Radeon VII DYNEX KING?! Hashrate Testing… LIVE

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thank you [Applause] thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] ladies gentlemen welcome to the live stream we are going to be testing a Radeon 7. uh today and specifically mining Dynex for people that care about Dynex and with the I believe the optimizations and updates that SRB minor has had ever since Dynex I believe updated to some new float points 64-bit update optimization whatever you want to call it AMD cards are now the king of Dynex mining Nvidia has now fallen on the Wayside and now in terms of Dynex mining AMD cards are back into play and thank you to Mr the pirate thank you overboard Tech they have given me all the information well actually I think there's been a new update has there been there's been a new SRB uh minor update so let's let's let me just let me just go there now and uh we're gonna we're going to um uh go go through it okay so let's go to the screen here you guys see my screen uh let's see I see I gotta make sure I see a chat all right welcome humbleboard Tech uh is he here no bacon eggs and hash Geppetto box pad retro Mike T Swift gross t-swift you're Bend broskis automatic beats what's up Bros what's up it's a pirate before I help tell minor what mining pool you are using uh I I haven't set up any flight sheet I haven't set up I haven't set up anything yet okay I don't even have I don't I don't think iOS has the latest update on so we're gonna have to do all of that manually and uh all that kind of stuff but anyways let me just read here 20 hours ago uh version 2.3.4 wasn't there a 2.3 there's 2.33 two days ago okay so two days ago so now there's another there's another update here added gfx 906 Vega 7 Radeon 7 binaries for algorithm Dynex on Newark drivers tested on 22 40.6 perfect so I don't have to downgrade my driver I thought I had to I thought we had to downgrade the Radeon uh the uh AMD driver down to uh 20 40 or something so it looks like we don't we don't need to do that thank God so we can use the latest version of Hive OS um all right so uh Hive OS has the update oh okay Travelers channels top chat all right uh live chat okay so let me let me go ahead let me Hive has the latest update okay perfect all right I'm gonna there let's turn this thing on let's turn this machine on beautiful Radeon seven I took it out of a uh one of my um six by octominer Radeon 7 rigs and uh this is a Taiwan made Radeon 7 with Samsung memory now I do want to try if we can have time in today's live stream I'm I have a high Nix uh China made Radeon 7.

Okay so I remember when I was mining ethash that my Taiwan made Radeon 7 was better more efficient because it has Samsung mem a Samsung or the memory and GPU core or whatever it's on the same chip I don't know made in Taiwan it was more efficient my high next one was a lot more uh I would say more power hungry so I I don't know if that's gonna change the Dynex numbers and I'm curious to know if that is gonna be a thing or not so silicon Lottery in this case could play a huge role it does play a huge role so we're gonna try it I have a power measure uh Power measuring device okay and you know what uh we should change this uh uh timeout I don't want the time out I don't I just want no timeout none uh let's see uh when you go wait hold on one more setting speed speed I just do like three so the wattage doesn't fluctuate like crazy done okay now we just go to uh GPU all right so this all right so I have we can measure the Riser power we can measure the GPU power okay so there's two eight pins on this Radeon seven that we can measure the power directly on the PMD and also the six pin on the Riser okay so when it comes to that point anyway um and then I also have on 240 volt this whole rig system uh total system power all right so just that's so we can see the power consumption of this uh of this uh Radeon seven all right let me let me let me uh let me uh see what you guys are saying rip fan the fan is broken no it's not but there's no there's no broken fan it's working uh AMD uh she's spinning uh latest update okay um okay uh broken fan all right I'm trying to read the chat here High neck's supposed to be better according to overboard well you know what I want to prove overboard Tech wrong today where is he where is that bastard okay let's go back into the computer okay all right so um well not smashing the like button until RPM drops the font all set Miner you better smash the like button with or without the f-bombs okay no no swearing selling selling my last gpus Bruno PSC I'm sorry um okay let's go is this rig showing up and hot let's see let's see if it shows up I just brand new test bench it's not brand new um but I mean uh uh brand new uh what you would call it I burned a brand new image onto the SSD all right of Hive OS and looks like there's an update oh there you go SRB 2.3.4 all right so I need that okay this ring needs to be updated upgrade okay I don't have any flight sheet I don't have anything like that so let's do that now while it's upgrading let's let's make the flight sheet all right let's let's make a brand new uh let's make a brand or can I just conf you know I can just configure this one there we go all right here Dynex uh wallet Dynex yeah cool okay all right um what pool should I use who's who's mining pool should I use Geppetto no smoke equals no like Geppetto God damn it how many people are here 133 43 likes come on see 100 likes Bros let's go come on let's go let's go deep miners deep miners all right we're doing deep miners uh I am closest to I am closest Ro xp1 what that's awesome XP what Randy had their own what what condo bits has his own sir wait what is going wait am I seeing this right condiments xp1 Ronnie you guys have your own servers what Tai sang is this real is this real life can I get a RPM .deepminers.com what's going on here Randy is solo we're at use of Seattle yeah I'll use this the only like when RPM reads all retro marketings Comics Sasquatch God damn it all right um all right let's do Seattle here let's do Seattle that's that's what I'm closer soon apply now minor uh SRB setup do I do I change anything here I don't think so I leave everything here stock right I don't think I need to add anything uh adding unnecessary complexity with all the stratums is it not could be an orphan issue I'm not sure man yes Yeti said he wants you to have I I hope I see Iowa crypto mining I think red panda has me muted not cool Iowa crypto mining 100 percent Iowa I don't have you muted uh it's a pirate add GPU Dynex 4 in the okay in the in the extra are you talking about in the extra parameters is a pirate this is is this specific to the Radeon 7 is this specific is this code is this batch command uh parameter specific to the Radeon 7 .

I'm gonna move you guys over here don't fart near them John Smith dude if we code 43 a Radeon 7 today I'm gonna be pissed I'm gonna be really pissed okay that's it all right it's a pirate all right apply uh AMD R7 uh name okay update all right uh do I apply it now let's see hold on did this work update okay just let me refresh all right Radeon seven Samsung hbm2 memory 16 gigabyte oh my God this GPU is like it's just this GPU scares me man all right let's apply the flight sheet oh I didn't do any overclocks oh that's fine let's let's run at stock let's see let's see what this thing does stock okay flightsheet is applied uh let's uh let's I'm curious of power now let's go see what power looks like 21 Watts the whole rig at the wall is 49 47 48.

System total so there's a little like 30 watt 28 watt Delta between the PMD and the uh uh the 240 volt okay all right let that let that load we're gonna run at stock um it's a pirate you have a screenshot for me don't need my help it's a pirate I don't have access to Discord here I say it was your server PSU that code 43 or sevens uh Harold Reynolds I had to say the same thing a 2400 watt PSU code 43 4 of my Radeon 7s that was the most daunting thing I've ever done in my life the most trauma thing I've ever gone through Kaiser extinguisher at ready oh crap 206 wait holy smoke lots of power here all right let's uh uh hold on let's um what are we seeing right now we're seeing a major discrepancy 138 watts to 211 at the PMD 149 138 140 and then it's almost 195 at the system total 240 volt you guys see that I'm not crazy am I what Let It Burn it's I think it's only using like 150 watts but it's fluctuating it's fluctuating a lot I think it's still it's still hold on let me log into it oh I can't log into it my VLAN does client isolation God damn it uh Hive shell start I gotta go out and then back in I can't I can't even connect to my own local stuff on this on this VLAN um this algo is a is a hog is it I don't think so again we're just testing right now I don't have any overclocks I don't have any undervolts nothing minor okay here let's go uh let's change screens here change the screen uh okay this is what we see all right can I scroll in make this bigger there we go um Let It Burn uh well it's I have it's stock right now okay 108 Watts 166 at the PMD it's it's fluctuating all over the place 155 209 141 212.

