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[Music] a [Music] 3 [Music] aah [Music] [Applause] [Music] we [Music] good morning good afternoon sorry I'm late Bros Mary Christmas happy holidays to everybody Welcome to the live stream so I have a giveaway I want to do for you guys today specifically in this live stream for those that are in this live stream right now look we're got 178 people here a good one out of 178 chance to win a GPU we're giving away a GPU can you guys Guess What GPU it is can you guys Guess What GPU it is let's see uh 40 4090 yeah right R 580 Max Max voltage retro mic 750 Ti Seb what's up man D miners uh nobody I don't nobody has guessed it right yet nobody has guessed the GPU uh yeah nobody has guessed it yet I'm very surprised you know what uh let me put up the uh let me put up the chat on my screen let see better uh here we go all right uh okay [Music] um nobody nobody nobody has guessed it yet uh let me hold on reading the chat uh yeah nobody nobody has guessed it yet let's see let's see no still still nobody has guessed it yet there you go all right I see all right I see it all right someone finally guessed it all right lukewarm IQ 2080 TI live chat sorry I'm on live chat now all right we are giving away today in this live stream this beautiful rad uh radon 7 uh 2080 this one Asus strick 2080 TI beautiful the beautiful beautiful ASO stricks 2080 TI this is really not the EVGA I have an EVGA one but I want I want I'm going to give away the Asus stricks 2080 TI really nice one it's a Sam I think it's the Samsung memory one I don't remember I don't remember if the EVGA one was Samsung or Micron or the Asus stricks was Samsung or M Ron one of those one of those it the AC of STS is a baller 2080 ti so okay um so we need a video to comment on Who video can I comment on retro mic damn it I guess I'll have to go buy a 7 gt710 retro mic gt710 oh my God and oh my God Dave Hall thank you for becoming a member on the channel thank you Dave Hall Merry Christmas to you bro Merry Christmas all right we need a video we can spam we need a video we can uh we can also sub to we need to subscribe uh who who do you want who who should we matad electron matad electron all right let's go find matad electron uh let me do it off on this other screen here Med elect Ron engineering M electron uh all these videos have over a thousand views I need a video with no views and no comments we need a video we need a video with with with no [Music] comments geek of all trades okay peek of all trads overboard tech let's let's see let's see uh let's see geek of all trades has views okay let's go to overo tech overb tech uh all right another one of my all right this one this one only this one has 16 comments though this one has a lot of comments all right fine this one copy uh this V this video right here this video okay so we are going to we are going to um okay so I'm going to pin it comment on this video something uh no anything positive about crypto mining this year and if you are in USA Canada EU I'll put EU here for God's sake I'll finally finally do an EU giveaway for God's sake it'll cost $200 to ship but I I'll do it I'll do it Jesus Christ all you bastards you guys better terrible just just terrible just freaking Asia too definitely not Asia it will definitely get lost NOP even EU I'm I'm like very hesitant to ship to EU cuz it'll get lost as well ah this GPU okay EU UK yeah UK yeah there you go UK is not part of EU yeah I know all right that's it you need to have two things written anything positive about crypto mining this year and if you're in USA Canada or EU uh UK all right let me pin this it's for the Asus stricks 2080 TI I got more live streams coming up we're going to do more giveaways guys it's not over it's not it's not it's this is not the the only giveaway we're doing all right okay all right Bros uh so get that comment in let let me make sure comments are going in overbo Tech where's uh overbo Tech overboard Tech you have any blocked comments I don't think so Tyron to the Moon Canada okay all right that's positive I guess anything positive about crypto mining all right the comments are rolling in okay uh not in the live stream don't get your comment in the live stream you have to get your comment in that video okay it's pinned at the top of the chat you have to go to overboard text video make sure you subscribe to him okay make sure you subscribe uh you you need to have Canada EU UK or uh USA in the comment you cannot you cannot just have the positive comment you also need to have USA Canada EU UK okay you need to have it all you need to have you need to have it whatever I said in the pin comment if you don't have it if you don't have the USA Canada EU UK you