Scrypt Mining Bells on Nicehash, making money and heating my house!

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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day at this video I wanted to give you guys an update of my gold shell mini Doge 3 is actually doing pretty good right now due to a coin named bells and apparently it is extremely profitable right now for I guess any script Miner that's out there right now who knows how long that will last but I'll show you guys some numbers throughout this video I want to give you guys a quick update so the gold shell mini Doge 3 that I have here uh which you know just comparing it to a gold shell mini Doge 2 it's the exact same in terms of the shell okay the casing and such but the gold shamon Doge 3 is a little bit more efficient I will talk about the numbers in in a sec in the computer I'll show you guys the numbers comparing it to other Litecoin Dogecoin Asic Miners and I know a lot of people have reservations regarding these you know mini Doge Miners and I'm just going to give my honest opinion here regarding these I think the best use case for these types of little miners is going to be for simply heating your house all right so for me right now I am upstairs and it's heating my house right now and it's it's perfect it's generally quiet and I can show you guys an example here 50 DB around there so really not that loud it's quiet and it produces a good amount of heat the mini Doge 3 does 400 watts all right but there is a low power mode that's about I think 250 Watts I'll show you guys the numbers later on on the spreadsheet but it produces a good amount of heat okay and of course the mini Doge 2 as well so right now my temperature is up here at r 78 fit okay and from my non American friends it's going to be around 25 26° C in this general area but it's you know been spreading around in my house as well so it's pretty good this is the best utility in my opinion for these little Doge miners but if you are a like a big Asic Miner or you know just a huge minor in general with you know Big Boy A6 loud noises you know all that kind of stuff then these are not going to be for you it doesn't make sense if you have you know maybe l7s and you're thinking of buying these to go along with your l7s and so it's not going to make any sense at all if you have them in there with these so really the only best use case in my opinion for these types of miners is going to be for heating your house because it's obviously going to be better than using like baseboard heaters or oilbased heaters as those take a lot of power as well right of course for some of those heaters they're not on all the time but why not in a sense have one of these or any type of other you know smaller Asic miners that can run on you know 120 volt which I'm using a HP server PSU with a parallel minor breakout board that goes into uh 120 volt power right so that's you know typical North American plug so what you would spend normally on your heating bill you can instead use these types of miners to heat your house and at the same time you're going to be earning crypto which you can you know hoddle and wait for it to price appreciate in the bull run right if you believe in the B run that is that's if you're going to buy these things really the ultimate belief regarding crypto mining is you know if you're not going to hoddle or you know you know you're thinking about profitability which I really think is the wrong way to think about it if you are thinking about profitability then these are definitely not for you honestly it's yeah in my opinion like I said the utility of these things is going to be for heat and you know you're can to accumulate a little bit of the coin for longterm and instead the money that you were going to spend on heat anyways you can accumulate some of the coin all right I want to go in the computer let's go talk about where I have these mining right now and some other stuff uh regarding the gold shell uh mini Doge 3 which just came out which thank you to Crypt Miner Bros and gold shell for collaborating with me uh with this guy so thank you guys for this one thanks for the sponsor I'll see you guys in the computer okay so here's the mini Doge 3 the web guei and as you can see but you're probably wondering where I'm mining it to and it is to obviously L nice hash okay it's extremely profitable right now due to this Bell's coin okay I'm going to explain this in a sec and uh talk about the hash rate and all that kind of stuff but right now it's on nice hash for me and it's been doing pretty good as as of this moment $38 every 24 hours which uh looking at you know mining calculators it actually doesn't show the mini Doge 3 earning that much right now so I think the calculators are off they're not uh factoring in this new uh Bell's coin which has a lot of hash rate right now and the trading of this coin is happening on nonky c.

