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[Music] e [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning Bros happy holidays to all of you welcome to the live stream good morning good afternoon well it might be afternoon for Eastern people RPM just put on some metal music sure there are some xmus them so at 6 p.m. here oh there we got some around the world viewers as well a pirate The Travelers travels rud puts crypto clutch good morning good good good good afternoon good sir Steven alak tyen what's up bro serpent raid welcome to the serpent raid what's up Bros what's up welcome Krypto Mel yo man power min what's up man Rich Bor Borgia what's up man Savage right zero you are banned black cat Krypto good to see you black cat Krypto good to see you so what's everyone's plans this this Christmas what what what's everyone doing besides like family dinners anyone have any plans is it just everyone just chilling staying in serpent merry Christmas bro happy holidays all R ping love to you and the family tell them I said hello much love brother you too bro serpent thank you man thank you rude puts with the with the beer beer emojis I love it I'm On Top chat I'm going to live chat there we go you know what and I want to have have the chat on screen I want to read it beside here I like I like it this way uh This Way much better yeah okay there we go I can read your guys's degenerate comments All right so my main topic of today I know my voice sounds I'm still getting over that cough uh I'm doing I'm doing much better though doing much better doing much better good evening red panda scammer crypto KJ you're are banned harassment reported just kidding I can never report you um bought a 4090 yesterday open box for 14.45 no way really where where did you buy where did you buy that open box is that Amazon or best bu Best Buy must be Best Buy wait does Best Buy do open [Music] box um yeah that's a really that's a really sounds like oh Micro Center OH Micro [Music] Center I got a 490 MSRP when it launched flipped it for 1.2x nice rude buts other music please all right fine hold on [Music] better is this accept acceptable oh man H mind scrypto I just got my first 30 series for mining nice nice Krypto clutch read my last chat Krypto clutch where is it home bre crypto I rented my first GPU to mine with most wasteful way of mining can't OC so it was just mining at 450 Watts 4090 home bre crypto nice very nice um crypto clutch I don't I don't see your I don't see your comment yeah you're going to have to type it again I'm expanding my CHF oh my god when I said Chia I had to Sor I'm expanding my Chia farm this Christmas I'm opening the family gifts today nice clutch nice overboard tech music 100% accepted shares 18 hours love to see it oh are you talking about my 5700 rig oh that's log in and see let's log in who wants to see it let's see it am I logged in I'm logged in yes 143 gpus are on yes look at this this one overboard Tech yes up up time 18 hours nice yes oh yeah oh yeah 25 Mega hash beautiful oh beautiful man so look on lottery some of them are really high power what H what happened um don't forget to drink I'm drinking I'm drinking honey and water like like nuts uh man I've been having hell of a time with the Kapow algo lately can't seem to get my 5700 XTS up around 25 Mega has uh closest I got was 21 uh Dale Ferguson um check out overal board overbo Tech tuned my 5700 here you can try this uh try these uh my 5700 some of them were really I don't know really bad I don't I I'm not I'm not quite sure check check it out check it out uh ortex says these are Ultra conservative micro Micron Tunes yes should run on anything okay who smells that Crypt pounder nothing's melting all right nothing's melting come [Laughter] on but you notice a lot of my Samsung memory 5700 XTS are like lower power than the Micron in hi but of course at the wall at the wall I think it's it's more for AMD cards obviously this is not an octo Miner so it doesn't show the true power uh yeah um so what I wanted to I want I wanted to start the live stream totally different but I just wanted to have like a like like this this whole past year I just reflect reflecting on the past year what has transpired this whole year do you guys feel have you have you guys felt that whatever you have done over the past year whether or not you're mining or holding or whatever whatever any type of mining that it's now come to a point where it's like worked out and like you're happy about it like are you happy are you happy about where you are now it's like I I like realized that yesterday it's like come to a point where it's like man all the work all the time all the all the crap we put in over the past year or two has now like come to fruition Everything is Everything is Going up everything your bags are going up and price all things are price appreciated you're getting those gains your rigs are making money again dependent on your electrical cost of course I'm assuming everyone that's here watching is those that have decent electrical cost I mean I think there's some of you guys that have uh a little bit less uh electrical cost but um but uh let's see what you guys say here I'm I'm never happy mining never died just hibernating short bare I Amo KY Rosa you know what yeah yeah yeah you know what like yeah the bare Market it felt yeah you know what it felt low yeah you know what it was like how many how many days was it well no it started H let's see July like really started