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e n [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning Bros what's up what's up everybody Welcome happy Sunday to all of you oh man we got some Heavy Hitters in here today we got Mr Chum change Sub sub sptech Channel what's up man I saw you earlier speed Target Mike The Miner City sometimes crypto pounder 4 Luke H my goodness man xp1 sheay mining what's up Bros low Buck mining what's up man what's up SE just call on your stream from yesterday perfect time nice Krypto Craig what's up man metal mining UK RPM good morning afternoon evening for me oh yeah you're like 8 hours 9 hours ahead of me youf foot Panda turn your gpus back on Noe no no no Krypto M what's up man good morning CH change good morning afternoon evening to all clickbait me more hello guys GM and AF good good morning good afternoon bro Heckman your mic is a little crackly did you change something I did not is it is it bad I think the music is going funky here hold on let me I think the music [Music] ISS something's happening something's happening so what's everyone's what's what's what's everyone how's everyone feeling today what's what's happening Bitcoin is 66,9 pretty much 67 67,000 how does that how does that make you feel how does that make you feel uh it's your voice and crackish on mic almost like cable issue okay let me uh okay hold on hold on hold on let me let me fix let me fix let me hold on hold on now testing testing testing testing okay how about now oh man this this go this goar is going to be the end of me all right sounds good Perfect all right perfect welcome back oh man this thing is this thing is horrible go XLR they stopped supporting it in Windows or they sto they stopped updating the software h I I'm think I'm going to go find something new Peta pain in the a yep that's right CH change I thought you had a road one though CH change you had a road uh like Road Wireless uh sound board thing or something not not wireless but oh my eyes I'm sorry [Music] holy crap zeep just went back up 100% yesterday we were just talking about that like is it a good buying opportunity wow looks like looks like a lot of people bought it back up at $2 now it's at $6 wow wow wow wow wow Zephyr Zephyr is back up I have both never used the road yet oh my goodness you should you should try it let me know because I'm I obviously need a new one H sebs message uh up a bit uh what you say did you see zephyr's price price recovery after the fun attack yesterday pretty impressive IO also Z stable coin uh stayed pegged during the whole attack nice nice I hope it I hope it stays that way I hope I hope it stays that I mean if you zoom out it still looks pretty pretty dire but um well I hope it uh uh hope it can go past its previous like month weekly High daily High yeah not out of the woods yet not not out of the woods yet really uh until we see it go past I think it's then then then I we'll be we'll be like okay Hawk good morning Hawk good morning Max good morning loving the new mic CAD E90 Max what kind of what kind of microphone is that nice nice very nice very nice I'm using a electrovoice re20 microphone with goxlr yeah yeah oh smash the like Bros welcome good morning okay so my I don't know what my topic for today I don't know it really wasn't really wasn't anything other than uh speaking we're talking about just past history and but I don't think I don't think we need to do that so it's just AMA time you guys ask anything ask questions uh right now like crypto mining really it's it's it seems like it's just it's it's just everybody is at this l like point right now we're just like waiting and some people are still mining some people are not mining based on electrical electrical prices which obviously are going up for some people most people anyways Steven Cicero you should promote your feet pick store no no no promoting any feed pick store Alex see do you dislike all right Alex see crypto Craig how is temps in the basement now that we're heading into warm months Krypto C Craig it's it's getting there Krypto Craig it's it's getting there I am I am thinking of uh buying the foam board I'm I'm I'm going to do the the hot cold aisle thing okay so uh I'm going to I'm going to get some foam board on each side of this shelf and like yeah try to enclose it and then on the as side I'm wanting to we're going to we're going to do the same thing I'm but this time I'm going to do a foam board straight up this this part of the Shelf here and then just cutout uh I've seen it where a lot of farms and everybody does the cutout of the foam on the on the back of the as6 so the heat just goes and then I'm going to cover this cover this side cover the other side behind me