GPU ASIC Mining Hardware Prices End of 2023.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] no [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] n [Music] n [Music] [Music] n good morning everybody what is up welcome to the live stream we are going to look for some I don't no we're just going to see how crypto mining Hardware prices are now and I'm just going to give you my opinion as we look through a lot of different things a lot of different Hardware um that you know some people were asking right now is it a good time to buy or what should I buy or what type of Hardware uh is you know available uh right now to purchase so as mining seems to be coming back into play there's obviously some new people coming in and so we're just going to look at a couple different places where we you know we normally look you know maybe Zotac refurbished store I don't know a bunch a bunch of different places but I think ultimately the best place to look for um especially used mining Hardware is going to be your local you know Facebook Marketplace uh maybe Craigslist maybe uh Kajiji depending where you are um offer up uh those types of websites which I'm not going to show today because it's going to be very very location dependent so the prices are going to range everywhere and so I would people watching this live stream after the fact I would definitely go look uh Lo locally okay Facebook Marketplace offer up you know th those are those are one of the best places to look for uh for cheaper used you know crypto mining Hardware but for those watching this after the fact and maybe want to look at you know new stuff um there's always going to be uh there's there's always going to be some deals out there for new stuff and so I'm going to go through some places where I buy you know maybe pdus um cables infinite actually has a boxing week sale right now I'm not affiliated with them even though they do have my videos on their website which I thought was pretty cool next to Linus Tech tips I was like okay that's pretty cool I didn't even know they did this until like like a couple months back but um uh C13 to c14 power cables you know the more uh these these ones the 14 gauge ones are the ones you want to get pretty cheap pretty good deal um I'm actually going to place an order later today because uh they have a boxing day uh 15% off oh it's actually 15% off selected products okay so I don't I don't know what that I don't know what selected products uh that will be but um yeah I'm just going to go through everything today and is if there's anything you guys want to look at you let me know in the live chat so so thank you guys for being here smash the like 107 people here 24 likes I'm starting a little bit early a little bit earlier today so smash the like Bros let's get to 50 likes come on let's do it on takes me one second one second and then we'll begin okay let's begin if you guys are looking to buy anything um head to my website red pandam I've been updating my website recently um if you're looking for trusted Hardware shops along with their coupon codes go to Red pendam I do have a trusted Hardware shops uh I have a dark mode as well on my website um you can check it out I got coupon codes for uh affiliate links for every every Asic mining GPU mining hardware shop uh if you guys are planning on buying anything uh check it out red pandam and that's as well as I was trusted mining software uh as coting providers and my videos here as well if you want to look at it if you are ever looking for hardware and if you're ever looking for some coupon codes just check out my website I am adding them every week I'm trying to add on I'm trying to add on all the websites I can and try to get the coupons I can from every every site I can uh for you guys and it helps me and it helps out the channel also helps out with doing giveaway and such on the channel as well so check it out I'll post it in the live chat one last time and let's begin let's begin okay I think I want to start off with pdus uh this is like the I would say I've been hearing about people asking for uh power distribution units uh every every other week it's like Randa where where did you get where do you buy these pdus where do you buy these pdus and i' would say this is one of the most popular ones uh to buy um personally I do not buy them on Amazon because they're definitely overpriced okay um you may see these um these pdus here which are pretty good um but they're 150 it's that's it's really expensive I personally buy mine from this seller right here okay I bought a bunch of these they work great thus far um I've had no issues I've I've bought many pdus from this from this seller before the dong dong Guan Orient Electronics make sure you make sure they're verified make sure they have trade Assurance on on okay uh but this is the pdu that I buy okay this one has uh the meter the C20 c19 ports and also eight C13 c14 ports as well so um these are I really love these pdus for 240 volt 30 amp has the meter as well um uh it's good if if you're buying in bulk because it's much cheaper so if you're buying between 5 and 49 they're 50 okay the price Grant the price did go up 20 bucks I think it's cuz I did show this before in many videos in the past year and so they're like oh a lot of people are buying this these so yeah uh you know I'll just have this in the link in the chat I mean if you what if I only need one pdu you're going to need to message them you're going to need to contact them and tell them you just want one um the price may be a little bit more like $65 for one um but they essentially want you to buy bulk but it if you're going to be expanding in such my opinion is I would I would try to buy more than one okay I think minimum order quantity might be five um so this is where this is where I buy my pdu okay the dongan Orient electronics and metal Co Co LTD uh yeah 12 years verified trade Assurance makes you uh you can pay by Visa or Mastercard through Alibaba and uh make sure all right this is the this is the one this is this is the buyer this is the this is the supplier I go through okay so that's the pdus I think that's one of the most popular topics for a lot of people that are going 240 volt 30 amp okay so that's the