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bare market now and when things are unprofitable especially with GPU Mining and so I want to say that this is the time now to get into it to start mining to start yielding it's been about a good year now since the ethereum merge and Mining after the merge was probably not really such a good idea because a lot of people were still continuing to mine and the yields were quite bad and profitability was pretty much non-existent I think it was all the way down to like four or five cents for some coins but a lot of people ultimately turned off their mining rigs so here we are a year later and I believe this is the time now to start accumulating and what I mean by that is not only accumulating maybe Bitcoin but maybe accumulating with GPU mining specifically okay I'm a GPU mining Centric channel uh Asic mining Channel all crypto mining Hardware Channel as you all know but I personally started off as a GPU Miner uh the first maybe one or two years of my YouTube channel and my crypto mining Journey was with gpus and I have to say that during the low times in 2018 right 2019 2020 are the same feelings that we are see are seeing today uh the community uh the people that have been leaving people that have been shutting down I get it there are global economic issues that are happening around the world right now uh interest rates are quite high for some countries for some people and uh you know maybe they're unable to pay for certain things cost of living has gone up incredibly and you know a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck but I don't want to you know dive into that this is something where people that are now if you're watching this you're most likely are in a position where you are maybe available to spend that Expendable income into crypto mining in hopes that you can make a profit in the future okay crypto mining or GPU mining in general is not a get-rich quick scheme we have mentioned this throughout the past couple years of crypto mining it is definitely a long-term play and also an investment okay if you're buying into the hardware that is what the strategy is and Mining and yielding for the long term but I'm going to have to say one of the biggest factors when it comes to crypto mining is going to be your electrical cost okay so I understand that the biggest reality actually of crypto mining is going to be your electrical cost so as of right now I don't have it up here but the general profitability of GPU mining is around hovering around 12 cents and that's if you're mining a DX like breaking even on like a typical mining rig okay uh maybe a 6600 XT like I have here which I want to talk about with you guys in the second I'm doing a pretty fun test here of um just seeing if it would be better to buy the coin or mine the coin okay for long term and uh just seeing the difference here of uh you know a $1,400 6600 XT mining rig if it would have been better to you know buy the coin or mine and yield and huddle right plus including uh once we're yielding the coins we're also going to include the hardware potential Hardware appreciation right if things start getting really profitable again which in past history has had has happened many times over not Financial advice but if gpus rise up in profitability especially with potentially the AI narrative um that could be something in the future as well G and maybe if Nvidia is going to manipulate the market then gpus could once again cost a lot of money and be worth a lot more than they are now right gpus you can say a great example of when during the previous bare Market of rx580s were like $35 $30 selling bottom Barrel prices during the uh the previous bull market times when Bitcoin was you know $3500 $4,000 $5,000 around here right between the three years here GP pricing was was extremely low that was the time to get in accumulate the hardware yield the coins and ultimately we all knew what happened in 2021 the bll Run came about and all the coins whatever coin you were mining generally most of them went up if not you know all of them the markets as Bitcoin goes up as liquidity starts coming in it pumps up generally everything else okay and uh you can see that just by looking at you know a few certain coins I mean we can just let's just do some quick things here like okay let's just go to FOH for instance okay FOH used to be called zcoin way back in 2017 but it did have a pump okay it did have a pump in 2021 it wasn't like a huge one but it did go from the previous bare Market of like $4 right hovering around three to four and it did go up eventually to to $20 around there okay buo um GPU minable coin that still is um let's see another like Old Guard coin let's just I'm just I have my proof of work watch list here let's see talk about beam okay beam another older coin here I think another uh 20 this is 2019 okay but it did go up in 2021 all right so let's see another let's see conlux okay conlux had a massive uh massive rise uh actually in the bare Market because of some Telecom news but this coin came out in the bare market and it did have a nice a nice Bull Run in 2021 uh rise up there um plenty of examples of other GP minable coins that have gone up uh previously and uh I'm not saying all of them are going to you know exponen have like a you know massive like 100x or something okay not not all of them are going to do that and uh I do have a fun test that I'm doing here I'm mining about nine or 