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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back we're in the we're in the plastic box one more good time for Old Time sake anyway I'm up here cleaning out the last little bits of my stuff I just had some odds and ends and actually I found something I've been looking for I found my Oculus quest one I've been looking for this thing for a minute so glad I came up here cuz I want that anyway um today's video we're talking about recording customers and I reached out to a a couple people I looked up some stuff online I'd love some more information from you guys cuz there's been a lot of people that were concerned about it and uh concerned about it for good reason and I understand that but I've noticed you know there's multiple other YouTube channels that they record their customers record their interactions um and they upload it online and the big thing I reached out I actually reached out to a couple of them couple of them got back to me obviously most of them didn't um but one of them uh and I'm I'll keep all the names Anonymous and that kind of thing uh but he's like obviously your state and all that kind of stuff plays into it but the big thing is and he said he's had some people reach out to him like Hey can you take the video down blah blah blah and he has no problem with it but he's like I started asking all my customers when they come in hey do you mind being on YouTube and he said if if they say yes and they're okay with it you have it on video immig greeing to be on YouTube now if something doesn't go right and you know the deal doesn't go down the way they wanted it to or blah blah blah and they asked for it not to be put on YouTube then obviously respect their wishes but he said 99% of the time he's never had any issues with it it's only been a very rare scenario and then he just didn't put it online he's like you know you just use a little bit of discretion and I'm like you know that that actually makes a lot of sense that can go a long way cuz I I was thinking you know some people like oh maybe you need to get like signed disclosures and all this kind of stuff uh but the way he explained it to me and then also the way I looked it up online um before they could you know do any kind of like like I guess they would go down the road of like a defamation lawsuit or this or that or the other um before they can do any of that they have to prove like they were unjustly recorded but if they're on video saying they they agree to be recorded um that kind of like negates that and then if they ask you to take it down and you take it down it's it's a non-issue so I'm only looking to upload and record and show interactions of people that want to be on YouTube if they don't want to be on YouTube that's no problem and I have no problem still selling them or working on their stuff that any of that kind of stuff um so I do appreciate the people that are like you know hey maybe you need to watch out but um it's this isn't a New Concept tons of people record their customers tons of people record their interactions with other other humans um I think if you weren't allowed to do that cuz some people are just straight up like you're not allowed to record your customers and in North Carolina you're actually allowed to record inside of your own workspace um mainly for security reasons uh for reviewing tapes and that kind of thing but then on an entertainment level and like a YouTube level um I I can ask their permission obviously it you're not supposed to record people and upload it without their permission um that's not cool that's that's not in the within in the laws and stuff but you know there there's something in the realm of like um public domain I believe it was called I don't know all the the technical terminology but when you go out into public you're assuming the risk that you could be photoed or videoed um and your likeness could be used something like that I don't know but anyway regardless all that techno mumbo jumbo I'm not going to record people who don't want to be recorded and uploaded on YouTube they will be recorded just like they go anywhere else that has security cameras they will be recorded for security purposes um I don't think we'll have any security issues but you never know um but yeah so I figured I'd just do a quick video settle all that up uh if you guys have some comments or questions concerns fire them down below in the comment section but basically I'm just going to ask if when people come in hey do you mind being on YouTube and that kind of just settles it if they do then no big deal if they don't awesome and we'll just go from there so I I feel like maybe I just needed to make this video to clear that kind of stuff up um and there's also been a couple people that were confused as to like what I'm recording uh on my first video it was a horrible angle horrible audio quality so I can't wait to show you guys the next one um I actually messed up I already sold another computer and I wasn't recording I know I just need to literally um I put a new camera up and I have it wired to my computer that way it just saves to the hard drive so I can record long sessions and I don't have to worry about like storage and that kind of stuff a little bit better well significantly better mic quality um but I thought I was recording and I wasn't I was testing and changing like