crypto yeah get get get your comments in for tomorrow's video where do we sign up for tomorrow's giveaway you got to watch the video and listen to how how to participate watch the whole damn video even the non-efficient older A6 um no m capital my like my IB link bmk 3 L3 plus like all the smaller A6 I'm I'm keeping here it's just all the big boy like 3,2 2400 watt A6 are moving I'm I'm I'm driving uh about 14 15 hours to a to a hosting facility next to me uh in the next uh Province and I got a rate of about 0.072 75 USD so 7 7.5 cents USD it's it's good I think it's good I I want I wanted I got numerous offers of like 6 cents um but they were in the states and I didn't I I I for tax reasons I wanted to stay within Canada so and this one I could just drive there and visit and actually I'm going to be vlogging at this hosting facility so stay tuned for that stay tuned for that I'm going to be um I'm going to be vlogging uh at this hosting facility so that's going to be sweet it's going to be sick CA crypto mining please let let the winner know we will help if it is DOA nice po crypto Min sounds good sounds good um Smokey Dan so what cards you giving away plus is it worldwide or just Canada and USA um yeah unfortunately this one will be Canada and USA Smokey Dan what cards are you giving away uh you will find out tomorrow 14 15 hour drive can you handle the jet leg red Pand yeah I'm making it like a family trip so I'm not going to drive 15 hours in one day there's no way I'm going to do like half and half and uh yeah um let's see here that just means F thanks a lot magic land so good day I just want to rest bre upward Pocket Change feel better Pocket Change take some rest please take some rest Ron Watkins yeah where is the $400 KS z um okay I don't okay so I saw somebody okay it's sold out already um what other I saw let me see hold on H let's see how much it has here okay Co Dragon I'm also affiliated with with these guys um do I recommend buying do I recommend buying uh a KS zero right now it's it's it's looking pretty dire uh the NK hash R for Caspa continues to climb um if we did the math I think we did the math if we went up another 50 pah has to 100 at the current price of Caspa the difficulty doubles pretty much and so the profitability would be half so I I currently have a ks0 granted it's overclocked and I don't really recommend everyone to do that um do it at your own risk but my KS Z is earning about $2 a day right now so if the difficulty went up another 50 penah has this ker would still earn about a buck uh if you did it at 60 160 gigahash that is uh if you did 100 gigahash then obviously this would be like a120 or something and then if the network hash rate doubled if the price stayed the same if Casper price obviously stayed the same which we know within a month it's probably going to change we don't know um it's uh it's going to be it's going to cut in half so like 60 cents if you rent at 100 gigahash or something so it will still be profitable in quotes profitable but you know it's it it it you you got the the play here is you got to think long term okay you you get you got to think long term so um if you believe in the project you believe that the price is going to go up eventually in the ball run then that's it that's the play so for you to spend this $400 now um versus uh or 500 what however much it cost now um it's that's it that's the play that's that's the ultimate play okay ah uh Happy Birthday uh pocket change as well thank you trying oh Pocket Change uh you can't give one away then say it's crap red P my Krypto K I didn't say did I say it's crap I didn't say it's crap uh domg KSC are still better than any gpus for the price you are right Dom G you are correct you are correct in terms of uh in terms of profitability standpoint at the moment you are correct a KS Zer is a better buy than gpus at this moment yes yes you are correct um all right uh costal ice River quality has seem to gone downhill the ks zero seems to be okay but bigger miners are hit and miss yeah I've heard yeah I've heard some people had some broken uh KS the bigger ice Rivers yeah uh cool dragon store include shipping I don't think so let me hold on let me check view cart no it's $560 it's $100 $120 shipping wow that's a lot wow that's a lot shipping to Canada 560 yeah so there is there is a tacked on fee here 560 okay um sebs what's up man did you figure out an Asic pool dashboard you like I I to have them all in one place I know it's only a few days since you said you were going to look into it so I'm it so I'm probably too ke uh SE yes I found yes I did um I'm planning on doing a video I I put all of my as6 onto this one mining pool it it might be a bad idea but it seems to be pretty good I I like that I can see all of them pretty much in one web goey if you know what I mean and all the profits and stuff can go to BTC or I can I can convert to BTC or usdt um because nice hash does not okay I'm just saying say nice hash is not supported for a lot of the big boy as6 so um yeah SS I'll message you s I'll message you bro um hey I wanted to know try Min Z Min for flux because I was on L switch to Min and got l more has power Min crypto yeah some GPS do more on mini z I think AMD cards are going to be good on LOL Miner I I think I think Patrick Murphy I appreciate the giveaway Panda thank you as always Patrick Murphy you are welcome good sir I am appreciative that I am in a position that I can do these types of giveaways and uh thank you to Coastal crypto mining for getting that done guys go visit pooc Crypt link down below if you are wanting to purchase any as6 as6 right now are coming down in price like it's it if you think you know bare Market times that's like the best times to buy um granted I know that ice River like we all know a bunch of ice Rivers okay so here's the timeline I want for anyone deciding to buy ice rivers or C by as6 in general here's here's the here's the kicker okay so the end of this month or maybe in the next week or two here ice River announced that they are shipping out a batch of all all these ks1 ks2 ks3 M k3s granted I don't know how many there's going to be I don't know what the batch is but they said they're shipping out a a bunch of these allocation for those for people that bought it all right resellers bunch of resellers have allocation for it um so it' be another what 5 10 pet hash adding on to the network by the end of this month I don't know I really don't know and then the end of November okay there's been some wind of the uh wind minor K9 okay uh where is it shop uh kid my kid is screaming that's not a good sign um um where is it I saw I thought they had it here I don't know if it's real or not just be okay it's not even it's not even on their website anymore oh no it is but it's it said 30 I okay people were people were pre-ordering them for $30,000 I was just like holy crap man he all right all right M shop.

