I’m Spec Mining on GTX 1060’s in 2024

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he hey guys rpim here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I I'm going to do something pretty interesting I know some of you guys may be laughing at me in this video but I have a lot of GTX 1060s one of my first gpus that I have ever mined with back in like 2017 these cards are about what 7 years old now and I still got them obviously these are EVGA GTX 1060 3 GB cards not six but the 3 GB vram uh variant 1060s here uh they are actually the for the win edition cards but I do have one here that is a I guess super clocked version not a for the wind but it's the same it's the same cooler anyway and there's no back plate on any of these and also the fans have never been replaced on these EVGA cards these 1060s so that's a testament to EVGA themselves their fans are one of the best on the market aib brand EVGA is notorious for being reliable and also good quality so great gpus I'm going to put these 1060s to work I'm going to build it into a server case which I'm going to be using a polo Miner I got this during the bow run about 2 years ago I never really used it and so one of the biggest reasons why I never used this for mining was because of the PCI power cabling is coming out from the motherboard and not from the power supply there's no six pin power coming out it's actually going into the motherboard which I hate because I've seen a lot of pictures of people that had like you know 3080s 3070 TI in these and they obviously burn them up uh the motherboard part here because having that much power going through the motherboard in my opinion is a terrible idea but since I'm putting these lower power you know GTX 1060s uh into this Polo minor I am not too hardpressed that this this is going to melt or anything it won't these cards we're going to be spec mining a very low power coin actually I'm hoping to mine something that's a very high high yield I'm going to talk about which coin will mine in a second here I'm not promoted or sponsored by anyone that you know I decide to mine but just to speculate on yeah just letting you guys know here there's eight all right eight pin actually dual 8 Pin PCI in this poo Miner but each of these 1060s only require one eight pin so I'm going to get this quickly installed I'm going to put a new hios image on uh one of these M SATA ssds and then go to town and see what I can achieve on this Polo Miner I know efficiency wise you guys are still I know scoffing at me like red panda why are you mining with these 1060s well I have them I'm also curious to know if these are still working or not after 7 years okay these cards are just just amazing the fans are still good it's it's just yeah I just I'm very how do I say it it's a very nostalgic thing for me for these gpus you know I yeah I've had them for so long I've mined a lot of coins back in the day like ethereum with these in 2017 I'm going to get these back to work and see if they're still decent and for anyone that cares about profitability I'll just show this real quick so I'm on hash rate.

For a 1060 my power rate here is about 8 cents USD and according to Hash rate. DX would be the most profitable okay I'm not caring about this though so at 10 cents I would be at so about 8 cents kilowatt hour I'd be profitable at 10 cents a day mining DX on 1060s which is which I think is pretty funny uh eteka would be next Iron fish would be next pretty much breaking even okay and yeah so I am not going to mine any of these top coins though uh that I'm seeing on this list I'm actually going to be mining a very high yield coin so it's going to be Novo not sponsored not shilling Novo but a single 1060 will mine almost 50,000 Novo a day at 41 Watts so I am going to try this on all the eight GTX 1060s and see what happens I'm just going to mine and hold and wait for the Bull Run see how it goes it's going to be really low power anyway so if I had uh it says 41 Watts here I'll verify at the wall later um so yeah any other coin here it's generally not really a high yield it's going to be a you know 04 02 or something like that uh Doge e no I don't want to speculate on that I'm I'm going to try Novo just just for the heck of it and uh accumulate this on the 1060s okay so I'm going to build this whole rig right now uh it's going to be really quick uh I should just be able to slot them in plug in the eight pin put the case on hios installation on there that's it get it Mining and I'll show you guys the numbers right after a word from today's video sponsor coin mining Central central.com based in the United Kingdom coin mining Central has been in business for over 5 years as one of the top leading suppliers of Crypt mining hardware and cryptocurrency related products with free worldwide shipping they have competitive pricing and offer secure and tracked delivery for Peace of Mind secure and encrypted payment options using numerous cryptocurrencies and bank wire transfers account management for your orders professional customer support and even bulk Asic Miner deals in which all new miners come with a manufactur warranty check out coin mining central.com today and use code RPM for $135 USD off each product ordered links in the video description below okay they're all installed this is such a beautiful rig I I love it I love it minus the how the PCI cables are routing through the mother board I don't like that but we're okay I explained that already all right so before I turn this on I need to figure out how much power I'm currently drawing from the pdu because I want to see how much power this 1060 rig is going to draw so we're at 12 5 12.5 amps okay at 230 volt so we'll do the math there later I'll compare and uh now let's turn this thing oh there is a LED screen on here all right that's because uh this is on actually you know what let me turn this I plugged in the cable and uh I don't think it turned on you know what let me let me take another reading let me let me take another reading I just clicked it off 12.3 okay so no 12.4 12.33 I say 12.3 amps at 230 volt okay so we just have to times those numbers and we'll get the wattage uh comparison there okay now let's turn this thing on cuz uh then we'll get it mining I haven't seen it in hi yet so here we go 3 2 1 yeah look at oh man these 1060s have the white LED at the top so nice after 7 years they still work all the fans are working yep all the fans are working yep oh love it okay now let's go to hios okay contrl F5 on the keyboard let's see if it shows up yes they show up okay just booted up looks good 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 1063 GB EVGA Samsung gddr5 Pascal cards oh man this is so good this is so nice Okay let me uh let me update the whole thing and it should update okay now I am going to mine Novo on these cards so let me figure out the overclocks for these be right back okay we are now mining Novo on these 1060s 466 megahash at about 38 to like 40 Watts okay here are my overclock settings for anyone that cares I don't know many people that have 1060s anymore but this is just general numbers I took off hash rate.

