IceRiver KS3 Overclock Testing.

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to the live stream so today we are going to overclock the ice River ks3 this is the 8.2 terahash model and I have been given a overclock file from Mr T Swift on my Discord so we are going to be trying out an 8.8 to9 terahash overclock we're going to see how it behaves we just did a live stream yesterday installing this fruition designs silencer kit okay and as well as the AC Infinity fan so we took out the stock fans and hold on let me bring up this uh this thing here let's go to my screen okay and you guys can see this okay so stock all right with the stock fans of the ice server ks3 we were getting at the wall at my 240 volt meter or 231 volt uh we're getting 3,350 Watts okay after about 10 minutes we're just a quick testing after I installed the fuan fruition kit with the AC Infinity fan and then stock Ice uh ice River firmware um we did the AC Infinity fan at 50% so it was drawing about 27 Watts okay I have the AC Infinity fan on a dedicated 120 volt meter you guys can see right there AC and FY fan plugged there ice River plugged right there okay go back so at 50% fan speed the AC Infinity fan was only pulling 27 Watts which is was extremely quiet and it's still quiet right now I'll talk about that in a sec temp one was 28 and 51 this is only about after 4 minutes so the at the wall though 3264 Watts okay going down we did another test at 75% AC and FY fan um it was then at uh 67 Watts for the AC Infinity fan uh temp 1 temp 2 was 27 and 45 so pretty good after about 7 Minutes the power consumption of the ice River without the stock fans was 3249 okay so you you PL you add this and this together it was still lower than stock about 30 40 Watts now the last one I've been trying here which has been going for the past 22 hours we have the AC and FY fan at 62.5 okay not 75% but 62.5% drawing about 43.8 Watts temp 1 temp 2 31 and 53 C see in my environment right now it's 83 fah okay this is after 22 hours power consumption is 3270 total is 3,318 Watts so that is pretty good that is really good so I now want to try a overclock from Mr T Swift and he's in the live chat right now smash the like Bros let's let's do it let's do this let's do this hold on let me get my chat up okay mining King hello good sir hello welcome to the live stream TFT as I explained RPM ice over ks3 dashboard inflates the hash rate by 200 gash so if you see 82 on a dashboard it's really 8 8 gigahash right right techman what's up man Carl M sa Bader Scott Sheffield the one and only mining King the golden wolf good morning Chris Henley break it no if this thing breaks someone in the live chat owes me someone owes me this thing's making bank right now if this thing dies I I'll be yeah uh T Swift says I've tested the invalidated the 8.8 uh terahash overclock for almost 2 months of continuous operation N9 terahash overclock is available but RPM is scared to try yes I'm I okay we're going to see what the power consumption is uh once we do this overclock so right now we're at 3271 okay AC and FY fans at 43 so bring you guys in here all right Krypto KJ I already owe you so break it but Krypto KJ if this thing breaks I need to to see like a a $30,000 uh YouTube donation cuz YouTube takes half and then I take the other [Laughter] [Music] half uh too funny twift says the power supply says 3,400 Watts on it but it's rated for 3640 uh the psus are generally rated for 85% of their max power draw all right then Casper price is crashing good luck Gordon Murray per perfect timing perfect you said c was crashing let's see let's see let's see Cas Cas o I mean it's not really crashing uh 12 12 cents still almost 13 I mean that's not that bad Market's still generally up all right okay so I've been mining to unminable I've been getting some bags of Nexa uh because right now it's it seems to be pretty good and anyway let's should we do the former upgrade now you guys want to do it hold on let's do it hold on let me how many likes do we have right now how many likes we have right now we have 109 people here 33 likes smash the like come on 50 I need I need at least 60 likes then I'll go then I'll begin I'll do the firmware upgrade we're going try uh wait T Swift do I need to restore factory settings or restart what do I do T Swift reset the minor to stock using reset button on the machine uh re reset stock reset on the machine restart then upload uh okay uh how long do I press the reset button on the uh on the ice server how long do I press it 20 20 seconds holy okay all right let's do it 20 seconds there we go hold on I need a timer I need a timer somebody somebody countdown