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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel um been out of the office for a couple days uh ended up having to do a little bit of construction stuff yesterday so have a a fair bit of things stacked up so um got another computer build going on um still working on the alien wear got another microscope with a or M micro magnifying glass not microscope um got another magnifying glass with a working hopefully working light this time um got the battery back in for that laptop so cross fingers and hopefully we can get a lot of things knocked out today only issue is my wife was not feeling good this morning so I got a little man with me today anyway he's sleeping right now so I'm going to try to be as quiet as possible so I'll check back in with you here in a minute all right so it's not highte or anything but should be able to see the the pins quite a bit [Music] easier yeah and the light actually works on this one that's that was my biggest thing is I didn't have an actual light on the other one so we're return that one back to Amazon this one was only like 20 bucks so we'll we'll see how it does hopefully I can get this bad boy back in shape but I don't know I guess cue the time lapse of me not fixing it all right so I got it closer but I don't I don't think that's quite going to go um Le reaching the limit of my little I'm using a tiny little Flathead I almost need something just a tad bit sharper to get in between there to to do all the little fine moving uh I'm going to fiddle with it a little bit more see if I can't get it close then maybe try to do a little post test all right so I fiddled with it a little bit more and I got it pretty close um and it booted up and it's actually there's looks like there was um Windows didn't load correctly it was shut down uh so I probably has a password on it see Advanced repair options a lot of people warned me on motherboards that you end up fixing a lot of times the pins around the edges are for the memory so um I'm definitely going to stick a couple sticks in there and make sure all the memory does populate run this computer through a couple benchmarks make sure it's good before I sell it I put it up for sale let's see here um I guess we'll just have to flash a new copy of Windows onto it obviously uh let me grab that we have a mess in here little boy all right I guess these are all SS super speed okay so let's get this bad boy restarted and boot from USB so I'll be back here in a minute all right so I run into this every now and then uh but this 1 tbte drive for some reason the windows uh setup installer is not happy with it I try to do new partitions or formatted or do anything uh and it just errors out so um I'm going to pull this drive out of there and I got some new drives um and going to see if that solves that issue um I I did ask the previous owner what was wrong with it and they said they didn't know what was wrong with it so that's why they took it apart so potentially they took it apart because they had oh sorry buddy what's wrong oh time for a bottle yeah I got to make you a bottle potentially they took this system apart and damaged the socket whenever they took it apart due to a failed Drive lovely maybe I don't know it's all speculation at this point okay well I found a little bit of an issue here um so it's got a 1 TB hard drive in it it's a Toshiba hard drive this does not look original it's not it wasn't screwed in or anything it was just kind of shoved in there um I don't think Alienware shipped with Toshiba drives and then the m.2 that I thought was in there was actually an optane Drive 16 gig Intel optane so so this this system is showing its age a little bit I'm not even going to put the optane drive back in there but I do have uhoh where'd it go I'm losing my mind oh there it is I have a fresh 500 gig these this is the elas Ed loca edio loca I don't know anyway um these have been the flavor of the month for the last I don't know a few weeks on Amazon seem to have pretty decent reviews so we'll pop this bad boy in there see if it breeds some new life into this thing all right so I pulled the alien wear system back over here I threw a little gt1030 in there just to do some um rule out like the graphics card or anything this is a great great uh troubleshooting part but uh I am going to clean out and put the GTX 1070 back in there so this is going to be a 7700 16 gigs of RAM with a 10 1070 solid little setup for somebody and then I'm going to put it all back together run updates and then just um I don't know test it out see if we can't run some cin a bench and that kind of thing make sure we don't have any issues just to show you guys I don't be airing the old nasty nasty Dusty stuff inside because that's nasty definitely just blew the straw off of it look at that we're already a million times [Applause] better looks pretty good let's go back so she's been running good for uh I don't know it's coming on like 30 minutes now uh we've been running updates and then restarting it and then running updates again so uh going to let those all get installed let's bring up the old oh there's another restart let's do control shift Escape more details performance I like Vie and I like change graph to logical so there's that i77700 looking Stout the GeForce 1070 16 gigs of RAM we got our SSD in there it's got a little internal Wi-Fi card so that's always always pretty cool but going to go ahead and restart that again and um yeah once that's all done we'll do a cinch test on it um and we should be ready to go uh I don't really know anything else to check for um all the Rams populating everything seems to be running fine I obviously stand behind it if somebody buys this and it doesn't end up working uh but yeah that's that's that's a win in my book I'm I'm really happy with it this thing's it's not bad for its age a little Snappy look at that quick quick fast in a hurry she'll be ready to be put up for sale here in no time um had a gentleman coming in this was that budget system and I put it online for like 200 200 and something bucks or whatever and I I knocked it down knocked it down it's a beat up case but it's a an older I5 I think it's a 6400 um 8 gigs of ddr4 and a 1066 gig and I've gotten so many messages on this and not a single person has actually come down to look at it in person and I'm like you can plug it in you can try it out and everybody's just like I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming and I never have seen a single soul walk in here about this so I don't know that one might end up sitting there or it might get reased I'm not sure might might swap out the GPU and go up a little higher in my opinion I think a 1066 gig is a good pairing with that older I5 but oh well you never know anyway um I got another build about to start so that'll probably be on tomorrow's video and um this video is is about done let me let me open up updates again updates boom there we go oh you're up to date Ain't No Way optional quality update available when Windows 10 version view optional updates H I don't know what that is okay I think we're good to go but um yeah so anyway uh thank you'all for coming out I appreciate y'all y'all uh watching all the videos and stuff I do think I'm going to end up uh cuz somebody asked on I don't know if it was the last video or the video before that but they were like where's the plaque going to be for all the people that bought um the launch shirts or the founder shirts and I think I'm going to put it either like right here um or maybe right there I don't know the door will end up blocking it right there yeah I guess I'll just probably probably put it right here so um yeah everybody that ended up buying like a launch shirt which is a big thank you I really appreciate it the link is still down below um those are only going to be available until we officially open and have our fulltime hour cuz right now um I can't be dedicated here fulltime I still have some some work contracts on the construction side of things uh so I'm just being able to be here when I'm available uh by appointment only but yeah so really appreciate you guys I'm oh it's it's it's working out it's it's going good so yeah May May um oh yeah but if uh if you have any questions comments concerns any of that kind of stuff Fire Down Below I'm getting tired I'm I'm I'm going to call it later guys

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