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all right so we are back back in the shop today not we are still officially not open to the public um I posted this computer up yesterday and had a bunch of people commenting on it like oh can I come by can I come by and I'm like yeah just let me know uh because I don't have like any structured hours yet um but I got some other stuff in and I need to get my laptop up and running I couldn't find the the charger for it so I had to get me another little power brick uh that came in from Amazon need to go ahead and clean up there we go got the [Music] phone so I think this is it uh yeah laptop charger uh I found an 8 gig kit of RAM and I believe this DDR3 will work in here so I don't remember if I had taken the ram out of here and I bought this kit to go in there I I don't remember cuz there's just been so many things but I do need to clean it off too cuz it's super dirty um also found some of these little hard drives but um yeah so for the time being I'll use this computer as like my little leave at the office computer um that way if I need to do something I have something already set up but uh I did bring in another build today this is the one that I was supposed to do for a friend of mine but he ended up backing out and he wants to hold off due to money reasons so it's that CM Scout which is you know old Cooler Master Scout um this motherboard in CPU is a this one's the ryzen uh this is a ryzen 7 3800x uh little stock cooler but got to clean all that stuff up my get that one thrown up together not sure but yeah one one thing at a time let's get this let's get this laptop plugged in all right so it looks like I have Hive on here and I'm not exactly sure why um so let me pop the the back cover off of this this deal and see what is going on but um yeah we definitely you know what let's just go ahead and the windows on it all right so it has an AMD A8 6410 not a great CPU but it it can it can manage for like downloading and and that kind of thing 120 gig SSD 4 gigs of RAM yeah I think I bought this kit to go in here um but I don't know we'll see if we need it might not need it just for doing some basic stuff um now we need to go to this is Toshiba setup utility where's old boot boot at change boot order there we go let's do yeah USB okay um that'll work so Escape we did not need to save the changes because we didn't change anything it was already set to USB as the uh the first boot device just FYI [Music] get my phone call don't know who that is is a very slow boot up I'll give it a second and we'll be right back there we go so yeah I don't need to show you guys how to do this cuz if anybody's ever installed Windows you you know it's just boom boom boom get all through that I'm going to get that flashed while this bad boy is doing its thing I it's it's so slow I don't know I thought I was going to be able to use it I might not um but I'm going to go ahead and start pulling this stuff apart and cleaning it I have a gentleman that's coming in to look at this bad boy so just waiting on him to get here and what else did I have oh yeah I got me a little camera um use a lot of these like at my house and that kind of thing uh use them for like the kids and stuff but I figured plopping one of these in here um might be able to use it to get a little bit of content especially when people come in and I don't have like the camera rolling if I just ask them then boom we got camera apparently this is like a 2K resolution I'm not sure if the the footage will be usable or at least you know just good for security purposes uh because it does cloud and then it also can back up to SSD um got got a couple little ssds there oh yeah some little those are braces for building like some shelving fun fun lots of stuff so let's get to it all right so I got this one thrown together this is an older style case that doesn't have a basement and these cables are not long enough to run behind and then up and through cuz this is a just a fairly budget power supply but it does have this RX 6600 XT and then that ryzen 7 3800x went ahead and put two sticks uh 8 GB a piece so it's got 16 gigs of d R4 I believe it's 3200 MHz but I'll have to double check looks like this is a light up fan and that's a lightup fan and that's pretty much it so this case doesn't have any other fanciness um I think I went with a 500 gig SSD on this one I'm not exactly sure but we'll see once we get it fired up um yeah let's go ahead and put the uh side panel on also I thought it was cool on these it actually says cooler F instead of like the CM branding this is when they were right when they were switching all that over all right so I was thinking about it and I definitely want to put a little desk right there so went by Walmart got one of those Cheapo little desks about to break it down and build it and I think that's that might be a good spot where like somebody wants to come by and test out and try out this computer today so I can go ahead plop it down there have a monitor up above or even like right there and just a little keyboard mouse so somebody can come give it a little test drive if they're happy with it then boom it can wham bam on out the door so um that's the current situation yeah let's get it all right so I got the laptop up and going it is not a Powerhouse by any means but it does good for downloading stuff and watching some YouTube in between keeping myself busy now I have been a little busy and have a gentleman coming to take a look at the I9 9900 K system so I was like oh I'll plug it in I went to Walmart and got one of these little cheap desks most computers can fit up underneath there uh but I was just like that way I can throw something up and he can check it out and then I realized I haven't carried any of my HDMI monitors I thought this one over here was HDMI but it's only VGA and I can't find I can find display port to HDMI but I can't find any of my VGA to HDMI adapters so I have this little tiny screen right here uh just enough so he can you know at least take a look at it I I hate somebody coming to take a look at something and they can't actually test it out uh because that's you know that's half the battle but hopefully if he likes that that'll be a good easy cash sale and I guess now we're going to start putting this bad boy together CM Storm yeah good stuff good stuff um I also was setting up a a camera to try to get like footage when people come in that kind of thing so I don't always have to be recording but I can just be like hey do you mind being on YouTube you know obviously I need to put up a sign like you are being recorded that kind of thing but yeah it's like it's a little bit of a delay not too bad but um it's got decent audio the video seems okay but that way I don't always have to have a camera set up and recording and I can get clips of people coming in and just you know being natural that sort of thing so I'm hopefully that works out good uh only time will tell because it wasn't a super expensive camera so yeah anyway um time to get to work unintentional but much appreciated perks I'm really close like walking distance to a waffle house so got me a burger and about to throw down cuz I'm starving and I'm still waiting on the guy to come check that out he texts me he's like oh I'm running late I'm like okay yeah no problem definitely but um yeah so let's get it done

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