10 different coins here DX flux Ergo alium uh triple coin mining actually zil if over borch is watching this I I have to I have to say it right I didn't say it previously but I do know this um Ergo okay we are mining Ergo at lithium it's more like dual mining with zil zil is only mined 1 minute per hour or hour and a half halfish or a minute and a half to every one to two one to two hours so that is technically not triple coin mining but in a sense it's able to mine uh three coins you know the zelica 24 times a day or so but anyways we're yielding that we're we're seeing we just doing a theoretical test here actually not a theoretical it's a real test yielding these coins right NOOA Nexa we got nuai we got Chlor Ai and we have one rig on nice hash uh for kapow right just as a baseline kind of profit ability here I can show you here uh this this rig made 95 cents on its first day have a ravencoin rig thanks to the mining King mined about you know over the past let's see here yesterday was about 70 cents so 50 ravencoin right what if ravencoin could go up again uh in the next bll run who knows right I think the ultimate belief here is if you believe that the Bull Run is coming if you believe in the Bitcoin cycle you believe that we are going to see massive price appreciation of a lot of these coins coins right so Raven coin's been around since yeah 2018 and it did go up in the Bull Run massively okay 2021 and so now here we are Raven Going's down quite low but again did do that in the previous bare Market did actually actually did go up in 2019 uh during the downtime all right that was kind of fun there but what's not to say that it could happen again uh in the future so that's what we will see and if that plays out I mean if you ultimately believe that's going to happen then you are going to be you know mining and yielding right now for those that are watching this video I don't know for those that have been with me for the past four years on YouTube you all know my conviction in crypto Mining and I mean even GPU mining here that's why I'm doing this you know real test here to see if we are going to see massive price appreciation once and and if the markets come back okay um I'm not saying uh we don't know if that's going to happen I'm not going to say that's going to happen tomorrow obviously not my prediction this is not Financial advice I feel like we are going to go we're going to have another leg down okay kind of previously like what we had in 2019 and it could be it could last a good year maybe more who knows right we could have a downturn for a good while here for the next year or two during that time that is the time to really buckle down and really start accumulating not only the hardware in my opinion but you know also the coins as well so really diversifying into accumulating Hardware it could be gpus it could be as6 it could be mining Caspa or something or with GPU mining you could be mining a lot of different prominent coins that have really come out over the past this past year okay and not saying that any of them are going to be good or not we don't really you know in terms of the price appreciation but fundamentally a lot of them are developing which is great okay I'm not going to get into that I'm I'm not much of a you know fundamentals guy I'm more so mining yielding efficiency overclocking and uh talking about the price going up that's it that you know I'm that type of minor basically and uh I mean I'm going to assume most of you guys that are watching are kind of the same mentality I mean we're not just doing this for free okay I mean we all have to work we are providing a service to these coins and so we should ultimately get paid for it I I don't care what anyone says this is something that you know eventually you know we are providing uh the security for these coins and so anyways besides the point you know over the past year okay year to date DX has had m massive appreciation almost 26 25 200% 2600% here okay Caspa as well conflex Al lithium looks like Zeno has been doing something pretty good over the past year 136% of course Bitcoin is you know the top dog right this is the coin that leads the way for the whole Market uh the whole crypto Market that is and as well we got Radiance and uh you of course we all know ethereum uh went down uh after the merge and it's it's not not minable anymore hopefully a lot of you guys know that since the ethereum merge Flux Of course we got octop space that's uh more so I would say more so as6 mined now a lot of the Jazz miners um I know a lot of people are getting into those but again there's a lot of GP minable coins out there and if any of them could go up in price appreciation it it could very well do really well I think that mining with gpus it's it's definitely a lot more speculative what I'm doing here we are spec mining okay we're not mining Bitcoin granted I do have one rig that's on nice hash so that's more of a kind of like a baseline okay to do compared to the profitability of uh the yields that we're mining on these rigs okay which I'm going to be recording in about maybe a good week or so just to see how much we've yielded okay and as well I want to compare to my uh buying the coin this is all theoretical okay so about two days ago let's just go to my neoa transaction okay the same time I bought $1,400 worth of neoa this is the same price of buying a 6600 XT mining rig okay I wanted to I wanted to compare that um as well as uh looking