My Crypto Mining Goals For 2024.

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[Music] [Applause] hey guys Aram here hope you're doing well having a really great day happy New Year to all of you I just wanted to do this video to appreciate the whole crypto mining community and the subscribers The viewers everyone who I've dealt with or had camaraderie with over the past year 2023 was definitely a year where we've had I'd say a lot of trials and tribulations not only with crypto mining but I guess with life in general I'd have to say that there was a lot of people that have left crypto mining but now that things have been kind of picking back up you know everyone is coming back back essentially but I just want to commend all those that have stuck with it over the past year you guys who have been watching my videos day in and day out I really appreciate all of you guys and to start this 2024 year off I want to do a giveaway we're going to be giving away this brand new bit M s9j Pro 96 terahash model which I'm going to unbox this right now let me see what it exactly hashes at as well as the power oh yeah 2950 Watts at about 98 97 ter yes this is uh I think this is a good silicon lottery s9j pro thank you to Crypt Miner guys go check them out link down below if you are interested in purchasing any type of as6 out there use code red panda for $50 off thank you to them they just sent us to me to give away to you guys I was actually supposed to to give this away during Christmas time but DHL had a massive massive delay and yeah they were backlogged and it was stuck at the warehouse or something in LA and I just got it now at the end of December I was supposed to get it in like before Christmas time so here it is all right so I want to give it away in this video very simple guys smash the like button that's one thing you got to do first smash the like next step is comment down below if you are in USA or Canada or for EU I will ship this guy to EU and as well as a positive comment or anything regarding 2023 how was your year in 2023 let me know all right in the comments below get them in there appreciate you guys good luck I will choose the winner 24 hours after this video is uploaded all right I will do random comment picker and I will pin the Winner's comment then the winner will have to email me at contact red pendam that's my official and only email do not get scammed do not email a a Yahoo or Gmail I don't have those all right so good luck guys yeah actually as of recording this thing makes around a120 a day or if you had free electric it'll be about almost $8 a day at around but if you had 10 cent electric the profit would be about $119 around there for this s9j Pro 96 terahash amazing amazing it has low power mode as well which I actually just put up here 1888 watts and then the terahash is around 55 which I think is worse efficiency but I'll be testing that in another video but good luck guys I'll choose the winner in 24 hours all right guys so the real topic of today's video is I wanted to just give you guys my goals all right for 2024 what I want to achieve and kind of like the strategies I'm going to go through you know whether whether it's uh CPU mining or you know GPU mining or Asic mining I want to go through everything that I want to achieve and so it may not be I would say relatable in a way because my financial situation is obviously different amongst all of you right I I don't have a 9 to-5 job all right so it's different for me I am a full-time YouTuber okay so my financial situation is going to be different my electrical costs are generally I would say lower than most have about 8 cents USD right now uh but in this house where I live it's about 11 cents USD so you guys know I have two different locations but just to give some context there before I you know begin talking about what my goals are and uh what do I want to achieve for 2024 so let's begin first with GPU mining okay everyone knows GPU mining is something where if you don't have decent electrical costs it's going to be quite hard to stay competitive and what I mean by that is in terms of how much you're spending versus you know you could just you know buy the coin there's always many arguments about that but even then if you're also losing a bit to how much you are yielding in terms of the coin and you're hoping that coin to appreciate you know five or 10 or 100x much more than against you know breaking even on your electric then you know that could be very lucrative opportunity for you especially if you're doing it as a business because you can expense the electric you can depreciate the hardware that you bought and yeah you know expensing your electricity phone bill all the different expenses you have when it comes to you know crypto mining so that's a really big positive I'd say versus you know just buying the coin I know there's many different arguments out there many many different variations when it comes to trying to make a profit or make money there's many different scenarios out there I wish I could explain every single one but for you guys my GPU mining plan for 2024 is to First obviously ly get a lot of my gpus on right now I have close to I think 360 370 gpus right now I would say about less than half is actually on right now and that's because I've just been just over the past month I've been pretty sick you guys can probably hear it in my voice but another thing is