I need I need a I need a timer hold on hold on I need a clock okay stopwatch all right here we go here we go resetting three two one go one two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 all [Music] right so how is everybody Hawk what's up Hawk crypto mining welcome to the live stream hit the like Bros only 47 likes come on let's go be sure to cut the red wire not the green one ah okay bringing you back in let's see if it rebooted without without my uh pool address I wonder if this is changed cannot be reached rest in peace oh there we go perfect timing HW Scott Sheffield top chat I'm sorry live chat ah God Alpha mine I'm literally shaking right now why are you shaking I'm supposed to be shaking okay it looks like it's uh back to stock it's at hum and here is ice River's like 10 billion Caspa address all right um Mr T Swift what is next you said restart restart restart confirm restarting Machine T Swift hello T Swift calling twift yes okay rebooting operation succeed all right waiting waiting for one more reset yes message message retracted yes what did you type what did you type before that H Hawk crypto thank you thank you hawk what are you thinking me for so again people just tuning in we are attempting an overclock so yesterday we just did a fruition kit silenter kit along with the AC Infinity fan it is absolutely amazing we're saving a good 30 to 40 Watts from stock the stock ice River fans okay extremely inefficient and very very loud here we are today I have an AC Infinity fan and it's much quieter A lot quieter and we're getting a bit more efficiency because uh we're using a much bigger fan so um we're good yeah okay so let's go back here uh bring up my thing should be coming up pretty soon we're going to do the overclock now okay T swi turn the fan speed to at least 90% before you up upload the firmware all right uh because as6 Benchmark chips uh temps to determine hash rate all right okay well let me let's let's turn up the fan speed let's turn it up let's turn it up let's go uh you said 90 you mean uh there right all right now it's a little louder you guys can probably hear that on the on the uh H how loud is this exactly all let me get my deciel uh not that bad 75 D about a foot away 2 feet away it's 68 DB 2 feet away 5T away 67 no 66 don't get sucked in by the fan okay let's go all right do we see the rig now yeah I can get in all right T Swift now did we do it oh you're welcome to the stream I said thank you I'm debating whether OC my is oh Hawk I see all right upload T says upload let's upload the firmware there we go I got the file ready 88 8.8 terahash uh ks3 update.

bgz or Zed techman thank you for the donation devil and angel on my shoulders fighting over CPU rigs H uh afternoon all Panda blowing up some Hardware today yes obvious minor we might see some melting we might see some melted P PSU today caveman mining welcome bro all right here we go 321 upload uh update here we go oh yeah okay that's a uh ks3 minor 0812 ks3 BG okay restart after update okay oh T Swift question was I supposed to update the firmware from the ice server website like to the latest version I don't think I did that operation succeeded all right confirm restarting okay minor the rig is going to restart okay so far so good okay we're going to let this we're going to let this thing uh reboot T Swift no does that doesn't matter okay perfect perfect Adrien cusa does this firmware update for ks3 M no ks3 only what what we're testing today techman how many CP rigs are you fighting over okay all right so take something to take note of um the AC Infinity fan is at 102 Watts now uh because we are at 90% uh fan speed um so just take a note of that but it makes sense because we're we're kind of we're overclocking so uh T Swift please observe power Spike before minor starts hashing uh okay here here You observe right [Music] here can you can you see that [Music] [Music] SL Squatch RPM I got the ks Z Pro you sent me yesterday I didn't send you a KS Z Pro H all right hold on let me just see if it go I can go in the web goey yeah I can go in the web goey oh crap I forgot to copy my uh I need to copy my hold on uh hold on um uh here hold on I'm going to copy I just I'm just copying a random okay uh I I need to change my mining settings hold on K3 okay uh hold on changing that oh it's at 3500 um Watts did you see that hold on I need to change to uh Casa pool North America okay hold on hold on before it starts mining I have to change it because it's on the wrong mining pool I don't want to waste precious waste C waste precious Caspa okay um save operation successful okay all right I changed the pool okay now now what