It's just it's going up and down um it's it's just it's going up and down but not even changing anything this is at 95 uh 9.5 uh uh Mega hash 9.5 kilohertz sorry 9.5 kilohashes that that that is that is wait what is a what does a 40 90 do 97. so per almost the same but at 230 Watts no that's a 42.35 hash per watt uh efficiency so this is an 87.18 hash per watt well okay it says 108 watts in the software but it's actually like one I'm gonna say 160 153 to 160. wow wow wow wow that is that is actually amazing that's that's a i i that is amazing for not even changing anything honestly wow wow holy smoke this is a crazy this is a crazy GPU okay R7 is going to get scalped soon I just I actually just bought six from uh six Radeon sevens uh from uh from mining chamber um I think they're coming soon I have to pay him for him actually I forgot to pay him I hope he didn't ship I hope he shipped them before I pay him so I can rug pull him uh hash Force what's up bro yeah that's a crazy good even stock yeah without even changing anything that's awesome retro bike so should I go buy all the Radeon 7 the Radeon Pro sevens right now is there there's a Radeon Pro seven I didn't even know there's such thing running chamber said you took all his stuff Joker Miner I didn't take everything but almost when you look at the cards fp64 says it all Nvidia pushes that off to five thousand dollars and up commercial cards uh Douglas here oh dude 100 the pros are pro components with lower style oh there's a there's a blower style Radeon seven I didn't know that Kaiser hey buddy get with the times we just watched a better stream on this by overboard you know what overboard Tech scammed me just kidding where is that guy he said he'd be here for the stream I was gonna ban him live on stream because somebody wait it was Dan rugs I was on his stream yesterday and he timed me out all right on overboard Tech stream yesterday Dan rucks if you're what if you're listening right now if I see you in chat I'm gonna time you out so you know what it feels like all right you're you're gonna you're gonna feel the wrath you're gonna feel my wrath of timing you out all right God damn it okay all right I'm gonna show you closer to the power in case you guys all right can't see it can you guys see this oh my God this camera is not so system total is at the 240 volt meter so 200 ish Watts and then it's showing 154 to it's it's fluctuating a lot 214.

216 155 I don't know what to believe I'm gonna say 1 160. you guys you guys let me know okay should we do overclocks should we do overclocks now I got a brand new Pro 7 for 700 dude that's ex dude that sounds expensive dude the Radeon 7 is like a four-year-old five-year-old GPU it's amazing how these gpus are still amazing it's it's actually quite amazing okay um let's do overclocks now let's do overclocks let's uh let's go back to the screen here uh 9.5 kilohash that's that's god mode that's really I got one reject though but that's okay okay all right here comes the fun part there's there's a lot of oh man there's AMD mem tweak and stuff too dude I I don't I don't remember any I don't remember any of this see so for Vega Samsung cards oh they even have it here does this work does this stock one work is that Samsung hi okay they're the high next AMD mem tweak parameters here as well that's pretty sick that's pretty sick okay um it's a pirate you know what we're it's a pirate where's my where's my phone oh I have my phone it's a pirate I can look on my Discord hold on uh all right uh overclocks here we go um it's a pirate where is your message it's a pirate can you message me I don't see I have a million Discord messages here retro Mike the pro 7 was 1900 at release oh my God okay um all right 13.50 here we go 13.50 800 hold on you know what we should probably write down um you know what I want to make a Google sheet here you know what because I'm going to be testing more gpus hold on let me uh let me go to Google Drive Google Drive let me make a brand new sheet here okay go to drive I'm gonna make a brand new Excel sheet and I'm gonna record all the Dynex hash rates for all the gpus that um all right okay all right so um rename uh I don't know Dynex GPU hash rates I don't okay how should I how should I do this GPU ashrate wattage uh is it hash per watt or wat per hash per watt you know I'll do can I do both offer okay all right I'm just gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna freeze for one GPU Radeon seven I should put settings here I guess over clocks maybe the minor two I don't know what else should I put SRP minor 2.3.4 uh okay uh uh stock um stock 9.5 9.588 kilohash 9.5 I should do it in hashes or kilohash I should do I should should I do it in hash or kill a hash 9 500 hashes 9588 hash okay that's probably better what do you guys saying mining King when water cooled 490 air never king or you you are banned King uh no water cooling please PM sent for Samsung you need more vdd just FYI sup it's a pirate okay uh I broke down about an M25 and Instinct I'll report back they're gonna see it nice how straight I know it says by Amazon good afternoon reminders D minus what's up bro we're mining to your your pool right now I'm testing the p100 a100 h100 card so your band Kaiser wow are you you really you have the you have the h100 dude those cards are like 20 grand Stephen I bought a new 3080 from Amazon it just doesn't work my house is break how do I uh Stefan I don't know bro you're gonna have honestly I'd return that somebody probably returned it I returned a bricked 3080.

and kept the real 3080. so many people have done that it's unbelievable okay um all right nobody responded to my K hash per second all right so whatever um wattage is I'm just gonna say 156 it looks like that's the medium there per watt so hash divided by wattage there 61 and then we're gonna do what so equals wattage divided by password okay all right there okay now testing Radeon seven again with overclocks let's go back to here okay um is a pirate what did you say about Samsung memory you said Samsung memory has to be higher you need more vdd just FYI how much how much more vdd do I need 8 15 vdd vdd okay mem clock them clock 900. core voltage 815 sure okay so not 800. how come Samsung needs more power interesting all right that's it memory clock memory controller voltage nope power limit fan nope I'm gonna run it let's apply do I need to read oh crap the temperature's oh my goodness 82 degree hold okay all right that's that's all right fan is going up to 100 there we go oh [ __ ] oh boy oh please don't code 43 please oh crap oh boy I'm you know what let's uh all right let's restart should I restart the miner after I change yeah I'm gonna restart it holy crap oh my God how was that running at 86 degrees Celsius and didn't didn't smoke I don't smell any smoke so we're okay we're okay um was a pirate and AMD memory what what do you mean AMD mamtake I thought you said we didn't need to do that I was looking at your screenshot chill temps are safe no they're not okay it's restarting drama for small things Joker minor you want to see fire I'll show you fire Yeti so when RPM stratum on D miners anytime Yeti you you make it let ccxc off the hook quick um there's a pirate let me try let me try those after this let me let me try these settings here first 1358 5900 1350 850 900.