It's not showing up anyway some wind Miner K9 it was here I did a video on already um my ks2 needs to hurry up yeah uh DJ mines yeah that's the batch we just talked about yeah that's coming that's coming um didn't ice River say they weren't making any more cast Miners and then doing other stuff yes yes I remember that too ice River said the beginning of September they they said they weren't making anymore and then all of a sudden end of September or no end of October they said oh they're going to they have another batch shipping out I was like what so yeah they they pretty much I don't know I guess they lied there there um AMD cards didn't get a boost did get a boost yes power mind's crypto nice okay um what time is it what time is it Bros um 9:40 20 more minutes 20 more minutes is there any questions concerns you guys have you want to talk about what you guys you guys want to talk about else you guys want to talk about how about the markets here let's look at the proof of work watch list all right naray has gone up 31% the past 24 hours then theay o what Chia wow this is the first time I see Chia at the top like second top of the chart here good 10% pump wow interesting very interesting I heard I think it was yesterday or two days ago they moved uh the pre-mine of chia cuz they have like a huge pre-mine like I think 1/8 of her pre-mine like 1.5 million Chia was moved to an exchange so I don't know why the price went up maybe they're trying to do some Market making liquidity pump you know what that's probably that's probably what's happening here that's probably What's Happening Here Market making is is is quite uh that could be happening um um Panda how are things with BC Hydro are they getting are getting a better rate uh G my biggest issue is I am not running 150 plus amps yet in Hardware I need to run 150 amps consistently for 6 months I need to prove 6 months in 150 plus amps usage am I doing that right now no and granted I need to be I would I would then have to run that for which is at my my current cost per kilowatt hour at my house here is about I think converted to US is about 12 cents so I need to run 12 cents 150 160 amps worth of power consistently for 6 months to prove that I can do that and then and only then I can be moved down to 7 cents us 7 cents USD um commercial ready I know I can do it but um it's just the fact right now um I haven't gotten my I need to get like four or five more uh 30 amps uh running and uh I don't have that uh infrastructure up to get that to run 150 160 amps yet so I just been procrastinating and I've just been busy and I'm not electrician I I did run my other ones before my my other 330 amps for my A6 they're running great I just haven't had time and the energy to run another 430 amp uh 240 volts so I will get that I will get I will get there eventually I will get there um yeah okay trade ogre sucks I have 3K Caso lock there trade some shitcoin for Cas and can't withdraw my coins since like one month now ah I stopped using trade ogre like uh maybe two months ago I I haven't seen the issues there but yeah I know some people have been saying tradeogre has been blocking their kaspa that trades which sucks yeah definitely that sucks sucks hope hopefully they resolve it hopefully they resolve it will you finish the 20 GPU rig on Tuesday I'll be 60 and since it would be your third time working on it it is 20 gpus it just it just all adds up Kirk McIntyre God damn it Ron Watkins where where is a good exchange for cast in the US um to be honest I have used and this is not I'm not sponsored or anything [Music] um I've used simple swap they got Casa here um hold on let me show you it loads slow for some reason ass ASA and you can trade it for not for ethereum screw ethereum um BTC see you can do it right here say you had uh say you had uh 100 100,000 kaspa you can get 0.15 BTC yep I've done it I've done it here multiple times uh it's been successful oh Seb thank you for the thank you for the donation good for the power fund let's get that 7 Cent dude oh s you didn't have to do that you didn't have to do that man thank you you thank you um so another reason another reason why um okay so either I do that for 6 months and pay you know 12 cents but or get my as6 hosted and pay 0.75 7 7.5 so I was like you know what I'm just going to do that for now and uh I'll deal with doing my house power later okay um zader do you trust easy mining nice hash because I want to spend a large amount of money in the large Bitcoin package oh God Zer don't don't do that zader don't for the love of God do not do that please do not put large amounts of money into the large Bitcoin package all right please it's I I'm not saying it's fake or you know it's a scam or something it's just gambling it it it's don't do it don't do it for the love of God don't do it does simple swap have KDA I don't know CAD yeah they do yeah they got kadana 100 100,000 kadana 1.5 Bitcoin I love it I love it um have you seen how cheap it is to buy used mining Hardware of course GPS are cheap now but psu's mining frames uh PS us are not really