will you will be dis uh disqualified you will be disqualified all right so how about that meow coin one three 3 three 1 billion 123 milon 264,000 267 per up year to date what what what is what is going on what is going on here meow coin has reached 3K uh is that broken yeah yes it's broken the meow coin the meow coin uh thing is broken here yes you know what screw forget coin market cap forget coin Market I'm going to start a new one we're going to we're going to use coin gecko coin gecko is way better um uh portfolio uh all portfolios so how do I how do I create a new how do I create like a a new one uh oh this is for my 6600 XT uh uh rigs okay um we're going to have to okay create [Music] portfolio uh all rfpn proof of work watch list great where is that oh here add new coin okay you guys are going to help me we're going to add we're going to add all the coins because because what coin market cap sucks doesn't have all the you know it doesn't have like Carlson doesn't have pyron doesn't have uh all right nice nice nice pant yeah okay there we go all right perfect has the 24hour 7day can I can I customize can you can you change like year to date Casa yeah Casa uh Chum change Merry Christmas oh uh Ben Hava thank you for the sub good sir welcome to the red panda mining Channel thank you good sir uh Chum change Merry Christmas but you should beend spending time with your family not YouTube damn it my family is still asleep it's already past 9: and they're still [Music] asleep Chum change you shouldn't be here in this live stream you should be spending time with your family Yankee thank you for the 33 months Merry Christmas to all the freedom loving Brothers make 2024 free again America oh Yankee dude you've been a member for 33 months that's insane thank you man Merry Christmas to you and your family too bro hope all hope all things are well retro Mike thank you for the $10 sub to overboard Tech or I will find you and and you will regret it I love it retro mic thank you thank you bro uh how many comments do we have on that video now this is for the 2080 TI oh we got 162 very nice very nice awesome Bros all right awesome awesome all right let's just keep okay can you guys can you guys uh name me some coins to add on here like I'm just I'm just going to add like everything as as much as I can like uh I I'm just all the GPU minable like strictly GPU well I guess I'm going to put Asic in here as well CIA coin um XNA oh yeah I forgot XNA narai yeah Okay add uh Chlor yeah I got to add Chlor in there a lithium yeah got to let lithium thank you what else what else flux yeah I got to add flux in there oh conlux yeah uh FL FX FL FX uh radiant yes radiant um raid you you are temporarily limited oh my God are you kidding me it has blocked me oh my God I can't okay oh that sucks with cor market cap it lets me it lets me add them like super fast but Corin market cap doesn't have Carlson uh mahyan see I can't even add these types of coins uh f it all right well we'll do that later sebs change VPN server I it's mine's all router V I need to change it on my router I can't I can't change it on the Fly I can't change my IP on the Fly here I have to do it I have to do it on the router uh um uh ritwick what do you think about flux is it worth holding yeah of course of course flux is worth holding hey what what about that Caden wow Caden's been uh CAD has been going up 100% over the past 7 days you know what's funny you know what's funny my iink bmk 3 is now profitable for mining Caden you know that's actually uh M the I actually turned it on yesterday look at that at my 8 cent at my 8 cents the IB link bmk 3 is now making $4.3 a day when it used to be like negative like a dollar now that it's now that it's up IB link is my IB link is making $4 dude the ka3 is is a monster now dude if people bought these for $3,500 over the past year these are probably a good buy cuz now profitability profit profit is coming back yeah I I held 100% of my KDA nice is Carlson worth mining still well in terms of if you're caring about profit I no I don't think Carlson is is good for mining uh car is was a was a really quick Fork uh but it looks like it's still decent but I think pyron is a little bit better if you're doing if you're doing it for profit do I do you believe in Carlson do I believe in Carlson I I've learned not to discredit any project anymore cuz you just don't know you have you just don't know if it's going to [Music] moon like Helia mobile for instance freaking 3600% in the past 60 days that's crazy Hive mapper dude helium dude all these like I guess all salana salana salana coins salana pump so I guess that's why all these other coins pumped um crypto is Ever Changing for real man you know what's funny it's