Okay ma'am ma'am v d d core okay all right let's see what we get I'm not I I'm not I'm not gonna try the AMD metric yet I'll add that after okay let's add that after uh 8.6 kilohash at 83 Watts Jesus man oh no at 120 watts jeez man that is that is amazing that is utterly amazing hold on let's go back in here minor okay all right 8.6 uh 8600 hashes uh let's go to [Music] okay so system total at the wall says 164. 170 it's it's fluctuating a lot um but at the PMD it goes from 78 to 170 to 120. so if my math if I were to say we did I don't know a Delta of 30 35 Watts I don't know this thing takes 120 to 130 watts is that good is that efficiency amazing or what yes it's a repennant we need people to test older cars now that Dynex has turned on double Precision maybe older Nvidia cards like Titan series before Nerf with AI capability hash Force you're right man hey actually I saw a Titan X or a Titan V for sale near me for 500 bucks I was actually thinking of buying it it's one of those gold it's one of the gold Titan V cars I'm like oh my I've always wanted one of those cards because it's just it's just gold I wonder I wonder if that card is good I wonder if that card is good um here by service the meter says 170.

yeah dude it's fluctuating a lot I don't know why it goes up to 170 but I don't think the system total at my meter box is 167 so there's no way the GPU would take 170. I don't I don't I don't I don't know I don't know why it does that um but I'm gonna say I'm I don't know I'm gonna say 119 120 121 Watts 130 I'm gonna say 130. 130 Watts okay let's go back to the computer so let's let's put let's put some num let's put some numbers in um eight six zero eight hashes eight six zero eight Dan rugs Get Wrecked get get royally destroyed all right that's that's I hope you now you know what it feels like to be timed out there there you go Get Wrecked Den Rex get destroyed now how long will you be timed out that is the question foreign that's that's for timing me out yesterday on overboard Tech stream get destroyed Get Wrecked Get Wrecked okay um all right where where were we that was too funny oh well we oh we dropped down six one six four hashes it's dropping oh see 8.6 kilohash 128 Watts it's fluctuating a lot Den Rex Get Wrecked Get Wrecked hash Force after overport Texas vid last night I shamelessly followed into three of these last night oh my God hash Force that's that's amazing that's amazing uh honestly like see well man Yeti Yeti or anyone in the Dynex Community like because Dynex updated to this new fp64 float Point optimization whatever it is um is there any way that in the future they're gonna change that um Yeti like like because on a whim like Dynex changed from what it was before to this new like this new uh method optimization whatever not planning on changing it at all okay all right so AMD cards will then forever be king random drops are normal Power fluctuates because it switches back and forth between pow and p-o-u-w okay it's a pirate okay that makes sense all right let's put this in so eight six five one at I'm 130.

I'm just doing a Delta from my system total so what's the what's the hash per watt so uh more hash is better uh for hash per watt and the lower the watt per hash number the better so the Radeon 7 is uh this so far this is better that's doing these overclocks is more efficient 66 passions uh per watt that's awesome that's that's really that's really that's really that's really efficient that's really good okay okay now what now now what do we do DJ Minds gt8 tonight um potentially man uh I got a lot of stuff to do before I leave next week for uh my one month long trip so uh I yeah I don't know man I'm I'll try I'll try okay uh it's a pirate add memory all right um it's a pirate am I adding this one did I just click on this one or no for Samsung yes correct okay apply should I reboot it yeah I should re I should probably reboot it let's reboot the whole rig just for good measure RPM heading back to China I'm not going to China goddammit that's I'm DJ Minds will be late though have a great night at church attorney nice um Yeti bottom one okay I did let's let's see I'm rebooting it right now laughs I'm a bar Tech guess what this is what you get for timing me out yesterday and Dan rugs also I I already timed out downrugs you bastards I I wonder how long this would this works that put the user in timeout has anyone figured that out yet overboard Tech no you get wrecked God damn it no time up for Overboard he helped me with clocks you always reread my last stop fast and I'm still a drunken minor you gotta type better done rocks oh my God I'll do it again nerd oh my God Duncan bastard Dan Rex how did wait you could do that while you're timed out you can still do like a super chat while timed out 300 it's a five minute timer oh okay 300 seconds oh okay okay all right terrible freaking bastard okay oh oh we're getting more 8.9 oh wait uh session is closed ah damn it I got a free I gotta re uh I gotta reconnect to it um wow is it the same power it is it's the same power look at this we're at 168 system total 165 system total so I'm thinking this thing takes yeah 127 Watts 120 it says I said 130 so I'm I'm thinking it's the same it's the same power I don't know your your nerd neck is Big Den rugs freaking bastard um uh wait repanda you're going to China Japan wow cool I'm not telling you guys where I'm going uh RPM acted like Ultima Online kid when he got timed up welcome to the dark side right Panama uh it's worse than stocks it's worse than stock settings uh I don't think so at kualu I'm pretty sure it's better I did the math and since I started your super chatting and gifting memberships last May 22 to now I am in for 3 500.

the joke reminder wait that 3500 3 500 just to me or you mean to everyone in total everybody you mean right overboard Tech what power consumption did you get on your Radeon 7. foreign ER eight point uh eight eight nine six hashes per second eight nine one nine hashes per second I'm I'm putting that in eight nine one nine at at what I don't I really don't know if it's 120 watts or 130 Watts red panda I'm not back at my computer yeah oh okay all right Geppetto Panda goes to visit ice River I wish Panda and my love for Affair is very large uh um Joker Miner uh okay so I'm what what do you guys think I honestly that's get some opinion here the power consumption what's what do you guys think the power this Radeon 7 is taking right now so this is the GPU itself all right the top two and also the Riser and that thing is the system wattage all right that's plugging to my pdu 240 volt that's that's the power for this whole setup including the motherboard CPU what what what do you guys think because we're seeing two different numbers here man my webcam is getting hot World coin rugs Dan oh my God what dude what is this how are you donating in different currency how is this possible freaking bastards all of you I don't know just call it 130.

That's you know that's what I that's what I hash Force that's what I that's what I thought as well yeah I don't think it's 120 I think it's like because it does go up to 170. DJ mine's 140. yeah it's 120 yeah 172. I'm going with what I yeah I'm going with what hash horse saying here 130. okay let's go back to the screen well how much more power with the motherboard CPU use so at idle there's like a 30 to 35 watt difference right from the GPU to the motherboard like it could be using a little bit more so if we minus like 40 Watts then this thing would be taking 125 watts per GPU but it's the same okay then you know what then my calculator you know what I'm going to say 125.