now what do we do um twift Power con will Spike okay so what's it at right now 3600 Watts woo 3600 Watts T Swift yes good bad it's on my Caspa Dash pool right now um temp one says 28 temp 2 says 43° C that's that's pretty low that's pretty low um fan speeds are obviously Max because there's fan emulators from the fruition kit okay uh we haven't we won't see hash rate till I think couple more minutes 7 minutes I think 7 minutes we should see a number okay Power let's let's look at the power I'm 3600 Watts woo so we should be getting 8.8 terahash okay T says PSU is rated for 3640 psus are rated for 85% of their Max draw usually all right okay I miss watching this you you said you said the you said the power will will run down you said the power will go down to like 34 after Financial failure what's up bro welcome welcome to the live stream as I said I've ran 8.8 ter overclock for two months straight fine okay 8.8 Terra has all right so total we're using uh 3700 Watts pretty much 37 and4 Watts because the AC Infinity fan no that's continuous draw oh oh so this will be continuous 3600 okay it didn't Spike which is good okay okay so this should so we're we're we're using an extra 320 Watts but we gain uh8 of a terahash so what is okay so what is 08 of a terahash profit right now what's what's 08 you know what let me just go to Hash rate done it hold hold let me bring you guys in the computer hold on let's I'm just Cur I'm just curious like we we're we're using a little bit more power um but um like is it worth is it worth it is the overclock worth it you know so we're at 8,800 megahash at 3702 Watts pretty much 3704 [Music] calculate so oh no I did that wrong is not in mega it's it's 88,000 right 88,000 nope I need another zero uh what's Mega has to terahash conversion profit $12 no I need to add another zero right oh my God 20 203 is this right so 8.8 terahash power cost is $8 $8.89 so you're saying we're making an extra we're you uh Hawk says we're making extra $20 uh T Swifts extra 20 $20 so that 8 terahash is worth the extra $20 because the power consumption we're using another 300 watts so oh that's totally worth it totally right that's that's that's worth it right like you're getting extra 20 bucks that's totally worth it okay anyways let's see if it uh shows hash rate now T Swift I love that I love that you have your banner on the on the overclock here Discord tswift telegram uh T Swift I have a question T Swift I have a question do you have is there a Dev fee embedded in here I've been asked this question from a few people is there like some sort of Dev fee in here no Dev fee okay so if I if I put this if I put this ks3 I have a PF sense router that if I put it by itself on its own ethernet Jack and I uh PF capture all the packets 24-hour run it it won't mine to anywhere else people can check outbound connections or check quota sharing no devv go for it all right all right I'll do all right I'll do it I'll do it that's that's good to know all right but I'll still I'll still do it for fine I'll I'll uh I'll do I'll do that okay um any hash rate yet oh nine oh nine gigahash look at this this let's see my uh let's see does it show up here yeah ks3 right here all right so uh it's going to it's going to take it needs to take a while to show up on the pool so we'll wait for that uh nine nine terahash H oh my God uh let's look at the power consumption 3 600 WS woo let's feel the power cable my power cable is getting hot that's for sure make sure you guys have a 14 gauge or no 12 gauge 14 gauge 12 gauge hold on let me go infinite cables infinite c19 c14 um no c19 C20 that's that's the term C20 12 gauge yes this is the one this is what you want and you need to get the red one to support red panda money just kidding I don't get any I don't get anything from them um 12 gauge cable 20a 250 volt what what's the what's the uh what's the max wattage of this uh 12 20 a * 250 is what 20 amp time 250 is Max is 5,000 Watts yes yes 5,000 wats retro mic retro mic hello good sir how are you retro mic all right temperature check temperature check we are now at 30° C 47 temp2 uh T Swift is that good or bad is that good is the ks Z Pro overclockable um I don't know twift says he's they're working on it retro mic I'm adequate sir retro mic sounds good retro mic when are you when are you shipping all of my my amazing CPUs after the profitability is gone right T that's fine uh there's something important I need to explain about temps oh what's wrong with temps I mean I I'm like in order to in order to have these low temps I mean AC Infinity fans at uh at uh 90 fan you said right 90 90% fan okay the pool side still climbing 