and then just just close it uh because yeah it's getting hot it's ambient temperature ambient temperature in here in the in the basement it's getting there it's it's getting hot it's getting getting hot all right all right Max all right time to change all all right what what are you guys what are you guys infighting [Music] about always stirring up stuff CHP change always always stirring up stuff always uh crypto pounder crypto pounder 4 has anyone found a sweet spot uh overclock a 6600 on zel and SRB uh I have not all most of my Nvidia cards are are on are on it um I'm a new Miner does using a longer Ethan at cord reduce anything going to Asic miners uh no I think if the there is transmission loss past I think is is it 200 or 300 ft uh cat 5e I I think cat 6 and Cat 6 a the transmission's a little bit longer I I I haven't it's been a long time since I've since I've looked at that it really depends on the quality and the thickness of the copper inside the inside the Ethernet cable so like 24 gauge 24 AWG gauge copper and a cat 6A cable is like thick so transmission for that is like 500 ft or something um if you have like 26 28 gauge gauge ethernet cable which is much thinner then yeah transmission is going to be it's it's going to be L it's going to be uh the longer it is the less uh you might have some loss so uh I 300 ft 300 500 ft at that point you might as well do a bridge a like a ubiquity ubiquity Bridge um there's many VD there's tons of videos out there um unify Bridge Nano beam uh point to point oh like this stuff is yeah if you're doing that far man like just do just do this this is this is the way to go this is this is the way to go and it's cheap these things are cheap they're not they're actually not that expensive yeah yeah not that expensive uh let's see all right all right let's see here uh Regal for ze's best hash please please stop talking about please stop talking about zealous please yes heat kills looking to get another C6 oh that's the immersion thing right uh BC nice nice e cable cab be long but you need a cat 6 or better yeah yeah yeah uh Hawk do you think Caspa will sustain without an me yeah yes all it the only the only the only uh solution for that is price [Laughter] appreciation the the sustained the sustained profitability part is is all is all is all predicated on the price it we need we need we need massive price appreciation I think me which on ethereum before caused a lot of it it caused a lot of congestion and very high fees extremely high fees which was good in a sense for miners but I don't think I don't think that's I don't know if Caspa fees are generally low already and it's really fast so it really depends how many people use it but if it gets if the MV me Bots are going to be uh if the me Bots are going to you know obviously try to manipulate and reorder the transactions and you know backlog and trying to get the uh uh the fees higher in a in a sense then maybe that it could I don't know I I don't I don't know how much the fees part is going to be because that's really going to depend on whoever you know does that muv bot I don't know I I I don't think H we saw what we saw what happened with ethereum with that sure it was great for miners but it was terrible for the enduser paying like $100 to transact $6 of ethereum I don't know I don't I don't know I think it really depends pros and cons if KC rust protocol if the Russ protocol with layer 2 the krc2 whatever if there's going to be more chains on Caspa network if that's going to be even if that's going to bring adoption then we're we're going to see we could possibly see the same situation with ethereum with the high fees and I don't think that's good for the the end user that that's going to pay like a bunch more money to to transact but it'll be great for it could be great for miners yeah it will be great for miners but uh positive and negative effect I think with that whole muv that whole muv talk Hawk says if no one builds uh techman thank for the five Chum change XD mod uh if no one's build no one no one Builds on kc2 then I don't know if Caso will make it just saying I hope it succeeds yeah I hope it succeeds too man I hope it I hope it succeeds too it it honestly it all boils down to the price I I don't I I know I know you know fundamentally like projectwise development wise it shouldn't matter but honestly I think this is at the end of the day this is what everyone most people most of the miners care about unfortunately when you look at it that way and I know I know there's there's morality against you know talking about price it's it's uh how do you say it's uh Tech donated $5 through super chatab chump change mod taboo to talk about how much money you're making or you