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all right it's a nice beautiful day today the weather is actually warmed up a little bit but it's not it's not hot by any means so it feels great but I figured um today's video would be another like kind of behind the scenes um just kind of i' I've been pretty open with you guys and like full disclosure about everything uh so I figured you know we'll just keep that keep that pace going and a lot of people were asking me you know well a lot of people are like really concerned like oh the computer shop it's like it's a lot to get up and going and then you know they're not profitable for a significant amount of time and um and I don't necessarily need it to be obviously everything that we do in business we we do it to make money um but it can grow slowly and that's why I'm starting off small um I'm not like just jumping into opening you know a big retail store with lots of employees if anything for right now I don't want any employees anytime soon uh just me work in the shop super flexible um that kind of thing so in the meantime I've I've had my share of struggles with my I own a construction company it's mainly a rosion control so like silt ponds doing uh silt fence a little bit of grading a little bit of dirt work a little bit of haul off that kind of thing so I I have been cutting down and selling off some of my assets because I've had a problem with employment um I've I've had a problem keeping employees um and at my level I feel like I A lot of times I'm struggling with these larger companies that keep raising their their entry level pay and so I keep raising my entry level pay and then I end up raising my price and then there's plenty of work out there um but the issue is it's it's like the the quality of available employees in the workplace is uh is declining and I don't know why that is and that's not what this video is about instead of me continually like beating my head against the wall and trying to find new people because that's almost a full-time job in itself trying to find Reliable knowledgeable experienced employees um I'm just going to take a step back take a step back on my liability as well because what I do does become there's there's some risk involved uh I do have to carry a few different kinds or a a policy with a few different kinds of like special exclusions on my insurance and um it get it gets a little expensive especially the more people that you bring on uh So currently right now I just sold off two F250s within the last couple months um so the only thing I have left for work is I have a F350 dump truck uh and it can only hold it's technically rated for five tons in the back but that's that's too much so um I typically haul about 4 tons with that so if I'm doing like small gravel jobs or if I'm haul I use it a lot of times to haul off concrete cuz that's another service that we do is we install concrete wash out pits which is where after the concrete truck is done pouring they have to clean the rest of the concrete out of the truck so they pour it in the ground and and wash out their truck that that's a wash out pit so a lot of times I'll I'll go and break all that up with my machine and haul it off uh and that's the truck I do it with and it works really good it's a little dump truck awesome going to keep that one I I I think it's about 120,000 Mi it's a V10 it's horrible on fuel but I'm going to keep it cuz it's very usable it can also pull the equipment and then I have a Dodge 2500 diesel I use that to pull equipment as well and it's it's it's pretty much like my daily driver work truck I'm going to keep that one I don't have a a lot invested into it it was a salvage title truck so I got it for a really good deal um let's see it's right over here I can I'll show you you that so here's the dump truck just put two two two new tires on the back of that thing um and then here is that one not this one that's my dad's F-150 but that one is the Dodge 2500 diesel it is a two wheel drive but that the dump truck's a four-wheel drive it's always good to have at least one four-wheel drive truck especially if you get into a pickle um so I think I'm going to keep both of those trucks even though I am scaled down to basically only one full-time worker and that's me um I do have some guys that I can call from time to time and uh get some part-time help and that's awesome because every now and then I get into a little bit bigger jobs but that's another thing is I'm scaling back the jobs that I'm bidding uh I'm only only basically bidding jobs that I know I can I can do myself and get day done in about a day to two days um that's because I'm about to post and uh put out there public public hours for my computer shop so that means I'm going to have to be there on a set schedule right now I've just been all appointment only super flexible but I do want to have a set schedule it's not going to be a crazy schedule only a couple days a week and then everything else is still going to be appointment only so I still can be available on other days but um I do want some like set solid days and with that being the case I don't need to be bidding on jobs that take 3 4 5 days to get done and I need a cre you know crew of three or four guys it just doesn't make sense because then I'd be away and I don't know about you guys but you know what happens if you're away from a job and you're you know you're supposed to be running the job bad things so breakdowns repairs unnecessary uh risks are taken but anyway let's get back to it so those are the two trucks I'm going to be keeping those I sold off two F250s I had a 05 6.0 diesel F250 I sold that one off and then I had an 03 and I sold that one off too um they were both in in pretty decent shape one of them had a little bit of like Motor problems but I sold it off really cheap I just I didn't need them because I don't have the people anymore you know I don't have multiple guys driving trucks every day uh just just pulling it back scaling it back so I am going to be making less money and I already have been making less money in the last few months on my construction side and it's compounded by the fact that we're coming into wintertime uh but I'm