here April 2022 here we are a year L uh no April 22 this is like a year and a half a year and eight months later a year and eight months later how long was the like a previous one let's see 2018 January all the way up until 2020 that was like 3 years I mean yeah I don't I don't know I don't know it was way worse please stop selling Carlson uh what do you think about radiant I I love it I love radiant uh not Financial advice uh let's see I want to I wanted to read your guys' top uh topic about the uh everyone happy here um let's see my electric is 37 cents Krypto KJ damn man black cat crypto red panda I couldn't believe kaspa honey uh Varys went up as much as they did I was depressed earlier this year I am definitely hopeful now uh cat uh Black Cat crypto you know what bro [Music] um you know here's here's something I've i' I've had a realization now like [Music] I'm I've been I've been pessimistic on a few projects and in my opinion I shouldn't have been um I mean I I was really I was really pessimistic on like you know iot the the iot stuff um and what I mean by that is like uh like helium mobile you know Hive mapper uh uh Fri Foundation uh I don't have I don't have geonet on here but all those all those types of thing all those you know obviously they're low power and they all have a different use case they all they all have a different use case in a way but like I I am never never going to discredit any of these like small iot devices ever again I I know like helium mobile went up like insane amounts Hive mapper has gone up insane um helium I you know like if you were just if you just had these things on which take like what 10 to 20 watts over the past year and you just held it all you've made like a crap [Music] ton uh RPM what do you think of Doo this week went crazy for Doo uh yes exactly Doo is another one demo demo Doo demo demo or Doo how do you how do you pronounce that d D or [Applause] die I think it's I think it's Dao anyways I hooked up I hooked up my Tesla to the Dao and it was free I didn't know that until I watched uh uh who did I watch it was uh uh Swan Castle he had a YouTube video about making like 20 30 grand on Dao cuz he hled all of it uh yeah crazy crazy you know what can I add is is Doo on here D yes it is I didn't add this asset ah save do yeah 300% oh you're to date wow 500 year to date D's been up 5 539 wow amazing [Music] amazing but I remember know it was like a year ago DJ DJ mindes did a video on Dao I didn't get into it um Hive mapper I got into it they sent me one but I I drove for like a week and then I forgot about it to be honest I'm going to be honest I'm I like spread myself out so thin like I'm involved like I'm involved in so much like different mining already like like Asic mining like Asic mining alone is like its own like full-time job like keeping up with all that stuff and then like GPU mining was a whole other thing right and then like I try to get into like I'm doing like servers and stuff I mean whole past two years I was like getting into like all that all different stuff but like I think I was spreading myself out too thin that like I didn't I didn't believe in any of these types of projects but lo and behold especially that they're on salana because salana has gone up so that's oh that oh yeah everything stems all those things that you know Hive mapper uh salana all stem from being on on salana I believe is Hive mapper run on is is honey on salana is that right anyways because salana has gone up so much that it's brought up a lot of these iot coins that are on on salana so I think I think I think that's what that's what's happening here but um it's just crazy it's it's it's it's utterly insane but you know personally I've never discredited like any other like GPU minable coins because I'm pretty I'm like how do you say it I'm biased towards GPU Mining and so I don't I don't have that you know negative connotation towards GPU mining coins I more so because I'm biased I had a negative connotation because of helium there was so much negativity regarding helium that I also put that forth towards other iot stuff Hive mapper Doo helium Mobile 5G cbrs radios whatever I was all I was all pretty negative on those things and I just I just never got involved I never got involved in those things but looks like they've done really well and uh I think uh there's there's a market for it I mean as crypto miners I mean these types of things Hive mapper helium iot demo Doo uh there's there's obviously real world use case for them for those things now so I mean I think it's I think it's legit like I think my realization is I'm not I'm never going to discredit th these types of projects ever again I'm never going to discredit any of these projects uh jock Miner you went crank didn't you uh yes you know what I did yes I did actually I was uh that was because of uh uh Mr Network bits um got me into crank now I don't know how well it's doing now cuz I have not kept up crank uh crank does not show up on Cor gecko so but crank is on the Caden Network so if kadana starts to Moon then crank will probably Moon as well that's if kadana moons then then crank is going to Moon who knows um so we'll see how that goes but anyways I'm never going to discredit any of these these types of iot devices ever again they're such low power anyway doesn't take much power and uh anyways um moving along mining over the past year has been amazing Bros I know whether or not you've been Asic mining or GPU mining or iot