All right Bell to usdt it has been going down over the past day here as a recording uh it was much more profitable earlier uh so I'm I'm suspecting either if the if it's going to go up then it's going to be more profitable if not it's going to go down then it it really won't be profitable uh depending on whenever people see this it's you know things change all the time but I do have a gold shell LT light also connected making about $5 a day right now which is just crazy this thing was just breaking even but if it's making good you know profit right now in Litecoin into Bitcoin I'm not going to complain but anyways let's now okay let me just read here some people are wondering like what is Bell's coin I'm not sponsored by them or anything uh it says here conceived in 2013 By Now celebrated Dogecoin Creator Billy Marcus who is known online as Billy m2k the concept for bells first emerged on bitcoin talk forum drawing inspiration from the inquisitive world of Animal Crossing very popular game uh Billy M2 mused in the Animal Crossing Universe bells are the primary form of currency to gather them you must collect fruits catch bugs fish dig for fossils Etc uh trade for those items for bells so in this crypto World why don't we just mine them at the time the idea was met with skepticism many regarded it as Whimsical perhaps even foolish yet in a twist of fate it wasn't long before Billy m2k joined forces with Palmer luuy to unleash Dogecoin upon the world creating what would become the quintessential meme coin as Dogecoin basted in the Limelight Bell's coin quietly receded into the Shadows but now after 13 years of Silence Bell's chains has restarted so this is pre Dogecoin and thank you to crypto KJ about I think it was about 3 days ago 4 days ago he noticed some hash rate from nice hash uh being rented out somewhere and we saw on mining pool stats we thought it was like I thought it was another coin but apparently it was bell all right Bell's and uh a lot of hash rate apparently moved over to it you know just like a couple days ago and looks like it's dropped off so I don't know you know yeah it's just like a lot of people have been mining to it I think this unknown is nice hash okay there's F2 pool that that's on it mine you know a few other mining pools here that I picked it up um so it it is blown up it is obviously blown up okay and it is tradable on this non kyc doio uh website here so I'm thinking that's why we're seeing it on nice hash being really profitable for these uh these script Asic miners mini Doge 2 is making $246 mini Doge uh 3 is $271 this is fluctuating a lot but anyways guys let's talk about the efficiency of the mini Doge 3 for case anyone's wondering I know this is a new model you guys have probably seen some videos already I've done a live stream of it unboxing it but natively without any changing the overclocks or settings it does about 650 it's supposed to do 650 Mega has at around 400 watts but for me I did about you know 650 to at around 376 Watts now there is a low power mode okay which is great all right low power mode and you can change that into here in the mining setting here minor setting and if you go back here to the efficiency I can achieve about 515 meah hash at about 255 Watts all right at the wall we tested that in the live stream I'm not lying and the efficiency is much better goes down to 0.49 Watt per megahash and if you go down the list here okay uh just showing what is most efficient wise uh it's the next one's going to be black Miner L1 and then the obvious bit main L7 monster which is 0.37 wat per hash so these units are really efficient now there's a local Tech cash blade uh which is apparently coming out uh in the next what couple months or so next second quarter maybe third quarter who knows you know once this comes out and if it does come out then uh it's going to beat everything below this list out of the water because it's really efficient uh so depending on how much Hardware is going to come online depending on how difficult you know maybe Bells is going to explode maybe Litecoin Dogecoin is going to explode then mining profitability wise for these coins is going to be really good now going back to now let's just talk about the price of this gold shell mini Doge 3 on the gold shell website okay this thing is about 600 bucks and on miner Bros it's about $800 thank you again to Crypt Miner Bros and gold shell for collaborating with uh me here with this model here for this video and I know some people are saying Rena this thing costs a lot and you know what I'm going to have to agree with you I think well you know in the past history I remember the the first mini Doge was worth I think it was $7.99 or or $6.99 on the gold show website and I think in the bowl run at some points you know these things were selling for up towards I think I saw on eBay like $3,000 uh for the mini Doge not the pro not the second one all that kind of stuff I'm talking about the first generation uh mini Doge you know these things were they were pretty hot back then a lot of people were buying them for over $1,000 and so that was in the bowl run but here we are now where these things are not supposed to make anything right they're they're supposed to be at like 10cent kilowatt hour looks like you know 35 cents uh a day right now um according to M the Asic uh but then hash r.o doesn't have much data on those as on this mini let me type in mini Doge mini Doge 2 yeah 4 cents a day at 8 cent kilow hour so yeah I mean yeah the calculators don't show the profitability here but when you go to nice hash it looks like it is showing some pretty good uh some pretty good earnings here with these uh mini Doge miners for now for now do I expect this to last a long time no no honestly I don't think so but that's going to be dependent on the price of bell okay and how well or not well it's going to do in the markets here and marketing I guess in a sense uh but anyways guys I think that's it I am going to leave it at that you guys let me know your thoughts regarding uh the mini Doge 3 and your thoughts on this whole Bells coin okay I find it quite interesting in a way kind of I don't know I I don't know I feel like a waste of time but anyways if this turns out to be something huge well then everyone that has script miners is going to benefit from that from mining it essentially so we'll see how that goes I'll keep you guys updated I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out

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