I don't have any memory or experience of using core clock offset on 10 Series gpus so when I saw that I was like did we mine did we have these core clock offsets when we were mining ethereum back in 2017 no no we didn't it was more like just core no offsetting it was like 200 150 core or something and then the memory we had to boost to like what I think 600 Max 800 if you had good memory to to my recollection when we were mining ethereum on these 1060s but now it's uh yeah it's it's like this so pretty cool okay so guys there it is 1060s are mining now I want to know the power consumption okay so this was with just not the uh the 1060 rig on okay so 28 29 Watts on that pdu so now let me get the Delta we'll see uh how much power it's using oh man love it nice and cool less than 40 watts per car according to hi where we're going to take the Delta now I guess these four fans in the front also do take uh a bit of power as well um but let's see here okay we are at 14 just maybe 14 amps 14 10 it's fluctuating a lot 14 I'm going to say just 14 that's keep it simple 14 amps at 2290 so 20 230 volt 230 Vol * 14 is 3,222 Watts roughly so the Delta between these two numbers from not having the rig and now having it on mining Novo is 391 Watts roughly for this 1060 rig okay so if I divide that by let's just say eight eight cards that means I guess with the fans and uh the four fans in the front and all that stuff maybe you know each GPU is taking about 40 Watts or so the rest is going to be uh system so actually if I just did like what 20 30 40 Watts times 8 that's going to be 320 so the rest of the system minus 391 maybe 71 Watts for the rest of the system motherboard you know PSU efficiency inefficiency and the four fans so pretty good I'm happy about that that's power that I'm willing to I guess lose in a sense because I'm not doing this for profit I'm doing this for the uh the yield of uh mining Novo so this is uh uh we'll see how it goes I'm going to keep Mining and holding this coin and we'll see what it does in the future okay uh looks like there's decent amount of pools for this coin I am not mining at the top pool I'm actually mining on woolly py right now okay second top pool so uh it says 437 miners I'm going to keep note of that I'm going to watch it later see if you dgen miners are going to join in on me on this coin and 3.21 terahash and network hash R 3 ter okay so yeah I'm going to watch this and why not going to start accumulating some coin and actually I'm going to be doing this on other rigs okay so actually I have a motherboard here I'm going to make uh it's One of These Guys these are a riserless uh uh same similar to like a you know the server case but just I have it I'm just going to have it open air like this okay and then I'm going to I don't know which gpus I'm going to put on it I need something uh something low like these 1060s so uh I don't think I'm going to do 580s or 5700s on that rides of this board I could I could but I'm going to leave these for Server cases cuz you know they get generally hotter in a sense um so I'll figure that out later but guys that's all I want to do in this video this polar Miner has a nice little LED thing here that's pretty nice pretty nice but what do you guys think what do you guys think of my 1060 rig here I think it's cool going to spec mine some coin get the highest yield see how that goes down the road what do you guys think let me know down below or am I wasting my time maybe who knows we'll see I'm willing to run this for 400 watts and uh just let it go as uh if we're on the brink of the bow run here and ALT coins like maybe Novo for instance could you know have a nice price appreciation who the heck knows doing it for that aspect so we'll see how it goes okay I'll see you on the next video have a good one peace out peace out oh

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