like because everything is going up everything's going up now profit for like all Asic miners are going up like E9 apparently are doing $5 a day now bitmain hs3 $5 W's miners X5 oh bitmain X5 is not that it's still around the same um but like older like the S7 is still doing is doing good like older Bitcoin miners like if you were to buy like the older s19 like for like a couple hundred or less over the past year if you could get your hands on them dude they're they're probably going to be worth more coming up if Bitcoin keeps going up that is if you know crypto in general if crypto in general keeps going up Joker Miner thank you for the $5 Merry Christmas red panda mining red red panda mining Panda mining Joker Miner thanks bro thanks bro Joker Miner uh you don't like Asic miners under 3 ,000 watts do you met electron the only ones I like are the Jazz miners my S9 are profitable on all Shaw 256 coins now yeah definitely all right uh let's see what let's see overboard tech let's see overbo attch how many comments we have here anyone just tuning in we are giving away an uh an RT uh RTX is it an RTX an Asus stricks uh 2080 TI this one right here Asus stricks 2080 TI all right get your comments in it's in the pin comment in uh you got to click on the video in the pin comment go to overboard text video and uh we're going to draw that winner we're going to draw the winner for this one in very soon very soon let me go to comment picker there it is and we are going to go here copy this copy this go to here 11 get YouTube comments I should filter duplicate users 11 162 unique comments oh my God the be dude bees Crypt mining bro bees Crypt Merry Christmas red Pena may your begs Moon this year thank you crypto bees crypto bro appreciate you man oh thank you so much Merry Christmas to you as well man to you and your family ah you know what hold on bees Crypt bees Crypt mining cannot be reached uh be crypto mining did your website go hold on let me see what's your website uh all right I got your website free ad there you go there's your $50 advertising anyone looking for crypto mining Hardware go to bees Crypt mining doca did I say.

It's doca dude you got a lot dude you have a lot in stock bro bro you got a lot of motherboards in stock oh dude oh you have these [Music] oh I might need these I might buy some of these I actually I may need the 300 watt variant though I don't I don't know what my 5900 X or 3900 X's do excuse me H Yankee enjoy the day of the fam even the ones you don't like much love brother Yankee you too man you too man you too merry Christmas bro crypti I don't want to win this contest so I can win your 300K sub giveaway that way I can be the 3K and 300K giveaway winner a kryp bro man you've been around since the very beginning man dude 300K Subs dude if that comes next year we'll do a massive giveaway it's going to be like an ice River ks3 [Music] giveaway um bees bees one sec I'll get I'll get you a better I'll get you a better coupon there a coupon what's the coupon to buy something on your store hell yeah code RPM for 99% off 99% Tito hello Tito thank you for the crypto family and our reunion every year gets better and better crypto to Tito oh that's awesome uh be crypto mining RPM xmus for 25% off everything for the next 5 days dude 25% okay well there you guys go if you guys are looking for crypto mining Hardware go check it out bees cryptomining doca use code RPM xmus for 25% off bro bro that's that's a lot dude you actually dude you have these CPUs for $60 Canadian this is like 45 us bro this is a this is a good [Music] one dude RPM xmiss dude 70 $70 off $69.99 off nice nice nice nice uh the be be is crypto mining clearing out stock to line up new goodies for 2024 nice nice that's awesome that's awesome well there you guys go go ahead if you guys are interested in any type of uh GPU mining uh Hardware uh go check it out these crypto mining ssds you got Ram dude you got everything you got Captain tape dude you got dude you got everything here Ah that's awesome that's awesome retro mic buy out the store I dare you okay I'll just add everything to cart and buy it all uh be crypto mining thanks so much man thanks so much thanks so much Merry Christmas bro Merry Christmas man how much would it cost to buy out the whole store uh so funny dude Bitcoin is 43,600 did anyone believe that that Bitcoin would be up this much at the end of the year did did anyone did anyone really believe that Bitcoin would be up this year I honestly thought that we would still be in this low time but like here we are Bitcoin has has done it bitcoin's done it I'm still waiting for that next leg up um Chris Freeman right pen Min I really respect the way the community T takes care of each other Chris