know talking about money or that kind of thing blue Mo mining I'm here what did I miss nothing nothing nothing bro gskt blue yeah I've seen a lot of something cast on binance probably BS though yeah tier one exchange sure yeah sure sure C the catalysts you know that could make Casper price jump sure who knows nobody knows nobody knows most PE most most most of those yeah generally it is a bullish event when when a when a a coin goes on a tier one exchange that normally is the case and you've seen that in past history with a lot of other coins that's no that's that's no surprise to anybody when when when a coin goes on a tier one exchange it generally has a has a has some price appreciation I don't I don't think anyone's going to no one's going to get away no one's going to get away from that cof mining what's up man the market makers no oh we are at the mercy of market makers yep 100% 100% uh why is red panda reposting 911 conspiracies on X uh big a uh oh oh you're talking you're talking about the uh the explosion thing in the middle of the yeah yeah yeah yeah I was like wait a sec that's right why did did it the plane crashed at the top but why did it explode in the middle of the building uh hi and good morning what's up man sorry I'm late let's go H I'm late let's uh what's up bro uh techman thanks again all right uh VC says ubiquity uh Bridge Works a quarter mile or more nice yeah yeah yeah oh no I think it's like 2 km or what's that in miles I don't know what that is in miles damn it you guys Freedom unit Freedom Units I don't ah uh okay any other questions Bros what else what else what other questions Blue Moon mining I'm buying two s19 J Pro 96 ter how much how much man how much are you buying those which you said 100 terahash so if you have the Epic control board on it you could get 80 terahash at 1952 Watts that's not bad that's pretty good that's not bad VC you should get ubb for the barn I I I actually have one Yankee sent me a UB wiy Bridge uh I just I haven't set it up I haven't set it up [Music] um good evening Boomer Panda Andy I I if I was a boomer I don't think I would be here uh 810 kicks do you know when tangum shifts I bought one of your card sets oh did you um they said manufacturing starts pretty much now and then shipment is end of this month end of May apparently so but maybe it could be another week or two out after that ubiquity for the wa wait golden wolf how do you remember that wait Panda still has not set up the UniFi Bridge since 2021 yeah you're right retro mic God damn it thank you for the five gifted Subs s sometimes Theus Mascus ninja big a golden wolf congrats congrats [Music] um uh napio hi R you always say that when the bow uh run comes price appreciation comes but realistically only coins that solve something will be uptrend on long term Napp 002 uh I'm going to disagree on that there's been plenty plenty of coins that that didn't really solve anything and still went up there's plenty of those many many examples many many examples a project that's trying to solve something sure they could go up a little bit more than something that's not as prevalent or strong Market Market marketing Wise Market wise it's it's all a crapshoot my friend it's all a crapshoot it's all it's all a gamble you you you don't know nobody knows what can go up sure but fundamentally if you're going with the fundamentals of a coin that's normally the best way to go if you believe in something and you believe in the project I mean that's that's that's been said since the very beginning of crypto so that's that's not new Chris Henley with the four months can we all just get along long redy danger what are we talking about Haw crypto SS whenever you get ready to be facilities manager yes T big a t for membership xp1 Doge sha meme coins no use case at all except for being a meme classic example yes classic example meme coins they just go up because they're they're a meme look at Bonk oh my goodness is Bonk still up or down yeah Bonk is still holy smokes Bonk is still generally up oh man terrible terrible beam is this the is is this the coin is this Beam Beam or no this is a different beam wait that has the same wait this has the same wait there's two beams oh my goodness this project probably pissed off through Super Chat # sub procur okay yeah this is a different beam uh retro mik thank you for the five sub procurement fund terrible uh the pr Iowa good morning man thank you for the 14 months good morning RPM and everyone go conu thank you man thank you man they are meme tokens not meme coins doge is the only meme coin sorry yes tokens because they're on a they're on a they're on a chain of of they're are ERC most of them are ERC 20s right am I am I right is Bon an