mining iot farming whatever you call it what what would you call I what would you call iot not m is it mining it's mining yeah it's mining everything's done well I mean everything if you hled their bags over the past year you've seen such a exponential gain on all a a lot you've seen everything over the year to date a lot of coins uh have gone up a lot of proof of work projects have gone up and uh so if you've been doing that over the past year and you've held it all up until now these days because the whole Market's been going up over the past uh really bitcoin's been really climbing uh really climbing here over the past three months here this is like this is insane this is like 2021 but here we are in like 2023 we're already we're already going up we're going up pretty insane pretty insane hle hoddle gang um uh let's see is there a minimum purchase opportunity for salana uh uh I'm not a Trader but my thought process on that is go to salana previous all-time highs yeah I mean it hasn't hit previous alltime highs yet is are we in like the Bull Run bull market numbers yet no definitely not market cap of salana is 41 billion if you go to previous history see historical data uh we do it by month here historical data for salana so here we are it's uh yeah 3 34 billion uh let's see previous one was 60 I Peak I think was 60 November 1st $63 billion so does it have a chance to go back up to that again yeah probably yeah maybe probably if the B run happens if we're at 41 billion right now I mean it could probably go even higher than that who knows I don't know um red pan mining crypto clutch what do you want what do you want from me are you adding me RPM are you still running the ETMC nodes any more add to your server uh Mike Flanigan no I am I have not gotten around to adding another one I was going to uh but I just haven't I haven't I haven't got I I just I haven't no I haven't yet I will I will but um I'll get to it I will definitely get to it are my nodes still running let's see let's see let's see let's see yeah that one's still going this one still go is this one still going 29 ETMC okay nice is this one still going yeah that one's still going is this one still going oh yeah oh we got 102 Etc pal ooh what's this one 107 [Music] ooh 109 oh we got to do the claim I got to do a claim on these three all right perfect um when is the 20gp rig going to happen nor do I need to take over that project yes power mines you can take over um way too fast for you you decided on mining pyi instead of kls for usdt uh I think pyi was a little bit better than kls for usdt yes check Discord DM for CPU rig mounting ideas oh yes shes I did see that I did I did see that man yes holy crap oh my God yes bro yes bro I yeah you sent this to me earlier I was like [ __ ] yes look at this so cool so ingenious bro I love [Music] it you got your phones down there as well and then you got you said you got okay how okay chides how are you powering each one how can you explain to me how you're powering each one H how are you doing this what what power supply like uh like what what's the whole uh what's the whole setup you're using like what which uh Pico adapters or Pico adapters which one are you using like the 250 watt 400 watt come change what are you doing here welcome bro welcome hit that like that like how many people we have here I didn't even see it uh holy crap we got 277 people here 72 likes smash the freaking like button Bros Smash that like let's get over 200 let's see it Bros 200 200 likes let's go let's go uh shid ATX power supply runs the motherboard on the bottom and Pico adapters power a four on top six pin pce input they're on eBay I can send you yes send me the link okay yes send me the link I also have Alibaba account caveman mining bro caveman mining bro oh my God thank you for the donation bro wishing you and the family Merry uh Christmas and happy holidays May 2024 bring you much yield and wealth doesn't change the fact I still doesn't change the fact I'm a I'm still a better gamer than you caveman mining One V one me right now One V one one right now Starcraft Counter Strike pubg One V one me let's go right now One V one ah [Laughter] God He Man uh thank you bro hey uh Merry Christmas to you as well happy holidays bro to you and your family man thank you so much all of you as well happy holidays Merry Christmas everyone um okay so uh shes please send me the adapters you used specifically and what which are are they able to power 5950 X's or 3900 X's like a Pico adapter oh Andrew mad Andrew mad thank you bro Merry Christmas to you and your family Andrew mad you too man merry Christmas bro Merry Christmas Andrew mad thank you brother uh shid 3900x no problem okay um yeah you sent me the Ebay link okay uh hold on hold on hold on hold on I just opened it up hold on hold on uh okay okay hold on I'm going to put it over here okay my eyes is there no is there a dark mode on eBay um okay dcx ATX 300 watt PCI pin uh 24 Pico ATX PSU power supply oh dude this is sick okay this is nice I've seen these before I've never used one before I've seen them before but I've just never used them so they're powered by the six pin and you can directly uh can you plug in the six pin into an HP server PSU can you do HP server PSU as well or it has to be ATX travels travels thank you for the 11 months bro hey Mary crypto Miss to you too bro crypto Miss thank you bro thank you Picos are the way absolutely uh using overbo clock CPUs is draw loone of power uh that's