2.9 ter so it's not at eight yet or nine man look at that 9.59 gigahash damn all right uh explaining the temperatures uh the temps on Ice River dashboard are not really relevant because chip temps are what matters most ice River chips with terrible thermal paste Ice server shifts a terrible therm so the big miners like ks3 ks3 benefit a lot from from repe oh oh so I should I should repaste I should repaste everything oh god oh that doesn't that that that gives me that gives me chills I uh I will turn this thing off right now I will turn this whole thing off right now and repaste this whole ks3 with noctua can I can I do that can I repaste all the hash boards with with nth1 thermop paste uh I had a k3m that would average 5.8 ter because it thermal throttled after repasting with arctic MX6 it average 6.2 ter really wow that actually helps a lot that that helps a oh I'm down to repaste I'm actually down to do that live uh not not today but can can I use this can I use noctua or do I do you do I need to use Arctic MX6 I mean I feel like nocta should be fine today now JK I recommend MX6 personally but should be fine okay what's I've never tried I've never I've never tried uh MX MX Arctic MX6 let me Google that Arctic MX is it a new one I know there is MX5 MX6 is Ultimate performance thermop paste what what is this hold on show you guys what is this what is this thermop paste 20% better performance okay with its improved composition Arctic MX6 is measurably lower thermal resistance than mx4 the basis of calculation is temperature difference between the cooler and base heat Source uh relation applied to heat load in W which results in the unit CW okay uh okay I I I didn't okay mx4 sorry mx4 to MX6 wow that's uh wow that's that's that's better wow that's a lot better holy [ __ ] 20% proven quality okay all right I'll buy some of this then I'll buy some of this MX6 is the newer one okay nice I like it I've used mx4 before uh but but not six okay higher viscosity thick very nice very nice very nice all right I'll buy this I'll buy I'll buy a crap ton of this and then uh we'll do the we'll do the thermal paste thermal pasting on the ks3 live another day I can't today I wish I wish I could but okay 13 minutes run time we're still at 9 terahash according to to the dashboard here 30° CI 47 temp uh temp two and then dashboard on the pool we are at 3.68 terahash after 30 minutes so still not at where we're not we need to rent it for about 30 minutes uh so far so good so far so good power consumption 102 Watts for AC Infinity fan 3600 Watts for the ks3 H Hawk God damn it uh far loock t- Swift far loock t- Swift how many G's of paste per hash board yeah actually that's a good question how much thermal paste do I need to buy do I need and do you need to thermal paste the back and front uh front and back or just uh the one side the one side would be nice but did you only one side okay thank God thank God holy crap farock you far loock you give me PTSD okay ever since you you made me take apart the Jazz Miner uh x16 q and then we had to re thermal paste it and I didn't have enough thermal paste and then you donated $100 cuz I you wanted me to take it apart I'm still I I have PTSD from that I still have PTSD from that ah uh how much uh T but how much like how much do I need to buy per per board like how many grams like which uh like a four gr a four gr stick for each board or eight gr stick for each board or uh T it's it's about 4 to 5G per hash board if I had to guess so buy a few hg2 cubes of MX6 oh my God okay how much is a stick of MX6 right now I guess 17 bucks okay 18 bucks yeah that's not that's not too bad but that's a lot of thermal paste Jesus Christ that's a lot all right Amazon is cheaper oh okay all right all right I'll buy I'll buy it on Amazon then all right sick sounds good wow this is working so so far so good I mean the power supply hasn't blown up yet uh so far so good cheaper on Amazon all right you know what I'm going to buy it on my phone right now I'm going to buy it on my phone and then we can do this we can do the thermal pasting MX MX6 MX6 4G tube oh no ah HG tube is $18 Canadian so that's like 12 us oh I'm buying a whole bunch right now in stock all right uh don't please don't buy it before me I'm going to buy eight no not eight eight is too much four four tubes of eight GRS is that good add to cart four tubes of 8 G of Arctic MX6 proceed the checkout all right 80 80 bucks Canadian oh that cost so much all right place order 80 bucks that's that's a lot all right I placed an order it's going to arrive on Tuesday November 28th that's that's a long that's a long time from now all right uh T Swift are