ERC is beam an ERC yeah beam is an ERC ERC 20 coin uh let's see Bonk I I'm curious is Bon is on ethereum no Bon is on salana oh okay there you go Bonk is on salana chain nice very nice very nice where did all these people come from which people beam is the gaming one not minable oh I totally stole the their name pelish Miner good morning sir just released the ads for cats of crypto you have to see it cat pelish Miner where is it pish Miner where's where's tat of crypto hats of crypto cats of cats of Instagram where's the where's the account cats of crypto is it cat crypto 9 hellish Miner what's your account on X oh my goodness why is it showing up is it this one no I don't think it's this one which one is it this one crypto research no that's not it you taged me okay um ah cat a crypto token okay here we go why didn't this account show up that's so weird um okay here we go oh yeah nice you have a video here is it the true meaning of shite coin what what is going on here what is happening what what is is happening what is happening uh I don't even know what that is uh palish Miner I I don't want to I don't want to get demonetized [Music] here okay terrible [ __ ] all right all right all right no no no no no no no no lot of swearing lot of swearing nope pish Miner you bastard you cannot you cannot play those types of oh my goodness terrible terrible just terrible terrible terrible uh Bonk will be nice and slow like soul but please yes go check out cats of cryp cats of crypto what's the website uh pish minor C crypto do meme right here this one here in honor of our friend Oort Tech AKA Eric Who Loved cats celebrating the veterans and those who turn to their pets dog or cat for emotional support after traumatic event or experience this is where it's at Bros yes I love I love this one I love this one this is this is a this is a good one uh nice nice nice so is it is it live now like you can purchase some uh you can purchase some cats of crypto on salana it's a salana pro it's on salana so uh contract address okay ah yes here it is here it is current Supply two uh one bill ion 990 no is this a trillion or billion uh this is a million one 2 billion nice two billion sick um Chris Hanley no worries Happ before we dumping on Meme coins remember all the BTC Maxis think everything we m is a scam we're dumb a big a you're you're not wrong I swear like sailor in my videos what do you mean Blue Moon mining terrible just terrible okay any other uh anything else you guys would like to talk about any uh next topics here on a Sunday oh I need to getting sunny it's getting sunny we need to go outside crypto KJ I can see crypto K I told you crypto KJ who hid you okay it wasn't me it definitely wasn't me definitely wasn't me prediction for the game seven Canucks or oers definitely Canucks I swear the the conu the conu versus Edmonton series the higher ups like the refs totally controlled that game they wanted it to go to game seven you know game seven back in Vancouver Rogers Arena it's like completely sold out it was sold out like last week so for you know the NHL they of course they want to have sales like they're Miss if they didn't have game seven back at back in Vancouver they'd be missing out on millions of dollars it's no doubt in my mind this was and you Canucks game six that when they played in Edmonton they didn't play at all you can watch the Players visually just not do anything you look at that and look at the previous game they played completely different team they were told to lose that game they were they were completely told to lose that game so that they could go to a game seven it's all it's all rigged NHL's rigged I'm sorry it's all rigged it you can you can visually see you can visually see Hawk scroll up Hawk what am I reading did you see serpent X made a yes I did yes yes I did Hawk yes sports are more rigged than crypto yes horrible terrible NHL reps are more rigged than an RPM giveaway hey hey hey hey hey hey hey retro mic get out of here get out of here terrible H terrible Hawk I was like uh right your mic with the facts terrible crypto KJ terrible you're all banned all of you hash rigged okay what else what else what else what else is happening so I like that Zephyr did wow that's pretty crazy seeing Zephyr pumping but is it is it going to be sustained that is the question CPU it's already going down 87% it was 100 we shall see we shall oh radiant four up 4% I don't know if that's in the grand scheme of things it nope maybe maybe maybe maybe that single entity stopped selling NHL rigged have you seen the NFL RPM check out the geonet satellite Miner $10 per day no power uh Eric Valentine I have a I think I have I have one I got to go pick it up an xnet I don't know I