the one I love them John English Tech nice okay I have never used these in my life I've I've seen these in the past I've heard I've heard bad I've heard people had bad experiences uh with these but granted they're Pro people who bought them probably bought like the crappy ones or like the AliExpress ones so this one looks to be a little better does this one have the eight pin for CPU though yes it does okay that's good what's this one what's this one for what's what's this end for uh okay this is for a CPU this is for the motherboard this is the plug-in oh PL wait huh oh that's the input oh I see okay oh you plugged the ATX PSU uh cable into that okay okay okay I see okay okay I thought I thought you could plug that into the power supply or into an HP server PSU but I see it's like an extension this is an extender okay this is okay okay I got that wrong I I I misunder I misunderstood that I misunderstood that [Music] um do you have a freedom F hotspot and antenna not sure of your thoughts on 5G helium killer 65 Malibu I do not I recall having like two or three sponsors or different companies hit me up about those like a year and a half ago uh but I never responded in hindsight I should have and if I did and held it all till now I'd be rich just like overboard Tech just kidding you can always use a standard Network rack and I have a small Shelf with each motherboard you could literally have like 15 I bet really now the set adapter is for powering the GPU Riser shes God damn it that's for the SSD right that yeah obviously that's for the SSD okay that's sweet all right I I will do it I'm going to buy uh well no I want to do a video first because I I'm getting get get shid over but you guys like I'm getting so many opinions regarding these things okay uh a lot of people told me do the ATX PSU way and then have a 24 pin splitter and a lot of those you know 7 650 watt PSU have two 8 Pin CPU power connectors so like splitting up ATX psus instead of using Pico adapter so I I I'm going to I'm I'm going to I want to do a video I'm going to do a dedicated one I'm going to have multiple scenarios and situation and like different Hardware setups I want to get everyone's opinion before before I buy before I buy anything um but I I would love to do this way this this way seems like the most like costeffective way I already have a bunch of ATX psus and HP server you know uh with the breakout boards I love I have like I have a ton of those like so for me personally all I'd have to do is just buy these and then I'd be I'd be done [Music] um um but everyone some people tell me like some people tell me like the uh uh the ATX server PSU way is more reliable than these so I I don't know I I don't know I don't know but this looks pretty sick I love it I love it this is the nice this is a nice setup chides that's a pretty nice St turn the turn the 12 GPU mining frame into a CPU mining rig frame uh CPU mining rig I love it I love it cable ties [Laughter] everywhere uh don't you have 5,000 ATX psus uh cruit man yes that's why I would I want to do it this that's why I want to do it this way it looks looks pretty good with the uh th000 watt he's got th000 watt PSU for five motherboards that's such a good idea um I personally like having a single PSU per board just to make sure nothing funky happens if you need a to power cycle one or the other there also resell value on ATX PSU is nice uh PL La yeah that that I've been I've been I've been told as well that's why that's why I was thinking about having that as a scenario another alternative like a single PSU for each motherboard and then are either single PSU two motherboard boards uh 24 pin splitter and two pin uh two eight pins CPU split for two motherboards or another alternative will be the Pico uh psus or the other alternative is the parallel minor zsx amp Edition boards which I know a lot of people don't like that's probably not that's but that's going to be a a alternative uh uh good thing I have 24 more coming of those frames so I'll have 32 in total wow dude that's a lot of frames they're probably really cheap now on Alibaba Alibaba is really uh uh really really really uh really cheap to buy that stuff um but eBay seems like a good good call as well um overb Tech Picos allow you almost all the same flexibility as native ATX PS right right oh yeah I mean look at that you can you can you can hook up five of them to one 1,000 watt PSU I think that's that's awesome that that's really I'm probably going to go this way I'm but I I do want to do the dedicated video because I I want to I want to I just want to look at all the options I want to sell my DPR and both my DPR devices I don't even use the devices they are intended one unit has 400 credits sorry what's a DPR I don't know what a DPR device is what is that Dio di mapper what is that DPR uh 24 frames and 16 stacking Parts like 1300 USD shipped ooh nice oh deeper Network crypto KJ deeper Network okay jeez I I have one of those I never plugged it in I was I was way too afraid to plug in that that deeper Network thing that thing looked that thing looked looked uh sketchy as hell basically a VPN running on your network I was like hell no hell no oh no uh all right um uh shid so thank you for that shes thank you for that link I will definitely uh use that uh if I go that route I I will definitely go that route for sure for sure um so GPU mining now okay so let's see hash rate I saw did you guys see AI power grid being like most profitable on hash rate.