Freeman dude the crypto money Community is amazing and man over maybe to reflect a little bit here over the past year I have to say you know it's it's been wild man it it's this this past year this bare Market it honestly it didn't really feel it didn't feel like a bare Market at all to be honest like it felt it felt like you know it felt like um that nothing really changed except massive profitability for a lot of these uh a lot of coins have have really really got a lot of people out of the mining game over the past year but it it's it's been it's been great a lot of people still still stuck around I mean compared to 2018 to 2020 bare Market a lot of people still stuck around and uh yeah people were still in but I would say a good like according to my like analytics and stuff like on YouTube like 80% 80% of people did leave like 80% of people uh got out of crypto mining because simply because it just they weren't making money right and uh zap pirate thank you for the donation who banned me here my messages don't show up uh zap pirate hide user on this channel uh you are not hidden so add as moderator all right there there Z pirate I added you as moderator how about that I don't think zap pirate is banned but zap pirate thank you for the donation zap pirate test test there I see you now I see you now I see you so you typed something before but didn't show up now working thank you okay wait hold on let me take you let me remove you as a moderator all right all right type now Z pirate type now it's a pirate type something crypto shaped I see you now working thank you is a pirate are you typing banned again I definitely did not ban Z pirate uh anyone just tuning in check the pin comment we are giving away a 2080 TI we're going to choose the winner in about in about five minutes five more minutes Bros five more minutes all right zap pirate are you banned again zy Z pirate you're banned again aren't you oh I don't know what happened bro I add as moderator all right I I made you I made you moderator again he how to enter the giveaway uh check the uh pin comment you click on that video over portex video and you comment on there anything positive and if you're in USA Canada or EU make sure you have that you got to make sure you have if you're which country you're in already 278 comments nice if you don't have USA Canada or EU in your comment you are disqualified I repeat if you do not have us a Canada EU or UK in your comment you are disqualified and you need to have a positive comment about crypto mining okay you need to have those two things if you don't follow the rules you are disqualified anyways guys I I mean like all we've worked up all we've worked for for the past year and like the past year and a couple months I mean it's it's it's it's been nuts I would say one of the biggest things that have come out this year would be like maybe like the Caspa Asic Miners and uh like I guess like positive things to take away from this this past year I'd say is like a lot of coins have come out and have become like the next wave of you know crypto mining like the casa as6 were such such a huge was such a huge thing over the past I'd say eight months they came out in like April right and then June August and Casper mining was extremely extremely money-making profit type of Mining and a lot of people got into it um it looks like the you know Asic mining for a Caspa is going down now a little bit but because Caspa price has gone down but if the bull Run's coming out here if if things are still going up kaspa's probably going to go up along with the market as well but along with that not not just Asic mining but GPU mining gpus have now you know it's great that there's been so many different types of uh other proof of War coins that have come out like narai CLA um Nexa lithium was around pre uh lhr days lithium has been around for a while so that was like before the ethereum merg so lithium's been around um so lithium's been holding up um look like conceal is showing up here satox coins new this year Pepe Pal's new uh chanet and Zeno I don't know these two uh iron fish has come out out of the Woodworks Game Pass uh cortex has already been around for a while novo's new friend coin's new conlux radiant conlux has been around for a while radiant is new uh for the past year uh meow coin is new Ergo has been around for a bit furo is around nio naoa is another prominent coin that's I'd say really I I I think neoa if you were mining neoa over the past year and a half you probably outperformed a lot of other coins I think I I prove that with one of my 6600 XT rigs uh ravencoin hasn't has ravencoin hasn't had its its day yet it's coming though I I I not Financial advice but I feel like the ravencoin