I'm going to say 125. just all right and with this AMD mem tweak I think it's the same because the system wattage was the same okay so we did this Plus Samsung mem tweak there all right what's the hash per watt here it's okay so with AMD mem tweak it's a little better eight nine one nine we stuck hard stuck at eight one eight nine one nine hashes what do you guys think about that what do you guys think about that oh boy Tech okay I'm at the computer over Tech what can I help with over Tech what wattage did you get with your Radeon 7. mine was mine is fluctuating a lot uh Samsung memory by the way obvious this is a Samsung memory uh Radeon 7. what what did you get mediocre High Nix is better it's a pirate all right okay all right let's you know what you know what let's uh hold on system system wattage we should put this in we should put this in as well because we're at like 168 yeah 168 okay I don't I don't know what I got stock was it like 200 I think it was 200 yeah 200.

okay um over Vortex Samsung or not as good high next I got 1 31 PMD uh uh nine zero three six hash at one three one PMD 936 about 13 core clock 800 volt 900 memory uh uh what was your system total I guess uh I guess systems are going to be different I have an IT export here so that's going to be different all right ultimate test then ultimate tests uh I'm pretty sure all right I'm I'm gonna say my Samsung is better I didn't calculate system total I saw 75 hash per Watt peak okay interesting in the soft you mean in the software ah dude I'm getting 102 hash per Watt peak here 102 in the software that's that isn't that better is the Samsung's better not in software card wattage PMT oh okay okay wait how are you getting wait how does that 75 watt per hash equals okay 75 watt per hat okay I see I see okay all right all right all right you know what hold on let me put Radeon seven oval Bore Tech High next you know I should probably put Samsung in all these okay all right okay oh boy Tech got what again let's put it in let's let's put it in um over Tech got what where is it 9036-9036 at 131 okay uh so what is this that's a 68.

that's a 68 overboard Tech you're wrong you you are wrong it's a pirate you are also wrong my Samsung is two point two points better than the high next one inefficiency what do you have to say fears what do you have to say for yourself over Tech just check Discord I screenshot my spreadsheet oh okay uh okay I have a high next I have a high next radio on seven we're gonna put it in I I have a high Knicks I have a high next Radeon seven oh boy tech let's see I can't open Discord on my on my on my screen here over 75 okay with mem tweak GPU rx4 yeah I'm using R4 as well right now um here we go challenge accepted okay all right I'm down let's try let's test it let's start okay so are we done are we done testing the Samsung card should I change should I change any um 8920 hashes eight nine yeah one nine okay all right should I should I change anything here should we test it I don't know more core less core what what did you what do you think minus four is the best yes okay yeah as the pirate gave me that command I also put that in as well what's your clock I can't see uh 1350 8 15 uh core voltage and 900 mem clock oh oh sorry I forgot to change the screen you should have told I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't change the screen oh my goodness I was looking at all this stuff the whole time oh my God oh my God here's mine okay here all right this is the 71 watt hash per watt versus your 68 hash per watt okay anyway uh uh 38 what's the best core frequency a15 vdm at Samsung 1380 was the best core frequency 1380 okay well let me try let me try 1380 then why and you know what for good measure I'm just gonna reboot it so we're getting eight nine two zero hashes or eight eight eight nine one nine okay let's do one more let's do one more Samsung test and then we'll do the high next I'll plug in my high next card so we're doing the same thing here except 1380 core okay let's let's try that best assault I observed last night was 970 killash at 1 20 PMD um 90 70 at 120 watt PMD um you know what overboard Tech I saw 120 PMD as well um I saw 120 at the PMD but we were kind of guessing that it was taking more power because it was fluctuating up did you did you have that as well overboard Tech you know uh oh I had to average the spikes I need a USB meter yeah see the spikes is where it's really hard to measure because look the thing spikes like it spikes like mad man it's so hard actually overboard Tech did you uh what was the timeout um what was the timeout that you did on this like the timeout setting I know not timeout the speed the speed setting all eight or two or one or foreign what was the speed of the meter did you put on the PMD overboard where I got my cat actual data is my a card rig I took the full system power and took out the 35 watt system overhead 40 fan 96 efficiency seems dead on and there's no spikes there okay default fast AF boy oh my God okay oh I'm gonna keep it at three because that's a little bit you know what let me change it to let's change it to one maybe that'll be more average I'm curious or two let's try two 121 129 okay this is better oh this is okay ah the slower speed kind of uh uh reads it a little bit longer let's do one one speed 117 128 92 120 19 yeah okay um it obviously won't be at wall usage but maybe a better way to account for the spikes in power okay hold on I gotta I got to um re-hive shell start oh we're getting a little bit more but it the power at the system did go up I think we were at 168.

and now we're at like 172. oh yeah just Spikes all over the place man this is it's really hard to it's really hard to get the I'm getting more I'm getting eight nine six six I'm getting a little bit more eight nine six six dang I don't know that slower meter reading is worse yeah maybe yeah maybe Maybe uh eight nine eight nine six six is what I'm getting now so I'm getting a little bit more um just remove the mem tweak first uh okay why remove why remove mintage High necks will be better to get that Samsung POS out of here you know what hold on let's let me just write this down and then we're going to put in the high next okay I wanna I'm very curious eight nine six six wattage I'm gonna say one I think it's gone up 128.

yeah judging no yeah oh man the system I don't know man sure 128. what system wattage is 170. okay what's the hash for what here okay it's really hot it's like I'm gonna say it's the same I think upping the core the upping the core did it looks like the power is a little bit higher okay um it's a significantly worse car than high next cards okay any if time for any effect with the GPU are parameter maybe test 8 and 12 to limit amount of tests uh Thai funi I uh we we have tested number four r four well changing it to other ones matter [Music] three negative three and negative five are worse okay I think four is default go to eight speed is the speed of how fast it reads output so high more ballasts and um four okay um okay it has come to my attention it has come to my attention that I am on the wrong AMD driver side net Crypt As Told sign that Crypt am I am am I on the wrong AMD driver 22 to 0.5 overboard Tech what what AMD driver were you on 22.40 .

oh boy Tech nope red Penman you're on what I'm on but this new update says tested on 22.4 0.6 AMD driver it says added the Radeon 7 binaries for algorithm Dynex on newer drivers tested on 2240.6 I'm on 22 20.5 oh oh oh 2040 was the old opencl driver that accidentally worked all right um I'm just verif I'm just verified I'm on 22 20.5 okay so I'm the same I'm the same one uh okay what do you guys want me to do you want me to update the driver to 40.6 or take out this card and try the high next card what do you want me to do put the heinix in there what do you guys want to see I want a back-to-back driver test update driver well if I change the driver now it's gonna it's gonna change my results of the high next if I try the high next card tanes Tain says 22.20 is greater than 22.5 24 what message retracted teens update we all know what driver to use update driver first all right update driver we'll do the test again and then if it yields the same numbers that we did with these overclocks then we'll do the high next okay that makes sense all right let's do that okay all right all right how do you uh how do we do it what's the command uh uh stop Miner I totally forgot what the command is to update driver open see how something no some uh you can now do an inline updated under use dash dash wait what use AMD ocl install okay um [Music] warning uh okay uh what What's the what's the number again I don't see it 22.40 22.4 0.6 I don't see it on here I don't see it on here guys what is that should I just put 20.6 and it'll work 20 40.6 foreign no no okay what are we knowing about it will grab it I think they missed the driver off the list 20 40 is a lot oh 22.40 sorry 22 40.

Oh my God Jesus Christ but it's not even on it's not even 2220 it's not even on here 22 40.6 all right I'm just gonna enter and see what happens uh AMD opencl version not not specified it doesn't there's there is no 22.40.6 [Music] help 1.6 opencl version not specified 22.40.6 nope doesn't work doesn't work is opencl installed yeah yeah I would I'm I'm assuming so with the existing driver I have now 22.20.5 I I have the smartest people in chat right now if you guys can't figure it out I definitely cannot [Laughter] all right how many people we have here 168 oh my God 99 likes smash that like almost at 100 holy crap we are not smart uh this is a Fool's errand what kernel are you on I'm on the very latest Hive OS uh uh type hyphen Hive Dash install list okay thank you there goes here and your bat your band you're now banned from everything um must be for a full distro only note oh uh well hold on if I actually what if I did Hive replace list what am I on the latest version wait what's the latest latest stable version 20 40 22 20 40.