cheap I mean uh the uh granted if you go to parallel Min par parallel Miner how do I spell parallel I'm so like gimped not sponsored I'm not sponsored by these guys um I think uh yeah 25 wait how much are HP server psus now uh I haven't been to their website forever what do they have here storage devices hard drives uh look at this $20 $18 300 GB solid state drive dude 1.6 terab Intel 60 bucks SAS dude I need these I need this out of stock damn it out of stock anyways power supply kit okay so I know these are still like these are okay 1,400 watt Delta okay no you need to add on all the cables and x16 or zsx amp Edition breakup L plus two turn oh this oh oh that's pretty good that's okay you get 16 uh 16 cables PC cables 6 plus 2 pin you get the zsx amp edition board and you get the you get the 1,400 wat PSU for 66 dude this is this dropped down from $211 down to 6680 you can see how much you can see how much extra they were charging in the bll Run 82 in stock this is a good price price this in my opinion this is good this is really good that's that's a pretty decent price um I remember seeing in the the previous bull run like the 12200 watt hp server psus were like $25 $20 I I've seen them you can order them off Alibaba in 2018 2019 for like 15 bucks I ordered like 20 I ordered 20 off Alibaba back then for like under 500 bucks I ordered 20 of those HP server psus for like 500 bucks it was awesome it including shipping was the most expensive part H uh Ron Watkins have tons of SAS drives what do you need Ron Watkins let me know man I'm looking for okay I'm looking I need fast like Enterprise grade ssds do you have that I need I need Enterprise ssds for my um my VMware cluster my my uh virtual machine ah I think the ssds I have now are crap 16 G 240 gigs St I'm looking for like one terabyte okay here we go oh no out of stock okay everything's out of stock here I'm not even I'm not even going to bother okay all right what else what else Bros what else Bros Enterprise SAS ssds yes I'll email you Ronin sounds good man Ron Ron you can also uh you can Discord do we have each other on Discord overboard Tech I've had more issues with parallel boards than Amazon eBay combo boards I've had zero issues I have I have probably hundreds I have not hundreds more than less than a like I'd say like 80 or 90 of the parallel minor boards I haven't had any die on me I know that there was a certain batch okay there was a certain batch of um parallel minor breakout boards that were bad so they did ref refund or did I think they refunded or uh did something or you could refund uh if it was in within a year warranty or something actually I don't even know if it's a year warranty there let's see where's the warranty of these things uh oh only 30-day warranty okay never mind that's that's yeah that okay never mind there's no warranty I heard someone got a refund even after the 30 days [Music] hm I do believe parallel minor has since fixed it but zsx did have a ton of failures I have like good 20 of these zsx boards yeah I I have I have both the zsx uh the regular one and the amp Edition one maybe I got lucky maybe I got lucky granted I only have I only have 20 so um I have seen people that had issues yes pal Miner took care of my eight bad bobos as well as after warranty from the bad batch they were great yeah yeah see there you go parall Miner rectified the issue which is great you got influencer quality samples that there's no such thing overboard Tech that's no such thing no such thing they didn't even I they didn't even know I ordered from them I actually ordered under my personal name I didn't even order under my my uh my red panda mining I ordered under my personal name I I have never communicated with paraba Miner ever I don't have enough affiliate with them I don't have anything uh even though I've shown their website like a billion times S9 hash boards look at that S7 hash board 36 bucks dude they sell the hash boards by themselves that's that's that's amazing I wonder if could could someone like could someone could you solo mine like off an S7 board I don't even know what 600 hashing of a 600 gash is that a lot is 600 gigahash a lot no you need this you need this control cable whatever um Steven Minsky what's up man mine that failed were not Z suck even the normal board 750 watt ones oh okay honestly I'm thinking of ordering um I'm thinking of ordering something here 1200 watt I've had my HP server psus none of them have died I have had zero issues with my uh uh HP servers I don't know how reliable these Platinum Deltas are I've never I've never experienced the Platinum Deltas I've only had HP server psus in my whole life like and ATX I have a bunch of ATX the second DL parallel Miner is awesome find so much random stuff between the mining and saw that they have a fridge there a fridge where's the fridge goodies oh my God what the hell is what what is this Lifeline RV what RV battery dude what the hell is this em EMC dude is this a uh B ups dude they have rack mount stuff here they got data path Vision triple capture encoding video card what what