xnet I have one of these uh coming um is is this the uh is this is this the website no this is not not the website xnet and this is totally something else uh xnet this one this is the one I xnet yeah I have one of these uh I think it's this one X6 xp6 Pro uh it's a access point public or Commercial location United States Canada receive special 2 yeah I don't I I I got one of these I got one of these I got to do a video on it I I'm not quite sure how how good this one is but interesting interesting um I got my xnet video coming soon Hawk nice Hawk you got one too nice uh RPM go to Vegas and bring back the secrets uh I got invited yes I got invited to go to w DMS wdm is that what it's called what does it stand for like the Bitcoin WD WD Ms bitm Global digital mining Summit June 17th 18th in Las Vegas I kind of want to go uh they they would give me a SVP ticket booth tour access to the main W DMS welcome rep reception three nights accommodation and Catering in a five-star hotel during wdm Global $100,000 ant minor coup whoa okay I'm going I'm going I want this $100,000 ant Miner coupon uh uh could I like do I have to spend anything to redeem the $100,000 in ant miners holy crap is that real valid for 12 months non-transferable on onsite checkin required all right I'm going I'm going hold on I need to reply to that then okay I replied I'm going just kidding I'm not going maybe maybe I I don't know I don't maybe Blue Moon how would I run Ethan to a garage that is detached and about 500 ft away from my town home my next place has a garage with power this rental is so much so I can't do much Blue Moon mining uh do you have site the site to this town to this other place can you can you can you see it from your where you live now is that is that possible how would I run e a garage that it's detach about 500 ft away from my town hall yeah Bridge you need a ubiquity Bridge go go look up ubiquity ubiquity Bridge um crypto Craig what do you think about the US fit21 Financial Innovation and technology for 21st century act that will have a floor vote next week crypto Craig I I have not heard of that is a financial Innovation and Technology of the 21st century act it that sounds that sounds horrible is it is it a good thing or a bad thing I haven't looked it up crypto Craig that coupon camper real can it I live here a $100 ticket not a big deal yeah you get a $50,000 ad minor coupon I I don't know I'm pretty sure you have to buy you probably have to spend like1 100 Grand to to yeah you have to spend another 200k to use that coupon only good for 30% of the total order yeah okay forget it then I'm not I'm not spending another 200k to get $100,000 that that is a rip that is a ripoff oh that is a that is a scam if I haven't this is a this is a big scam right here jeez terrible just terrible just terrible okay uh what else what else you got Scott Sheffield it's AT&T mobile uh data offloading to Wi-Fi basically if you're in the area of the hotspot instead of using cellular it will automatically switch to the Wi-Fi hotspot okay that's a good way to put it crypto Craig it is legislation regulatory regime for digital assets all the big players are pushing it for to be passed okay so that's a good thing then if the big players want it past then are we okay yes it's a total scam have to read the fine print okay yes VC okay crypto Craig it basically sets up the commodity Futures Trading commission ctfc as a regular as a leading regulator of digital assets okay nice awesome awesome awesome is there anything in there like SEC NE is no longer inv no longer to be able to be involved SEC no longer involved in anything crypto I'll take that over the SEC yeah um gskt BL are you just going to pick a new comment on the vid for the ksz pro winner that didn't get in touch uh yes gskt blue yes I I just I haven't got around I got to choose another winner another KS Z Pro winner Patrick M so sounds like a 25% discount for bit m r not sure why that is a scam can you clarify another thing though if you order through bitmain I believe they they don't lower the value the customs and duties so if they're sending you $300,000 worth of bitm Rigs and they it crosses the you get Customs bill for that that's like your basic basically getting your Customs money back I think it the crypto cig it sets out a clear division for what the cftc will handle and what would fall under the reach of the SEC which is great okay perfect crypto Craig that's that's perfect that's kind of that's yeah okay that's good that's good as long as SEC uh yeah no longer has any some type no of no jurisdiction anymore there you go go panda mix it up with the big boys yeah maybe fine maybe sure maybe as long as nobody doxes me or something I guess I