There we go 22 20.5 no stable stable stable not uh AMG up to Navi 24. 22 420 so I'm actually on this one now right 22 20. ah Hive doesn't support the newer open seal driver yet and you won't see notable difference in hash rate okay forget this meaningless opencl hack and put in put in the better card all right one more Tech all right fine closing at all leave shut down let's shut this thing down all right let's go wait did I put in the numbers yeah I did okay okay all right let's do the high next card ah is this thing hot it's not even hot it's this thing is not hot at all it's very cold I love it I love it okay Samsung Radeon seven okay let me get the high next one it's it's in the it's in the uh test it's in the Octo Miner I'll be right back foreign [Music] foreign foreign [Music] thank you slowly oh thank God thank God thank God oh my God finally this one oh my freaking God man holy [ __ ] I every single Radeon seven I was pulling out it's a Taiwan Taiwan and then the very last one the very last one is China look look at this POS look at this this High next crappy made in China okay all right and then look at this look look made in Taiwan this is the Samsung this is in my this is the better card okay I don't care High necks are not this this car just feels cheap oh my God a bug just fell out oh oh my God this is fairly Dusty oh all right all right putting it in okay and so mad the last card I pull out is the China One I thought I had like four china-made ones but apparently I have like five Taiwan made Samsung Radeon sevens and the last one I have here is the China made one which I'm pretty sure it is high neck so okay all right oh okay you can tell by the paint finish you feel Cheapo all right turn it on three two one hopefully no smoke oh we got a broken fan huh oh nope doesn't work okay whatever I got I gotta change this setting uh timeout none and speed I'm just gonna do two okay okay let's see Does it show the rig hi Nix hbm2 oh [ __ ] we gotta change the oh okay let's just do stock I wanna I wanna do stock without having to change anything um okay oh let me let me let me let me restart it you know what let me reboot it one more time because I it had AMD mem tweak for the Samsung in there uh we're gonna reboot it one more time okay get the yes in ones they look like a kitty cat Justin Radeon seven if there was a yes in Radeon seven kitty cat I would 100 buy a hundred of those overboard Tech you want 10 kilohash settings or not overboard Tech yes I want that can we get a new better camera with ks1 funds red panda uh Joker Miner no you deserve the China five megapixel webcam I should have troll red panda mining hard and puts a special message when he logs into the pool oh my God you bastard daddy you bastard jump change what's up man how are you um 10K lastings 1800 core 1990 vvd 1000 mem clock yes mem tweak R4 okay Jesus man 10 kilohash okay hold on I shall start I just want to get stuck I want to I want to copy everything that I did in order here because we did it with uh we did it with um stock and then the core without mem twig and then we did it with court with mem tweak or they do like four different tests here stock okay okay um let's log into it minor okay it's loading matlab.deepminers.com 10 650 kiloh hashes at nine 195 Watts really dude that is that is nuts holy crap that is more than uh that's more than uh 40 90 I guess oh I'm getting a lot of invalid shares or rejected shares oh maybe the Radeon 7's like too much hash rate R7 crushing it so far trying to see if High next or Samsung's better well we'll see in a second box fan okay so stock the system wattage is actually about 10 watts more we're at 200 we're not 210 Watts at the 240 volt so system total we are using about 10 more watts at the PMD I'm gonna say it's it's using a little bit more power as well [Music] it's it's the PMD showing I think average there is like 160.

170. I'm pretty sure it seems like it's using more power all right um let's write this down just tested the 30 type test of the Titan three nine three zero hash at 240 watt stock so AMD is King uh Z06 okay Titans are not good then [Music] okay all right let me put my stock numbers in um stock numbers without doing anything is nine three two nine nine three two nine three two nine so the high next one sucks that's stock compared to the Samsung I was getting nine five eight eight um so system total now is two that's 209 not 210. and now this this GPU I'm thinking is taking if I did the Delta between this sorts from 40 44 Watts so um 165.

165. cash per watt okay all right on to the next one we're gonna do what's the now we're gonna do it with with uh different these clocks I guess okay and uh nine two all right hash rate's dying but I'm just gonna that's okay okay let's do overclocks now all right now what what setting should I do for the high Knicks what settings should I do uh for the high next uh core clock core voltage 970 120 PMD yeah but I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure it wasn't Okay then if it was at 1 20 PMD mine was at 1 20 PMD then because mine was showing 120 as well you goon all right I'm putting the 120.

Screw you screw all of you now keep my results the same oh but uh you know what overboard Tech I'm I can't wait to try mine all right I'm gonna prove you wrong my Samsung's better try same settings to really compare hash Force 100 all right let's do it 1350 core a15 BVD 900 okay 13.50 nine uh eight fifteen mem clock 900 okay apply uh let's restart I want to read the live chat oh one more Tech his anguish sustains me mine was pushing under 100 on the bottom of the pike Spike same same overboard Tech mine was doing that too bro dude mine was showing like 90 90 Watts all right mine was spiking down to 90.

All right I can show Go reverse back Go Go reverse back oh boy Tech efficient 1380 800 900 men you know what no I'm I'm gonna test the same I was at the bar not watching your crap stream sir well you're at the bar in the morning are you kidding what are you doing at the bar in the morning you're drinking you're drinking in the morning you sir our God I like to have beer with lunch oh it's lunch time okay that's okay all right the time zone is different it's not it's not the morning everywhere we live in the future duh Max voltage good morning good sir uh son of a rabbit Panda I wonder what a Riva tnt2 would mine oh my God the world revolves around Panda yes yes it does just rewind I was saying about 89 Watts on the low cyanide [ __ ] thank you get wrecked get get wrecked oh Vortex Get Wrecked it RPM you forgot meme tweak it's a pirate no I did not I'm testing this first without mem tweak okay I I was I'm I told you I'm testing without mem tweet don't don't make me yell okay I don't make me yell or get angry okay eight four one nine all right I'm putting that in eight four one nine at system wattage is let's go to the screen on camera 179 175.

