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[Music] [Music] he hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day it is time for me to rearrange my whole shelf here because recently you guys probably saw I just got rid of most of my as6 here I only had like a good four or five here and at my other crypto mining basement as well so with that what I want to do is I want to turn off everything on this shelf and I want to start you know just making it much nicer I have to move my pdus around because I want to start having just straight octom miners with gpus at the top here and uh at the bottom as well and uh maybe no maybe none in the middle uh maybe the small stuff actually I'm thinking about turning off all these little tiny iolo miners these guys right here I think it's time I I just shut them down I think they're still okay in a way but to be honest I'm not very I'm not very excited about these but one of them actually has to stay on cuz I'm still doing that $700 you know breaking even or getting the return on initial investment back uh on one of them I'm I'm keep I'm still keeping track of that so what I'm going to do going to put all these on my offline as6 shelf here man I think this is I I said this is going to be like my giveaway rack I I have a lot of these ASX I think I'm probably going to do giveaways uh in the short term here biggest thing is I am just wanting to get a lot of gpus on and so before I actually get my AMD gpus here you guys just saw recently I got $5,000 worth of AMD gpus here I think in total about 68 gpus and so what I want to do before you know putting those into octom miners is I want to get my Nvidia cards up I got like a2000s 3080s random miscellaneous 20 series cards and I want to get my radon 7 rig on the Shelf here somehow I just want to clean this up right now it's a WRA nest of cables and I'm just want to redo some stuff here make it nicer and uh it'll just make me feel better about having all this set up and so I'm just going to start yeah I I just yeah oh man I got going to get my 3090 rig up and as well as my 3080 rig as well okay so let's begin I need to turn off stuff so let me turn off my octom Miners and I'm going to do that through hio S okay let's do that right right now so I only have four GPU rigs here on 6700 XT 12 radon 7s and 2 370 rigs I'm going to shut these down and shut down and yes okay so those should start shutting down now okay let's see my radi on 7 rig will this shut down safely hopefully no code 43s oh crap I should have stopped The Miner before shutting these down actually I think the temperatures weren't too bad anyway okay these three octom miners turned off 370s and 6700 XT rig all right the radon 7 rig turned off now I got to unplug the E9 and uh I did say this one is not coming with me uh to hosting okay so because I am still keeping track of this this is a $10,000 E9 back in the bll run which I think uh right now I have about $4,000 almost $5,000 worth wait the market did go up so maybe it might be $6,000 now worth that I've mined with this thing so I'll have an update video about that later okay so we got 2 3 4 30 amp 240 volt circuits here and okay let me turn off all these guys these are the little iolo oh it's getting nice and quiet now this is nice turn off this one okay I got a what is this this is a mini Doge turn this guy off okay that's off okay that's it everything is off the only thing that's on is the HP proc curve 24 Port network switch okay all right Bros I am now going to just probably pull apart all the cables and uh then I'll I'll just figure out where I'm going to put stuff so I'll just go along with you guys in stages be right back okay took out all the power cables C13 c14 power cables some network cables and took out all the little I po miners stuck them on the giveaway shelf there and yeah oh man this is looking so much better okay so my networking just you know I got some of these I got nine cat cables going up for the top I think uh I couldn't find one more I needed 10 in order to do 10 octo miners across so I'll find that later then I got a couple of six or seven white one white cables network cables going down okay so realistically I can only fit like six octom miners horizontally here uh so I do have an X12 here two x12s on the bottom which are all 24 a2000s and then I have the massive X12 with six RTX 390s okay so that I'm planning uh you know what I'm probably going to move these two up to here okay and I have to be mindful though of my power consumption so I I do have a lot of Big Boy cards here these are all RTX 3080s I know this one's all 20 series cards and then the A2000 rigs are are pretty much not much power maybe under 500 watts 600 watts each 3 370 rigs I forgot one is broken I got to figure that out and a 6700 XT rig so I think I might move this one down here just because I'm kind of OCD and I just want all you know silver OCT miners on the top row and then the pdus okay so this is where it's going to become tricky for me I in my head I kind of know what the power consumption of each rig is kind of but it really depends on which algorithm I am going to be mining right so I have I got the three 30m 240 volt circuits at the top of your pdus I do have another one down here okay so four in total so I'm thinking that this one here is going to be for the bottom uh rigs again I don't know if it's going to be enough and then yeah I got to distribute the O I got to figure that out so let me move some octom Miners and then we will start plugging them in and seeing what the power consumption is going to be like be right back okay one thing at a time I