Please no CODE 43… Testing Radeon VII’s Mining after shipment

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foreign [Music] [Music] can you hear me is my mic good or bad hello hello hello hello hello testing testing one two three it's been a long time since I have streamed I have a massive headache migraine like head pain I don't know what it is but I'm streaming anyway I'm gonna only be streaming for like 30 minutes because we're going to be going over to Mr Max voltage he's doing a ovarian cancer fundraiser I will show that in a second but welcome to the live stream for us oh we are going to be testing Radeon sevens these are mining Chambers six beautiful glorious code 43 Radeon sevens a lot of fans are dead by the way that's okay I'm gonna have to replace them we're gonna read the live chat who's here Randy what's up game of smokey Den what's up bro Hawk what Hawk what are you doing here Kaiser game is Nick Riley what's up Andrew Assad potato mic is good Randy do you see this Randy you see this let's see see this right here these are bands or Banning here okay sorry you're feeling so bad ah I'm feeling okay the jet lag is is really bad because I've never traveled like 14 hours I mean I have but I don't know why it's affecting me so hard this time um hyperx headset yeah okay so just a short Stream So what I'm gonna do okay I already have a another 6 by Radeon 7 rig here that's already mining Dynex okay so what I'm gonna do is take take out these six Radeon sevens my six Radeon sevens and then test out uh Mr mining Chambers six Radeon sevens to make sure there's no uh code 43 okay so that's that's the plan I am not sure if it's if this is gonna be successful or not Hawk what are you wearing on your hands I'm not wearing anything Hawk did you hurt your wrist the wife's testing your arm again look my what nothing East is a beast how was the chicken nuggets in Vietnam Kaiser the chicken nuggets in Vietnam were pretty were actually pretty good they were not they're not bad they're not bad okay uh all right I wanted to show you this first so here is the screen let's go here okay so here is the rig in question that's already on okay I'm getting 9.1 kilohash the whole rig at the wall says 900 and 80 Watts at the at the 240 volt meter um at the at the OCTA Miner Hive OSS 970.

All right so like a 10 watt difference here anyways so I'm gonna shut this down actually no before I do that I'm just gonna hit stop I'm gonna let this cool down before I shut it down because these are Radeon sevens and I you guys know Radeon sevens are like glass cannons okay anything I do even if I uh you know what I I really don't want to take these out but in order to test out mining Chambers Radeon sevens I gotta take these out ah I'm not not excited for that welcome Bros welcome welcome um so in like 25 minutes assuming I do this pretty fast we're gonna head on over to Mr Max voltage uh he's got oh he's got the hobbyist miner on he's got chump change on obvious minor unfortunately uh he's raised 3768 dollars thus far that is awesome I donated earlier today about 100 US a lot of people have donated as well so if you guys would like to go to Max's stream right now there's 68 people there but I will redirect everyone in about 25 minutes time Max voltage is there pretty sweet okay let's turn off this rig let's see the temps go down yet 38 37 41 49 47 all right good enough let's shut it down all right let's go back to the let's see if it shuts down okay um yes okay Randy let's pray to the Radeon seven gods for no code 43.

I agree if they die just get some Mi 50s I have not tried those Mi 50s are they good because the uh fp64 performance is like amazing on those is it good I I haven't I haven't tested it okay all right Rick is off I am now going to move I'm gonna move here hash force you must donate 4300 for each code 43. oh my God hash Force I I don't even have 4300 in my bank account so that's that's gonna be that that'll be fun D minors going to bed soon late for me my dude D minors wait don't go wait D minors no D minors we have to announce your deep miners deep miners .com hash rate hold on let's go here hold on hold on D Minor stay here D Minor stay here okay D all right this is sponsored this is a sponsored ad all right for deep miners they are doing a October for the whole month of October total of one thousand dollars in Dynex okay giveaway all right so if you're mining to their mining pool all right since I guess starting from October 1st I mean you can start now because every week okay there's gonna be all right there's gonna be a draw and we're gonna be doing the draw live on my channel we're gonna choose a winner every week so every seventh or it could be a Sunday so it could be uh 8 15 29 and uh 22 and uh 29.