163 174 174. oh I'm gonna put 174 174. it seems to be sitting there for a while um now wattage at the PMD um 174. nope it's should be a lot less than that one 24 125. 121. okay I'm gonna the Delta I did for the other ones was 35 Watts ish so that means the GPU could be taking 130 Watts that's I I that's what I'm guessing 130. yeah 1 30. whatever let's see okay so with these settings the Samsung one is a little bit more efficient a little bit now I want to try mem tweak now okay mem tweak and 13 okay no actually before we do mem tweak let's do 1380 800 what overboard Tech has done okay without memory we're gonna reboot restart I'll send you my Samsung 7 for top dollar RPM I will gladly gladly buy that over Vortex 100 percent Panda you're you're a panda we accepting rager anger raging anger yes uh Yak no mentary all right you know what it's coming okay all right it's coming just just wait so we're doing 1380 900 no mem tweak I just want to see a difference that's that's all this is the whole point is to get different results okay overboard Tech prove to you Samsung is better across the board across all gpus I think it's it's isn't it a known fact that Samsung is better it I I swear I I swear or is that just an Nvidia thing when it comes to AMD cards High necks is high next the king actually yes I think High next even on Polaris cards I think High next is better I actually I think High next is better on Polaris cards isn't it my on my Polaris Samsung's did way better oh okay Al Peta was the best of Polaris oh my God a dude dude I dude I have not heard that I have not heard that memory type of for a long time alpeda what what company is that company alive is that even a company alpeda Ram uh oh cannot companies cannot be alive red Panama God damn it [Music] okay eight four six zero eight four six zero looks like we're hard stuck at eight four six zero eight four eight four six zero okay so a little bit better wattage uh nope I uh wattage is what mallob connection triggered too many invalid shares registered Mela updated capacity with mail-up endpoint what Yeti what what are you doing Yeti what are you doing to me right now Yeti D minors what what's going on here deepminer security system just wrecked you a lot what that R7 spits out a lot of errors this clock is too low for dash four without memory it's unstable okay all right fine fine I'm just gonna put unstable here then unstable oval Bore Tech was [Music] right and wrong there okay all right now let's do mem tweak okay so 1380 800 900 with mem tweak all right let's do that that's all right you know what which one this one apply I hate you if you want to test this low without me until we move to strap three okay my love drama I use high next Mountain tweak no sound segment week all right go apply I'm gonna reboot the whole rig for good measure all right so let's let's see let's see what happens let's let's see what happens who wants to get wrecked by my 6600 and 6700 I'll buy 6700 xc's I'll I'll buy your I'll buy 6700 xt's right now I'll do that this GPU does a lot of hash compared to a 40 90 that's uh utterly amazing that's um that's this is like a four-year-old five-year-old GPU and it does better than a 40 90.

That's that's pretty funny actually to think about it that's that's pretty crazy to think about foreign okay 600 s's are such good cards yes I'm resisting the urge to buy 12. oh my God Yeti don't don't do it don't do it code 43 everywhere code 43s everywhere all right let me uh do half shell start 9.156 kilohash okay minor oh caps lock all right connecting all right overboard tech let's see what this does it's a pirate Yeti I got 12.

yeah this uh this Radeon 7 is uh quite amazing actually quite amazing now imagine putting 12 Radeon sevens into a octa Miner X12 uh I think oval Vortec told me to do that 12 beautiful Radeon sevens and a X12 Ultra could you imagine okay I can't even imagine could you imagine that that that would be amazing overboard Tech you think no I told you dude overboard Tech I said your name you know what over protect I'm I'm done you know what you need to be timed out I think I think you need me to hold on someone's someone's here nope no one's here okay you need to be banned all right I I think it's time Allen the king ghetto Panda oh I I have six Radeon sevens already coming from mining chamber so that's uh that's gonna be I should then be able to do 12 in something Panda or RPM uh Panda Yeti let's do panda can someone be can someone can able to run Dynex run Vega on Dynex mine don't want to mine this algo what power pow hash why not Rex has been quiet World coin Den rugs you're you're lucky man you're lucky okay all right I'm very disappointed in this High next card I'm very very disappointed so nine how many hashes are we getting I'm gonna wait for it to level out here 137 Watts 180 at the wall this is taking this is taking more than my Samsung I have to say I I have to say it's the system total it's I'm judging by the system total here because the system total is higher than what I than what my Samsung rig was it's a pirate oh boy Tech I I don't know Bros I I don't know I I I'm not convinced I'm not convinced I'm not convinced yet buy my Samsungs I will gladly buy it by yourself my those Samsungs will last longer than the high next cards ah I had four of my high next cards code 43 on me those things can go to hell condiments you ever get that feeling that red pandemang is ignoring my offer Yeti yes all the time all right I'm putting this number just just I'm putting the highest hash number here for good measure just for over four text sake 92.05.

we are at okay wattage let's show you guys let's go okay system wattage 179 176 178. 152 177 178. 180 183 180. 179 I've been seeing it at 179 more often than not so I'll put 179 for system total okay so that is about 10 watts more than my Samsung uh which was on AMD mem tweak as well okay now the PMD the PMD in question okay a PMD in question is the big one here 126 182 I'm gonna go okay so if I took the Delta of uh my Samsung which was 168 at the wall minus 125. 43 watt Delta so if I did 179 minus 43 Watts that would be 136 this one this Radeon 7 is maybe taking 136 Watts so what is the hash per watt [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] imagine having such badly been cards silicon Lottery is everything okay all right but we are getting we're we are getting more hash though it in my opinion we are getting we are getting more hash okay we are getting like 300 more uh than the Samsung one so you can't discredit you can't you can't discredit the you can't discredit the high next card here okay I mean the difference is pretty much the same it's it's the same in my opinion it's really not that big of a difference um but Samsung oh wait I put Samsung uh I'm tweak okay we are getting 9.2 at this amazing power consumption that's that's pretty amazing it's a pirate I don't get your PMD reading mine shows Max 155 on PMD same settings 155 Max let's go back to the Anchor what are you talking about I I I'm showing okay it's a pirate we're taking the okay there's no way okay even if it's showing 155 if my whole system here motherboard power supply maybe some inefficiency there um and it's running Hive OS now the idle was 30 35 30 or 35 Watts now that it's running we took a Delta of 40 43 Watts okay so extra a bit more running on the motherboard CPU now because it's running higher less so 43 Watts more now uh minus the system total that's what we got conclusion here um one third it's 187 and I know it we know we know it's not running at 183 Watts here but 129 which drops down to a 51 you know if this is fluctuating 126 it's fluctuating all over the place um I chose Max quality over performance for longevity uh uh hash Force what what did you choose neither right so you're choosing like 6 000 series Card wait what's the efficiency of of uh 6000 series is is the 6700 xt's or 6600 XT is better now on this Miner Samsung uh hash Force okay nice nice that's true uh um red panda do the 10K last setting 1800 990 1000 okay 9 1800 990.

uh hold on let me write this in 1800 core uh and what was the vdd 990 oh boy uh are we gonna blow up my card uh one thousand okay all right all right let's do it uh uh with mem tweak 1800 what what can I put in there we go 990. one thousand nine ninety one thousand okay apply gonna reboot it oh you guys didn't see that I'm sorry yeah all right I put in the overclocks we're gonna try the ten thousand kilos as what overboard Tech said yes and strop four 990. okay yeah a stop four is in there I didn't change it it will shoot over 250 Watts power oh God oh God please I don't want all right will this card blow up then I don't want to blow up I should put the fan at 100 then oh fans at 100 okay [Music] all right okay [Music] it's rebooting it's a pirate all right all right I'm hitting the pole all right testing varies okay this is not GPU mining Financial advice GPU advice when you're if if someone is out if you guys are looking for Radeon sevens there is no way that the guy I don't know maybe the guy will let you plug it in and be like oh you can check what type of memory it is hardly I don't know many people that let you turn it on or try it but um if you were to base It Off You Were You Know You're Gonna you're like oh it's a high next card I'm not gonna buy it or it's a it's a Samsung card I'm not gonna buy it what what would that be your deciding factor is the what type of memory the Radeon 7 has three unknown votes rigged neither three percent fifteen percent says maybe I don't even know why I put that in high next 22 Samsung 57 okay oh 10.6 holy crap all that matters is that it doesn't show code 43 yeah exactly that is a pirate 100 percent overboard Tech I'm only buying High next right now is that overboard Tech I'll take I will trade all of our attack let's trade Samsung for hi next I'll trade you right now uh uh let's do it I I will trade I'll do it I I want all Samsung give it to me give it to me now minor minor dude oh what's up man minor dude from October not from octominer minor dude is the North American uh reseller what's up minor dude Radeon 7 are very temperamental anyway yes they are out of 18.