Yesterday it still is kind of for some GPS everything's like everything's like like playing like musical chairs here it's like Pyon for like a couple days ago then it's like aipg and it's leum and it's just like it's going all over the place AI power grid oh my God it's awesome just hilarious aipg dude 92 cents 56 cents profit at 10 cent I mean it's it's nothing crazy it's it's nothing insane but it's it's it's you know what it it's it's really nice and it's great that this also goes along with the title of of today's live stream is because you know with all that has transpired after the ethereum merge it was so like depressing right everyone was so sad and everyone was like ah I'm getting out of GPU mining I'm selling everything you know whole bunch of mining Farm liquidations I remember people were hitting me out hey red P I'm getting out you want to buy 100 gpus I'm like holy holy crap like you know and like I was just like all right it's it's that time and then like you know but now here we are a year later year and a half year year and a couple months later after the ethereum merge we now have like a crap ton of of GPU minable coins that have like come out out of the Woodworks and have become really good and it's essentially has has spread out the hash rate amongst a lot of hardware and so for those that are for those that have still held on to their Hardware they're reaping the benefits now right for those that just kept Mining and holding or for those that maybe didn't mine and you know maybe are starting to turn back on um still have their equipment they're able to benefit from that right so it's it's really nice right hash rate has been just spreading out profitability has been going all over the place um it's nice when the bow run when when when everything starts going up exponentially you're going to see like you're going to when Bitcoin starts going up even higher like past like 50 60,000 anything after that man and for all you guys who are still mining right now even with Asic Miner anything with everything that you're mining with right now you're going to see dollar values you're going to you're single GPU your singular 3070 is going to be making like $5 a day okay so that's that's that's also the idea with that also comes with where you're you're mining the bare market and like you're mining let's say you're mining uh you're mining 4.96 Chlor right now that's worth about 75 but what if chor did like a 10x then you'd be making like $9 a day that would pretend you would be making $9 a day on a single 3070 if you were yielding five Chlor right if if this is 75 cents revenue and you times that by 10 that's like 8 7 Bucks or something right if chor went up 10x in price am I saying chor is going to go up 10x in price no it can it though it definitely can all these like smaller cap coins core narai satox alium uh hell you know a lot of small cap GP minable coins I'm not saying chor okay chor is 593 now granted so it's not really kind of small cap anymore it's getting up there it's 15 cents right what what's not to say $37 million market cap that if you know the AI narrative is still you know you know popular you know if the AI narrative is still there in the bull run then you're going to see like all the AI coins start pumping up like crazy and then you know GPU mining chor is going to be like insane and if you huddled and mined all that and if you're starting to do that now Mining and hodling H you you might see in insane insane gains man just insane cruit man says this this bull run I ain't holding [ __ ] selling daily I you know what crew man I'm I'm with you I'm actually with you on that a little bit um my I I I just have this gut feeling this is not Financial advice this is not Financial advice okay this is is my this is my gut feeling right now and I I I've I've I've talked about this before in other live streams I just had this gut feeling that you know Bitcoin ETF you know the news comes out January comes out you know it's like a catalyst and it's going to it's going to it's going to pump up a little bit further who knows and then it's like buy the rumor sell the news I don't know I I just I just I just think we're going to go back down again and then when the Bitcoin having comes about then we're start rolling up and then go back up again you know similar to similar to what happened here this is not Financial advice that's just my gut feeling I hope it doesn't happen Okay I I hope we just go straight up like I if we just go up from here all the way I would love that of course we would all love that but I'm trying to keep my expectations low I'm not trying to be so like oh yeah we're just going to go up constantly no I you know what I'm I'm trying to stay I'm trying to stay kind of keep my expect expectations you know you know grounded you know I just I just don't that's just my gut feeling