that's the pdu now the cables to go along with the pdus is going to the the best place in my opinion I'm not affiliated is is the uh infinite this is the the best place to buy you know even c19 C20 plugs but um always buy the 14 gauge AWG C13 c14 power cables because these are really nice nice and thick and they the gauge goes from they have uh 16 gauge 18 gauge as well but there's no point don't don't buy these ones just just get the 14 gauge ones because you see the power rating um the power rating here sorry there's no dark mode here the power rating here for 14 gauge the capacity is 15 amp at 250 volts so if you times these numbers together uh you get the capacity wattage uh amperage uh the capacity here so you just do 15 * 250 volt um you get 3,750 Watts capacity at 250 volt but you know if you had like what 240 vol um that's like 3600 Watts okay so a single Cable 14 gauge capacity is 3600 Watts or so um would you run it at 3600 Watts definitely not at one cable no at that point you're probably going to get the uh you're probably going to go for the c19 uh C20 c19 to C20 cable not a splitter cable but uh I think it's this one yeah this one this one yeah good price really good price cables 12 gauge this one's 20 amp at 250 volt even more uh more capacity as well need coupon code for infinite cables I've asked I've asked infinite cables for a coupon code they they they they don't do coupons so um I don't I don't have a coupon with them uh but this is one of my favorite places I buy I've boughten like thousands of dollars worth of cables from them already C13 c14 oh even network cables I even bought like uh cat 6A a bunch of cat 6A cables uh from them really great pace for uh network cables as well uh I don't really like these like thin ultra thin oh these are fluke branded oh man the fluke branded ones are are nice yes these ones are nice oops uh red six feet $5.15 for a fluke branded certified cable 10 gbit cat 6A this is a nice one dang okay all right this is a nice one this is a nice actually uh let's see do they have the lenum solid patch cable yeah no uh let's see uh cat 6A molded patch cable ooh $18 oh that's expensive that's expensive um anyways yeah they sell every they sell all types of cables so uh this is my go-to place because they if you compare the prices to Amazon like a a patch cable C 6A um uh well this is all bulk um cable uh 6 feet I don't know what the hell 6 ft it's like $12 like $12 but then uh infinite cables is like $5 okay even cheaper cuz it was Canadian so it's like three $3 Canadian versus this startech piece of crap 6 feet cat 6A for $12 I'd rather buy the premium fluke branded fluke certified network cable for $3 so I wow man Amazon okay okay these are a little bit better but I don't I don't think I trust this brand fizzly no don't trust that installer Parts ethernet cat 6A booted professional 10 GB all right 969 yeah infinite cables has way better prices for cat 6A way better way better yeah this is if you if you're in the networking world if if if you're in the networking World flute fluke is the top the top brand okay if if you're if you know networking fluke is one of the premium top branded networking patch cables uh in the world th this is this is the best the best networking cables in the world but it's it's just certified so I I trust that more than more than anything so yeah really good price really good price stuff I Amazon's wow Amazon's really expensive for patch cables I just realized that right now that's really bad that's really bad trip light Cat6 foot $11 what that is so expensive man that is really expensive okay all right um all right what's the next what's the next thing um uh let's see arcs crypto or you can just make your own cables I personally I mean I I I know I I I I don't have the time I don't have the energy to make cables as much as I would love to I have like thousands of I have thousands of feet of cat 6A in boxes like I could definitely make my own I just I don't have the patience I don't have the I I would love to do that I just I can't I can't sit there and start making cables one by one I wish I could I used to do that back in my past life but now I just no I just I just buy the cables because I I just I save my brain and I I'm I'm I'm also just terrible at making my own cables make your own cables way cheaper yeah oh I I am not denying the fact that making your cables is way cheaper I just I I'm I'm I'm not I'm not going to I'm I I I'm at at the point where I just I don't want to I just don't have time to do that and if something you know you got to test each one the little tiny things if they're not going in perfectly and then you're screwed got to do it again the RJ45 Jacks if you don't put it in right and you crimp it and it doesn't work you got to you wasted an RJ45 Jack you got to do a new you got to get another RJ45 Jack do it again I can't I can't deal with it I can't I can't deal with it okay next what's the next thing you guys want to look at what's the next popular popular thing for crypto mining uh we've done cables we've done pdus Stephen time is money it's not cheaper I in that in that regard in that in that perspective Steven cisero yes according to my time it it's not cheaper that's right that's right that's right time is money that's right but if if you're if you're hard pressed for money and you have all the time in the world then making your own cables is is the best of course of course of course if you have all the time in the world to make your own cables go for it uh what is the next what's the next cryptomining Hardware everyone looks at uh boards Ram CPUs and gpus okay um so other than Craigslist Facebook Marketplace [Music] um uh you know for for motherboards CPUs Rams um if you're looking to buy new I mean I've seen I've seen some pretty good deals on mop.