I also have uh limited power capacity as well a lot of you guys know I have dedicated a GPU mining area for in my new house location here but I have haven't run any of the 240 volt 30 amps yet into this general area here for my GPU mining you know rack and here are all the GPU risers R8s all right server cases that I want to get on that shelf and populate these with a lot of gpus that I currently have but I also want to put in maybe newer gpus as well so I'm going to give you guys my thought process here okay and this is not going to be I would say a strategy that may tend towards everyone else but hopefully everyone knows that I personally have not bought any 40 series cards I have not done any 40 series GPU content you know Nvidia 4060 4070 TI 470 480 490s I don't have any of those gpus I decided ever since those came out to skip those gpus because in my opinion right and this is just my opinion the cost of those gpus versus I would say 30 series cards if you were to buy them used the breaking even or Roi whatever term you guys want to use it will be a lot further granted yes the 40 series gpus efficiency is yes I'd say a little bit better but is it really a generational leap compared to the 30 series no in my opinion no especially the bit bus on the 40 series cards are gimped as most of you know so when it comes to memory algo dependent coins the 40 series gpus suck at them especially kapow eash all those kind of coins but when it comes to like core dependent coins like Caspa oh which is not GPU minable anymore it's all Asic minable um purin Carlson you know alium those types of coins they're very very efficient on the 40 series cards so for me personally am I going to buy 40 series cards for mining over this next year in 2024 no here's my plan I'm going to continue just to keep churning out the gpus I have now which are 30 series I have you know a bunch of AMD gpus which are you know the 5000 series I have 6,000 series gpus as well I don't have any 7,000 series AMD cards I'm probably going to skip that generation as well I'm just going to stick with the 6,000 and below and 3,000 and Below uh gpus all right Nvidia 3,000 below that I have currently and so what I'm planning on doing is just trying to get those coins and then hold as much as I can for the bull run and when those coins appreciate I will then be able to maybe hopefully cash out and then at the same time when I have all of my rigs on okay if 2024 is the bull run if and when I have all of my gpus on okay I say if and when I know you guys are looking at the 20 GPU rig I'll talk about that in a second but when I have a lot of my gpus on on my rack as well over there and you know at my other basement as well I will then be able to CH a profit when it comes time if the bull run comes up you know a lot of the coins a lot of GPU minable proof of work coins will start to appreciate and hopefully be profitable all right for those that already have equipment currently like myself like you guys that have this at home to make money so when that time comes and depending on how long you know profitability will stay I will hopefully have a lot of money to then be able to buy the next generation of Nvidia cards which is going to be the 5,000 series which is slated it to come out in Q4 of 2024 or q1 of 2025 so if that's the case I should then by that time have enough Capital uh from all the money that I'll make my from my existing farm that I have with my existing Hardware that I have already I will then purchase the 5000 series gpus like the 509s uh 508s 507s God forbid you know all those types of gpus that will come out hopefully for NVIDIA in the next year or two for me personally there's just no point for me to swap out or try to sell my 30 series gpus to buy 40 series gpus right now as in my current situation as I do this full-time I have many responsibilities I don't have time to sell these one by one and try to get my the most value I can out of let's say a 3070 blower style Asus 3070 blower style like if I were to try to sell these one by one on eBay or Craigslist or whatever meet with people take the time to do that have the logistics of either you know shipping them out as well if I were to to sell them online that takes time that takes a lot of time so for me personally at my current electrical rate okay I'm able to still profit from my current cards that I have now again it comes back to I was saying before your cost per kilowatt hour is going to be your biggest Factor uh when it comes to crypto Mining and GPU Mining and your profitability and efficiency as well you're going to have to calculate all that kind of stuff but I'm just giving you guys my my current situation how I'm seeing it okay so hopefully that gives a little little bit of insight my thought process right now as to you know what I currently have you guys know I have a bunch of other gpus at another mining location there and they're all mining right now currently cuz I have Lower electr Gate over there so I'm just waiting for the next generation of Nvidia cards and that's when I'll be investing uh into those another thing I forgot to point out is that when that time comes potentially and if the bow Run's going to be in 2024 or you know 2025 then all the current gpus that I have right now I could flip you know I could sell them and then buy more 5000 series gpus especially from all these gpus I've already been mining with currently I