I hope it's it I hope it doesn't happen I hope we just go up but I just I think I I just I don't know not Financial advice but that's just my gut feeling it's it's just it it's just from past history stuff okay there's been plenty of that there's been plenty of of like you know oh a lot of hype a lot of you know Bitcoin ETF or like uh what other bunch of different random catalysts that people use to manipulate the market I I'm just I'm just who knows who knows I I I'm probably wrong I hope I'm wrong I hope it goes up but that's just my that's just my gut feeling man it's the perfect draw chart please don't patronize me don't patronize my my drawings God damn it getting out the notepad jotting down the notes and red pan mining Financial advice action Alpha mine you are banned Stephen it's all Financial advice I'm going to clip this no please don't clip it I mean clip it yes clip it if it if it does actually go down all right clip if if we do go down uh but also clip it if we do go back up cuz I did say I did say that I would love it for it to go up obviously oh man I love it I love it man you guys are horrible you guys are terrible uh crewman says 100% I'm not saying that we are going up yet I'm just saying when the next bull run hits I'm selling daily oh okay okay uh crew man yeah yeah I mean yeah when you're mining at these times when you're making like $10 a day on a GPU yeah you sell you you sell yeah you you you sell I mean not only that I mean during these times we're all selling our bags too right like I I mean you guys know like I was making videos during these times I told you guys like I bought a house right I I I I I bought a bought a house and renovated it and spent a lot of money on that and actually I was going to have another video talking about that maybe um talking about my like I kind of screwed up I I didn't screw up it it was not my fault in a way I I didn't expect that I would pay 3x more on my house renovations so I got I also got screwed in a lot of ways as well in the renov I hate oh man contractors are just terrible people just just just terrible people and uh yeah so I yeah short story is I didn't take out enough money to uh basically finish my Renovations and like you know it was costing it it was costing like way too much and like I didn't like we I took out enough like budgeted that amount for the renovation and like it was 3x that it was it was 3x that and it was so dumb it was so stupid never never renovate a house ever again oh my God I'm just going to just going to buy new oh so much headache so so much stress so much gray hair H never again okay uh are we having a rigged contest today RPM what do you mean rigged contest what every contest we do is always rigged what are you talking about we rig everything okay I'm serious though if if we if this is like if we are in Bull Run territory and it feels like we're in Bull Run territory if we just keep going up and up and up to like 100k holy crap man it's going to be it it it's it's going to be insane like everyone with Bitcoin A6 everyone with A6 everyone with any type of as6 everyone with gpus everyone with any type of mining Hardware is going to see massive massive profit taking like $10 a day GPU mining like it it's going to happen it's it's coming back Bros it's man I'm it's it's going to happen and when that happens oh my God it's like open the floodgates man it open the floodgates it's going to be it's going to be insane like hope you guys have been like accumulating you know over the past year um I know depending on your financial situation uh you've been accumulating Hardware of some sort frames risers motherboards whatever extra crap you know just just get ready you know cuz like you got to think the opposite you know when things are cheap when Hardware is cheap when everyone's negative on the thing negative on the markets then that's the time to buy granted though I know now is it is it a good time to buy now you know I haven't really seen Hardware really go up that much actually let's check out nerd gears let's check out nerd gears is a good nerd gears is a good uh is a good gauge in my opinion um look at that we got some power supplies here 850 wat Supernova for $120 I mean these were going for like couple hundred in the Bull Run um let's see risers a dollar look at this a dollar for a oh a version 006s Riser no way wow grade D all right this is bad this this is uh in D condition heavy sign of use for a dollar dude yes yes I love it I love it I love it look at dude I used to have a crap ton of these I used to have these oh my God this brings me back this is this is like four years four or three or four years old Riser dude that's amazing that's amazing dollar um oh dude what's this 50 bucks USB hub Wow Let's see what do they have gpus let's see wow we have 300 people watching 300 viewers Merry Christmas to you all