If if you're looking for new uh that is okay so other than you know used marketplaces like depending on your location like I said i' I'd love to go through you know Facebook Marketplace offer up all the those places but you know it's it it it's different everywhere um right now I'd say mop. has really good motherboard mining motherboard deals um I do have a RPM code RPM code 100 uh this one here I have an Affiliated link here if you guys want to check it out but yeah for motherboards and stuff go check out mop. EU definitely a good place there um now they also have CPUs really cheap as well um let's see here CPU oh they just added the 5950 X oh the 7950 X 3D uh I I don't uh that's a little bit price is a little bit high but they have the Celeron 595s for 44 I think this is 58 or $42 USD G4 900 ooh 100 100 euro o that's a lot 3900 x 379 uh g3900 6987 yeah that's not that's not bad that's that's not bad I think the best price here is the 5905 G 5905 what is that on Amazon G 5905 oh it's cheaper it's it's cheaper it's cheaper here hold on what's the what's the euro conversion what's the euro conversion 44.87 is that euro is that Euro right uh 4487 Euro to USD is oh $50 US okay this is $50 US so tack on another like $6 onto that Euro number so looks like it's a little bit cheap it's it's cheaper on it's cheaper on Amazon yeah okay cheaper on Amazon uh um yeah you know what Intel cerons on Amazon are actually are actually much better deals see g4900 $45 G 5920 $39.99 yeah so these are depending uh which chipset okay granted a lot of new mother mining motherboards don't have LGA 1200 okay I forgot we should really talk about that right now so really the only ones these CPUs are going to be good for LGA 1200 is going to be like this ack h510 I think this is a pretty good deal this is on new EG $118 now this is a this is a nemesis what's up bro what's up man Nemesis good to see you man long time no talk crypto shape think of everything you wish you bought before the last bow run and buy 10x of everything now uh crypto shaped exactly exactly exactly bro because man these money mining motherboards in the Bull Run were like $500 and dude if you did like mining motherboard on Amazon oh dude TB 360 BTC Pro $80 like I I like I still think that's you know this this motherboard here would be like this motherboard would be 500 bucks on eBay this ASRock h110 was 500 bucks on eBay it's 189 I wouldn't buy this right now for 189 this is not a good deal this is this is definitely not a good deal now um okay here's a oh ack q270 I didn't know this existed this one has 12 13 slots uh 12 13 101 that sounds that sounds a little bit expensive um I didn't know this existed ASRock q270 ASRock Q2 hold on ASRock Q2 270 oh 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 third this is the new like what wait what chip set is this or what uh LGA 1151 okay so that will not work with these like you know the the newer Intel cellon uh hold on let's go LJ 1151 ceron okay so there's $83 oh that's exp g5400 there you g5400 40 bucks only one left in stock though I didn't know this existed this is a new one this this is a new one right eth gen Intel okay so this is not new that green server case has went up by $200 since I ordered mine jeez uh $98 I don't like this price right as of now but in the bow run this thing's going to be like $500 when things when gpus are making like $5 a day this is this this board will be worth a lot for sure for sure for sure man the older processors older Generations are like hard to come by for sure uh g49 no this is this is 12 LGA 1200 that's not going to fit this board this is LGA 1151 all right hobby is minor what's up man um okay all right um so due diligence when you're looking for mining motherboards I mean they're they they can be expensive they have been expensive uh but if you again if you can find them on used Marketplace or I mean anywhere that's selling them for less than $100 I mean I don't know that's that's the best you're going to get honestly that's the best you're going to get Ram um I mean there's ddr4 Ram is cheap these days in my opinion oh yeah like uh you can find or DDR uh is it ddr4 yeah ddr4 but 2400 I think a lot of those older mother mining mother boards needs 2400 or less 2133 MHz I mean this the ram is very cheap now in my opinion Ram is very cheap for uh for for motherboards so I don't there's there's not going to be any issues of finding Ram I think um ssds I mean 120 GB SSD are cheap too I think like 14 bucks 15 bucks on Amazon yeah you're not going to go wrong you're you're not going to go wrong with with these guys I think um ddr4 is still way too much really no DDR no no DDR I do not think ddr4 cost this is is a lot right now I think this is cheap th this is cheap you you really think you really think ddr4 costs a lot right now let's do a poll let's do a PO I'm very curious what people think is ddr4 expensive or cheap right now cheap expensive I really like to gauge what people think because it's like I don't know I I don't follow RAM prices that much but just judging by how much a kit of 16 GB for like $46 like that's that sounds cheap to me I I don't I don't think I've ever seen I don't think I've ever seen Ram that cheap these days I don't know I want to I want to gauge what you guys think I I don't think Ram is that expensive that's just my op okay yeah 84% of you say it's cheap 16% of 15% of you say expensive okay all right I I guess I I guess yeah I mean I mean ram is cheap RAM and storage are cheap yes storage is cheap yes I yes I have to agree with that yeah hard drive prices even nvmes are freaking are coming down uh yeah the nvme prices are coming down look at that 990 Pro 2 tbte 169 this used to be like a $300 like hard drive at one point um yeah no nvme prices have come down too yeah yes I'm ret Chris Hanley Chrisley yes Chris Hanley very very just kidding RPM is cheap I am cheap I I I love to find my deals that's why I love buying on Alibaba okay granted again disclaimer make sure they're verified make sure they have trade assurance and uh just do only do Visa Mastercard don't do wire transfer don't do crypto make sure they're legit excuse me make sure they're verified and they have trade assurance okay um do not buy from unverified sellers on Alibaba okay make sure this is this is the seller I buy from for all my pdus dong Guan Orient Electronics metal and Co 12 years China verified okay all right are we going on to the the good stuff now we're going on to the gpus you guys want we've done we've done pdus we've done cables we've talked about C we've talked about motherboards we talked about RAM storage they're all cheap generally uh what what else