Laptop Mining Dogecoin 24hr Results

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody is having a swell evening today is going to be a update on seeing how much my computer has made uh mining Dogecoin technically we're not mining Dogecoin we're mining Monero and getting paid out in Dogecoin through unminable this is not sponsored no referral link nothing like that it's just a little bit of data so um the CPU in question is a core i7 10750h laptop CPU it's a 6 core 12 thread nothing special don't have it overclocked nothing like that um just have it propped up so that way it gets a little bit of airflow underneath it I did I have been using my computer and letting it run in the background um so I know that does skew results a little bit but this might give somebody a good representation of letting it run in the background and using your computer what you would actually do or what you would actually earn so to speak so um yeah this isn't me advocating running out and getting unminable but I have enjoyed unminable I've used it in the past and um I've definitely made some money on there it's not going to get you rich well maybe probably not but anyway let me flip this around and show you what we're working with all right so the miner is running here I was watching YouTube and my hash rate drops down to about a thousand or 900 um effective hash rate like average hash rates about a thousand so not a horrible um balance is 1.9 I've been mining for a couple days now and uh you can actually click on your address this is the minor window you can click on your address it'll bring you to here and you can click on stats and you can see that our total balance 1.9 referral balance zero so none of that is referrals uh past 24 hours reward is a little over half of a Dogecoin that's not great um but it does give me an idea of what you're doing so um if you don't know what's going on you can go through here see your stats and then get your your readout now we can't get a payout till we hit 30 Doge so at our current rate of half a doe today that's going to be about 60 days if we go over here to dude price currently one doge is 6.3 cents so that means my computer had mined about 3.15 cents in a day um it probably would have mined a good amount more if I wasn't using it I use it in the morning I use it about midday and then I use it in the evening so I'd say somewhere around about 30 percent of the time I'm I'm using it give or take obviously I don't use it when I'm sleeping and I don't use it while I'm out on job sites but yeah so hopefully you guys like this kind of thing like seeing data I'm gonna visit back to phone farming we've been phone farming now for almost a solid week I've had a lot of issues trying to keep certain phones running um certain phones have no issues but uh yeah that's that's its whole that's a whole other problem in itself so we're gonna let this bad boy keep on mining some unminable but I am going to switch over to using the GPU so we're gonna go back here go back here change it to the graphics card and we're gonna be doing um the T-Rex in V minor we're gonna be mining some kapow in the Doge the doges it's not loading there we go come out so I'll let that bad boy spin up and then here in maybe a few days we'll revisit that and see how mining with the GPU which this has a 1660 uh or a GTX 1660 TI um they used to be significantly more profitable than the CPU but now it's actually not significantly more profitable my how the tides have turned anyway thank you guys for coming out I appreciate y'all I'll see you on the next one adios ladies and gentlemen this race foreign don't have a bunch of things open in the background but all right I'm gonna call it y'all have a good night peace

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