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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day well if I had a dollar for every single negative or pessimistic comment regarding GPU mining over the past year especially after the ethereum merge I would probably be a millionaire and regarding what we've been seeing over the past month regarding with Bitcoin going up and then a lot of these proof of work altcoins that have been going up we have been seeing an insane amount of gains with a lot of these coins that we've all been talking about the whole crypto mining Community have been talking about Mining and for those that have stuck with it congratulations to all of you guys that have been with it stuck with it over the past year especially after the merge you guys deserve everything and for those if I could curate all the negativity all the comments of GPU mining is dead GPU mining is dead GPU mining is dead it's ah I'm I'm laughing at all those people right now but I'm going to have to sympathize here for a lot of crypto miners who got out of the game over the past year I understand that with the economy the way it is over the past two years especially with this downturn and interest rates rising and you know people paying a lot more for their mortgages because they're unv variable and you know bills and you know cost of living has gone gone up and you know a lot of people got laid off on their jobs you know just everything has been on a negative downturn I know a lot of people are or have been financially hardened so crypto mining is something that I understand you're probably not able to do especially doing the mining and huddle method okay also depending on your electrical cost which I know the electrical costs these days have been going up as well and I would say the general average electric cost is around what 14 cents in North America we're we're going to talk about profitability and stuff later on I I know that I'm I'm going to be talking about two different strategies here how profitability is now and then also talking about the mining and Hollow strategy but congrats to those who have been doing that okay so I just wanted to kind of start off with that first I understand uh we've just been seeing a pretty downward trend of viewers and I I can see that on YouTube and see that just in you know Google Trends and a few other social media platforms to be honest so it's coming back right as prices are going up it kind of makes sense because we've now been seeing profitability coming back for GPU mining all right so looking at hash rate.

For example 40 series cards 4070 TI 480 looks like they're making like what a dollar a day over 50 cents a day at 14 C kilowatt hour mind you these numbers if we just go back maybe a couple weeks ago I did a video two weeks ago how is GP mining uh Asic mining profitability now November 2023 and literally at 14 cents kilow hour it was pretty much breaking even on the 40 series cards okay for DX Nexa you know these types of coins but now because a lot of these other proof of work coins that have gone up over hundreds of percent over the past 2 weeks we are now seeing sense you know not like a dollar okay if you had free electric then you'll be seeing like a dollar per GPU for some of these coins for some of these gpus and you know as with against your electric depending on your electric you know you'll be making what0 50 cents 80 cents maybe a dollar depending on what your electric is as we go lower of course then you're going to be making more obviously anyways we are seeing some better numbers these days at above 14 cents per kilowatt hour so for anyone that's under this you are probably turning on your gpus right now which you know for me I'm also doing that I'm you know getting ready to add some more rigs I actually just did one recently I was going to release that video today but I'm kind of having issues with it you'll see that video soon anyways going back here okay this is where I have my red panda mining proof of work watch list so this is where I can see in a big picture of how well a lot of these proof of work coins are doing granted I don't have everything on here I should have made this list on like coin gecko because uh coin market cap is terrible they don't have all the like you know smaller you know proof of work coins sometimes and some of them are missing here but anyways generally okay year to date obviously dyx Caspa lithium if you mining these coins over the past year especially after the ethereum merge you would have done amazingly well especially if you mined and huddled okay that's the strategy paying the electrical bill out of pocket now again granted I don't know many people who can do that there's been a lot of people who quit like I just said in the beginning but anyways for those that were doing that and uh you know you're seeing your the fruits of your labor now congratulations I mean for me personally I'm not trying to boast here but I do have a few bags of you know pretty much all these coins that you see on this list like meow coin like I have that I got neoa right I got conflux I got lithium I got Cas I got dyx all of these coins even over the past I would say more so the past 60 days if we did 60 days for instance I I got nay and Chlor AI as well look at this 60 days nuai has gone up 1700% Chlor almost 600% the past six UH 60 days here Hive mapper almost 300% look at that I should man I have a hive mapper I haven't really been using it I I