what else do you guys want to talk about what's the frames we didn't talk about mining frames we didn't we didn't talk about mining frames yet are we doing frame are mining frames cheap right now oh man these looks very these look very expensive what's going on here wait what is this an RTX 460 rig a whole 4060 lhr Ultra wide what what's an ultra wide 4060 what does that mean $3,434 all pre dude this looks like a Monster uh mining frame okay hold what are mining frames going for right now 4060 lhr yeah what miny cave what is this if miny cave was ever watching this what is a a 4060 lhr I've never seen that that before that's that's the first time I'm seeing that that's actually pretty that's pretty interesting 7700 XT 12 GB 4329 6 GPU that sounds cheap how much is a 7700 XT 7700 XT $500 $600 so the gpus alone are $6,000 uh $3,000 so they're tacking on another $1,300 for the motherboard frame power supply everything else yeah little little bit little bit pricey but you get it all it's all pre-built it's all that's why it's a little bit pricier it's all a pre-built machine um mining frames okay there's one for 32 kingin okay here we go 12 GPU open airf frame 44 $45 this is this is legit this is legit this is okay this is okay um hold on let's check GPR had uh had a motherboard combo sale here uh mining frames let's see how much they cost okay yeah okay if you want the white one on GP risers it's uh $60 if you want the Omega frame it's $100 I think they had a bundle here bundle packs here we go oh yeah this is way better all right $170 you get you get the mining frame you get 12 risers you get the 12 Splitters and you get the eight white fans for 170 this is I think this is a legit deal you're getting premium risers premium risers the frame basically everything to get started for powerwise risers frame fans cuz you got to consider all that stuff Allin one yeah I I like this one this is a good does my coupon code work here I don't even know if I have a c I don't remember if I have a coupon code view cart let's see if it works I don't I don't red panda mining apply coupon oh it does work $17 off yeah I I don't I don't get any I don't get any uh I don't get any commission or anything from GP risers but there you go there you go it works red panda mining there you go um perfect uh but I mean when you're considering okay if you're looking at Amazon though okay so $50 for a frame here how much are risers how much are GPU risers GPU risers on Amazon okay so 22 20 granted you're not getting high quality I mean these ones are probably okay for capacitor ones GP Rises ones are eight so a little bit more stability sixpack 25 $10 delivery what is this $28 eight capacitor risers yeah plus the uh plus the uh how much are the uh fans the 120 mil fans you're going to consider that as well Arctic p12 pwm five pack $33 wow this has gone up in price oh these are not cheap oh these are not cheap now fans are not cheap whoa Kim thank you for the donation bro hello RPM what happened to octom Miner they not responding to tickets neither warranty claims is anyone experiencing same issues uh Kareem go join their Discord join their Discord Kareem go go to octo Miner's Discord and uh communicate communicate with them there communicate communicate with them there man fans are not cheap am I Am I Wrong fans fans cost more now is this am I wrong or did fan prices go up oh let me let me let me let me let me let me do a poll did fan prices go up yes went up no same price start pull I this this seems expensive to me I I I recall like a five pack used to be like $20 don't get Arctic trash yeah yeah these are even trash yeah these are these are not these are not good fans but I'm just I'm just speaking like 12 $13 for one fan doesn't seem it seems very expensive to me okay the nocas are still up there 27 okay I think that's normal but man fans are not cheap so the GPU risers one the GPU risers when you actually get uh let's go to G you actually get all eight fans so cons but they're not very I think the GP risers ones um the fans are not as they don't have much CFM but at least you get a little bit Yeah they get eight you get eight fans get eight of these fans for 170 plus my RPM code $17 off so I mean that's a little bit better it's pretty good with with the Splitters as well that I mean the the these are high quality splitters I've had no issues with these yeah it's not Hawk yeah it's not much CFM but they look nice there you go H yeah exactly it's very low it's very low CFM but it it looks nice um yeah this is a better this is a better deal you get allinone allinone but yeah fans are not cheap fans are not cheap okay all right what else is there all right we're going to look at gpus now are we are we looking at gpus you want to talk gpus I think we've talked about everything else uh motherboards frames I mean frames are are generally cheap now are generally cheaper mining frames used to be like over 100 200 200 you know one of these frames used to cost $200 $150 these 12 GP mining frames were never $50 they were like over $100 at one point they're they're they're cheap now I'm going to have to say mining frames are cheap but these Veta frames were used to be $200 $150 they never they were never $50 like they actually I remember back in 2018 buying these frames for like $25 so they could come down like it it could be even cheaper but because of inflation and you know stuff now uh I don't think the prices are these prices are not going to go down any anymore uh Power Supplies oh psus okay we didn't talk about power supply yeah good call power supplies um power supplies ATX ones are not cheap in my opinion I think power ATX psus are are expensive um parallel m .c okay all right so this is where okay the the all right this is where I found like the cheapest um uh for you know like these types of uh these types of power supplies so the 1200 watt hp server where's the 12 where's the where's the Glorious 1200 Watt wait a sec these are $19 dude I might buy a whole bunch of these I like these these are my favorite these are really nice okay these are wow these are $19 uh wait 1,400 Watt wait what's this oh this is a wait this is a different connector this will not work on a a typical breakout board what what is this