I’m BACK – Did I Stop GPU Mining?

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Hey guys welcome to the mining chamber channel, yes, i am finally back and the videos will hopefully be back on track as well. So, first of all, we have a lot to catch up on with each other and what have i been doing and have i stopped mining in general, so this video will just be me updating you guys on what i’ve been up to so it won’t be any Type of tutorial and we’re not going to kick in an intro either so we’ll just get right to it. First of all, where have i been the past four months since i haven’t posted any videos since then? Now some of you guys may know in my last video i was planning on moving to a whole different province, so i had to pack a lot of my stuff and sell most of it as well that i couldn’t take with me and just going through that Moving process and setting up everything again did take a lot of my time i had to set up the new office as well as the new mining garage, which i’m very excited to show you guys now before moving to the new place, i also did a garage Sale where i used to live and had some of you guys come over and it was a lot of fun meeting you guys in person, and i also got to meet bran coyne, which is another fellow youtuber that does mining content and he was a very genuine Guy i enjoyed meeting him and talking to him about mining. So if you guys want to check out his channel, the link will be in the descriptions below as well. So the reason i’ve done the garage sale is because i had to sell a lot of the parts that i couldn’t take with me. So such as the frames and the big cases, shipping these over to the new place would not be worth it and it would cost way too much money. So i ended up just selling them for a pretty cheap price, and some of you guys got some really nice deals from that garage sale now fast forward to where we’re. At now, i’ve moved to my new place. I finished setting up everything. The new office is ready, the new garage is ready and then honestly, when it came to the videos, i wanted to update you guys sooner, but i just kept procrastinating them more and more, which is my fault, but hopefully now the weekly guides will be back on Track and i’ll be posting weekly videos for you guys. So there’s a lot of things. I also want to update you about mining chamber and the youtube channel in general. So let’s go ahead and talk about this and then talk about the future plans. So don’t take too much of your time in this video and then be prepared for the guides that will be coming out. So, first of all, one major change coming up to this youtube channel is that we passed a hundred thousand subscribers. Thanks to you guys, i’m able to go now full time with youtube, as well as mining chamber things in general, so i’ve quit my full-time job as a software engineer, and i’m just focusing on mining chamber whether it’s making videos for you guys or building applications in General for the mining community, so there will be some really exciting stuff coming in the future that are not just related to video. Now i can’t tell you too much about them, but hopefully i’ll be making videos on every new application or every new project that i’ll be working on for the miner community, and i also want to mention again thank you guys so much for helping the channel reach Over 100 000 subscribers, i believe, based on my last video i had about 80 000 and now we’re at 140 000, which is absolutely insane. So, thank you guys again for helping the channel reach where it’s at right now now. Another major change that happened to mining chamber as a brand is that i’ve done a full rebrand to the logo, to the art, as well as to the website miningchamber.com. So now it’s fully brand new with a whole new design, as well as a lot more content for the mining community. I will always be adding more content to the website. So, if you’re not familiar with it, i definitely recommend bookmarking the website. It does have some really useful content, such as gpu overclock settings for mining, for different algorithms with different results, and we also released a new miner called acrylics miner, which you will find more information on in the website. I will be making a video on that miner. Very soon as well and then the last update will be to the youtube channel so for the videos that i’m planning to post, i won’t be giving you guys an exact number per week, but hopefully it will be at least two videos a week now. This will all depend on how much time i’m spending on these videos to make sure that the quality is at the top. Now, that’s it as an updates for the channel the website and just mining chamber as a whole. Now for the future, i have an interview coming up with the hobbyist miner, which will be on his channel on monday, so make sure you subscribe to hobbyistminer, the link will be in the descriptions below the interview will just be about cryptocurrency mining in general and all The stuff about mining chamber and then there’s also the collab videos with red panda mining, so i’ve announced these on the youtube channel as opposed, but if you guys missed these out, i made two videos with red panda mining. After i met him in person, it was honestly a lot of fun, meeting red panda mining in person and the videos came out a bit awkward but honestly, like i said it’s definitely worth watching. So if you guys want to check them out, the links will also be in the descriptions below and then there’s also bran coin, which i mentioned in the garage sale. He came over to the garage sale and he offered to buy everything that i had to help me not have to carry them around, and it was a very nice thing to do. And honestly, bran cohen, is a great person that i’m looking to make videos with. In the future as well, so if you guys want to check out his channel again, the link will be in the descriptions below now other than that. There is also a new partnership for the channel and that will be with crazypool. So, for all my upcoming gpu overview, videos or mining rig builds, i will be using crazy pool as the main pool now i just want to let you guys know that ahead of time, so that there is transparency between us and generally. I am using crazy pool for my own things because i do find them to be a really good pool for mining and then there’s also one more thing i want to be transparent about, and that is the sponsorships so for the upcoming videos. I’Ll probably have one sponsorship each. That is because, since i’m going full time with youtube, slash mining chamber things, then i’ll have to definitely take good steps as well to be able to maintain the brand. Now i do promise you guys that this won’t come between the honesty and the transparency that we will have together. So if a brand does not help the community, then i’ll definitely not be pushing them, and if i find something that can genuinely help you guys, then i will be pushing them in the videos. So that is the whole roundup of where have i been and what has been you on the mining chamber side of things and where i’m planning on taking this brand in the future. So to highlight the main points, the new videos will be coming back on track and then we’re going to have new projects that i’m working on for the community, which will be really fun once i release them, and then there’s also going to be a lot more Collaborations coming with the community, so thank you guys so much for watching this video and for being patient with my procrastination. Honestly, it made me really happy see you guys requesting for videos while i was inactive so, like i mentioned now, everything will be back on track and, if you’re new here make sure to hit that subscribe button and on your way out hit that thumbs up. Thank you guys again, and i hope you have a wonderful day.

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