Super best friends mem coin is Absolutely pumping right now what the Heck is going on with this project Welcome back to 99b YouTube channel I am Your host Umar Khan and today we're Taking a deep dive on this meme token That has been taking coin market cap by Storm currently trending and currently Up nearly 100 plus% let's go ahead and Take a look at what's going on with this Project super best friends before the Video I want to ask if you haven't Already do make sure you smash that Subscribe button down below as it helps In the channel tremendously so super Best friends of coin we're talking about As you can see is absolutely pumping it Is trending number two on coin markat up 30% in the past 24 hours and up nearly 85% on the week earlier today it was up About 135% looks there's a little bit of Selling going on which is fine with a Mark cap of $1.5 million which has not Have been verified just yet this token Could be doing something absolutely Massive overall crypto Market guys Looking kind of shaky we're currently in A 49 neutral in terms of fear and greed Index slowly but surely creeping back Towards fear it's interesting to see What's going on as bitcoin's crashed Down to $60,000 um it's been holding position at 34 for some time now but now has has

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Nose died to 60,000 ethereum at 3300 so It's a bit concerning however we think We are going to make a swift recovery Very soon talking about Swift recoveries I want to talk about a super opportunity Before we talk about super best friends Is this new pre-sale gem I know this Channel guys you guys absolutely love The pre-sale gems is a great way to make A profit by getting to projects early And it also has a 3 3 800% apy so what Is this coin it's Pepe Unchained so Pepe Now his own blockchain congratulations Early to the party buy now and in stake During our pre-sale to max out your Rewards before the price skyrockets and In one day in 1 hour they are going to Have their next price hike so if you Want to buy in at the absolute lowest Price now is your time to strike they've Raised almost $600,000 in a matter of a Couple of days this is absolutely insane Has some great features like uh better Speeds uh greater gains same delicious Pepe flavor instant bridging between eth And pepe low transaction fees higher Volume capability and then dedicated Block Explorer this one's going Absolutely insane guys if you want to Load up now Link in the description Below now let's go back back to this Token super best friends as there's a Lot of red flages coming up like I I Have a feel like this could potentially

Be a pumping up so just be careful with That however we're not fully ruling this Out just yet so first of all Community Tab uh basically nothing actually Dedicated to the project we see it is up 17% but it has took a little bit of a Nose dive guys we're seeing at least So 20% down in the past couple of hours um And in terms of Mark cap guys we can see It's just not updating just yet but Again it is a new project it does say $1.4 million Mark cap and about a $900,000 24hour volume which is again interesting To say the least now what is this Project we could go over to the website And get a deeper dive so super best Friends uh we are the Next Generation Meme power creativity Studio visit the Red planet to find out more I guess we Got to click that red planet to find out More or is it just going to take us down Okay so a belt super best friends uh Sphere headed by two veterans um Creative black belts um we are here to Bring something a little different to The world of web 3 uh the super best Friends don't like labels meme coins uh Content house why can't we have both so It's like content house/ mem house put Together meme coin put together uh we're Rough Around the Edges we don't fit in a Box we're funny and we know how to make Some cool stuff uh that'll go viral

Quicker than you could say um epine Didn't kill himself uh get in touch to Hear more about the creative Services if You're just here for fun time join our Community share our work and check out The meme token uh click the swirly green Tree and I guess uh we have to go down This whole funnel and we're going to Keep scrolling and find that swirly Green tree and I believe Uh this is a tree they're referring to So if we click this no no we got to keep Going down Uh right there we go ah the contact do a Tab okay pretty cool they do have some Little cool Easter eggs in the website Then we go down to the absolute bottom We click this Abyss okay and a donation Tab so if you want to donate you can Also donate to the website honestly it's A clean website it's it's fun and all The Social Links will FL below now Something that's a bit of a red flag is This project is kind of brand new popped Out of nowhere less than $2 million Mark Cap yet they have 43 46,00 members on Telegram and offly 2,000 are online so Again how much Bots is that we don't Know and then over on X they have about 28,000 followers so again the numbers Don't quite match yet we seen some big News just 6 hours ago we've rebred we've Rebred we've rebranded check out our pix New website uh and that was website we

Just checked out I believe uh this is Not just a new Li of paint we're also Launching a creative uh Service uh um Division with 50% of the revenue going To BuyBacks and burns so it looks like They're trying to do something so subf To the Moon super best friends we can See it has top through trending on coin Market cap which is pretty cool as well People are talking about it and that's The main thing right people got to talk About it the more people talk about it The bigger project you get it is for now Just a meane coin guys but again it does Have potential it was trending today so We anticipating to see a pump IID Personally definitely not buy it now I'd Anticipate this is going to continue to Crash a little bit more we can see pump Like crazy I would probably enter around This zone right over here right around Its first pump uh even if I was going to Buy again guys none of this is financial Advice always to your own research and Due diligence before investing any money In the cryptos recover on this channel But let me know in the comments section Below are you bullish of this project Are you bearish I want to hear it all That pretty much drops the video until Next time it's your friend Umar peace [Music] [Music]

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