wouldn't say anything if I did if I did go secretly I would like to I would probably vog Vlog it secretly Vlog it and then edit the video come come home edit the video upload it it's in June June 1718 okay what day is that is that a is that a weekend 5 17 18 that's a Monday Tuesday o that's that's not that's not cool I'll have to see I'll have to see the flights to Vegas for me are like 100 bucks 200 bucks so it's really cheap that's that's not a that's not a big deal slightly mining can radiant survive the current situation I don't know bro I don't know man that and that single entity that's still mining radiant in the millions a day I mean he he controls 95 99 6% of the network hash rate the the confidence level is like zero right now I don't know we'll see uh I sold my 1080 TI for 30 series years ago nice man panu what's up man panu good to see you long time long time no see what's up nothing much man we're just coasting we're just coasting right now we're just we're just being patient and waiting for markets to do stuff crypto mining to be as what we always want it to be it's uh we're still here we're still going we're still here we're we're still going ooh a new Ghost Rider algo fit what is this what is this what is this how many people 212 people are mining this coin right now Cubit Ghost Rider M interesting [Music] interesting youf put 6,000 castle for a panda photo Yousef puts I'm you bastard I'm worth I'm worth way more than 6,000 [Music] CA uh uh uh stay off of youit damn [Laughter] it retro Mike you're not on fit I you're not on fit just stay off CL Patrick Murphy uh okay questions questions questions 15 more minutes guys and then we're we're going to head on over to the next person that is streaming I don't know who the next person who's streaming it but smash that like we got 205 people here 63 likes let's get to at least 100 likes at least at least so I can feel a little bit better about myself just just a little bit that that like just just once just so I can feel a little bit better about myself if we if we don't get 100 then I'll feel I'll I'll feel very defeated you know who disliked I just went I just saw it go from 69 to 68 who disliked I saw that I saw that who disliked I saw it go down don't you dare don't don't even try it just put red panda mining into an AI imager and then you get to see what he looks like I'll add it back if you start the 20 GP R Scott Sheffield God damn it Scott Sheffield what's up man Dan I miss you I miss you monthly updates for overall mining profitability Hardware deals cost and good coins to watch Dan H I'll be honest with you man I've gotten I've gotten very I've gotten I used to do it every month yeah I know I used to do it every I have a playlist I I have not kept up with that playlist at all uh what is that playlist called again let's see uh where is it buying crypto mining hardware parts now I think that's one of them where's the other playlist how I mining profits now there it is yeah there it is there it is there it is one one month ago okay okay I have been keeping up not really much but I okay maybe I need to do another one yeah it's it's pretty much nothing but actually well okay I mean there is a coin right now okay never mind is it the last chance to buy cheaper GP mining Hardware now that was 4 months ago all right that was 4 months ago all right I I think it's actually you know Hardware is still generally cheap because obviously GP mining is not is not profitable really um yeah yeah DJ says profitability None you're welcome will GP money ever be profitable again like it was before your thoughts uh abishek Raj put sorry if I butchered your name I'll tell you I'll tell you right now I I'll tell you right now what you see on profit calculators there are a few coins right now that are better uh generally better okay but they just they're not on the profit calculators yet because they haven't implemented it yet so I mean you got to you got to really again you got to really be in the no you got to look at like Bitcoin talk you got to look at Bitcoin talk you got to watch watch discords go go into a lot of people's discords they talk about some coins that they're mining you can kind of get the gist of you know what's kind of getting profitable right now uh YouTubers make videos I mean you get hints there I mean yeah I mean it's yeah yeah uh I I hate like I'm at I'm at I'm I'm stuck at the I'm stuck I'm stuck in the middle here you know one side of it I don't want to ruin it for the people who have like are you know spending the time to to to to to to mine this coin profitably and then the other side of it is like oh RPM you're you're you're not you're not helping the community it's like how how can I'm I'm stuck in