train is is is just beginning it's it's all right where's ravencoin ravencoin has not mooned yet I'm just waiting for it I'm just I'm waiting for it I'm waiting for it we'll see we'll see if that comes about but there's been a lot of different proof of work GP minable coins that's helped spread out the hash rate and also spread out the profitability per se uh spread out all the hardware right there's like not enough Hardware that has turned on yet to really capture all this you know profit making granted it it it is getting it is getting a little bit more difficult now like depending on your electrical cost you are making over a dollar or so a day on a GPU depending what that GPU is CMP 98 checks A1 10 at 8 cents though so depending on your electric I mean you could be making a dollar a day I mean we're not even in the we're not even in the fullon like bull run yet and when that time comes man you'll be seeing like your 3080 your RTX 380 is going to make like like $10 a day we're going to see we're going to see like a bunch of random like proof of work coins just like Moon out of nowhere and you're going to see watch I guarantee you at one point we're going to see ravencoin at the top of this list you you can clip you can clip me right here you can clip it we're going to see ravencoin at the top of this list I guarantee it at one point in time and the and the buun comes about not Financial advice but I I we're going to see we're going to see ravencoin at the top of this list at one point I guarantee it ravencoin pumps 10x 20x it's it's you're you're going to see it you're going to see it you're going to see at the top of this list just just you wait and when that happens hash rate's going to come off a lot of coins and then it's going to like everything will slowly you know there's that equilibrium right everything's just going to start shifting over and profit is going to be great on like a bunch of different coins and you're just going to be like I'm glad I kept all my gpus I'm glad I kept everything and you're just mining mining away Merry Christmas everyone AK you too bro uh rude puts thank you for the donation merry xas right Panda mining Raven to the Moon you too bro you too Merry Christmas DJ mines what's up bro KDA baby yeah CAD is going up I just turned on my Ivy link yesterday it's making $4 a day now uh my IB bmk1 is bmk 3 is making 415 a day now K3 is 18 now it's nuts man everything's everything's going up when is the uh when is the gold shell KD Box 2 going to start look KD Box 2 is breaking even for me right now point2 but if kadana keeps going up you're going to see these Katy box twos you know what no hold on gold shell gold mini D HS KD Bo too it's on sale $188 dude if kadana keeps go dude if Kad keeps going up this $188 KD Box 2 is going to be profitable like even if a can goes up like another another like 10 20 cents it it the KD Box 2 is going to be profitable I think we showed this like like we showed this thing like a month ago like this thing is 30% off right now 180 like dude if this if if if this becomes dude like I think I said I was going to buy Six just for the hell of it but I didn't buy any handling time 14 14 working days I'm not telling you to go buy this but I'm just saying if kadana if you believe that can is going to keep going up then these things are going to be up these things will be profitable at mining again like I remember when these were like 3,000 or $6,000 these these KY box twos were like six grand at one point now they're $188 can you believe that can you believe that dude I'm just add the cart please select options ethernet mode dual mode I just need ethernet oh dual mode okay 1,028 for six of them oh man that's so oh man that's just yeah that's just so cheap all right I think it's time to choose the winner I think I it's time to choose a winner Ros for the RTX 2080 TI my beautiful Asus stxs 2080 not the EVGA it's the Asus stxs 2080 TI this is a beautiful beautiful GPU and we're going to give it away let's do it now you guys ready you guys ready you want to give it away now let me get the YouTube comments let's see how many comments of uh let's see how many comments we have here 363 yeah if you don't have a positive comment and your country you're from you are banned you're are disqualified I'm I'm telling you final disclaimer if you do not have a positive comment along with the USA Canada or EU or UK your your comment is disqualified all right I got to put my foot I'm putting my foot down I'm putting my foot down if you do not have both of those requirements you will I will be choosing another winner all right if you're not if you do not have those requirements you will be disqualified okay okay mining King I just got my comment in King