realized uh what we just talked about is uh what I'm worried about with the pdus and how I'm powering all these rigs uh like I said I got to be mindful because I have to have maybe some extra capacity but what I'm going to do is I'm going to start turning on my a2000s 390s and then my Radeon 7 rig here okay so I want to see if all four of these rigs all right which is our 3 x12s and one minor dude X12 on this 30m circuit the tripl light pdu with two 15 amp Banks so I'm just curious how much power they're going to use so let me just plug all the power in let me plug in all the networking and then I will see how much power that is so give me one second oh man do we have a dead 3090 are you kidding me uh okay wait I don't think this is on radon 7 rig's not on okay A2000 rig's on uh this one's not on press that okay oh this is not on okay I think that's why I I think that's why I think we're okay hold on let me press the power button okay oh I I had a heart attack I thought I thought one of them were dead just kidding I'm trolling all of you I I knew what was happening I can't wait for the comments down below you guys are you guys are probably going to hate me like red panda what what the hell is wrong with you anyways guys okay nwork and power is plugged in oh this one just turned off okay it's turning back on again okay I'm going to see if these four rigs uh I'm not sure what I'm going to mine with them probably DX or something uh I'm going to see how much power that takes on the single 30 let's go see in hi okay yeah all the rigs turned on thank goodness okay so radon 7 rig is just turning on the 3090 rig is here thank God uh but there's no like flight sheet or anything attached and I realized this rig is on an extremely old kernel version of hi so I am going to run a command okay I'm going to run this uh what's it called Hive replace D s-y so I'm just going to run that and that should no let's see if it ran oh no I have to hit that I have to hit Run Okay so this rig should hopefully update to the latest version of hios now do I need to do that to the other two rigs most likely let's see a2000s okay uh the konel oh 515 okay so I think this one's okay this one's okay uh the other one is konel 515 as well okay yeah this one's okay so yeah these are I just fully updated them and uh yeah just the 3090 rig okay I'll be right back we'll see what they're hashing and see what the power is okay they're all good uh the 3090 rig which I did the high replace I actually took out the SSD and just format it that way because it was taking way too long and I didn't know if it was done or not and yeah it was like past like 20 minutes and it was still on the old version so I just reformatted it using bolina etcher anyways besides the point they are now all mining I also rename them so each pdu since I have four pdus they're going to be called a b c d okay after the after the names essentially so that I know that which ones are going to be on that pdu so then I can then distinguish you know realize how much capacity the 80% rule of a 30 amp circuit right so 24 amps so about a good 56 5700 watts and so right now yeah I'm not using that much currently uh mining DX but let's go to the pdu okay so yeah I am just wondering if you know if I shouldn't add any more rigs onto these because look at this so on this side I'm using 10 amps and on the other side here I'm using 6 amps okay the 6 amps in includes the the 3090 rig and an a22 by A2000 R so mining DX on these two rigs is only using about 6 amps but then on my other side here 10 amps this includes the Radeon 7 rig and the 12 a2000s so Radeon 7s because I have 12 versus 63090 uh we are using more power essentially so I think this bank is good and if I decide you know to mine you know some Capal coin or something on the a2000s I'll still have capacity now when it comes to the 3090 rig here these 390s each are only using about what 150 watts 160 Watts mining DX at like 8 to 9 Kash and the a2000s this whole rig is taking about I think 600 watts or so mining DX and so that's about at 45 50 watts per card so if I you know say wanted to mine a different coin at 70 Watts then I take a little bit more right and if I want the 309s up a bit more power as well like 2 you know 50 Watts mining kapow or something I don't think I'll ever do that then I should have the capacity but I I feel like I can add one more rig uh to this Bank you guys let me know down below oh looks that we're down 9 amps now so maybe I'll add another thing but another thing to consider is if once I have more rigs on which you know it it's probably going to heat up and so I wonder if the fans are going to start you know ramp up as uh The octom Miner fans are on auto right now man this looks so cool I miss these 309s man I miss GPU mining I I I it's not like I miss it but I miss doing all this kind of stuff I have probably revamped my crypto mining basement like I don't know I I have lost count how many times you guys can let me know down below if you've been through my whole crypto mining Journey here it's been just just insane just insane but turning them all on okay guys I think that's it that's all I wanted to do in this video I am going to uh just go on here I'll start another video of doing the top end here of getting all these rigs up and uh yeah I'll have three circuits uh for the top for the 10 OCTA miners here that that should be good that'll be for the next video all right Bros I'll see you on the next one let me know your thoughts let me know if this is okay I'll see you all on the next one have a good one peace out out

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