should really be using it Pac-Man you know if you're you know triple coin mining on your Jazz miners you can get Pac-Man OCT topace you know and zil right Al lithium doing really well Nexa Nexa is another prominent coin that has been going up recently over the past 60 days maybe past 90 days as well right corch I mean I don't have to go through all these coins here you guys understand what I'm talking about here especially when it comes to you know just proof of work coins right we're talking about against Bitcoin even Bitcoin you know it has hasn't even gone up that much compared to all these other smaller cap proof of work coins you can see the massive gains here right over the past 60 days 90 days 30 days year to date to be honest so GP mining was never dead GP mining was always here but of course dependent on what your electric electricity cost was I know it was a lot of breaking even at certain point in time right so you know 8 cents and then it was like 10 cents break even you know but you know I would say that for most people that were able to continue to mine pay out of pocket you guys did really well because even if you were losing a couple cents or even breaking even against your electric you can see the percentage gains here right versus when you were breaking even on your electric paying out of pocket you are now seeing the gain much more than what you were losing out on against your electrical cost that you were paying for versus what you were yielding all right on those coins and so now the yield that you were making especially at break even is now worth hundreds if not thousands per more right like narai for instance it's just one example maybe Chlor if you're mining Chlor over the past 90 days you're up, 180% okay which is which is a lot I'm going to show you guys an example here of mining uh sorry just buying the coin okay so here's another thing I'm not going to deny the fact that buying the coin would have probably been better than mining the coin especially over the past like 90 days 60 days 30 days what have you because obviously within those time frames that mining the coin you probably wouldn't yield as much as if you were to buy the coin okay I hate that I'm saying that I'm you know specifically a crypto mining Channel I never buy the coin I always do mining because I run it as a business I expense I depreciate the hardware all that kind of stuff I find that to have a lot of value as well versus just buying the coin right but to each his own everyone has their own strategy in a way but going back here okay so I wanted to talk about this uh I'm going to do this in another video but I just want to quickly show this okay I am doing a like a spec mining rig test okay I have about 10 rigs actually not eight on my hi list here but I don't know for anyone that may not have seen the video that I did about this uh I built eight rigs here eight 6600 XTS I also have another rig that's mining ravencoin thank you to the mining King and then I have another uh 6600 XT rig from Mr oval Tech that's mining meow coin all right so we've been mining at the same time and all we're doing is Mining and yielding and uh I'm going to get the transactions uh like just a CSV in uh export for all these coins that I've mined thus far to my own wallet and then I'm going to put that into some sort of uh I don't know some sort of accounting program like coin Le or something and then just see which coin has done well over the past you know the past uh since I started this October 8th so right now my Holdings are zero because I haven't imported them in here I don't think I can do CSV import so I'm going to have to use something like coin Le or something but in here okay this list here on coin gecko all right I wanted to show this so at the same time as I started these rigs okay H sorry not these rigs these rigs right here okay Tower one to eight including King and overboard Tex that I also theoretically bought the coin okay October 8 if I go to view transaction here on nay for instance October 8th this is when I started this test okay the cost $1,400 just did a typical cost of uh buying a whole 6600 XT rig okay you know six gpus frame motherboard processor hard drive all that kind of stuff around $1,400 at the time okay and so at the same time I'm just doing this theoretical thing here of doing a transaction of buying the coin all right so this is where I'm going to I'm going to show something here which is pretty crazy okay so October 8th okay I did a a buy of $1,400 of nay just theoretical I actually didn't do it but this is just you know play money type of thing here so look at this look at this this is just nuts since October 8th all right we are up almost $113,000 okay $1 13,057 on nuai for the initial $1,400 buy of 20 uh 2 m 2.3 million nuai okay back on October 8 that we did theoretically now next coin chor look at that up $4,525 as of today a lithium $3,900 Nexa $ 3,734 mecoin 1,872 look at that neoa up 1,056 flux up $660 Bitcoin up $468 ravencoin up $438 Ergo $430 zelica up $39 DX down $568 isn't that nuts if we were to buy $1,400 of each of the coins that we did in theory theoretical here October 8th same time as I started these rigs we're seeing massive gain just just an insane gain I mean this is puts it in perspective here that buying the coin at that time like last month literally last month okay or maybe maybe a good two months like month and a half ago that we are now seeing these massive gains okay so it's like man I wish