I guess like Sunday Sunday could be the live stream days we do the giveaways so each day all right so the eighth we'll do uh it'll be a two hundred dollar giveaway plus a uh deepminers flag all right then another 200 on the 15th of Dynex to a miner who's mining on D minors another 200 on 22nd and a flag D Minor's flag and then on the 29th will be a massive uh 400 in Dynex okay so if you you've been mining uh throughout the past week I'll throw it for the last for the whole month actually um you will then be drawn in for those uh giveaway times okay so deepminers they are 0.5 pool fee right now they are the lowest one of the lowest on according to mining pool stats and so why not right get some free get some Dynex extra potential Dynex as well thank you Yeti and deep miners for this pretty cool mining giveaway I'm already mining on deepminers already so switch your rigs over also free deepminers Flags yes D minors hell yes all right I need all the Dynex I can get hash horse yes okay guys let's do this quick and then we're gonna head on over to Max all right I'm going to I already unplugged all the power all right on the back of the Octo Miner I'm going to graciously very carefully take out all these pcie cables oh man I'm not very uh you know what I you know I hope I don't I hope I don't code 43vs I hope mining Chambers cards are okay when they shipped over here because I haven't tried them yet okay oh look at that Dusty very dusty okay now I need a screwdriver LTT screwdriver [Music] let's go all right first ready on seven I need to read the chat what are you guys saying about me right now sorry that I didn't stream in the morning I have massive jet lag I've been like sleeping all day sleeping at night and I've been having like massive headaches um I did take a Tylenol liquid gel right now um so I'm it's holding me it's holding me over for now uh but I know that in like half an hour or an hour it's gonna wear off and I'm gonna get like head uh headaches again or it's like someone's like punching my head with a hammer it's it's really weird there's a freaking moth right here look at this ah gross look at this thing Jesus Christ oh no I can't take it out I need help I need an adult I need an adult come on oh crap I just dropped it in the OCTA Miner uh that's okay uh I feeling there will be no code 43 tonight I feel I don't feel positive knowing mining chamber he'll send me all the all the bad Radeon sevens right right he does that he does that okay two more screws and I'm gonna pull these out and then I'll put in the mining chamber Radeon sevens I wish I had another OCTA Miner I should have just I should have just went back to my other basement got another uh octominer and then just put the six in instead of taking these out but I didn't have time to grow back I didn't even think of that until now so okay I need to put these down very safely somewhere okay stream exception Patrick Murphy hold the fort okay hold the fort and Max the stream we're gonna be there in like less than 20 minutes all right I'm just we're gonna swap out these cards make sure they work I need to put this somewhere and that's that's gonna drop for sure okay I have a lot of chills as well I'm like sweating balls chills from the jet lag it's so weird how is your vast AI rig doing it's sitting on the floor uh doing nothing okay I'm putting in mining Chambers Radeon sevens [Music] uh deepminer says enter side we appreciate all the support the contest is to give back posters being developed by Our Community member Mass boost soon to be printed yes hell yeah all right let's keep it going I need to put five more Radeon sevens in and we'll see if it works okay hold on it's really hard like it's really hard doing this live because I don't want to go in like the little pcie things don't wanna the brackets don't want to slide in why Max we have your stream on and we're reacting to it no pressure Max God damn it major pressure now I can't even put I can't even put this one in I can't even I can't even put this one in all right it's gonna go in the second slot or the other slot screw it all right that went in much easier all right we're gonna go the other slot here beside the motherboard there's nothing I can do I can't get any other one because it's so bent oh no one yeah no wonder no wonder I can't get that in look look running chamber are you ah running chip look look how bent this is you expect me to put this in what the hell happened here oh dude all right all right I bent it back all right it's bent back all right it's straight now I'm gonna try no wonder okay that one's good I'm leaving and I'm leaving it like that there's a space in the middle okay that one was easy two more and we're done is this one bent too oh this one's bent this one's bent as well okay I bent it back just a little bit and it goes in perfectly I definitely smashed that one a little bit harder oh that one's okay last one all right it's in all right do I need to screw them in do I need to screw them in yes I do [Music] all right do the screws and then we'll do the pcie power turn it on pray for no code 43.