could then turn these into 5,000 Series gpus so that'll be even a bigger beneficial strategy to do uh in the Bull Run I'm not like a scalper or anything but you know during those times when things are good things are profitable I'll then swap over into the 5,000 series GPS which will probably be two three four times more than the 30 series gpus anyway so hopefully that makes sense but uh you know I'll then just do the whole thing all over again you know be able to depreciate the gpus that I buy the 5,000 Series right in the next 2 years or something so that'll just be the next cycle all over again bare Market you know buy gpus a little bit when it it's lower you know that could be another thing to think about too right that could be the play is to you know this 2024 2025 you know get that c Capital get that money and then hold off until the next bare Market the next rundown and then right and then purchase the 5,000 series that's that's my thought process right now so it's basically status quo for me right now for this year 2024 is just continue to you know get my stuff online expand in a way not really buy new gpus but just hone in what I have now accumulate and wait for the bull run right accumulate all the coins the yield that I'm yielding with all my C gpus that I have now so that's my GPU strategy I don't know if I really explained it in a concise way but hopefully you guys understood what I meant okay quick update on the 20 GPU mining rig and then I'll talk about my CPU strategy and my Asic mining strategy okay I'll talk about that in a sec my 20 GPU mining rig okay this thing this is the bane of my existence right here you guys have been asking me red panda when are you going to do the 20 GPU mining rig and let me tell you I have not got around to Simply getting Splitters okay I need to order the Splitters these types of splitters for the risers cuz right now I don't have enough veteran minor pcie cables for this whole build okay I'm currently using a single veteran minor six pin to 8 Pin pcie cable go check it out the veteran I'm using one cable per Riser so in a way it's kind of a waste because I can split the risers into two into a y splitter because these are 50 hxs these are going to be gpus that are going to be utilizing under 150 watts so the risers with these cards you know they don't take that much so I can get a splitter and split off the risers and then hopefully save you know a few more veteran minor cables so that I can go on for the next level all right that's going to be for the the next part video of when I get there okay I I haven't placed the order for the Splitters yet so I got to do that so get off my back all right guys get off my back it's coming it's coming okay moving along my goals okay so let's talk about the CPU mining rigs that I have here guys you guys know I recently bought like 15 16 CPU mining rig setups motherboard Ram CPU setups from Metro mic and Chum change thank you guys again basically 5950 X's 3900 x's and I got to get these up so my strategy with these guys are going to obviously be doing it for profit okay so once I have these up and I did order the power supplies already and whatnot so just to give that little update there it's coming maybe may still be a couple weeks until I get these up so my strategy for these guys are going to be mainly for profit right now CPU mining is still pretty hot some CPUs are making over a dollar $2 a day depending on which coin you're mining of course but obviously that could change why I got all of these CPU mining rigs was I'd say is because I got a special deal retro mic Chum change but another thing is is that I can then do CPU mining content okay so for in 2024 you know once I have these all on and ready to go I'll then be able to you know pivot into whatever is going to be I would say profitable and I know you guys know me as not just you know profitability but more so you know yielding the coin and waiting for Price appreciation yes I am mainly all about that especially with my gpus and you know Asic miners for the most part but with CPU mining I know I don't really keep up with it all the time I know Zephyr mining now is seems to be profitable Varys mining is also another you know coin that's prominent hence the massive amount of phones here which another goal of mine in 2024 is to set up all these damn phones all right all the oh man just just looking I was going to talk about that but yeah I have been procrastinating a lot getting my phones up so that will definitely be another thing but for my CPU mining rigs guys just give you guys my perspective there for CPU mining it's going to be something where I'll be able to Pivot it into whatever cuz I'll have these all on hios okay all the CPU rigs will be on hios and if profitability comes back or something like that or you know some there's a new hot coin to mine I'll then be able to make videos about those and uh tell you guys about it so you know we'll see how that goes for CPU mining this year but let's say the Bull Run comes about and you know all the coins all the prices start going up then there's potential that you know a 5950xt of course then I'll be having all the CPUs on mining uh you know maybe into Bitcoin or you know something like that and then I'll be selling essentially every day cuz you know if that's the case they're they'll be just printing money uh in the bow run so that's my CPU mining strategy goal kind of