in hindsight I should have actually just bought the coin like actually um did $1,400 to put on each of these coins at the time uh maybe maybe not probably not but yeah that's a lot of money but you can see the amount that has gained here for narai Chlor alium Nexa all these coins that you see on this list that we were spec mining that we are speculating on and it looks like it played out literally in the past like two months here which is just actually crazy to think about so I'll have another video I I have to export all the mined coins the transactions for all these rigs okay so I will I will be doing that soon I had also one rig on nice hash so we'll see how much that was uh how much we earned in that video how much we have you know mined in Bitcoin okay in that video so stay tuned it's going to take me a bit I got to figure out if all these wallets these core wallets I can do CSV exports or not hopefully I can so that I can see what the cost basis is see how much it's gone up over the past 2 months you know and all that kind of stuff and yeah so hopefully you guys will see that video hopefully very soon anyways these rigs I am doing a much longer term test okay I'm sticking with all these coins here especially the Raven coin and meow coin on the other two rigs thanks overboard Tech and Mining King we are going to see over the next two years all right if the $1,400 buy that we did all right in theoretical here of the coin will be worse or better than if we were to mine over the next two years especially the value of the mining rigs right we're going to take that in consideration as well because maybe in the next you know when if the bull run comes soon or next 2 years or something that you know a 6600 XT could be worth a couple hundred and you know mining frame could be worth a couple hundred do or something as well you know we can think of the resale value of all this as well as the Mind yield that we have been doing over the past or for the next year or two right so we can compare that and just see how this plays out long term if that makes sense so moving along I know there's been a lot of GP mining talk especially over the past month here a lot of different coins out there whichever coin you are mining or believing in youve may have seen some a lot of upside with that coin a lot of price appreciation and I've been seeing a lot of hype recently A lot of people are are are really getting you know positive on the markets as well so to me that's a pretty big signal that you know GPU mining is you know coming back obviously um for how long I'm not quite sure I'm not a Trader I'm you know not a market maker whatever what have you you know seeing Bitcoin going up obviously over the past what past month that it has gone up generally from or maybe past uh two month since like September you know September it was like 25,000 uh now we're over 34,000 for over the past month right we're having around 37k now there's a lot of bullishness I'd say that has been transpiring over the past month and thus you know with Bitcoin going up with the liquidity that Bitcoin has here it has brought up a lot of other coins right not just you know the proof of work coins that we just talked about but you know everything really really seriously just everything in general seems to be be going up with Bitcoin not Financial advice so you know big notable one I'd say that has really like taken off would be you know Caspa Caspa mining Asic mining has been so prevalent so popular with Caspa I know this is a GPU mining video specifically uh but you know I just want to take note of this especially if you were GPU mining Caspa over the past when it first came out in you know 2022 that you would have done extremely well and you know obviously fbga came out for it a little bit and then as6 started coming out uh shortly shortly after so I mean yeah you guys know I've been through that Journey there but anyways GPU mining I know it's been on the up and up here I know there's been a lot an uptrend here I see a lot of people kind of coming back you know see the questions of hey red panda is a good time to get into mining I mean yeah you should have been getting into mining like last year or you know when everything was down when you know we've really talked about it on this channel quite a bit like a lot and I've made plenty of videos over the past what over the past year of just GP mining Asic mining of course I know Asic mining has been a lot more prevalent over the past year because it's profitable making money right so I understand in that regard hopefully you guys do as well but I know GPU mining in a sense it wasn't really as how do I say it a lot of people couldn't get around the fact that you know paying your electrical bill out of your pocket especially trying to you know Break Even or maybe losing a bit but also you're able to yield a lot of the coin because maybe the the network difficulty the hash rate was low right and now that you've mined a lot of the coin you've yielded a lot of the coin you're seeing the fruits of your labor now worth exponential amounts more because the the coins have price appreciated a heck of a lot over the past uh past month or two that I just showed in the beginning so I mean it's it's crazy right I mean this is the strategy that we have been talking about on the channel and I know every other crypto mining YouTuber as well I got to bring everyone into this here all the strategies all the things that we all talk about everyone