nice King let's see uh King I don't see your comment maybe it takes a bit oh gek of all trades positive G of all trades oh there's mining King all right there there it is all right King has a POS has a decently positive comment and then USA all right perfect okay let's do it let's do it let's do it let's get let's do this guys you guys ready you guys ready Merry this is uh Merry Christmas to you guys I appreciate everyone thank you for the amazing year uh seriously this past year has been quite awesome uh my oh man oh it's been such a crazy ride over the past couple years uh it's not just this past year but really over the past four years of doing this YouTube channel you guys have changed my life and uh for the better and I I love doing this stuff I love crypto mining I I've never unwavered from you know crypto mining or anything i' I've tried to to do a video every single day I've been pretty bad over the past couple months because I've [Music] been traveling and I'm sick over this past month I haven't been able to make a video every day but uh I really appreciate the whole crypto mining Community I appreciate everyone who has uh watched my videos all you guys all that all the subscribers um all my Discord Channel my Discord Channel I really appreciate everyone there um it's been it's been amazing really all you guys that have supported me supported the channel uh just supported the whole crypto mining Community as a whole I really it's this is something where Community is number one if we didn't have it we would it we would we would be nothing and I I would be nothing without you guys so I really really appreciate everyone who has been uh here and those that are still here to this day it's because of you guys guys I'm I'm I'm serious it's because of you guys really really really really happy with uh what's what has turned out to be uh just an incredible year over the past just the past four years it's just been incredible King what are you doing mining King stop it uh Carl M thank you for the 44 months bro thank you panda love the journey with you Carl M you are an OG Carl M you are an OG on the channel bro thank you so much man Carl m i remember did you win my 2K subscriber giveaway Carl M I'm trying to remember you won my like was it 2K or 1K I don't remember I'm trying to remember mining King what the hell man thank you for the 100 BR King what are you doing King Merry Christmas Panda King God damn it Merry Christmas to you too mining King King I got to ship you that Z5 still I got to ship you that Z5 that that's coming okay just just you wait give me give me a give me give me a couple more days shipping right now that probably sucks but I'll ship that to you soon okay man I'll ship that to you really soon uh Carl M I think so man so long ago yeah Carl M you won my 2k subscriber giveaway dude just insane just insane just just crazy okay all right guys let's do the let's do the uh let's do the giveaway let's do a 2080 TI my dude Merry Christmas automatic beats Merry Christmas to you too bro all right here we go getting the YouTube comments 277 unique comments and uh looks like we got some duplicator people here but uh let me do let me get the comments again 277 all right are you guys ready can we please get 22s in the chat dragon's released thank you for everything that you do I was wanting to know if I knew a way to reset the info on my Polo machines I forgot the password uh dragon release you have to hold I think you have to get a pin hold the button for 10 seconds there should be a reset button hold it for 10 10 or more seconds can we get DJ mines 22s in the chat let's go all right oh let me get the let me get the YouTube comments one more time get the comments all right 278 all right here we go all right we know we need more upbeat music hold on let me get more upbeat music here all right uh all right all right let's let's do it let's do it all right let's do it you guys ready you guys [Music] ready 22s in the chat DJ mind style there you go DJ there he is let's go hey [Music] yeah three two for the 2080 TI Asus stricks who's going to [Music] win here we go ah who's going to oh my God I'm so anxious right now who's going to win who's going to win smash the like come on smash the like oh my God oh my God who's going to win I just got an ad what okay I better wait [Music] then here we go 3 2 [Music] 1 epic Gamers 0123 epic gamers are you here I I got to mention you got to be here in in order to win as well is there an epic gamer 0123 rigged rigged rigged epic gamer are you here decentralizing decentralization is the way USA uh he's got a comment in the chat before we uh hold let me see if this guy's real uh more about this channel joined March 20th 20 2021 all right epic