the hell is this got the domot what is this do do doch coolmatic CRX 110 electric refrigerator freezer dude I need this [Laughter] fridge uh parallel miners got some great stuff yeah they do every Miner needs a fridge to keep their cool I also had a board fail on a Dell 750 watt and an HP 750 watt they're different breakup boards it was definitely widespread I think magic lucky okay interesting and the D 1100 in fact oh okay so HP servers are better I I don't know I haven't had many people say to me that their HP server psus have failed I haven't I haven't heard many uh of those fail so okay Bros any final remarks any final questions um we could talk we could literally talk about this stuff all day we could we could do this all day has anyone tried the new SRB Miner yet what's the hash rate overboard Tech what's the hash rate drop of a 3070 on DX uh neon I have some of and different between HP is the noise and much more noisier than hp1 if it is to be at home you can't load above 60% right right Neon right um there is uh those HP server psus are efficient between 40 and 60% if you want Peak efficiency it's between there HP server PSU efficiency we can uh there is a uh I think it's this one open link in a new way too small okay that is that is way too small where is the chart there's a chart there's a chart for efficiency of those psus I can't find it I can't find it anyways it's between 40 and 60 uh percent I believe um drops like 600 hash overb Tech so it's going to go to 4 6 4.6 kill aash I mean that's yeah all right then uh Max voltage yes D miners uh who won D miners number 501 ending in X5 c72 $200 in DX this gentleman right here 501 hell yeah D miners congrats man thank you thank you so much H awesome awesome I have Overstock of HP server psds I think I counted around 45 or so on the Shelf holy crap crypto shape 45 dude that's amazing is there supposed to be another drawing for the flag oh yeah that's right we didn't choose the flag okay I totally forgot um okay what time is it okay we can do this quick uh we can do this quick we can do this quick um uh okay we need a video to comment on who has a video we can comment on Max can we comment on your videos uh Max Max Max Max Max Max videos lucky miners review all let's do this all right uh share copy okay uh comment some something positive and uh USA Canada is it d d miners is it USA Canada for this flag [Music] right d miners one each okay you mean one for USA and then one for Canada okay all right all right get your comments in guys right there USA and Canada all right two each all right uh pin message go guys go comment on Max's video uh right here Max voltage no comment here Bros I'll choose the winner in about five minutes CU we got to we got to head on over to Mr rabid mining all right um one for EU one for USA Canada oh EU yes hey put EU as well Bros put EU as well comment something positive and if you are in USA Canada or EU okay there all right that's the new that's the new comment uh replace pin message all right there we go all right couple more minutes couple more minutes and hit that like and make sure you subscribe to Mr Max voltage Max voltage is almost at 4,000 Subs oh okay we need to do SUB bomb all right hold on hold on how many people do we have here 163 people okay guys you guys we need a sub bomb Mr Max voltage we we we need all right subcore confirmation equals z all right as well come on guys what oh error there we go sub I want to see 3,9 3 4,000 we need 80 more is it 80 more subs Max is it 80 more subs I I don't I think so all right we need 70 more come on 70 more subs come on guys we can get them we have enough people in this live stream to get them to 4,000 sub subscribers come on come on come on I'm not starting I'm not starting the giveaway until I see 4,000 how about that Max voltage yes about 80 more subs okay granted most people here that are still are watching the live stream could be sub to you but we'll see already subbed okay I'm almost on 200 subs thank you for sharing my videos oh God what's the sound oh rabit mining streaming now okay all right come on guys get Max come on Max needs 60 more 60 more subs let's get let's get them there come on go to this link I have it you just have to click it it automatically you just have to click sub I I I made it easier for you guys takes it 1 second one second I'll in sub and resub to help techman I don't think that helps de miners no drawing until 100 likes that's right come on guys come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on all right I I have all right all I think a lot of all right 50 more we need 50 more subs we're getting there we're getting there we're getting there subbed done you guys are subbed nice okay keep subbing come on weird I was already subbed over over sub with all my accounts okay Bros thank you thank you come on keep it going come on 50 more let's get Max to 4,000 would really appreciate it come on guys magic lucky hard to believe there are 50 left out of 169 watching who aren't already subed to General voltage uh Max ma magic lucky I agree I I'm assuming a lot of