he stems from the crypto mining ogs before us I got to give props here to our Crypt mining ogs the mining gods of crypto mining you know bits be tripping guntis vlans those guys that's where I learned about crypto mining from those gentlemen I learned all the strategies all the hardware all the different types of mining from them they are the ones I've learned everything you know I I got to stay humble here I I'm never in my opinion I'm never going to be like oh I told you I told you guys this I told you guys that you know I learned everything from people before me all right I I I I say that every now and then because it's it's true okay and I I I want to stay humble because it's something where I don't want to be the person that says I told you so you know I told you so I'm not like that I never want to be that person because it doesn't help anyone especially for myself because I want to help people get into mining that's why I started this channel in the first place my passion for crypto mining I don't know if you guys can tell is like utterly like insane and you know I've continued to create content especially during the bare Market as much as I can and you know I Tred to provide some type of value especially if it when it comes to over the past year right even after ethereum merge we know you know we've talked about just you know mining and just you know kind of hodling the strategy of doing that and the trials and tribulations you know doing that over the past year it's it's been you know it's definitely hard I have to say you know very reminiscent for me personally from like 2017 to 2020 you know that was that was a good long like three years you know two two half two years two three years of downtime bare Market which uh you know the community was much smaller back then and now here we are over the past year or two again it kind of feels like we went through that phase again and we did have a point in time when you know GPU mining was basically you know dead right every all the comments like I said in the beginning GP mining is dead GPU mining is dead GPU mining is dead we've had that so many times but if you kept with it over the past year and you huddled I mean there you go that's it's come to fruition everything that we have seen all the all the the prices of the coins that have gone up it's it's now come to fruition and I I'm going to have to say it's it's I'm not going to say I told you so but like this is this is what it's all about this is what crypto mining has been all about for a lot of people who are trying to do this for a financial reason now granted you know I can't forget the fundamentals of crypto mining you know this is something where the tech the people that believe in crypto it's not just mining but crypto fundamentally all right and I know this is something where it gets kind of iffy you know am I being hypocritical am I doing it for the money am I doing it for the tech I mean I think majority of us here are doing it for a financial reason a lot of people here are doing it for money A lot of people are doing it for that good old Fiat right the dirty old Fiat you know converting that crypto to eventually converting it to Fiat so so to me you know thinking it like that I wish crypto could be obviously adopted much more uh in our society and that you know Fiat will one day just vanish which I know it won't maybe not in our lifetime I don't know who knows right but I think that as long as a lot of us here and also be good stewards in the crypto space uh especially in crypto mining space and that's it's not just all of us saying hey dollar bills you know we're going to make tons of money I get it I get it I know that's something that we all strive for but at some point as well I mean crypto this is something that I think in order for us to have a stable financial future especially not just for us now presently but maybe for our kids in the future we got to think about that as you know Fiat is just it's just getting worse and it's just not working out right we're seeing the financial collapse of what's been happening over the past year and now it this is I feel like it's time for us to really push crypto to be adopted in some form or fashion and rather than Fiat in somehow some case and I think that with crypto now we've seen a lot of coins like maybe Caspa for instance it's such a it's such a fast Network like you know using Caspa we're able to transact instantly right I I've sent Caspa from one wallet to another shows up right away I say that because it's true and I'm sure a lot of you guys been using Caspa as well see the value in using Caspa or maybe any other blockchain out there that provides that type of utility and of course a lot of other cryptos out there provide a lot more utility as well but uh I'm not going to get into that there's plenty of that out there but anyways guys I think that's it I've raveled on enough congrats to all you guys oh look at this meow we're talking about meow coin I wonder if meow coin is going to go up the next bit here I think it will but not Financial advice anyways guys let me know what you think it's been quite a journey here over the I would say past year a lot of lows a lot of highs a lot of negativity but here we are congrats to all you guys stay positive that's what I try to do on this channel stay humble as well and uh help each other out I'll see you all in the next video have have a good one peace out

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