or play by ear basically when that time comes okay we are in my Asic mining area some of you guys know I did send off a lot of my Asic miners for hosting and that was about a month ago and yes they are doing pretty good I'll give you guys an update video about that another time but right now I have about what almost 15,000 Watts worth mining right now so yeah a lot of as6 I have basically replenished on my shelf here okay and so I have you know m6s ks3 which has the fruition designs silence kit if you guys are interested go check it out link down below this is a really really cost effective way to silence the Asus cuz as you guys know these fans right the stock bit main fans what's Miner fans are very loud but I have basically a lot of ice over as6 ks1 ks2 s9j E9 here uh which I'm still doing the braking even test on $10,000 ad minor E9 this is the non-pro all right I'll show on the screen here how much we've mined thus far I don't think it's $110,000 yet cuz I'm still waiting for the coins to appreciate but my goal for 2024 with a lot of these uh Asic miners is to send them off to hosting all right so my next hosting place my next hosting provider I'm probably going to move these two is going to be Tera mining the mining King and Vang from GPR those guys are the ones who created teror hosting and so I actually have a few s21s coming bitmain s21s the new 200 terahash model is coming so I am going to be testing those out obviously here first but then when I'm done I'm going to ship out five or six Asic miners to Terra hosting all right in the US so that's going to be my I guess goal coming up in the next couple months here but another thing is okay to go along with that if I'm going to be shipping those out that's going to free up I guess you know $5,00 watts of power essentially so I'm then going to just slowly then reinvest into more you know crypto mining Hardware whether that's going to be you know more gpus or Asic miners I guess that that's a good I guess goal to talk about I guess for 2024 is you know am I going to start getting into more so other miners well I've been doing that honestly over the past year you guys know like just there's been a lot of different type of mining that's been happening out there especially over the past year especially if you got into you know maybe helium or crank I'm doing crank on my rack V 2o right now it's doing pretty good and you know there's also you know the cbrs radios helium hotspot uh helium mobile mining Hive mapper demo Doo Oh so much different types of mining out there which has done pretty well you know a lot of those coins have appreciated so status quo for me to be honest honestly the past year I've I've been into a lot of different types of mining so it's going to be the same for me you know 2024 is going to be where I'm going to be able to review a lot of stuff you know get into a lot of different types of mining um showcase it to you guys that's you know that's the basis of my channel is just to you know document my crypto mining Journey showcase a lot of different types of miners which come to me and I'm able to Showcase it to you guys that type of thing you know I'm I'm still going to do whatever I've always been doing especially over the past you know couple years but I guess one thing where you know I did Branch off into a lot of different other vide other types of videos over the past year like networking videos or server videos you know I I recently got into the ETMC uh you know nodes which is running under all those motherboards right now all right my D server I have six ETMC nodes running right now in uh VMware um you know I've been getting into you know stuff like that nodes and whatnot and that's something where you know I said to myself I wouldn't you know really get heavy into that type of content because I don't want to sway away from you know GPU mining or you know Asic mining I feel like those two things are supposed to be my bread and butter and I shouldn't really dive into you know servers as much or networking as much as a crypto mining channel right that this is stuff that is not really relevant for most people I'd say so I've said this already especially you know a couple months back already is that you know I'm not going to get into this type of content more okay I'm going to stay strictly GP mining I'm going to strictly stay basic mining because I there's already just too much already to keep track of to be honest I don't know about you guys but I'm already busy I feel busy enough already as there's always a lot of news regarding GPU mining regarding Asic mining CPU mining God forbid that's right I'm branching off into that so I think I'm just going to stick to those three CPU mining GPU mining Asic mining those are the three things I'm going to focus and I'm not going to like get into nodes too much networking or servers that much okay I'm just going to give that disclaimer for you guys and let me know what you think about that but I'm just saying for myself as I I run this whole YouTube channel as you know as a oneman show you know this is all you know stemming towards just me being just extremely busy right and I I've been doing this whole Channel by myself thank you YouTube or thank you you guys for the 100K subscriber flock a bit ago thank you guys for this but you know everything I do is everything is by myself and I had to say I was over the past I would say 2 years especially