the middle here how do I how do I navigate this type of situation where if I know something that's profitable am I going to say it or I don't say it if I do say it I ruin it for everyone who's been in it if I don't if I do if I don't say it everyone's going to go to it and then it becomes unprofitable and there's no point in really there's there's really no point in talking about it in the first place because after a day or two the hash rate goes up significantly and it's not profitable anymore so honestly I like I you know yeah Santa how much do you think it's fair price that you would buy 360 TI or 370 TI uh under $300 $250 no 3060 TI like 220 2 $10 I don't know low low if possible uh gskt blue right yes I know Robin had a video weeks ago but I didn't make a video okay and the the profitability did come up afterwards so adoption damn it retro mic bubu mining people got to do their own research on profitable coins yeah you're not wrong abish red redut we joined your channel for GPU Mining and nowadays it's all you do is Asic well because GPU mining is is not it's not great man there's really not there's really nothing there's really nothing to talk about I I I hate to say it uh unfortunately there's really nothing to talk about [Music] um Asic mining the reason why I've been in Asic mining I I've always been in Asic mining okay I have I even did a video Asic or GPU mining after the ethereum merge like I I did this video like like a year before like two years ago invest into GPU or Asic mining before the eum merge this was 2 years ago I think like 8 months before the merge I told you guys I was going to be diversifying into as6 before the merge I like this I told you because we didn't know when the merge happened it obviously just cut profits down and if you didn't get in if you didn't diversify uh into as6 then you Lo you're losing out in terms of the income generation if you cared about that uh especially if you're at scale and you're doing it as a business if you're doing it as a hobby small scale yeah you can just stick with GP mining small A6 at home you don't need to worry about too much it really everyone's everyone's in everyone's Situation's uh different um protect attendees those doing normally only last one to two weeks yeah generally last one to two weeks uh I wouldn't buy okay it's easier to have more fun to mine at a loss because I think the future of the return will be much greater buying the coin IMO is boring AF uh Patrick Murphy I'm with you there my friend I am with you there Nemesis what's up man I just got here so just go ahead and start over so I don't miss anything God damn it NE Nemesis welcome man Nemesis how are you hellish Miner diversity is the way of the future if you don't get you will get left behind yes uh what's the good word retro what did I miss I was in yoga John English Tech what's up man nothing you didn't you didn't miss anything GP mining is in its midlife crisis at the moment it's all about the thron jean shorts new pair of balances going by by a by a Corvette honest okay crypto GPU mining right now is very reminiscent for me of 2018 2019 beginning of 2020 okay GPU mining is in this low time right now so the the time right now is to mine a project that you believe in yield and just wait for Price appreciation in the Bull Run that's it that's the crypto mining strategy that that is that is it that that's all that GP miners can really do right now that that there's not there's nothing else there's really nothing else really generally smoothly adjusted ripen was stuck in a cargo ship before arriving to hey hey my s9s are still mining BTC retro mic you have free Power don't you uh blo Min I asked you a question on your shot to reminders don't have an answer on on stream I'm just trying to figure out some stuff out uh what was the question again BL I don't have Discord open here uh Hawk when Panda Hawk Disney trip with the fam William going to be ready soon haw maybe next year maybe I don't know dude Disney World is expensive man like so expensive I couldn't believe dude a single can of Coke was $5 us couldn't believe it freaking ripoff like I can buy a whole flat for that in Canada for $5 uh no no it's more like $12 but still it's for like2 four cans not one can retro mic I don't have free Power I pay 0.05 but I have an adequate J yeah okay that makes sense retro mik uh Disney is expensive AF water is $22 what what yeah yeah water yeah everything was very expensive screw mining just go back to Hash cat what is Hash cat uh do mine sell every day into Caspa man it honestly dude C dude the way dude the the Caspa Caspa right now is such a it it's it's it it's it's everybody seems to be in it everybody I feel like at at this point it's too