this is a smaller is this a smaller connector wait hold on yeah this is wider yeah that unless the picture is deceiving me this is wider than than the other one right yeah this is way shorter what what connector is this what board is this this is a different board but $24 for 1,400 watt uh oh this is cheap man this used to be like 100 dude this used to be $100 uh uh what's the board that connects to it hold on before all right breakout board DPS you need the DPS what what what type of what type of uh I've never seen that smaller connector oh here we go no see here's here's the you know the typical long you know HP server PSU break up board like this but where is that small one do they even sell those small thin ones this [Music] one X6 okay here you go here you go DPS compatibility I don't see the 1400 watt here uh I don't see the 1400 watt what connector see yeah there yeah there look Dell oh it says Dell you see it's got a smaller it's got a smaller uh connector on the power supply see you see that you see the difference you see the difference there between uh between uh this breakout board like you see this look at that this is much this is much wider right this is the typical X11 breakout I have a bunch of these like for the typical HP server PSU but what's this this is a this is a new I've never seen uh okay this may okay this might be it is that this is for the Dell this is a different connector yeah this is a this is a different connector I've never seen that before so going back to the the power supplies yeah I would make sure I would definitely make sure compatibility cuz this is I have never seen the smaller uh I've never SE this is this is much thinner this power supply is much thinner but 1400 watt for $24 look this is this used to be $129 dude there's $1,500 in stock ah wait this is even cheaper the Dell 12 Dell 1400 watt is $15 now does this come with the adapter wow that's kind of that's kind of sketchy that's kind of sketchy okay this looks like the typical see look this this looks like the typical uh HP uh the uh the connector size for the breakout boards right dude this is so cheap right now oh holy [ __ ] I'm not going to show this anymore I need to buy I need to place my order before you guys [ __ ] you guys hold on I'm placing my order now screw it I'm I'm doing this off I'm not showing this anymore uh okay I need to go all right I need to all right5 what the f why is it so cheap no I'm not I am not I am not sponsored I am not affiliated with parallel minor I am not affiliated I'm not I'm saying that right now why why is this so cheap there's got to be something wrong there's got to be something wrong here $15 it is this is this the typic is this the typical H is this the typical breakout board uh yeah it is it is uh let's see uh original Platinum rated L6 I don't like the adapter part though uh okay X1 okay X11 yeah okay compatible breakout boards X11 yes okay perfect I have a whole bunch of these um oh they you know what they actually have the compatibility so if we go back to this $24 uh see they don't even have they don't even have compatible breakout boards look this one with the weird looking connector this one has no compatible breakout boards so don't buy this one do not do not buy this one do not buy that one this one though is compatible with the X11 or zsx amp Edition boards oh this is why is this $15 are these bad can someone tell me are these bad please note we do not currently have a compatible breakout board for this power supply Stephen which one where does it say that where are you talking about this one or the other one is this a scam I I'm trying to read that right now the other one okay okay you're talking about you're talking about this one this one does not have a compatible breakout board oh right here please no we do not currently have compatible breakout boards for this power supply okay this is the one with the this is the one with the funky smaller connector okay all right there you go perfect thank you Stephen thank you all right yeah why did they sell it yeah I don't know I don't know I don't know this is okay granted I don't I don't know if I TR I don't I've never had this power supply before I don't know if I like this adapter so just just beware just beware I don't I don't really don't know about this adapter um for $15 I don't I don't know the I don't know the reliability of these things I've never I've never had one of these i' I've never had one of these so but this this yeah I just bought three for my octom God damn it so this would fit into the octom miner Port then this this would go into the OCTA all right I'm buying I'm buying a bunch of these screw you guys before you sell out I'm going to buy 20 of them add no 30 of them add to cart all right there's my cart screw you you guys $450 $450 oh my God that's so cheap for 30 of them dude these were these were $80 who's got a coupon code does coupon code RPM work let's see NOP rabid mining rabid mining does not exist who has a coupon code Hawk crypto mining I don't think pretty sure Hawk doesn't have have so s so a s so a no no code no doesn't work I'm talking about for parallel Miner I'm trying to I'm trying to buy these this seems like an insane deal is this a good deal or not is that a good deal or not I'm just going to start a poll hold on let me let me end this start a pull parallel minor good deal or Nah yes good deal bad deal all right I want to see what you guys think so 2023 so 2023 does not exist hobbyist minor hobbyist minor nope Brandon coin Brandon coin no no no keep no doesn't work Scott Sheffield December 10 off December 10 off oh holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] that worked $45 off no way no way no way no way December DEC 10 off there you go DC 10 off Works 45 bucks off okay screw you guys I need to place this order all right I'm ending the stream I'm ending the stream this is rigged before you guys before you guys buy anything I need oh my God I'm ending the stream now I need to I need to buy all this goodbye uh proceed to check out okay uh returning customer yeah do I have an account yeah I do crap what's my account is that cheap or not you guys said yes good deal 83% of you said yes 177% of you said bad deal why why is