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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and I decided to throw a CPU mining varish coin so previously I just been doing it on cell phones but I was like I got my laptop right here sorry there's somebody driving by super loud um I got my laptop right here let's throw it on and see what it'll do so uh let me turn this around and show you guys reference what we got all right so this is my laptop it's super Dusty I don't actually touch it I have it all plugged into a monitor over here uh it is a i7 10750h not a super high end but it's a pretty decent computer it is a uh what is it six core 12 thread um and I am using the CPU only CC minor for varus hash and I'll put this link Down Below in the description there's a couple other miners if you want to try those but I'm using the boom there it is the CC Miner uh and I've left this up and running and the thing I like about this is it only uses about 50 to 60 percent um of my My overall course it does Spike up there every now and then but I can still use my computer um like I can watch videos it doesn't get glitchy or anything like that uh and it just still mines every now and then we still have a a rejected chair but if we go over to luck pool let's refresh this and the laptop bounces between three to five Mega hash which that's not great but it is something uh the Flip 2 right now it's low under is there anybody see like averages maybe not um but yeah so my combined is 5.3 you'll notice the Note 5 is off I need to dial the cores down on that but yeah so Intel's never been great for CPU mining I do have some AMD computers and I'm going to bring my old uh AMD desktop up here and see how that'll mine so is this efficient no um it's actually uh much more efficient to mine on cell phones than it is on an Intel i7 10750 um but it doesn't get hot and it still lets me use it so I don't know if it's actually pulling much more power from the wall I could be that could be a good test because I leave this computer running and if it's not I mean it is pulling more because normally these cores are not being utilized like that um but going over here changing gears my Note 5 oh let me restart it this thing keeps overheating um I had it down to six cores I guess I'll turn it down to four cores now which is a shame because I don't know how to remove this back cover without ruining the phone because it's like made into it some people are like oh epoxy heat sinks and all that kind of stuff or put some active air over it I think I'm gonna end up I'm putting insulation in here so I need to go ahead and insulate these two walls and I want to put up some pegboard that way I can like put some Mount points and maybe hang the phones up and start blowing air across them because right now they're just kind of laying out and I feel like maybe if they were up and I have a fan blowing on all of them that would help and then I could crank the cores back up uh it doesn't help also that this area is not an air-conditioned space so during the day it gets up to you know around 90 90 Plus degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature in here that that probably does not help anything um so that stinks but coming into the winter time it'll definitely cool off in here and I think we could benefit from a little cooler weather as for the flip see we're mining at three Mega hash right now on six cores and temperatures 34 Celsius so I think it's pretty happy mining on just uh six cores out of the eight until I can figure out a better cooling situation um there we go so right now we're at 3.8 Mega hash on the uh the Intel CPU and I I was kind of trying to think of a way to like document each phone and what Mega hash and I think I I think probably a really good way to do it is I break it down to one core and be like oh this phone on One Core does this but it has eight cores so if you can keep it cool it could potentially do you know this same with you know like the Note 5 and and so on um so I may end up keeping a chart like that and maybe if I can get information from you guys we could all help fill it out and that'd be kind of cool because I I do some research online and people are like oh man I get nine Mega hash on my phone and I'm just like I don't know if I believe that or not you know I mean it's just sometimes people like to inflate their numbers um and it is what it is I'm not gonna say they're lying but seeing is believing so anyway guys I want to thank y'all for coming out and uh just trying to keep up with The Daily Grind uh let me flip this around one more time so I can talk to y'all all right so um I did have a couple people ask about the computer shop and basically uh I was gonna go into that and it doesn't need its own video so I'll just put it at the end of this video um the computer shop is put on hold a temporary hold um I just heard back from some other property management places and they're actually I'm trying to find somewhere closer the location that I originally had was not far it was a really good price had really really good like foot traffic and and car traffic but there was an issue and when the buildings got put up anyway nobody's renting those places the buildings are actually going to have to get taken down so that's unfortunate um I probably I mean if he still gives me the opportunity but I probably want to get something up and running by like this winter time because I work in construction I'm a little construction company and in the wintertime I always get super slow so that'd be a good opportunity for me to expand and maybe try a little computer shop and I did have some other questions people are going to be like or people are asking like what are you going to be offering and um you know odds and ends used parts might do a little bit of buy Here buy sell trade all that kind of stuff you bring something in I might give you some trade value on it if I want it that kind of thing I'm not super nailed down on everything I definitely want to keep selling builds custom builds at beginner builds entry level builds uh want to do some basic repairs if you got an issue you bring it in if it's something that you know I can troubleshoot and diagnose then I'd absolutely you know help some people out with it and make a little bit of money in the meantime not trying to get rich by any means but I really do look forward to taking one of my passions which is computers and Hardware I love computers and Hardware software's always been one of those things like I I you know you got you got to deal with it but um Hands-On physically like putting them together I always love doing that um so being able to take one of those passions and have my own little store or my own little space is just awesome to me I'd love to do some kind of events and get people out and do some giveaways and all that kind of stuff but I know that's just so far off I got to get the basics first but um we'll get there I know we will uh and I'd love to bring you guys along for the ride so not only do we do some mining content and some crypto content on here but I want to basically use this channel also to show the computer shop behind the scenes everything from getting the place up and running assembling everything maybe some day-to-day interactions when people bring computers in be like you know oh we got this computer in it's showing these symptoms and if I'm able to fix it I'm not able to fix it because you guys are a lot of help honestly there's definitely been times I've ran into issues and the comments section has helped me out big time so I don't want to make draw this out any longer than it is but if you guys have any recommendations that kind of thing I'd love to hear them so I think it's a good direction for this YouTube channel to go into not really taking away anything just adding um it enables me to have a lot more genuine content it's nothing I have to like I don't have to beat a dead horse so to speak because I feel like sometimes in crypto we are beating a dead horse but it'll just it'll be genuine I'm super excited about it I can't wait to get a place up and running and get a store I I don't even want it to be like fancy or anything I wanted to be super simple like you walk in there's a couple desks along the walls there's a couple computers set up that are literally you can go try them out they're ready to go or you can buy them if you want to and then maybe like you know a display case have some graphics cards new used um have like a workbench on the back and maybe some TVs on the walls and just something chill maybe you know have some some consoles so we can you know a couch in there hang out play some games uh I kind of really want it to be like a catch-all space and then I'll also be able to do my office work for my Construction Company there because you know I can basically just kill time there um and if I get a place that's close enough to my house I can just run down there spend the day at the office no big deal run back and keep it super low overhead that's that's kind of my goal here because a lot of people are like oh man we got to be careful you know hiring a bunch of employees you got all this overhead you got all this inventory overhead I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of inventory I have a ton of used old mining Hardware inventory I'm obviously going to be very upfront about people uh about like you know this was used um I'm not going to try to sell used stuff for a new I don't want to be scummy like that um but I want to enable people to have a computer shop a local computer shop and it's been a while since we've had one of those like it's been years and years since there's been a a local computer shop that's not just like an office computer place or like a Best Buy or this or that I just want to make a space where people can come in and heck even if they don't have anything they want to buy sell or trade they could just come in bounce some ideas off of me talk hang out look at some stuff and then head out um yeah yeah I'm I'm I'm pumped about it I don't know if you guys can tell but anyway if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it other than that peace I'll see y'all in the next one I'm really uh I'm feeling this I think this is gonna be uh this is gonna be good definitely all right later guys

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