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[Music] [Music] he [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I just got in my new power supplies for all of my new CPU mining rigs well new to me I got these all used but here it is I have a Pico power supply that's what these are called This is a 300 W variant and it goes from a six pin power this is the input that goes into either a you know ATX power supply or you know notably a HP server PSU okay and then the other side here goes into the CPU end for the motherboard like that for power okay and then yeah this part here goes into the ATX of a typical motherboard okay so this is to power a whole motherboard setup here now I know some people may be wondering red Pand what about you know powering a SATA or you know like a SSD and the variant I got here okay which I got off Alibaba that actually does come with the uh Power for the SATA if you need okay so that's pretty cool if you're utilizing these you know Metta m.2 adapter uh hard drives ssds then you don't need this but it's nice that this is a separate cas table I bought a whole bunch of these which I don't know if I am going to recommend anyone to buy these yet cuz I simply have not tried it okay so I can't say I'm going to give like an update after I have all of my CPU rigs up and Mining utilizing a you know an HP server PSU with a typical breakout board I want to see if this has at least some longevity I mean after a week I know but maybe after a year I of course you know I can't say if this is going to last a year or not but I guess time will tell I want to do a test though I have a CPU mining rig here this is a 3900x right now that is mining on 240 volts so I'm getting about 142 Watt on a typical 850 wat ATX PSU okay I'm mining Zephyr at the moment okay rig number four CPU 4 is doing 13 almost yeah 13 Kash okay so this is a 3900x I want to see if there's any I don't know more efficiency going this HP server route uh which is a platinum rated power supply versus a gold rated power supply so we'll just test that in a in a quick suck here but yeah I am curious to know if these are going to do well and I am going to begin to start building all of my you know 3900 x's and I got a I think six or seven 5950 XS already and where I'm going to set them all up is going to be through my low power shelf here so I'm actually just going to get a table and uh remove this rig somewhere else put it a table right here and then because my network switch is right here each of the CPU rigs will need a ethernet cable so they're all going to just go into the rigs here hopefully I can fit 16 or 17 rigs I do have some down there already CPU mining Rigs and the amount of power I am currently using on this whole pdu right now is about 25 2560 Watts okay so this is a 240 volt 30 amp pdu so hopefully I can then utilize 16 or 17 CPU mining rigs more onto this 240 volt 30m pdu that should be able to fill up the power there and then yeah I can have all the rigs all the CP mining rigs right here okay guys let me go ahead and test this out I am going to remove the ATX PSU okay and I'm just going to Simply oh hopefully this is is going to be I just realized something cuz if I'm going to have multiple motherboards okay on a single power supply this is a I think a, 1400 wat D server PSU okay with a parallel minor X11 breakout board how many motherboard setups can I have really close to this breakout board that's going to be interesting but I guess the footprint the the reason why I'm not using ATX psus one of the big reasons is there's a lot of extra cabling I you know this is a modular power supply so so the footprint for this versus you know one of these is much smaller right a lot less cabling plus you guys may be asking R what about the hard drives I don't have a SSD I'm going to be using a bunch of little M SATA m.2 uh drives okay into the motherboard so I don't need the you know extra Sata cable that comes out of these okay which they normally do but the versions I got off Alibaba got a custom one here it's just pcie and then ATX and then eight pin that's it that's all I need to power the whole motherboard setup okay let's do a comparison let's take apart this ATX PSU out and I'm going to plug in the new 300 W Pico PSU here let me do that with you guys right here you know quantum computers you know blockchain but do you know both together DX was the first platform to create a neuromorphic supercomputing blockchain based algorithm which solves real world problems and the best part anyone can post a job whether a company from the global 2000 a machine learning job or fintech and pharmaceutical and if you don't want to program it yourself get an expert directly at the marketplace run the job and be impressed by the fast result okay I just turned it off in hios going to switch off the ATX okay next part I'm going to unplug the 8 Pin on the motherboard and then also the 24 pin over here oh it's hard there we go okay unplug the PSU cable don't need that okay that's pretty much it I don't need this bulky thing anymore okay now let's roll in the HP server PSU okay so it's I have a Dell 1400 watt here I got off parallel Miner typical X11 breakout board uh some people have reservations regarding you know these power supplies and so do I there's been some failures but if you have a failure Pell Miner will refund you if they don't get them to contact me I'll I'll put in the good work but uh okay so the six pin part of this Pico PSU I plugged in already on the breakout board now I'm just going to plug in the 24 pin part into the motherboard this is actually one of the first times I am utilizing a Pico power supply I've heard many things regarding these many people say they're good some people say they're bad uh but uh time will tell here okay now the other part I'm going to plug into the 8 Pin CPU very easy uh make sure the clip lines up with the other notch on this part here the top okay and that's going to clip in okay just like that okay make sure it's in looks good okay all right that's it that's that's the setup no more bulky PSU with a bunch of cables everywhere this definitely looks and feels uh much better okay I'm going to plug in the 240 volt power okay and then I have to press the power button on the breakout board to turn this on okay Network ca's in that's it here we go let's see if it mines 3 2 1 hope there's no smoke okay I don't no smoke yet I don't see any smoke okay but we are at uh let's see just starting up we are at 20 uh 45 Watts idle 35 Watts you know what let me get you guys out here okay oh yeah look at this CPU rig and all its beauty I have a bunch more of these These are the thermal right assassin 120R SC V2 these are the CPU heat sinks I'm utilizing on my 3900x and 5950 X's uh which I'll have to build eventually I'm probably going to have many videos building CPU rigs maybe live streams as well got a lot to set up okay I believe it's mining now so this is a, 1400 wat PSU on 240 volt are we saving any power oh looks like we're getting less efficiency here almost using 160 Watts 159 okay we're at at like 140 something before so I'm guessing that extra 20 watts we're utilizing from the ATX PSU is because the efficient load on this power supply is going to be around I think 50% so obviously we're not utilizing 50% of this power supply right now but yeah 159 Watts okay so yeah 12.98 y so there we go 3900x is mining now I need to add on probably like three or four more rigs uh maybe five I can do six rigs on one HP server PSU That's The Power of utilizing one of these versus an ATX PSU I can theoretically do you know two CPU mining rigs so I'm going to have to say this is going to be a lot better in a way probably more efficient because if you add up more of the ATX power supplies I am not using obviously more I'm going to be using much less so yeah I think this is going to be the more efficient way uh to go okay so guys that's it I just wanted to show you guys this all the Pico psus that I received from Alibaba I I'm not going to list where I got these yet because I don't know if these are going to be good long term okay so let me just let me play around with these for over a week and once I get up all of my other CP mining rigs I will link where I bought these okay the seller I bought from Alibaba okay six pin to uh ATX Pico to the 8 Pin CPU okay my friends all right so don't yell at me just I I want to be safe for I recommend these cuz I don't know if they're going to be good long term just let me play around with these for another another week or two and then I'll make another video once all of my uh CPU mining rigs are up we're at 160 Watts now okay on this 3900x build H maybe we can lower the Vol we could probably lower the voltage in the Bios yeah could probably do that but uh otherwise I'm happy about this a lot smaller footprint in terms of cabling and yeah this is 16 gauge as well forgot to mention that 16 gauge cabling according to the C all right even those you know these are all made in China anyway but uh hopefully time will tell okay my friends thank you so much let me know your thoughts about this time to get the rest of my CPU mining rigs up I'm going to take all of your guys' hash rate rabid mining if you're watching this man I'm coming after you I'm coming after you all your CPU mining farms and your profits [Music] beware

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