Laptop Mining Monero vs Verus i7 10750h

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to The Branding coin YouTube channel and I made a video yesterday and I was talking about mining various coin on an actual laptop my laptop that's right here uh but then I had a couple comments and they brought up some good points one being that does various coin on a laptop beat out mining Monero so I was like well let's go ahead and fire up little nice hash Miner and throw it on Monero and see what it actually does so let me flip this around and show you guys spoiler alert Monero makes more on a i7 10750h surprisingly all right so the laptop was averaging about five Mega hash we're not taking electricity into account for this we're just looking at the uh the revenue so that's about all right at four cents a day which is not great uh we're definitely burning way more than four cents a day um but then with nice hash on at the moment current profitability is six cents a day so I'd say that that's I mean Sixth Sense is not much but six cents compared to four cents is a fairly substantial jump up um yeah mine in random X Monero at 1.4 kilohash this is not a super strong CPU for Monero uh but it's actually bumping up to seven there for a second so six to seven cents per day um it absolutely buries profitability wise uh various coin now if I wanted to actually like mine Bitcoin or sorry mine Monero I get paid out in Bitcoin on nice hash then go and buy various coin by the time I do all those transactions and movement it'd probably just be easier for me to mine various coin directly but I don't think I'm gonna do that I think I'll just leave the laptop on let her run while I'm not here um and mine a little bit now this laptop does have a GPU in it so um I can actually turn that 1660 TI on but for some reason when I turn that on while I'm using the computer it gets super super glitchy so while I'm using the computer I'm gonna leave that off but mining on the CPU everything else seems to be running like Flawless so um that's probably why it might be a little bit down because I'm using the CPU while I'm mining but uh yeah it's one of those things you don't necessarily think about and I let this this seat there I let this laptop run pretty much 24 7 so um got to keep her keep her to work 70 degrees Celsius she's warm that ain't bad I keep this little oh this phone underneath here because it doesn't get enough airflow without it but yeah that's pretty much it for for how the cookie crumbles on that one um as for other profitable CPU minable coins I'm sure there's more out there uh let me actually pull up and see what raptorium's doing all right so on raptorium it's doing about seven cents a day that's not bad uh it's showing that the CPU power is about 45 Watts so it loses about three to four cents a day um yeah apparently there's something called Zephyr which makes 22 cents a day um actually makes me you know profits about what back on 15 11 cents a day so that's very interesting very very interesting I don't know um anything about Zephyr but it has piqued my interest it is a random X algorithm so yeah as for a nice hash random X it says I should be doing about 22 cents a day that doesn't seem right not doing that much hmm I wonder what that's about anyway guys I'm not gonna hold you up this is just a little short short one keeping the ball rolling um daily videos Monday through Friday um I am gonna get back into building some computers uh just to get inventory and stock up for when the actual uh shop opens up so I have some some budget build stuff parts coming in I have most of it it's mainly just like ssds and and stuff that I need to actually uh get in so that way I can put systems together but anyway if you enjoy that kind of stuff that's coming up next so I'll see you on the flip side lady later later ladies and gentlemen I'm tired all right bye

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