people here could be subbed to Max already but we we did we have gained already 30 out of this live chat so I think that's a pretty good that's a pretty good average I think Max do you agree yes about 80 more subs okay I did my part how about you fan sub white Savage zero sub thank you thank you come on guys all right I think we're going to be pretty hard pressed I think most of you might be subbed here yeah all right we did our best subs obviously already subbed oh yeah all right all right we got we got to do the giveaway let's go let's go where's uh the video here okay I'm going to copy thank you for the likes 50 likes on the video Let's see your comments here Bros yeah okay I see allot the comments okay let me go to do you guys put EU or can make sure you put EU or Canada or us please uh comment picker all right let's go random commment picker let's go to YouTube all right this is for the D miners D miners flag uh hold on let me go is it on cryp cry is it on crypy uh let's see [Music] here is a deep Miner flag on cppy uh yeah it is all right right here deep miners flag this is what we're giving away okay all right we're doing one for USA Canada and then we're going to do one for EU all right okay um com picker all right guys let's go here's the YouTube video going to filter duplicate users okay here we go get YouTube comments All right you guys ready you guys ready this time it's not worldwide no it's not worldwide just USA Canada and then EU Good Luck Good Luck Bros good luck here we go for the USA Canada winners for the Deep miners flag thank you de miners guys go visit pool.

de all right they're awesome DX mining pool if you're already mining there you will be able to get in the draw for $200 in DX next Sunday and then $400 for the last uh for the last uh giveaway there all right here we go here we go R is the winner three two [Music] one just a good guy mining is my therapy congratulations Canada mining is my therapy is M just a guy here just a guy just a good guy congratulations good sir are you here I guess we need you to be here we can't contact you any other way just the good guy yo yeah good good guy um D miners or Yeti do you guys have a contact address email address that uh he can message you guys he's here just a good guy is here just a good guy um just shortly the their contact address should be coming up in the live stream here live chat okay just hold up and uh you send them their ship your your shipping address and they will get that to you okay good sir this amazing deep miners flag look how beautiful that is it's so nice I actually just got mine in I think I just got mine in as well I have to hang it I have to hang it okay Yeti got to get a winner for Europe to let's do that let's do it um D miners do you have a contact address D miners you have an email address can you oh I didn't see it in the live chat uh D miners do you have a oh there it is email D miners ATD okay uh Mr Good Guy did you catch that I just want to make sure you have that email address uh just a good guy D miners ATD [Music] just a good guy I just want to confirm did you get the email address break just went on for the winter good timing [Music] awesome got it got it perfect perfect okay let's do the last giveaway here this is for the EU for people in the EU all right so let me get where's the uh I close oh okay all right 11 all right so we're going to we're going to hopefully we choose an EU uh I got to put EU in in the uh let's see filter by I can't filter by filter comments by word oh I need premium okay never mind all right we're just going to have to choose until we see an EU person okay all right [Music] okay all right here we go Bros this is for the de miners flag here we go here we go Bros here we go three two one let's go M uh nope not magic lucky he's in the US okay we got to choose another winner we need an EU winner there we go picking another winner let's go 321 magic lucky I'm [Music] sorry oh Jo mcer UK congratulations yo from UK keep up the good work Jo Miner congratulations you have won a deep flag UK not Europe all right I'm not going to we're not going to get in that conversation 3 mil we're not we're not going to get into that conversation uh congrats um Yeti what's what's the email uh jock mcmin Miner can get a hold of [Music] you uh son jock mcmin Miner you guys get in touch with each other three Mill RI Riad Yeti ye.

All right so uh jock Miner give him an email and uh or uh contact him on Discord all right bros we're going to head on over to Mis rabid mining all right we're going to head on over there I'm going to copy this and uh we're going to head on over to live stream thank you everybody for the fun time thank you for the giveaways as well you guys are awesome I appreciate all you guys thank you so much thank you for the fun thank you for the donations as well you guys can congratul me it's okay Seb you didn't have God damn it Seb all right thank you guys have a great day peace out you guys have a great day stay safe I appreciate you [Music] all [Music] 3

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