you Alpha enough to try the N 9,000 no I'm not nope not today I got to go actually I got to go in like 10 minutes so uh I got to drop off my kid for um uh appointment so I I can't do it I can't do it I can't do it I'm not Alpha enough def definitely not Alpha enough 8.8 there it dropped down to 8.8 there you go t Swift 8.8 um we're at 5.6 ter has at the pool still climbing hasn't been 30 minutes yet only been 18 minutes um hot Krypto did you end up winning a KS Z Pro from Hobby 16 kills last night ah Hawk Get Wrecked Hawk I'm sorry KS half half KS Z Pro picked up Saturday half on Monday T Swift nice T Swift any November ks3 shipped TTT nice nice uh guys if you guys are going to purchase anything from tswift let them know you came from [Music] RPM he'll give you a better deal no it is 8.8 terahash yeah it's a 8.8 ter go overclock that we're testing all right TW 10 10 12 more minutes and then I got to go and then we'll see what it is at the pool H oh okay you said it was overinflated in the dash yeah if it goes to 9,000 it's it's over inflated by I think 200 uh gigahash but it should be 8.8 it should be 8.8 [Music] so it's actually 8.6 oh well I don't know T Swift RPM I'll send you my extra PSU for free if 9,000 gigahash kills yours deal no not I'm not I need to have it on hand first okay tswift send it to me right now just just ship it to me just just ship it to me and then when I when I have it I will we will do it live okay we'll do it live cuz how much power will will it use at n nine terahash how much power will it use at nine terahash do it far loock no parlock get out of [Music] here how many likes we have now 78 likes69 people here smash the like Bros deal do it oh far loock seriously pan of my existence 5.86 terahash all right no deal no deal it's all good just go for it bble fish no no how about we just do a poll and follow the results of the poll no no no no no no you bastards every time I do a poll you guys of course you want me to try it and of course you want me to blow up a power supply no no definitely not definitely not going to blow it up I don't want to I don't want to melt anything okay I don't want to take out my fire extinguisher either I want to see it better mouth that would be awesome man screw you guys all of you guys PSU is rated for 85% of Max TR Source trust me bro man uh but it's quality entertainment for the reviewers no it's not it's it's it's called it's called stress it's called quality stress for red panda just trust me bro best sales pitch ever where did uh the trust me bro where did that come from that came from Linus Tech tips right that trust me bro M came came from uh lus Tech tips uh Scott Sheffield we're giving Panda PTSD yes yes you guys are you really you really are uh if you burn it down think of the views yeah if I burn it down think of how many days I'll have this offline until I receive the power supply yes screw you guys I need like a I need like a $1,000 donation before I I you you want me to blow this thing up hell no more like a more like a $115,000 replacement twift I'll overnight you I'll overnight you the PSU if it breaks oh God oh God please no okay all right let's see what the pool says are we at 30 minutes yet let's see we're at 23 minutes oh it says 86 8.6 terahash now in the in the dashboard after 5 minutes let's go to the pool we're at 7.02 after 30 minutes we're going to let that go a little bit longer another 7 minutes to 30 minutes we should get an accurate pool side reading could do poached eggs on the thing yeah I know hard for crypto rip P ofine do you have a CO2 extinguisher please tell me not dry cam uh hard for crypto I got gifted a fire extinguisher I don't think it's a CO2 one no but that is a good call though buying a CO2 extinguisher dry chem that dude that's that's a good that's a good call that's it's actually a really good call you don't ruin well I mean well if it's on fire and burns up I mean it's already ruined anyway so using chemical or not it it's it's ruined anyway Hawk Hawk stop donating to me Hawk stop it here's some money for PSU do it pan it no no I got to go in like I got to go in like 10 minutes come on uh T Swift there's a chance you could be thermal throttled on your chips also but I think it's just a dip and hasher because the casa pool has 140 terraf diff Port which is stupid oh okay 140t Port if the minor is unlucky for a bit we'll show a dip and hash rate okay I see I see hard for Krypto red best of luck cleaning the dry c yeah all right red llama crypto wow red llama good sir good to see you man red llama crypto how are you man how's life it's been way too [Music] long red llama what's up man welcome W welcome