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what's up ladies and gentlemen a little bit more behind the scenes of the computer shop um so I went and looked at one location they were not comfortable with me recording anything um when I went in there I was like hey can I record some stuff you know I got like a YouTube channel and they were like instantly nope you can't do that and I'm just like I'm going to be doing recording in my store and they just 100% weirded out about it took me by surprise I didn't think they would care this one location was actually really close to me um but the rent was really high on it so it was right at a 900t location just a big open box uh it was drywalled but it just had concrete floors whoever was in there before had ripped up the floors never put anything back down that was under my responsibility to take care of uh and it was $1,200 a month that might be a great price somewhere but I just didn't feel like it was a good price compared to some of the other places that looked at um the next location I'm actually going to Tuesday I'm going to look at it and potentially sign the lease all in one time um they sent me over the address and then she explained the layout I think I talked to you guys about it earlier it's basically um so you walk in it's got the little lobby area it's got a common shared bathroom uh and like a little coffee thing um and then there's separate doors inside of there and she said I guess there's like a dentist office and one um some kind of like Salon thing in the back and then mine is directly when you go in to the right and it used to be a um U Appliance location so uh like a Mr Appliance or something like that but anyway he took in and worked on like appliances so she was like honestly it kind of stays with the theme of like a little shop right there so you walk in there you have your own private door it can be locked or open whenever you want it to but she did say that the door to the outside um is locked sorry about my notifications um is locked uh before 700 and after 5:00 so if I want to let people in before that or after that I have to go manually open that door cuz it automatically locks which I'm okay with because my my hours should fall in in between those times and then my door on the inside I can keep it locked or unlocked whenever I want uh but you walk in there and um she didn't have the exact dimensions uh until later I think I talked about it in the other video I thought it was like 400 ft um so the front room is actually 300 squ ft in the back room is 4 and I think it was 420 square ft is what she said um she didn't have the link times width she just found where on one of her old listings she had the square footage so that equals out to um like a little over 700 sare F feet so not huge but the internet is included there's common internet in there which that's cool um the power is included no electric pill um and uh it's $500 a month that's it there's no no extra hidden fees no this no that um all the customers are welcome to use the shared bathroom and the shared lobby area if I need you know people get there before I'm open or that kind of thing so I thought that was really cool and the fact that there's other established businesses already in there and a lot of them have been there for a long time uh I looked up the appliance place that was there and apparently it was there for like 4 years and she said the only reason he moved is cuz he was growing and needed a bigger location so I was like okay that that'll be good so I can make me a small little you know retail walk-in area in that front room and then have the back room for a little bit of storage and maybe like a workbench that kind of thing so um I definitely don't think it's going to be huge but I think it's def it's enough it should be should be plenty for a while especially since it's basically just me for the foreseeable future um uh I've kind of I've been working on some ideas of like some hours so going into the winter time my construction stuff slows down so I think I'm going to go down to 3 days a week of construction and then do 3 days a week for the computer shop uh I'm leaning towards construction on Monday Wednesday Thursday and then uh computer shop Tuesday Friday Friday Saturday um I don't know exactly how the Saturdays are going to work out because I have a lot of stuff going on um coming up into you know the holidays so I might just be dedicated Tuesday Friday and then you know buy appointment only on Saturdays uh that kind of thing obviously we can get that that hammered out and smoothed out as we go and you know the hours are always subject to change so I I would like to transition to do more computer shop time and less Construction time in an ideal scenario but um I did talk to some people and uh I thought it was a really good idea because I do want to do merch for the shop so um I actually I I launched a little Shopify store so if any of you guys want to support it right here before we're getting started uh I did come up with some launch shirts so these are basically you pre-order these uh and these shirts after we launch and after we open which if I get the lease tomorrow I'm shooting for a soft opening in December but I want to get these shirts out by the end of November before we actually launch launch so if people are able to come in and pick them up in person that's great if not and you're out you know somewhere else not close by then I can ship them um and I'll know a grand opening at a better date but once once the uh store opens I'm not going to sell the launch short shirts anymore as just kind of like a limited edition thing to you know support the Creator so um definitely appreciate you guys I understand they are a little expensive if you can't swing it that's no sweat too but if you can much love much love um I always you know I I've tried to do some of that for uh some other guys in the past and it it's just one of those things it's cool um but uh shout out to one of the guys in the comment section he gave me the idea for the logo on the front um and worked with a uh t-shirt supplier and they actually nailed it out of the park not even going to show it in this video you're going to have to click the link down below but yeah much love and much appreciation if you guys if you guys do get one I'd love to be able to offer like a like some kind of bonus to people that do buy them ahead of time um but I don't know exactly what that'd be or some kind of discount or like store discount but I'm not sure because most of my store is it's going to take some time to get spun up so I don't want people to be like oh I bought this to get like a you know 25% off and it's like you don't have all your stuff listed because I'm it's going to take time it is but I'm really looking forward to it um I've had a little bit of criticism which it's the internet and that I'm always open and welcome to criticism I really appreciate you guys cuz some of you guys have opened my eyes to a lot of different things um but I had some criticism and wanted to elaborate on it more about uh doing like trade-ins and stuff and some people