it a bad deal tell me I need to know why it's a bad deal oh my God that is so cheap that's so cheap am I that is so cheap these will go into parallel Miners and regular x uh X11 breakout boards but the only thing worried about is this adapter Cape Cod crypto wait read my message above Cape Cod crypto all right Cape Cod uh the breakout board in Octo I believe is different but I had minor dude that came with those so it was a direct replacement I haven't tried them in my other octos so can't confirm uh Cape Cod crypto if it's I I'm okay I have no idea if it's going to work or not but it looks to be the same connector that goes into the into the octom miners like um I'm pretty sure I'm I'm pretty sure this would fit right into the octom miner I've seen yeah DPS 1200 wait this it says 12200 oh total output is, 1400 Watts okay I just don't like this I just don't like this adapter did you read all the description all right let's read the description Dell's 1400 wat power supply is quite popular despite not having the common slot power bar oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hold on a sec despite not having a common slot power bar a redundant PSU save okay certified 94% efficiency which is great um input connector ls26 to c14 adapter included compatible breakout boards all right X11 all right this is the most popular one cuz I have all right this is the X11 X11 breakup wait a sec wait a second X11 breakout board X12 full breakout board compatibility list here oh here we go okay all right hold on hold on yes okay before everyone starts buying these hold on okay here we go here we go X11 yeah these are $17 for the breakout boards oh the breakout boards are cheap too so you can have a full-fledged power supply Dell P PSU break up board combo for less than $35 crypto shaped just checked on octom miner they are different back planes than the standard HP I have a mix of 100 PSU on shelf wow crypto shaped so your crypto shaped so this PSU will not work this this will not work oh octom Miner those breakout boards are trash I have four broken okay so that's why they're so cheap that's why that's why they're so cheap they are compatible those, 1400 watt PSS work fine I have a bunch they're running on 309s and 380 TI the adapter is better than the cord they originally came with okay crypto shape they will not work on standard octo HP back planes okay okay so then that means that means you'll need the what's where's the typical 1200 oh see look look the typical 1200 watt ones are are $89 holy crap man the the typical HP server psus are $89 then wow wow that's that is insane I just tried the PCB alignment is different okay crypto shape nice nice okay so the Dells these Dells will not work in OCT miners okay but if you bought the corresponding uh like you know breakout board then if you're for GPU miners then this this would this would work okay granted a lot of people just said this breakout board is trash so not sure if I would trust that breakout board X7 I don't I wouldn't even trust these older boards X x6b oh that's even worse buy one or two to try I mean if if it's this cheap I mean some people said it was okay some people said it was not was not okay so Bobby Hill those Dell 1400 Watts work with the zsx ones okay if it works works with the zsx boards if this works with the zsx board then that means it works with the um it has to work with the Octo Miner now I'm curious now I'm curious to try but okay full compatibility board here DPS 1200 so that's the model number DPS 1200 okay let me get the part number exactly hold on what's the part number of this DPS 1200 1C ls26 ends in ls26 okay LS 26 doesn't even 1 c one see zsx 1200 MB C ls26 ls26 is not the end of here but it shows zsx X12 X11 x7b so zsx should work should oh my God you know what I'm you know what I'm going to just try it I'm going to buy like I'm not going to buy a whole bunch then I'm just going to buy like a couple just to test it ah see 553 in stock who bought it it it just went down it was at 553 somebody just bought four who who bought four somebody just bought four it just went down who did that who did that stop it right now I just saw the number go down stop it stop it you're banned stop it I honest I like these ones honestly I like the HP server uh HP server ones uh this one here the I love these ones even though they're 750 watt these work at 120 volt at 750 watt as well uh one 100 volt to 240 volt this this works on this works on 120 volt at 750 watts as well I I like this one this is the typical HP server why why is the 12,200 waters $89 though why are these like four times the price like this is insane I guess these are more com this one's more common that's why Next Level Tech want me to go to my farm and check what boards work I mean next level Tech I I don't want want you to blow up your octom miners but if you have a Dell if you have one of these Dell psus if you could if you could test it man if you could check the part number DPS 1200 MB 1C if you have one of these can you see if it fits in can you see if this fits in an octom Miner because this connector looks very similar it looks it looks the exact same as the HP server HP server PSU I I'm just I'm just curious if if this will if this would fit because I do have some octom miners with Dell psus um but if it doesn't fit then then for me personally for me personally I have all octom Miner so I I'm not doing open air frames with these so Crypt shape I just tried them in an octom oh crypto shape you have these exact ones you have these exact ones this exact model yes oh you do okay oh okay okay so it doesn't work then it doesn't work okay sorry I I thought you said you were trying different a different Dell a different Dell okay so these will not work so Min mining King they were common in x12s righted P yeah well my uh my new octom miners my new my new the the ones uh viste sent me have Dell I think they have Dell psus so I wonder if these would work then I'm going to so depending on the OCTA miners no I have like every possible PSU in dell and HP format okay Cape Cod one of my minor dudes had Dell backplane which is why I picked up a few of those these for backup okay I see crypto shape no I have like every possible PSU and Dell in HP