big is is it wrong to say it's too big to fail and if it does fail everyone's going to be wrong and it's it will be a catastrophe it it will be a it will be a it will be a it will be one for the history books it's like as just you know in terms of its price if it if it doesn't sustain it goes down to five or 1 cent or something you know it'll be called a failed project you know like everyone's so bullish on it I'm just I'm just like I'm kind of in the middle like I I I've actually no sorry Caspa mining ever since that first ks2 came out when I when I was the first person to get it I was I have been the whole time I've reviewed you know these Caspa as6 I've been very I've been on I've been in the middle okay I I have never been like oh yeah all in Caspa or uh you know Caspa is going to not do well I've always been in the middle and I've never been like Allin you know I've never been like all in Caspa this Caspa that because we all we don't know Bros we we just you you don't know because this has happened this has happened many times before a lot of projects that has a lot of hype people buying miners for it and then like a year or two later everything just get just went downhill and wasn't good anymore you know I'm not saying that's going to happen to Caspa but I'm just saying like this has happened before and if if if you know if Caspa doesn't do well then I'm not going to be surprised but I'm going to say like everyone else that has been like so bullish on Caspa it's it's it's I feel like it's just like too big at this point to fail and if it does then everyone was wrong who knows who knows I don't know I I I don't know retro mic update on your servers nope we're not talking about NOP no no NOP no Patrick Murphy if the technology is that great then someone with more funding and backing is going to steal it and do it better if it's that good how can you be in a long position on it yeah Patrick Murphy yeah yeah man yeah I we're going to see bro we're going to see Scott Sheffield stop asking you know the you know the answer to that question do do not do not make me no did you finish ever set up finishing all your did you set ever finish setting up all your CPU rigs no you bastard okay guys that's it that's it for the live stream oh thank you guys for today who's the next streamer is there a streamer who's streaming is geek of all trades streaming is rabid streaming geek of all trades where is what I I thought geek of all trades streams on Mondays uh sorry Sundays where's his stream oh my good geek of all trades you have failed me you have failed me so you have failed me considerably geek of all trades where's your stream rabid mining let's see rabid mining rabid does not have a stream on on loaded he's he's not rabbit's not streaming either why is nobody streaming what is man crypto mining is dead crypto all right I'm sell all right I'm selling everything all right who wants to buy all of my as6 all right who wants to buy all my gpus I'm done I'm done red panda mining.

Shop all right in the next couple days you guys are going to see stuff for sale here I'm going to put everything everything I'll I'll I'm going to sign everything and it's going to be worth $200 more more per GPU because I signed it all right so every everything I put for sale will have a little bit more little bit more price on it yeah all right okay Bros thank you guys I'm just kidding I'm I'm just kidding I'm just kidding if you hey by the way I I just had an hour call last night thank you Mr Chad uh anyone wants to talk with me oneon-one go to go visit red pandam mining. shop it is now up my one-on ones are now available back by popular demand it's back on scrapyard might not even take it spare all right see you guys later see you guys later peace out peace Bros peace appreciate I appreciate you all you guys have a great great Sunday enjoy the sun where if you have Sun I see Sun where I am enjoy the sun go touch grass breathe be patient we're we're still just just wait okay just try to survive till the till the better times come and they will come okay the better times always come around so peace out Bros peace out peace out stay safe [Music] [Music] hit that like what the hell we're at 86 likes we didn't even get to 100 likes oh my goodness smash that like on the way out God didn't even get a 100 I'm so I'm so I'm so defeated now my ego my ego [Music] is didn't even get 100 likes terrible terrible I'm not even going to stream anymore [Music] I getor I'm I'm [Applause] my like the fu I [Music] [Music] [Applause] my I believe that I get the [Music] f [Music] Brian Hollywood donated $499 cents through Super Chat ccxt modf fund expresses Lane [Music]

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