smash the like Bros happy holidays to all of you uh okay we got a GX p106 for $40 now I you know what I bet you anything in the bull run these things are going to make like a dollar a day I bet you at one point there's going to be a point where these will probably make a dollar a day I'm not even joking it's it's probably going to happen hell you know even rx580s you know the rx580s are profitable are breaking even at least at around 10 cents right now you know what I'm actually going to I'm actually going to turn on my 580s I'm going to turn on my 5 right now cuz I actually have 8 cent kilow hour so I would be at least oh I could be 17 cents profitable at 8 cents dude I could turn on my 580s so you know it's like you see you see these numbers right and if a lot of these proof of work GP minable coins the high cap coins start going up in like 10x you know 15x 20x you're going to see profitability going up like insane amounts so man $40 I don't know if I don't know I don't know I would I buy these personally no could they make you know a dollar a day in the Bull Run yes 1060s for $70 nice nice nice this is this is actually pretty pretty good actually no $70 no h i would I no that's not never mind a little bit little bit little bit on the high side I think but um PNY RTX 380 12 GB cards 500 bucks oo okay okay okay um okay okay 500 bucks how much are 40 30 90s though right now how much are 309s Max voltage don't listen to Red P he is trying to pump up the value of AR so he can get he can sell off his huge amount of hey hey Max Hey Hey Hey Hey listen you know what Max just CU you said that I'm keeping all of my 580s and I'm going to prove it to you just for that Max you know what I need to take a screenshot hold on need to take a screenshot screenshot there but where's my S excuse me where's my sniping tool all right Max I'm saving the screenshot saving [Laughter] this H uh aash rependa I respect what you do in Shar you have been very good help for me to understand mining overall thanks bro I'm I'm I'm definitely not the best person to uh uh help understand I'm I'm pretty I'm a pretty degenerate I'm a pretty Degen Miner so but uh you're welcome good sir um check Hive the RX 580 is the most common AMD card you know what jock Miner you are not wrong public stats all right um let's see RX 580 look at look look at that hios right now all of hios there's 21% rx5808 gigabyte cards Dude these cards are bulletproof man bulletproof dude 5700 XTS 12% of hi dude that is insane dude crypto clutch I'm I'm there with you red pan M I probably have 200x 580 still dude I I bet you anything in the Bull Run you'll probably make a dollar a day on an RX 580 maybe more and yeah who knows how long it'll last though but you could make $200 a day in the bull run right in the Bull Run you just start making money right when things start going up insane um 570s 6600 XT 6600s a lot of 6700 XTS 8% um not many people do 470s anymore uh 6800 5 dude RTX 370s 12% on hios that's that's cool not many people have 390s wow 3% wow huh oh look at this as6 oh my God look at this holy look at this 33% L3 pluses on hion S9 dude people dude 15% crap ton of people are running S9 still wow wow man dude Alpha mine a lot of people may deploy uh their 39s on vast yeah yeah that makes sense that makes sense uh yeah uh vast.

A vast. a I think right now not really uh let's see last let's [Music] see um where is the part where you can see all the gpus uh nope not this part uh here here here we go loading there is 1,088 listings of 390s that's really not that much that's that's really not a lot like I I'm pretty sure there's like millions of 39s out there 1357 listings of 490s on vast. AI right now um 275 for gigaby 380 a good buy yes that is cheap chris Henley yeah that's a good price yeah um time for rabbit stream oh it's 10:00 already all right well well we're going to end it there bros we're going to end it there thank you Bros for the live stream Merry Christmas to all of you thank you guys so much thank you guys so much Max voltage three out of the 1357 490s listings are mine Max Max that's awesome uh H clutch I just sent off my two broken KS 3M boards to China last night oh did you nice um that's awesome all right merry Christmas everybody thank you guys I'll have a stream tomorrow um we're going to build a CPU mining rig tomorrow I have a 50 wat PSU I want to test out a couple of the the CP rigs that I just bought uh so we'll do that tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon I think yeah all right peace out Bros peace out peace out peace out appreciate everybody smash that like on the way out I will see you on rabid stream Merry Christmas guys you guys have a great one happy holidays stay safe stay safe peace out Bros peace [Music] out [Music] [Music] and [Music] me [Music] [Music] me

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