and then we're gonna go to Max that's all I want to do I just want to make sure these cards work after getting them from mining chamber before I left like a month ago I've had these cards sitting for like a month okay what do you guys saying in the chat let's see they're so pretty oh boy Tech just did that and got Mi 2540 cash per watt well yeah the the Radeon sevens are what's what's the efficiency of the Radeon sevens like 80 80 hash per watt or whatever or 60 I don't remember it's like 9 9.1 kilohash at like 130 225 135 Watts or something foreign okay all right they're all screwed in let me put in the all the pcie one two please no code 43.

hide this one in one two one [Music] two one and it's been so long I feel like it's been more than a month since I've like touched like gpus two okay make sure they're all in tripled quadruple check I'm gonna make sure you make sure the breakout board is in triple quadruple check all the cables okay all right d d minors minors thank you for your support I must get rest for the day ahead tomorrow work must be done thank you thank you good sir D minors everyone go mine to the whole month of October is going to be a contest all right free dinex massive support for the community and from Dynex themselves go check them out thousand dollars worth of Dynex giveaway weekly uh split up if we split up thousand dollars will be split up 200 200 200 and 400 on the last week okay all right let me plug in the power let's turn this on uh let's see if this works oh God please please no no code 43 I'm plugging in the network okay I'm plugging in the power now okay if this surges or anything it's gonna it's gonna break my lady on seven so first plug in second plug is going in and it turns on before I even plug in the other okay they're all on uh okay let me let's go see in Hive OS if it actually shows up please just please no please no code 43 for the love of God it should it should be I should be able to see all the all the cards um should be no errors hopefully [Music] okay look at just the stack of my other Radeon sevens okay oh let's go to Hive OS now uh let's let's uh how do I let's go back here all right refresh and they're here they all work yes hi Nicks they're all high Knicks wow no Samsung yes there's no errors there's no errors here yes they're all working minor object wait minor uptime uh uh oh let's control F5 uh maybe I've spoke too soon oh crap you know what uh we have to do the uh we have to do the overclocking because I had Samsung ah crap I had Samsung uh on the other one so which one is what again Samsung cl20 Samsung fits most cards High next from Vega High next rrc 35 so I want to keep that I want to get rid of this or leave blank for all cards okay I gotta I gotta get rid of the index because I had some high Knicks and Samsung mixed on the other rig okay I gotta restart it I think because the mem tweak is not going to work on the other cards all right what are you guys saying you have it right okay no code 43 how disappointing Max I dare you how dare you wish how dare you wish the worst for me how dare you God damn it Max 83 people here 39 likes hit that like bros we're gonna head over to Max voltage in a sec hash for us I told you I felt no code 43 feeling very psychic tonight that's awesome that's awesome uh I don't think we're out of the woods yet because it's not it's ah there we go booted a few seconds ago okay should I update the rig was is there a new version of SRB Miner added support Nvidia driver the 535 series oh thick static control fan make it to AMD GPS appeared in previous oh I need that I need that I need that let's update let's upgrade let's upgrade okay all right we're upgrading we're upgrading um well what is the verdict do they all live uh k-trim another couple minutes here we'll see if it works update has been safe for me okay it's nice polish Miner what's up man College Miner ah Carl m uh Max what are you guys talking about here where's hobbyist Miner fan this guy ban this guy all right we're gonna do a redirection to him right after all right you guys are uh Max voltage is doing a ovarian cancer fundraiser so far he's raised 3 700 dollars I donated 100 earlier today a lot of you guys have as well already but uh he's almost there almost hit his five thousand dollar goal it's pretty good it's pretty good okay um RPM where's my ks3 in the trash in the trash okay is this working now let's see booted a few seconds ago here let me control it five make sure I'm mining to deep miners pool let's see flight sheet just in case anyone doesn't know they're doing another they're doing a contest okay thousand dollar Dynex giveaway uh it'll be weekly and the winners will be chosen live on my channel okay for the month of October okay 8 15 22 29.