at the you know the price changes of these coins every time we uh did an update so two days ago okay looks like flux is winning here this $1,400 is now turned into 1430 but I have now if I were to buy $1,400 of each coin here that we are speculating on okay on my hios that I'm mining on these rigs a lot of them have already gone down over the past two days here now Bitcoin I already lost 50 bucks here 45 bucks Raven coin about 70 bucks there 90 bucks here $90 here Nexa 100 bucks DX $110 narai I've lost 150 bucks choria I've lost almost $2 $40 over the past $237 oh actually I was reading it wrong $237 okay minus 16% over the past two days so this is just this is a really good you know way to show the theoretical here of that you know buying the coin is a lot more riskier in a sense because you don't have something Tang tangible uh a physical product like Hardware right if I were to buy $1,400 worth of 6600 XTS the mining rig right now it would still generally be around $1,400 but at the same time I would be yielding the coin okay so this is why I'm doing this test I'm not only am I holding the hardware and you know the hardware could appreciate the yield that I'm going to be mining with these coins for the next year or two could potentially outweigh the price of these coins that I bought potentially okay we're going to have to do the math it very well may be that buying the coin would have been better than buying the hardware and Mining but that's what we are going to theoretically you know or actually realistically calculate uh once we hit that in the year or two okay I'm going to be mining and yielding and we want to do those uh comparisons down the road so hopefully uh we already did a live stream of choosing these coins here I wish I could do a lot more but I don't have enough 6600 XT rigs to mine some more coins I know a lot of people were thinking like red panda what about cortex or what about vertcoin or what about uh I don't know F you know all these other potential prominent GPU Min minable coins they could go up as well you know I really wish I could also get the stats on that right I really wish I could but I think I got a well-rounded amount of coins here that uh this could ultimately show some you know real you know statistics and real world results that the strategy of Mining and hodling in the bare Market is going to ultimately be one of the best plays uh in terms of crypto mining uh for the long term okay so that is what I want to do and yeah I've done this before in the previous bare Market Mining and yielding coins a lot of ethereum during this time you know some other spec plays as well but mainly it was ethereum this time you can say it's different because we don't have ethereum anymore we don't have that massive amount of uh 24-hour uh daily rewards which is I think it was like $22 million but that was in the bull uh Bull Run okay for ethereum I'm assuming with ethereum now if ethereum was still proof of work it would probably be like less than 10 million I don't know I I didn't do the math there but I'm just thinking out of my head and so here we are today that uh GPU mining with a lot of coins in terms of the daily output it's it's fine it's good in my opinion and especially now at like 12 or 13 cents per kilowatt hour you'll still be breaking even if you were to mine a few GP minable coins now okay uh but anyone that has like 10 cents or less you'd still be profitable per se but here in this case for me I'm not caring about the couple cents that I'm generating it just does not make any sense to sell uh your coins unless you are really hard pressed you're leaving paycheck to paycheck and you don't have the Expendable income to pay for your electrical bill right out of pocket and you can't huddle the coins really there there's a lot of strategies there uh also goes along with if you have a business and stuff um I don't want to get into that everyone's tax laws are different but anyways guys I think that's it I I wanted to actually show you a lot of my rigs here that are mining and yielding but you know I'm going to let this go for another week and then I'll update you guys on how uh these eight 6600 XT rigs are doing and Mining and yielding I've have some issues with my triple coin rig and my d they restarted about less than a day ago uh this one 30 minutes ago so I'll talk about that later on all right my friends let me know your thoughts and please be positive Bros I I know it's a negative time could get even more downward pressure here I'm not saying it will not Financial advice but it's you got to think the opposite okay uh just being real with you guys it's time okay it's time to start getting in it's it's time to start accumulating if you financially can and uh and and just just be prepared prepared for the next runup okay especially if you have a lot of Hardware oh that's another thing if you have a lot of Hardware sitting and maybe everything starts going up again and profitability starts coming back you'll be able to attain that profitability instantly right away very similar for people that got into mining before 2020 or before 2021 you're able to mine during these times man it was like you're making like a lot of money like $ thousand dollars depending on how much Hardware you have right all scales uh relatively anyways enough rambling my friends you guys have a good day let me know your thoughts have a good one peace out

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