I had four or five fail and I was not really pushing them hard especially on power loss they go nuts uh Miner dude dude dude my dude I had six of them when I first got them like two years ago I had six of them I don't know three years ago and uh I had four of them brick I had four of them code 43 on me thank God I was able to RMA and uh MSI and XFX gave me brand new uh Radeon sevens and they turned out to be Samsung I was just like oh this is awesome so thank God uh Sports uh Radeon Noob is code 43 complete death no return yeah exactly code force uh hash horse we've tried many ways uh mad electron tried to fix the code 43 he wasn't able to do it um GPU uh one of the one of the overclocking guys he's like a heavy water clocking water water clocking water cooling dude on YouTube um even he wasn't able to repair the Radeon 7.

um because the Radeon 7 the GPU dies are on one chip so once that breaks you can't you can't really you can't really fix it so um but yeah thank God I was able to uh RMA those cards back in the day uh and fix it oh oh 200 oh 300 watts holy oh God 10 10 uh 10 uh 10.4 kilohash that's a lot uh two okay so the system total is 270 278 let's put that in 278 system one now we're getting 10 10.48 so 10 480 hashes that is that is in the double digit killahash man oh dude what a monster card holy crap man uh overboard Tech the interposer cracks when they're dead they're dead yeah but sometimes you can Reflow the core it will work but it's a complete shot in the dark yeah uh oh my mad electron uh mad electron engineering tried to Reflow it um he tried heating it up and all that stuff and yeah it didn't work I had I also I had a 50th radio on seven like the beautiful red one that that also code 43.

I was so pissed off uh okay um power consumption at the PMD I don't even know where to begin on this one 234 I'm just going about 234. 234 Watts sure okay what's the what's the hosh per watt here okay yeah the efficiency has gone way down uh because we're using a lot more a lot more power um we're using a lot more power here oh that's our oh memory access fault oh no dram ECC failure oh no no no no no no no no please no code 43 please for the love of God oh God oh God reset everything oh [ __ ] please oh reboot no no no no no no no no please no oh my God memory access fault GPU node one on address may not be a reason dram ECC failure overboard Tech did you overboard Tech all right it's rebooting hold on let's see if if this is code 40 if this is gone and says n a that means it's done I'll be pissed off if this thing died I'll be so mad I'll ban everybody I'll ban all of you that's what you get for taking advice from overboard JK R7 has ECC Ram why um well I yeah it does I believe it does hpm2 is memory correcting or whatever okay it's it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's not it's not broken I'm gonna put the fan at 100 though cheese man these cards I I don't recommend anyone actually to buy Radeon sevens like just for Dynex mining I honestly don't recommend it it's it's so scary that these things could just die on you at any point in time just I I I don't want I don't want anyone to have broken Radeon sevens up to a thousand MV no I'm not doing a thousand MV overboard Tech this card sucks no you yeah it does suck yeah nobody get it now I get the ECC o A4 000 or 5 000.

Uh I don't have an A4000 to test on Dynex I do not yes please buy AMD 6600 XT and 6700 XT yeah people yeah uh tomorrow guys tomorrow's live stream tomorrow live stream here ah tomorrow's live stream I'm gonna I'm gonna do uh uh 6600 XT this is a power color red devil beautiful card so we'll try that tomorrow and then I have a 6700 XT right here so we'll try this guy an Asus tough 66 6700. XT okay that should be fun all right it's mining it's not dead thank God let's go back stock everything is stock 9.3 killash all right that's it Bros also do the 5700 XT I do I have a 5700 XT I think I do I can do that another time I don't have I don't have a 5700 XT with me right now I have to go to my other GPU mining location at least you got some decent settings out of the cards now do a full rig it's a pirate it's a pirate you know once I get mining Chambers r7s in the next week I will I will try it okay I'll I'll try to do uh I don't know if I want to do all of them in an OCTA Miner I'm really scared to do 12.

really scared to do 12 in uh x12. oh man I can't even I'm getting like PTSD just thinking about it remember when the 67 X3 Nitro software was your favorite card sustainable crypto I would dude I'm pretty sure the 67x 6700 XT Nitro is still my favorite card it's it's still one of my favorite cards minor dude David Miner dude says put it in an X8 yeah I probably will uh minor dude I'll put it in your um wait minor dude do I have an X8 from you I think I do wait do I have an X8 from you let me check hold on I can check on YouTube I have the X12 from you but do I have an X8 X8 all minor dude I I do yes yes I do I do yeah okay I just I just checked yeah I do right here a year ago so I'll put it I can put it wait you I also have an X12 from you my reminder dude I could put the 12 Radeon 7s into that free some justice for Sam free Sam Yankee oh my God 29 months remember dude Yankee you've been a member for way too long my friend thank you good sir no balls JP Tech I will ban you 20 Radeon 7 build for the arc script of mining please no finally arrived oh nice wow snubbed yep X yep and external dude I I will you know what I'm I'll do it in yours not in the octominer uh uh let's see I'll play asper commercial all right guys just put the octometer fans to 90.