welcome uh you should use a pool where you can specify the port and luse the lower to 3.5t is optimal for K ah damn it I should have used a different pool then damn it ah we're at 7.8 terahash 30 minutes all right five more four more minutes we should see a 30 minute hash rate 30 three more five more minutes five more minutes red llama it's been way too long man uh crypto mining Insider I wish they could OC the ks3 M isn't the ks3 M an overclocked ks3 L that's what I gather that's what I that's what I've learned um pools want you to use the higher diff optimal because they want less shares being sent to their server ah yeah that makes sense TF you need five more minutes because the minor takes up to 3 minutes to spool up for mining ah okay all right I I'll stay I can stay another 15 minutes then I can stay just Max and then I got to go um so far it's working though I mean so far I mean the overclock is it seems to be I mean it's using more power we're using like 230 250 more watts I think no 300 watts Travis Travis what is stock hash rate uh a ter has yeah eight Tash [Music] yes AC Infinity fan look at this thing [Music] go um let's see here okay okay all right let me refresh 27 minutes oh hash R way back up all right we're at 9 terahash now 9:37 after 27 minutes so at the pool ah 8.27 oh look at that it's going it's going a little bit higher that's better better than the eight that I was getting it's still climbing so we wait another wait another couple more like another seven more minutes seven more [Music] minutes I didn't have breakfast yet oh man I'm dying overclock covers all KS Pros you sent the chump change and then some okay t uh What uh OC are possible you looking for a same person uh basically adding four x k Zer Pros for the same price OC pretty damn good yeah yeah pretty much adding another four K zero pros of terahash on this ks3 that is so in theory then I think the ks3 would probably be the Best Buy if you did the math I think uh granted I think all the all the cas as6 prices just went up yesterday I remember uh Hawk Crypt Hawk you just talked about that yesterday all the prices went up um how much do it cost to get firmware from you twift uh John English Teck uh yeah yeah twift can yeah tell them everyone that's going to buy anything from twift tell him you guys came from RPM and he will give you a deal J A keep an eye on getting my Pro on Tuesday nice nice nice nice Hawk yeah demand is crazy right now yeah yeah man all right 28 29 minutes in nine terahash uh still waiting for the pool to [Music] update uh John English Tech ks2 firmware costs 4,000 C 800 G at 50 cast per day so payback period for extra hash R is currently is 25 days at current Network [Music] there my ks2 is arriving next Friday hopefully nice very nice very nice okay wait oh past 30 minutes 9.36 terahash oh pool side 9.36 hell yeah there you go there you go 30 minutes and 30 minut we hit the 30 minute Mark minor run time yeah there you go yep boom Works baller massive massive hash rate gain from from 8 to 9 terahash yes yes yes yes yes this is good this is really good 30° Cel 40° 47 temp 2 oh that is so low that is that is that is super well granted we are we are running the fan at 90% now should T Swift should is it okay can I bring down the fan or no probably a bad idea I Pro you know it doesn't even matter I mean adding another like one terahash I mean it I'm only using another like what 80 Watts more so I mean it's in in in comparison to how much how much it's earning extra it's nothing so yeah I'll just run the fan at Max I I would just I I'll just run the fan at like 90 I'll keep it at 90 I would recommend 80% at least okay I I'll keep it at 90 90% yeah no that's that's pretty sick that's that's yeah that's that's pretty awesome okay well that's it that's it that's pretty good Andrew Martino 80 Watts more one Terra hash more no uh it's actually no no no Andrew Martino um uh hold on hold on hold on hold all right Let's do let's do this let's do this hold on hold on there okay hold on hold on hold on all right here we go bruan kit with AC Infinity uh TFT firmware N9 ter okay so yeah AC and fanny can can fan right now is 102.5 watt AC Infinity fan at 90% okay you know I screwed up all these so it's not it's actually 70% 60% 50% 60% 7 90% fan okay temp one temp two temp one is uh what temp one is 30 30 C Celsius and then 47c on the other one okay um now uh now the power consumption at the wall is 3600 Watts on the dot 3600 Watts exactly after 31 minutes total equals um what's 102 plus um that's easy math that's 3702 3702 Watts so what's the Delta between stock which is 3350 minus 3702 that's an extra we are using