different quality settings ah and it was it was a great interaction um shout out Landon uh he came in and bought a system and his friend came in um I think they were freshman in college but anyway awesome dudes you guys rock and can't wait to help your buddy out get a system too cuz he was looking at some stuff in there but um that's what I want to show is like good honest interactions with people coming in and enjoying computers and that that's what we did we ended up talking about video games and and hanging out for 5 10 minutes he bought his system he tried it out a little bit over there on the small desk I had that small super small screen and we were joking about that I have it's like a little 7in display just for basically diagnostic purposes like remote use but I actually um shout out to my brother pton you know bump it he doesn't watch my videos so he probably won't see this but he hooked me up and gave me one of his old TVs that he used to use as a monitor in his mining shed it's like a 32in TV it's not great but it it would be perfect just to put on the wall right there where there's already a TV mount above that desk and for like testing out systems so somebody could literally just stand there test out try anything they want um I do need to put in a um a Wi-Fi extender right there just so I can run a landan cable out of it because that room only has Wi-Fi so if I put an extender there and I log it into the Wi-Fi and then I can run an ethernet cord out cuz not every system I do has onboard Wi-Fi and um not everybody wants the to pay the a couple extra dollars for a little Wi-Fi USB which blows my mind but I mean I get it you know if you got ethernet run ethernet so I do need to put a little ethernet Jack right there just so we're all all Gucci on that and so I can obviously test the ethernet too but um yeah so that's the kind of want to that's the kind of stuff I want to show and then I also want to show when people come in and trade in stuff or sell stuff um and addressing that somebody was like Hey you know I think you need get their information yes um it I believe it was called like a there was a pawn write up form basically operating similar to a pawn shop you got to get that license um and it there's there's two different licenses and um I got the one that does not allow me to do loans cuz I don't want to do loans I don't want to do pawn loans I just want to be able to buy people's gear um and either give them cash or store credit uh and that's that's where you have to have that license to be able to do that so uh yes I have to take down all their information in case the police ever come in and look for stolen items and then I can direct them to who traded it in or who sold it to me and um yeah I've been told to use my my nogin with that too if somebody comes in with like a bunch of like brand new stuff it looks like just came fresh out of the Best Buy door um obviously don't buy Hot Stuff don't buy stuff that's like obviously stolen um but yeah so that that is all taken care of I'm not putting any of that on camera I'm I don't want to you know obviously don't want to dox anybody don't want to leak any personal information uh just just our interactions that kind of thing and then have a good time so anyway this video is already at 8 minutes almost 9 minutes I didn't mean for it to be this long but much appreciated we do have another video coming out I'll probably drop it in the morning um and it's just uh I think it was a um another inventory video just going through some more inventory uh I ended up cleaning a bunch of I cleaned a bunch of stuff inside the shop no never doing that again I'm always dusting my stuff outside before I bring it inside because oh my gosh I ended up getting dust everywhere had to wipe down the Walls had to rewipe down my whole glass cabinet and the desk and everything just had dust on it it's like the graphics cards were clean and spread the dust everywhere else never again I don't know what I was thinking but yeah so I'm dusting stuff outside then bringing it in and I can do the little fine touches um I do need to get me like some little like cotton swabs to get into some some tight spots or like maybe some little brushes but um yeah so another inventory video I was going through some more stuff and I'm taking a lot of the duplicate stuff back home there's no reason to have you know 12 RX 570s sitting up there one or two is plenty um also uh I have a you know what we'll keep that one secret we'll keep that that one that one a surprise anyway thank you guys the support has been amazing today I didn't end up getting getting to go back into the shop uh the video from the inventory and stuff is actually from yesterday that's coming up but um I had I had my Construction contract that I'm still trying to finish out for the rest of the year I have a couple more days of that and then I'll be almost full-time in the shop and um I know everybody keeps asking when am I going to do like my official opening it's coming soon I'm just not there yet um shelves are probably going to be my next big thing I want to get in by the end of this week get my shelves hung up um and then find a good place for maybe putting like a logo and stuff I also have to get a door placard for my door yeah anyway all right for real the video is over for real now later guys

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