We'll be fine okay I trust you guys I trust you guys he's snubbing me too ignoring the 20 GP build our crypto mining I will ban all of you okay that's it Bros that's it we we've we've concluded that the Radeon 7 is one of the most I I think the most efficient Dynex uh uh GPU in the world or is it the 6900 XT wait wait a second hey look they have Radeon 7 here 124 Watts but at what six two three zero hash all this is wrong oh hashrate.no they need to update their hash rate on here uh what is a 6900 XT do 7280 at 125 dude I wonder if the 6900 XT does better now fan 100 always box for that noise um Dom g6900 XT is 7.3 for 120 watts in my rig oh so the Radeon 7 uh overport Texas no seven kicks the S out of the 6900 XT on efficiency dude nice t-swift right Ben White don't you think that AMD is the only is only ahead because on Dynex because one zero or the or the only Nvidia minor is awful to T Swift T Swift no because Envy gimps fp64 on purpose that's why now AMD is better what why why does it why does AMD cards do fp64 better than Nvidia cards what's the reasoning what what's what's the reasoning behind fp64 as that float point is that float Point Computing or whatever what's what's FP that's what is that exactly double Precision float Point format double Precision float Point floating Point format fp6 there's a flip number user format usually occupying 64 bits and computer memory it represents a wide dynamic range of numeric values using the floating Radix Point floating point is used to represent fractional values fp60 performance almost completely irrelevant nowadays I've been looking online about this honestly the best use case I could find for GP with high fp64 performance was flow blown scientific simulations of All Sorts but then I read that even they were still mostly using fp32 because how much faster it is with the only negative negligible accurate accuracy drop on the other hand though cards like the Titan V are still selling for over 2000 on eBay so clearly there is still some demand here for high fp64 performance but what is it fp64 the ml crowd are very loud they don't really care about high Precision I wouldn't consider uh fp64 is definitely irrelevant uh for scientific workloads which is why Nvidia is charging a pretty penny for their fp64 oriented gpus basically Nvidia ended up with two GPU architectures per generation now one for Consumer Pro Graphics where fp64 is irrelevant for most of those workloads so this this goes this goes for all of us with those consumer aib Nvidia cards right now 3080s 30 90s it says where fp64 is irrelevant for most of those workloads so they reduce significant uh so they so they reduce it significantly they've reduced significantly the number of 64-bit units and another one for compute data center where there are more fp64 use cases the compute the compute parts are significantly larger and power hungry thus more expensive uh the fp64 is a 1 to 16 ratio on AMD and 1 to 64 on Nvidia consumer grade cards the Titan V is one to two sourcing from tech power up in other words consumer grade Hardware fp64 performance is at GF plots while the Titan v as that teraflops a couple that with OEM specific features like Cuda okay uh there's also Radeon 7 at 1.4 all right so there you go that's the there you go the fp64 ratio on a Radeon 7 is one to four but the Titan V is one to two uh who here has a Titan V can somebody can somebody try the Titan V uh uh readings uh it's because Nvidia Nerfs are cards for anti-ai work AMD really isn't used for ai ai so they put all the gem inside their gaming cards AI stuff love 64-bit uh did I miss anything good I just tuned in uh heck 39dx has more fp64 than the 3090.

Dude this is boring all that matters is seven cops cheeks oh poor Tech I love it I love it that was a year ago too Titan V seven teraflops 390 is less than one G-Force has been in certified dinosaurs but Nvidia knows they can't stop GeForce to use or alive so they they physically Nerf their gaming cards now someone here tested a Titan during the stream and posted oh really uh so basically a100 h100 would be the beast on Dynex I'll have one next week that was a Titan XP huge difference in fp64. so why doesn't vas.ai or any of these GPU hosting cloud computing sites allow Radeon cards like why aren't Radeon 7s allowed on vast.ai and if that's the case that you know 30 there's a bunch of 30 90s on vast.ai why are they still popular on those platforms shouldn't we then be buying Titan V's or Titan XPS for um for vas.ai some dude with H1 energy showed off the stats on Dynex Discord already a panda see that try to add on Discord General chat see the Douglas Ian um I don't have uh Discord on my uh General chat where I don't I don't see it oh oh this uh Reddit this Reddit post Newton's Newton's third law is this you okay hold on I need to go to live chat on my phone and then open it that way hold on I'm in live chat through my phone [Music] haste okay all right fp16 3264 for some common AMD Nvidia gpus oh yeah Radeon seven thirteen uh 3.360 teraflops dude it has uh okay what does the 3090 have 30 90 has 0.556 ouch what 64 FP 64.

It's 0.556 dude that sucks uh my understanding Cuda is what most AI programs are coded around AMD doesn't really have Cuda so not good for AI I see mostly end up fp32 distinctly shorter compute times I'm getting full uh okay 7. cheek Clapper Titan V oh yeah Titan B where's the Titan V 7.45 teraflop holy crap GTX Titan black has 1.8 so if the Radeon 7 has 3.3 and the Titan V has 7.4 that means this should be much better on Dynex like double no or no Instinct Mi 100 11.54 teraflop holy crap Nvidia a100 9.7 V100 7.0 dude that these must be monsters at uh Dynex then that's awesome uh let's see how's yourself anyone in chat any of you guys have any of these big ass cards like these compute cards like uh I guess on the you said Dynex Discord some people have these wow man that's uh time to buy all the p100s and you know instinct or Tesla v100s I at least a Titan V is a little bit more attainable I think I saw one near me let me see I better buy it before any of you bastards buy it uh let's see I'm very curious I might I might just buy one for fun Titan V s us 750 Canadian oh my God are you kidding me okay these are still very expensive gpus so that's like 500 that's like 500 us 500 us for a Titan V okay um uh I don't have a 20 I don't have twenty thousand dollars to buy one uh uh look at the Instinct 250 Yeti 45.26 teraflon holy crap man that's nuts 500 watts dude dude how much does this card cost so oh FP okay okay you guys some of you guys said FP 64.

um fp32 so fp32 obviously is better on than video cards right what's fp32 on Radeon 7. so yeah at the FB 32 float is only 13.44 teraflops on the Radeon seven if you go to 32 float on the 3090 it's 35 so it's more than double on the 30 90. but then when it comes to 64-bit float floating point it's nothing it's 0.5 versus 3.3 so wow that's yeah so you guys are saying vas.ai uses 32-bit float point that's why Cuda is more I guess optimized on uh 32 or whatever um maybe you guys have launch HP and best one of those performance M1 is 1200 USD oh God not buying that uh Yeti you want to you want something to announce how about a sneak peek at something new on Dynex sure Titan V looks like it will rule I I honestly I don't want to buy anything Nvidia for just for Dynex mining until we actually see someone that has one and see the results because it's like you know um Calamity some applications like larger and complex AI model simulation high accuracy Financial computations will call for double Precision accuracy at high performance required capable fp64 cards more larger and complex your AI model fp32 Precision is not enough leading to accumulation of Errors I like that uh yeah yeah I sent you a DM on Discord okay uh guys I gotta go oh my God we've been streaming for two hours this is too long you guys have kept me here I've been we've been going through so much here Yeti what am I looking at oh is this is this uh is this a core wallet or yeah is this is this a core wallet Yeti or or what where is this where can you install this new Dynex wallet okay nice nice you can it's like a desktop wallet right ground up I love it I love it that's great you know what why am I running this stock when I could be running it on efficient you know what I'm going to turn this off anyway I'm gonna be putting it in my uh six by uh six by rig I better stop the miner okay Bros uh new Dynex small that's awesome man that's sick okay thank you all for the live stream thank you guys hope you guys enjoyed the Radeon 7 testing thank you overboard Tech and it's a pirate for helping me out with the numbers oh Vortech you're lucky this time um you didn't show it off Panda I don't have Discord on my PC here Yeti I don't have it I don't have Discord on here I'm sorry I can't open it on here uh all right good night Bros you guys have a great day I'll see you tomorrow we'll do more testing on the 6000 series gpus tomorrow uh live stream okay peace out peace out Bros it's lunchtime t-swift RPM you have two first fruition kits being sent out to you today for the ice Rivers t-swift I am I being sent two of the fans as well I don't know if I dude I'm leaving in the next week so I'm leaving on Friday so I hope they come in before then otherwise I'm going to be gone for the next month t-swift I better I gotta tell everyone guys don't send me anything because I'm going on a trip I'm gonna be gone for I'm gonna be gone for like a month I don't know how I'm gonna I don't know how I'm gonna do content or anything so um yeah I guess I should do a like a good buy video I don't know I I guess I don't know something okay peace out Bros Max have a good one see you bros see you thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] foreign foreign

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