format okay if they came with that PSU they will fit okay all right so it depends if you have HP back plane or the Dell back plane wow that's that's okay so every octom Miner you just it's oh that's really hard then that's really hard to tell that's that's really hard to tell all right who bought another four it's at 543 now some someone bought another four it just went down all right we're we're done we're not talking about this I'm we're not talking about power supplies anymore we're done we're done all right we're done no more parallel Miner talk no more I can't believe wow those are okay but the final word is if you're looking for power supplies this is the cheapest I've I mean this is bare market pricing right here if you need power extra power supplies I mean this is it um depending if whatever octom miners you have or open air or whatever if you're doing breakout boards I mean this is th this is this is really this is really cheap I don't I don't know how I don't know how much cheaper you could get I mean I don't even think Alibaba is going to be even like HP server PSU uh okay 1,200 watt okay $17 uh 10,200 watt $10 okay all right we're getting there we're we're getting there uh yeah I mean parallel for the price of parallel minor and they're already in United States I mean they're already they're already landed I mean I I I think that's a solid that that's a really that's a really solid deal all right the panda effect raising the price of everything like always hey hey I haven't done Jack all right I'm just showing I'm just showing what's what's on good deal okay okay it better by the time this stream ends this better not be sold out if this is sold out I will be pissed all right if this is sold out by the end of the stream I will be pissed right cuz I need to place my order after this stream actually I need to place my order because of the uh I need to use these for my CPU finding rigs I'm going to go the HP server route with the uh with the um with the uh Pico Pico psus okay all right it's GPU talk time it's GPU talk all right and then I think we're going to end it there uh we've been live streaming for over an hour uh I didn't even go I didn't even talk about as6 I don't think do we need to talk about as6 in this stream ah I didn't even talk about nerd gears nerd gears has a bunch on sale too dude nerd gears has psus on sale ATX uh nerd I guess we're not going okay no A6 then no A6 just gpus all right GPU time GPU time okay uh fructose law is the 2200 CAD for a 1660 TI brand new a good deal no definitely not you can buy a refurbished Zotac 20 RTX 2060 for 135 on uh Zotac store uh the the Zotac refurbished store that's that I would not buy that 1660 ti no I would not buy that 1660 TI dude 1080 TI for 179 I mean I wouldn't buy 1080 TI but that that seems like a I mean that's these gpus were balling back then um 10 1080 no there's 10 2080 for 211 Zotac RTX 2080 amp extreme refurbished 211 and this is this oh it's out of stock anyway never mind is this in stock this is in stock do I like this price I mean in the oh man would I personally pay this amount right now no if this was under $100 I would if I would if I would buy 12 of these for for 100 less than $100 each yes in the bull run this is going to be like a $500 GPU for sure maybe $300 maybe $400 I I would I buy this now no no I I don't know I don't know I I I don't know I don't know yeah just looking at it it looks like it's cheap now it is it's generally cheaper but not that you know if the bull run is imminent if the bull run is coming in the next couple months to next year this will not be $135 GPU it's going to be like $200 $300 GPU Kaiser GT 710 1 gab $20 all right you know what I'm buying 10 of these right now I no I'm buying 12 of them I'm going to make a 12x gt710 1 GB F X1 it's already X1 look at that look at that pcie uh adapter look at look at the slot it's already X1 oh my God that's insane $20 what can you even M with this I mean what coins are less than 1 Gigabyte dag vertcoin hold on hold hold on let's go to the minor uh let's go to minor stat minor stat day big size calculator um okay all right um less than one gigabyte dag uh let's see there's not there's not even one gigabyte they're all 2 gigabyte less uh de sizes here um yeah I I I don't know I doesn't show uh I I don't know what coins you could really mine on I have no idea you can mine anime coin and all the neoc script coins retro mic okay neoc script coin dude I just bought five Kaiser oh my god dude it would be so you know what I may just buy 12 of them for the hell of it and make a mining rig and see if we can actually should I do that do you guys want me to buy 12 and make a a 12 by gt710 1 GB mining rig with this do you want me to do that for fun that's $240 oh what a waste yes yes New Year rig oh my God just for fun okay oh my God GT 710s are you kidding me oh my God that's so brutal do they have any more gpus no that's it in stock dude I'm I'm pretty sure you can't mine anything with these cough you have too many projects that's true that's true I already have too many projects don't do it all right I'm not going to do it read my comment before buying retro mic uh let's see retro mic uh don't do it it's under two gigs can't M [ __ ] DJ M gt710 only works with CC minor I tried benchmarking it in Rainbow minor last night none of the current miners work all right all right no point then no point no point zero point I'm not doing it not doing it um okay next best place to buy gpus is in my opinion is going to be Alibaba okay but make sure again trade Assurance verified suppliers um I've bought a whole bunch of CMP cards off of Alibaba um now okay there's a bunch of CMP 30 30 hxs for $45 these are 16 basically 1660 supers supers not TI but supers he CMP 38 xes they're $45 right now they have no resale value okay uh I don't think this is the 1660 I don't think this is a 30hx is this the 30hx this is a 170 HX the 30 hxs look like look like these little tiny these are like these are like 1660 TI supers okay uh they're mining specific cards $45 you can buy in bulk 45 you buy more than1 then it's $43 each I've seen them as low as $35 okay they're they're at at $1.35 are they profitable right now depends what your power cost is if you have