and the past year I I've been pretty busy with this house you know you guys know I bought this house I renovated it from pretty much gutted all new electrical got it all done you know all that kind of stuff and like it's just a lot of work I think that took a lot out of me and I have to say that like especially the past month I've been sick actually this time this year I've been sick quite a few times so that kind of has hindered me a lot in a way where I was not able to get get a lot of my Hardware on I don't have a lot of I need to run more 240 volt 30 amp circuits into my my two 200 amp panels here I have 400 Dam service in this house and another thing is guess another goal is I need to run more than about 160 180 amps worth of power here uh in this location in order to get my cost per kilowatt hour down to 7 cents and that's actually 7 cents Canadian okay if I can get 7 cents Canadian which is about I think 4 cents USD I'll then just be able to turn on everything right I'll turn on everything I'll just be you know turning out profit but that's something where I need to have a lot on and I need to have at least 6 months to show that I've had been utilizing that much power for 6 months which is a lot so I need to save up a good amount of capital uh over the next I would say 2024 to do something like that I'm going to need like I don't know between 6 to $10,000 a month you know just to cover you know a lot of expenses it's not it's not just you know electricity but you know it's it's a lot of other things right so 2024 is going to be an interesting year in which for me you know if I'm going to be running a lot of stuff of I'm going to be running a lot of my crypto mining hardware and I think this is going to go along with you guys as well is am I going to be able to you know hold and you know accumulate all the coins that I can while trying to pay for my electrical bill cuz you guys know this YouTube channel is my only you know source of income I don't have a regular 9 to5 job with a steady income right I don't I don't have something like that so I have to rely on sponsors I have to rely on Affiliates I have to rely on my crypto mining rigs my gpus my as6 that are currently you know making money so in some cases in some days I do have to sell for my electrical bill because you know it's to cover the massive electrical bill that I've garnered with you know mining at a residential rate so yeah just to give some I guess some relatability there I mean you know it's not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to crypto mining especially when you have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for the electrical bill you know you're not only yielding the coins and hoping it goes up but I mean at the same time you want to hold those coins but and the other side of it is where you going to get that money to you know pay for the electrical bill and that's the thing right you have to you know have a second job have multiple sources of income DJ mines always expresses something like DJ mines I love you man you know it that's something where you know as a crypto Miner especially as a home residential minor such as myself you guys at home you guys got to figure out ways to generate that extra income because the the whole premise of crypto mining is is basically to make that money right is to make money and the crypto mining strategy really the endl be all is to hold right mine and hold yield the coins wait for the price appreciations and sell basically that's that's how a lot of us you know all us crypto YouTubers have expressed um some people have many different strategies but that that really goes along with depending what your financial situation is what what's your electricity bills like what's your cost per kilowatt hour your expenses you know what type of Hardware do you have how much are you making every month is that a lot is it little are you able to you know pay for electrical bill out of pocket are you selling every month or whatever whatever situations everyone is in it's it's so different and it's it's hard to really pinpoint what strategy is going to be good for you because everyone is in a different situation but I think that's it guys basically really nothing has really changed for me but I do have some goals in mind so I expressed that already uh before in this video let me know what you guys think let me know what you guys think but don't forget to comment down below all right if you are in USA Canada or EU regarding this giveaway this s9j Pro 96 ter has model well do 98 at stock and uh it's on Lower power mode right now but uh I did for more update this as well get your comments in guys if you are in USA Canada or EU with a positive comment or about anything regarding 2023 what was 2023 like for you let me know down below smash the like button as well thank you to Crypt Miner Bros for this giveaway appreciate you guys I guess another goal for the red penda mining YouTube channel is to do more giveaways so I'm definitely going to do that as well guys hopefully you guys appreciate that thank you guys so much I really really truly appreciate the whole crypto mining Community you guys are so awesome all the viewers other YouTubers I've collabed with just talk with you know on a regular basis really appreciate everyone I'll see you all in the next video have a good one peace out

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