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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and as you can tell I don't know if you can hear my voice or not my kids brought home another little bug from preschool and man they're putting me through the ringer uh but yeah so I got another little junk anyway um this video I'm going to be talking about uh my like Shop hours and and some stuff going on in the computer shop so in January starting January let's see here uh yeah starting January 1 I'm going to be open Monday Wednesday and Friday and um my hours are going to start out from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. obviously you guys will still be able to contact me that is the shop number it is a separate cell phone number so you can text it but I won't always be able to text back like had some people messag me at like 2: a.m.

And they're like hey hey hey are you there I'm like I'm I was not there I was asleep but um so yeah so Monday Wednesday Friday I'm going to have my shop hours posted I'm going to get them posted on Google get them posted on my Facebook page so uh 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. obviously some days I'll stay later but the more importantly I wanted to announce to the YouTube Community I haven't been on a regular live live streaming schedule for probably 2 years um I used to live stream every single day that's not realistic uh at least not for me now so I'm going to start my schedule off with one live stream a week and I'd like to shoot for that being on Mondays so we're going to go for 1 hour live streams on Mondays um I am actually building a streaming or not a streaming but I'm building a computer for the office it's a dual Zeon I know you guys saw the motherboard and stuff um so I'm going to use that for streaming and all my office work and that kind of thing get off of this laptop cuz this laptop is is killing me it's just it's not enough power um but yeah so lot of lot of good things coming um obviously my hours and open availability and all that stuff is subject to change at any time so uh for the most upto-date and correct information if you're watching this years into the future check my website or check the Facebook page the website is bc-pc I'll have the hours address and all that stuff posted on there and it is on the Facebook page too bcpcs so BC's PCS because BC bc-pc was taken and BC PC was taken oddly enough um yeah so I'm pretty pumped about that ladies and gentlemen um going to be basically spending today the majority of the day adding more stuff into inventory I know I have one gentleman dropping off a computer for repair so might show that if it's interesting if it's something simple I don't know may may skip out on it but um yeah have a lot of stuff a lot of stuff happening so um if you did order something over the past like 24 hours it's probably getting shipped out today so look out for that down below and I just wanted to thank you guys again this has been awesome uh this has been a great ride and the support has been insane so um a lot of people have asked me how do I get good deals on stuff and um I just I just make a lot of offers to a lot of people and then also if you do have computer parts and you are looking to sell them I'm basically buying anything inel second gen and up so your you know 2700 k your 2700s even your 2500 i5s I don't want first gen um it's just too much headache it doesn't sell good but second genin and up Intel uh motherboard CPU DDR3 raming up I'm not I mean I'll buy ddr2 but the it's just not worth much so DDR3 ddr4 ddr5 I'm buying all that um you can message me or send me an email I have a separate email for the computer shop it is down below in the description it's brandoncoin YouTube um I actually finally got my my store my web store linked to YouTube so if you go to my YouTube page you know brandoncoin and you see all the tabs you can click on store and it shows a bunch of my items right there inside of YouTube or if you don't have any kind of ad blocker down below underneath my video in between the description and the video I believe um there'll be like a couple items that it's showing off down below so um yeah yeah I've been trying to get that thing processed for like almost 2 months now basically since I started the web store um and YouTube definitely makes you jump through some hoops to get that all set up originally they were saying my items were had misrepresentation Clauses and I'm just like what's misrepresented about them uh but come to find out there YouTube or sorry Google is very picky about the descriptions and the um items specific specifics so once I got that all figured out and now I'm working on adding all that information into the new listings they're all good they're all getting listed here so um that way people can check it out and um just give a little bit more exposure so yeah but anyway we're keeping this video short and sweet thanks guys look out for uh the Monday live streams and then also uh I apologize to some people that have come by the shop and I'm not here and the door's locked so now you guys know when I'm actually going to be here and that sort of thing um and also if it's on a Monday you may end up advertently being on a live stream so um I don't know exactly the camera setup I want to do I do want to change it up a little bit I want to have multiple angles um I definitely want to top down of my work area I still have my angle over here pointing towards the door and then I think I may end up doing an angle right here um like more like head level with me and a c customer um and then just be able to switch through it on OBS over here on the side so yeah it's good times all right ladies and gentlemen I'm going to peace out I'll see youall on the next one adios oh and then um also I doubt you guys have made it this far in the video the people that do send these emails uh I don't know just a little background I don't do a lot of sponsorships I don't you know like sell out to all these random whatever you know crypto projects you don't have to email me because I'm not going to follow up with you I'm not going to promote your coin I'm not going to promote your project I'm not going to promote your random you know Hardware thing uh if it's not like I say legit but everything has to start off not legit before it becomes legit um no IPOs no trying to trying to make sure I I watch my wording here um no tokens no IPOs no nfts no nothing that ain't Hands-On if you do have some Hardware sorry about that I got a yeah so you have any stuff and you want to sell it I'm the best price um I'm anywhere from about 50% of its value give or take um so you can message me but if you're not happy with that then you don't have to do it but um I provide a service to people with bulk you know a bunch of junk they want to get rid of it's my treasure and then I can then in turn pass those good deals on to you guys regardless though um yeah I want to thank you guys for coming out uh we are adding what I'm going to call some dusty discounts over to the store today so just got this bad boy traded in GTX 1070 TI it's one of those ones that has the clear side panel and it's dusty but these things are a pain to take apart so just she's going to be a Dusty discount we're going to list her as is um and you get the free dust included so uh yeah going to be adding a bunch of stuff to the store check it out anyway later guys

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