really cheap electric then it's then it's going to be it's going to be okay but a 1660 super at 11 Cent kilow hour you're a little bit profitable 17 cents right now um so so they're okay if you have cheaper power that is um if everything starts appreciating and GP mining becomes you know you're making dollars a day then yeah the CMP cards will start this $35 $40 card will start making you a dollar a day which your Roi or breaking even in like less than a month so if that's the case and the bull run if you have a whole bunch of these and you're Mining and you're making dollar or $2 a day then yeah you're going to you're going to break even on these pretty fast um but it's you're you're you're you're you're it's a big risk to buying these because I it's not really a big risk there's no resale value on the CMP cards really but if you're mining in the bull run or mining for profit then it doesn't matter cuz you're they're they're just they're just printing money they printing money at this point I mean even like the the 8xs are I think $100 right now these are these have a little bit more head room because they have 10 GB of vram um but they're not going to help you with like you know doing any like flux proof or useful work or anything like that oh what the hell is this look at this look at the specs this is this is fake PCI Express 4.0 16x there there's no way that that's that's not true 10 gab that's true bus width is 320 that's true uh this I want to verify 4.0 16x unless they updated the unless they updated the slot itself the the pcie slot I I I I we need to confirm that if this is actually 4.0 16x I don't think so I'm pretty sure the 50 50hx is 1x yeah s Chang 58x is 1x 1.1 yeah I I I agree I agree I agree we have to I want to confirm that I want to confirm that we got to confirm that I have a 50hx I can just I think we can go I think we have to try CPU uh no uh GPU Z in Windows I don't know I don't know how we can confirm that uh yeah I think we have to use GPU OR tech power up uh to see the PC 1.1 yeah pc pc x16 or [Music] whatever um but yeah I mean jeez like what are 307s going for now 370s are going up in price I mean all gpus are going up in price right now because mining has been uh mining has been good 308 what this guy bought an RTX 370 for 149 how's that possible 370 TI 4 390 370 349 yeah yeah Parts yeah 220 Parts only okay yeah never mind 350 275 35 5 375 yeah dude gpus are are going up man this is uh yeah GPS are going up in price smash the like 37 people watching 130 likes let's get let's see 200 likes let's see 200 likes Bros takes you one second who just disliked I just saw someone dislike how dare you I'm going to find you and ban you right now how dare you ah Kaiser you can't find me okay all right um I think that's it I don't know I I we've gone through I think we've gone through a lot I don't know what else to go through um I didn't go through as6 I mean I think as6 deserve it deserves its own stream but as6 pricing is going up as6 uh except the Caspa as6 Caspa as6 have been going down um l7s have kind of been going up Bitcoin miners have been staying the course but kaspa A6 have been going down cuz the kaspa price has been going down um okay I I think that's it I mean there's deals to be had everywhere I think to conclude this live stream I mean we you guys saw uh we saw some pretty insane deal let's see how much let's see how many people bought these who bought all right there 60 of these have been sold since I talked about this on the live stream how dare you guys how how dare you how dare you buy these under my after looking at these how dare you just be careful all right be careful just do do do your research before you turn these on okay for the love of God just before you test anything just make sure okay make make sure your breakout boards are compatible check out your cabling gauge of your c-13 c14 adapters buy thick 14 gauged you know C13 c14 G cables from uh infinite cables uh you know like just just just do diligence okay don't start any fires all that stuff okay I'm going I got to go uh thank you bros thank you guys for the live stream oh gold shell had a tweet just recently last surprise of 2023 guess our next minor cast your vote now you guys think gold shell is going to have a kapow basic minor or k heavy hash I hope I hope to God it's not a cryptonite star coin Miner if it's a star coin Miner I will burn gold shell to the ground if it's a if it's if it's a star coin Miner I will burn we will destroy gold shell to the ground and if it's not a if it's not as efficient if if they do come up with a Caspa K heavy hash as6 if it's not as efficient as any of these you know other A6 here like the ice if it's a08 or if it's 7 efficiency or higher hash per watt I will we will burn we will burn gold shell to the ground it gold shell will not live to see the day kapow yeah a kapow Asic dude that's that's going to be that's going to be I bet you anything it's going to be a star coin Asic I guarantee it it's going to be a star coin as there's no way they would list that and have you know Caspa and then kapow out of nowhere I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of these useless star coin wait we wait starcoin no please please no star please no starcoin for the love of God okay is there anyone streaming after me is there anyone streaming kapal would be awesome I highly doubt it I highly doubt they can make a a kapal Asic highly doubt it highly doubt it okay Caspa one sure that's possible Kryptonite STC they've done it before so that's the most likely that's the most likely one I think okay all right Bros that's it thank you for the live stream again check out my website red pendam for all the coupon codes if you if you guys do decide to buy anything check out my trusted hardware stores all that stuff um all that stuff all right peace out Bros you guys have a great day thank you for the fun that was fun uh stay safe out there do your own research make sure everything is all well and good before you buy anything all right peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out appreciate you all have a great day see you tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music]

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