are like you got to watch that that might be considered like a pawn shop so I did reach out to the local municipality and I have to go check on that um but essentially if I am buying computers or computer parts off the street I guess I do actually have to get a um was like a barter license basically like a pawn shop license U but you know no loans so to speak uh and I thought that was like odd I didn't know that was even a thing but you learn as you go I've never encountered that in the construction World cuz I don't really really buy anything from people that walk in off the street I guess it's more for cataloging and keeping up with stuff that you buy so you make sure you don't buy like stolen stuff uh but just one of the the odd things that I've run into and I thought maybe you guys would be uh curious about that as well but yeah a lot of Hoops to jump through I'm really I'm really getting pumped about it really excited um I went ahead and asked uh the business this is actually the owner of the uh the building and I was like are you cool with me like having cameras and I want to record it and they said as long as I record inside of my space I can record whatever I want whenever I want because it's essentially my space uh and I was like okay that seems pretty standard she's like just I would i' prefer if you don't record in the public lobby area because there could be other people coming in for other businesses and I'm like totally understand I'm good with that so I think I have come up with a plan for where how I want to actually uh record inside inside the shop uh and I don't know if you sneaker or any of you guys are sneaker heads but I want to mimic almost how Cam's kicks has done it at some of his shops um so like if you walk in imagine walking in it's just a little room and you have your display counter out in front you got some like computers over to the side nothing really in the middle pretty open uh maybe one display but you come up to the uh the display counter where it's got the glass on top the glass in the front maybe have some graphics guards motherboards CPUs all that kind of stuff and then up over to the side looking at the side of what would be me and also the customer uh would be a camera and obviously I know I have to make sure everybody's good with being recorded that kind of thing because you just can't go and record everybody or anybody without their consent nowadays that's just a big no no but if they are I'd love to be able to get the the interactions with people whenever they're coming in and anything like you know buy trading upgrading uh repairs that kind of stuff so I'm looking forward to having that kind of content because he does that a lot where people come in and they'll you know bring sneakers that they want to trade in and then go and buy something else so I'd love to be able to offer that so people can bring in you maybe some old desktops upgrade to some other stuff and vice versa obviously being that I'd be buying stuff essentially like a pawn shop um kind of under the same ideology you could probably get more money selling it on eBay and I'll make sure to let people know that but um this is a quicker more convenient option that's like Fast turnaround time and you know convenience is expensive so um I got to get that nailed down I I think I'm I think I'm probably going to end up which it sounds weird but um I think I'm going to end up using like uh eBay buy it now like lowest available or uh lowest price first as like just a really easy price guide for like computer components computer parts and then um like desktops and stuff like that I'm probably not going to price them out like it's a full desktop I'll break it down you know by like CPU motherboard graphics card and then just a generic value for you know a decent case or basically an unusable case uh just so I can get almost a system uh in place so when people come in it can be smooth and and you know roll off and it's not this big issue and then I can offer them a value if they like it you know cash or store credit and then from there and that's that's the issue with the business license if I offer that cash option if I was doing tradein and only trade in as store credit only uh apparently I would not need the license um in that area but oh well it is what it is I I want to give the people the options cuz I definitely know there's people out there that want to unload stuff and it would help me with uh getting some inventory in as well so um shout out to I've reached or I had a couple people reach out to me about like you know some bulk systems definitely working with a couple of those guys um and actually one of them is is really close by the other one's not too far off in North Carolina but it'll be awesome to be able to uh grab some some reasonable parts and get some systems done together for you guys I'm I'm pretty pumped about it um oh sorry had another message but uh anyway just making this little update video I I'm hopefully going to be getting back to like daily content it's probably going to be like content overload for you guys uh here soon once we sign the lease it's going to be like go time uh she said that the other tenant has already moved out and cleaned up and apparently everything's ready to go uh she said if if I'm good with everything she can hand the keys over to me um same day so I imagine it's it's pretty much going to be a field day uh of of finding stuff so um I am looking online for like some uh display cabinets and that kind of thing uh I'm not super worried about like the desks and like workbenches or anything that's going in the back or not super visible but I do want some nice display cabinets up front because I just feel like that would it it doesn't have to be perfect it doesn't have to be beautiful but I do want a good you got to have good roots you know what I'm saying good roots for the store anyway I'm not I don't mean to hold y'all up anymore it is this video is 13 minutes yeah I'm going to hop off here I'm going to be doing probably going to record tomorrow's video ahead of time going to be looking at that display cabinet stuff and that kind of things but if you have any recommendations for retail furniture or you know displays or whatever please drop those down below in the comments cuz I'm going to be looking at that stuff for probably the next few hours after this video goes up so anyway guys I'll see you on the flip side and also y'all that have emailed me and stuff and reached out to me about wanting to come in the store and just hang out I definitely want that uh atmosphere um if people want to come in and just check stuff out I I don't want to be off-putting um and I'm really excited about it cuz I love talking about computers I man when I bump into people and then I'm like you know you do any gaming and they're like oh yeah play on PC a little bit and I'm just like whole door just swings open I'm like a what you rocking and it's like Intel am yeah so you you know what I'm talking about anyway I'm looking forward to a little bit of shop talk it's going to be a good time peace

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