an extra 352 Watts for another terahash that's that is that is amazing which overclock did you use which Bzz file uh great or good mining um this one 8.8 ks3 the one uh from tswift the one from tswift yes yes um which you guys can contact him on my Discord come to red panda mining go to the Asic Channel click on the pin comment he's in there um if you are going to buy anything from him tell him you came from red panda Mining and he will give you a deal he will give you a deal um all right so there we go we're use yeah granted granted the uh the AC Infinity fan is using yeah like you said um uh who said that uh Andrew Martino yeah uh the fan AC F Fan's using I'm using like another 60 watts more uh because we we bumped it up to 90 obviously um but the overclock itself overclock itself is using an extra um 3270 uh 3270 minus uh 3600 let's using extra 330 Watts yeah extra 330 yeah um T Swift 9.4 ter pool side is a bit main ks3 for several thousand dollar less yeah yeah exactly exactly this is like um this is like a a bitmain ks3 except uh this is ice River all right after 30 minutes looks like it refreshed it's now at 9.02 terahash look at that look at that 9.02 isn't that amazing you know what I feel like I don't even need to do I even need to therm re thermop paste this I don't think I need to honestly it looks like it's running it it looks like it's running just [Music] fine it it looks like it's running just fine I don't need to thermop paste I don't need to I don't need to risk breaking it by taking the hash boards apart uh twift I recommend it it dries it dries up fast all right fine fine I already have the thermop paste coming so we will do another live stream all right we'll do another live stream of re thermop pting the hash boards on the ks3 that's that's that's going to be that's going to be Uber bad and Uber fun okay stock paste is dried up powder after a month oh really wait so that means I should I should really do my other ones then oh I should have bought more thermal paste shoot ah I should do my ks2 and ks1 ah well anyway all right should have bought a barrel Scott Sheffield God damn it all right Bros that's it thank you I'm done for today I got to go I got to go thank you guys so much T Swift thank you for the overclock my friend that works uh perfect it looks good man it's great yep awesome thank you that's that's it um great stuff good stuff I got to move this to my unminable cuz I'm I'm actually mining Nexa right now I'm going to have a video about that next time all right peace out peace out guys have a good one thank you so much have a great one come on my live stream uh Discord Channel and uh if you want to try out this overclock disclaimer just a big disclaimer it could it could blow up on you so do it at your own risk make sure you have the proper gauge power cables just just make sure you before you overclock just just just disclaimer all right due diligence just make sure you have everything all set up in stone and uh if you want to do this overclock do it at your own risk if it blows up it's no one else's fault except yours peace out Bros peace out Kirk solar he will repaste after 20 G few card bu Co Kirk solar you are banned all right peace Bros peace out have a great day thank you everyone greater good mining thank you hawk travels travels Andrew Martino travels travels crypto mining Insider good to see you man you guys have a great day retro mic you're going to need a pallet of pace for your CPU fo God damn it retro mic ah you're right I need more thermop pace for my C CPUs okay have a good day twift thank you guys if you want to contact twift come to my Discord he I'll just show you right now oh my God I you all right hold on all right hold on let me where's my where's my Discord right here right here hold on let me switch let me switch screens all right my Discord it's right here red panda mining come join man I need four more Nitro can somebody I need four Nitro boosts I didn't even know I had less than I I thought we were over 14 Nitro boosts on my server level three um anyway Asic mining chat T Swift will be right here he's right here if you message him tell him you come from RPM and he'll give you a deal all right peace out peace out Bros peace out peace out peace out peace out Discord link Down Below in the description uh you know what I can just make a new you know what I can just make a new link I'll just make a new link right now you want to join Discord I'm pretty sure most of you guys are on my Discord retro mic all right goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye peace out peace out peace out

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