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all right what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back this is Mr Brandon coin also found John coin right here he helped me pick up I don't know if you can see it behind me but we got a little display case got it for 50 bones it's a little rough uh but it's way cheaper than the ones online cuz they're like anywhere from like 350 to 500 so I think it'll do the trick uh as long as all the glass makes it there we took what glass we could out of it what do you think John what think think we're going to make it there with all the glass as long as we keep it under 50 we'll be all right we have to get on the highway now uh but stay tuned all right we got it in here John John thought it was pretty heavy no it was actually very heavy um we got to still put the glass in it hopefully that made it I didn't hear any crashing sounds but um so far this is the setup John's thinking maybe a little table right there what' you say a cabinet right there maybe I don't know glass cabinet it's already got a TV mount I feel like I need to put I feel like I have to put a TV there now no it's there's already a mount you know but um I guess here's what it looks like as you're walking in got plenty of chairs like take a seat you know boom need to clean it haven't figured out exactly what's what's happening over there but something's happening all right yeah let's roll on more progress oh yeah John's got the glass thanks for the help bringing it in I'm not even don't even worry about setting them in there cuz I got to clean it all off just I leaned the other one up against the wall we pulled these out of like a a 100y old building full of like all kinds of furniture all right so oh you know what would be good is I have and I might be able to put it right here is I have those wire shelving racks take I take that down and put that wire shelving rack cuz it goes up to I think it's like a 8T so it I think it' go all the way way up to the ceiling just for like storing boxes and all kinds of parts and stuff I don't know what I'm going to do with all these chairs here put that out there somewhere where it looks normal this is like I'm going to do your taxes here 100% sit down and let me in the bank waiting yeah who needs their tax return oh let me get this one out here too I don't I don't think we need more rolling to maybe in the back 100% those are Bank tiar sit down let me see what what it's going to look like these are not the chairs for you here no one be sitting be like all right the price of the computer is so so bad I'm going to need you to sit down yeah no do you want one of these let's load them up take it to your house let burn them it's fresh those are nice I'm good dude dumpster outside yeah well for right now keep like one of those or maybe two I think a friend and they want to sit who know I could you know actually I'm going to take one of these home cuz my see my chair in the office at the house is bad yeah we're going to take one of these home the chairs were complimentary with signing the lease so here's your bonus um but yeah that's that's that's it as of right now we get the wide angle on it my bad my bad all right hold on everything's you the white I don't know draw it's like deal of the day nobody comes in nobody sees it be like happy hour I don't know that's what I I talked about in the last video it's like that's a big whiteboard and I know if I take it down like you can tell cuz it's lagged into the wall I'm going to have to like cover up those holes paint the wall I believe it there's something you'd be able to ride on there whether whe whether it's stuff for shipping sales customers something like that who knows I don't know that's true put a TV up there and throw an Xbox in and if I'm only here for a couple months before I move over to the other spot like I it's just less for me to worry about so anyway I think that pretty much concludes this today's episode of progression so thank you John everybody in the comments say thank you John yeah yeah John never watches my videos but it's fine all right later guys all right so now we are down in the the old mining room as you guys can see and I figured I would start going through some other stuff in here that needs to get taken so first things first I have to clean out a tote but I figed I just kind of go through this stuff if you don't like this kind of these kind of videos you can go ahead and skip this one because pretty much all this video is going to be okay so all right now we got an empty tote put that bad boy right there and oh yeah cables so I'm going to set all power cables over here to the side mining stuff all over there to the side little smart plug more power cables more power cables o b okay so I need to make me a pile of fans cuz I'm a big fan guy like case [Music] fans risers brand new set those over there oh velcro always need some velcro I think this is like a net gear range extender ah here we go good stuff power supply cable always need those we'll throw that in there fan speed controller ah here we go this is pretty cool okay so it's USB to um I think it's 1.8 mm it's not 3 and 1 12 mm it's smaller than that but this is a Texas Instruments uh calculator cable with this cable you can put games on a calculator obviously that has absolutely no no need in the shop but might throw her on the old the old clearance shelf can't beat it for a dollar or $2 or something ooh 8 gigb Kit of DDR 3600 MHz brand new sealed definitely put that somewhere more power cables more power cables Intel generic CPU coolers uh Cheo Logitech mouse a lot of the stuff does need to be cleaned up but I figure once I get it there and take it out we can we can always clean her up there oh another power supply cable here we go DVI to display port

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