That's How we'll do the giveaways or 200 the first week 200 second week 200 third week and then 400 dollars last week also Flags will be given away each week as well for people mining to their mining pool okay this is concerning it's not mining or do I have to just let it let it sit all right let's see can I connect to it crap what's the password open up the shell I'm doing I did GP do okay I think it's is it is it uh crashing or initializing it's just initializing okay it's just taking a while foreign did you get Lambo in your Ergo wallet uh no I lost my Ergo wallet since I moved my new computer I forgot that the Ergo wallet was was a Chrome extension or one of them was whatever that wallet is [Music] um here we go baby we're already on seven Victory startup during the crypto what's up what's up bro what's up man good to see you looks good so far yeah it's it's going I don't know what it's not I don't see it says share results except I don't see any hash rate stuff yet I'm not gonna go here oh boom Oh beautiful yes 9.1 across the board dude almost 9.2 dude these high next cards Dude mining chamber your cards are amazing um we are at uh at the wall we are at uh 900 and 70 965 934 800 970 980 it's fluctuating all over the place 964 972 Watts under a thousand Watts for all these Radeon sevens how glorious is that ah OCTA Miner Hive OS says a thousand nine Watts or 1.009 kilowatt is being used so it looks like it's oh now it's 9 33 uh jump down so pretty much true to the wall this is uh what octominer says here is pretty true though it does say 970 at the PD at the watt meter anyways that's really really good that's uh nice and efficient that's really cool let me uh zero back down here 54 kilohash all right not bad not bad looks good they are Alive looks great so my Samsung is getting almost 10 Mega hash 10 kilohash damn all right I'm curious so um what's uh what's the uh I already forgot the website I'm curious just how profitable are these Radeon sevens now I I know that they're probably not I'm just I'm just curious okay where is the um how do I enter my hash rates here right die next song okay so we are at we're at what 54.28 kilohash is this in killahash or no it's in hashes so 54 I can't enter in my heart I can't enter in numbers here right how do I do custom Uh custom dang it how do I do a custom uh calculator here here we go 54.

54 000 is it 54 000 hashes in 54 kilohash kinda has something there also but it is RPM go to Dynex coin before that okay what's uh what it's in hashes it's 54 000 hashes right I don't have the calculator up 54 55 kilohash now 55.11 55 11. okay whatever Watts 974 I was gonna put 974 at the wall okay my power cost here is unfortunately 11. since and it goes away okay so 55 11 0. 974 Watts hit calculate this rig profits 34 cents at 11 Cent kilowatt hour yes four Dynex today yes yes I meant killahash yeah okay yeah 55 kilohash 54 uh it looks like a drop down it says 92 kilohasha here on the highways okay so so far so good I can run I can run this rig I I don't mind running this rig power cost $2.57 cents a day [Music] oh I mean I do mines I'm gonna have to pay that out of pocket not sure if I can these days actually okay all right guys that's it super profitable for GPU mining these days yeah I guess Ashworth I mean yeah I mean that's a good thing to just look at what hash rates you can actually get and then put your wattage in and then see like roughly exactly you know because I know that when you go to the hash rate dot I know sometimes their numbers are a little bit off for some GPS so it's always nice to put them in 6600 6600s are like breaking even 6700s are breaking even at 11 cents probably could be better okay Bros all right we're gonna move over to Mr chumchay uh not chump change chump change God damn it we're gonna move over to Mr uh Max voltage okay now I gotta make sure I can do this redirect correctly yeah hold on hold on let's see all right let's go to edit customize we're gonna redirect uh to Mr Max voltage save okay all right Max voltage is doing a fundraiser Bros hobbyist chump change Max is on there right now all right oh miss Pocket Change Is there as well okay awesome I'll see you guys there I'll see you guys over there thank you for the live stream show you the GPS One Last Time thank you guys thank you thank God there's no code 43.

Radeon sevens from mining chamber they are all good all high Knicks all beautiful all mining no problem okay I'll see you guys on the other stream feel better Panda thank you Andrew Messiah I'll feel better thank you thank you the jet lag is real seriously I have a massive headache all right peace out Pros appreciate you all Carl Lam thanks bro smuggy Dan hash horse I'll see you guys over there at Max's screen peace out peace out thank you

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