gamer 0123 are you here I he has not commented yet fake account rigged well it's it's a couple years old so I don't think it's I don't think it's fake DJ mines I'm here thanks DJ mines uh if okay yeah if if you don't respond in I'll give you another I'll give you another 20 seconds if you don't respond I'll choose another winner but all right we need a timer where's the [Music] timer all [Music] right I'll go I'll go to 30 seconds epic gamer you going a comment in the live chat I don't see [Music] you all right he's not here he's not here yeah that's a yeah that's a bot yeah that's a bot account all right okay there we go f we're going to choose another winner we're going to get the YouTube comments he sorry epic gamer I'm sorry I'm sorry if you were here or not but you didn't comment so not here all right 282 unique comments All Right Next giveaway let's do it let's do it here we go you guys ready rigged rigged rigged 22s all right here we go three two one okay chat is going way too fast okay I'm going to and Dan jordet 23 40 Bitcoin coin to 48k before the year end USA prepare yourself for this epic Bing is Dan jordet 2340 are you here we're going to need slow mode soon yeah retro Mike I just I just I was just about to enable slow mode actually cuz I can't read it that fast Dan Jordan 2340 are you here epic gamer in chat now too slow too slow I'm sorry too slow you're probably logging into your second account nope I'm sorry uh Dan jordet are you here yeah Dan jordet is here yeah Dan jordet congrats buddy I see him I see him yeah Dan jordet congrats man you have won Dancing Lumberjack oh you got a video on here February 7 7 dude 2013 your YouTube account is so old yeah you're real for sure all right congrats congrats Dan jordet congrats bro you have won you have won the 2080 TI looks like you're in the USA too congrats bro email me contact redpanda all right contact redpanda uh screenshot of you logged into your YouTube account and your shipping address and I need your phone number as well all right bro congrats man congrats congrats congrats man that's not the same account red Pand what is it not are you Dan jordet are you sure where is this guy D Jord hold on where where where he just commented what there's no way you can Reen rename yourself that fast and YouTube would change it that fast there's no way Dan jordet isn't Dan jordet 2340 uh yes it is look his name is right here no the at is a different name at is different than your channel name on YouTube look Dan jordet is different from his that's real that that is real that that that is we just looked at that it's real it's real bro it's real watch the short all right sure dandroid at is this you that's you isn't it I bet it definitely is you Dan Jette is this you oh my God so good dude disqualified because of the de H awesome IO oh the timer's over uh uh uh where's the timer there we go all right um Dan jordet just email me contact redpen bro congrats congrats congrats I'll get that shipped out to you like next week after the shipping is all evened out and like not backed up UPS I have like I have like like six packages backed up stuck at the UPS warehouse It's so dumb so much so much is uh backed up it's crazy I hope my stuff is not lost all right congrats congrats D Jette D Jette congrats bro okay guys that's it that's it thank you oh man that was fun thank you for the live stream guys we're going to have another one another giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned uh stay tuned for that for tomorrow thank you guys uh what a crazy live stream appreciate everyone King you're crazy man I appreciate you I'll get that uh Z5 to you very soon when Ultrasonic Cleaner giveaway with Windex oh uh is Max voltage streaming Max voltage Max voltage are you streaming where's Max yes he is we are going going to redirect to Mr uh Mr Max voltage oh let me get that set up let me get that let me get that set up here um I really appreciate everybody hope everyone has will have a great Christmas today rest of your day happy holidays to all of you really appreciate it really appreciate everyone DJ mines thanks bro Siberia up 45% really oh DJ did we find any nice hash nice hash easy mining block probably not probably not I spent $250 on that stupid thing ah all right Merry Christmas guys Raid Max voltage I will see you all over there I appreciate all of you I hope you all have a great Christmas I'll see you guys in another live stream tomorrow we'll do another giveaway tomorrow's live stream same time same time tomorrow peace peace out Bros peace out peace out geek of all trades exactly exactly uh peace out Bros I appreciate it appreciate it see you guys bye bye bye bye bye

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