spending less money my payroll I'm just paying myself now uh and occasionally some part-time people so that that is also a huge huge Advantage um less payroll and it's all relative you know some people want to grow and scale and and buy a bunch of equipment buy a bunch of trucks and I guess right now with me having kids and wanting to be around um I don't desire that anymore uh I just want to make make a little good living and go home to my kids but um going back to the assets I have an excav avator and a skid steer here's my excavator actually just U one of the uh lines that go from one injector to another injector in between there there's like a hairline crack and it was spitting out uh diesel fuel this machine has been trusty this was the first machine I ever bought when I got started about 6 and a half almost 7 years ago now I love this machine and she is she's used she's used and abused and um and but she's a great machine 100% I would I'm not getting rid of it um does need some work does need some TLC but I'm I'm keeping that one I am thinking about and I use this machine pretty much almost on every job but I'm thinking about selling my skid steer um these are great machines they're very usable very versatile I also have a 4-in-1 bucket it's a bucket that opens and closes like to grab stuff but I've noticed since I've scaled back on my uh to smaller jobs and just doing more traditional erosion control style jobs and got away from some of the bigger like landscaping and Grading and and uh dirt moving jobs I haven't been using my skid steer very much and right now these things are depreciating obviously Mo almost all assets depreciate in the form of like Motors and wheels and stuff like that very few of those go up in value skid steers they hold their value very well especially this is a caterpillar um this is a 2013 so it's one of the last years before they added emissions equipment to them so these have done very well for holding their value but it's like a $25,000 bill just laying on the ground sitting there depreciating day by day um I was very lucky I bought this before the co boom so I basically can sell this thing for what I bought it for and I've had it for almost what three years now give or take so that's awesome I'm thinking I sell that I put that money in the bank um I'm not going to run out and buy a bunch more stuff I've basically decided that the computer store if it can't self- sustain with what I've originally invested which um I'd say it's hard to say because actual cash investment has only been a couple thousand but if we include all the hardware and stuff that I previously had because I brought all my my inventory from like the GPU mining farm and computers that I had built previously it's a fairly heavy investment actually you know north of 10,000 I'd say I don't know if it'd be 20,000 but you know I have boxes and boxes of hardware and gpus and and cables so my investment in the store Cashwise less than 5,000 but in assets or liabilities I guess technically gpus are liabilities they're not assets assets grow and value liabilities go down anyway we're not getting on all that verbiage but try not to get too long-winded but just be straight up with you guys um I'd say between 10 to 15,000 um in items so maybe about 20,000 in uh so far into the store and we haven't even launched yet I know it's expensive to launch uh it's expensive to open a store it's expensive to run a store you shouldn't expect to make a profit in any you know short period of time blah blah blah blah I get all that um so that's why I'm scaling down one company selling off some stuff I don't need putting some money in the bank that way that way I can weather out hard months we don't have to make a lot of money we can still do some of my small jobs over with my construction stuff and then we can hang out at the computer shop and uh do some small jobs over there and hopefully pass off some really good deals by buying stuff for a good deal and then selling it for a good deal that's my big thing I've ran into so many people and they're just like oh my God I bet you're going to be Scout scalping people and it's just like I in this market scalping people wouldn't even work because the prices have gone down so far so if you're not giving a good value and a a good product for a good value people are just aren't going to buy it and I've already had really good luck selling what I've made so far and um it's not new to me cuz a lot of people are like oh my God you know you're getting into uh you know a whole different Market if you rewind or you've watched me for a while I've done builds in the past and I used to sell computers out of my house for years um that was kind of always one of my side gigs but when I moved over here I lived in a camper for a while I just didn't have the uh the space or the availability of of time and that kind of thing uh and then when we built our new place we got two little kids my wife doesn't want random people coming over to the house and um and I agreed with her I was like you know what separate separating business and pleasure you know business and home life it needs to happen and my little side gig turned from a side gig into like you know a business because uh unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it I'm involved on social media uh in a couple forms and Fashions and whenever you do that you open yourself up to a world of awesome people and Weirdos there's a lot less weirdos than awesome people but unfortunately it's those those couple bad apples that ruin it for the rest almost 99% of you guys that watch my videos are amazing I love I love reading the comments I love talking to you guys um I can't wait to meet more of you I've already had a couple come into the shop and we've done some business and it's been awesome I I really do enjoy that part of it and I can't wait to expand on that but man there's a couple out there that are just honestly scary um obviously I live in the south uh I got a security system um and I have a personal security device that gets carried on me at all times my wife carries a personal security device so uh you know we're not necessarily afraid but we're prepared um don't ever want to use it hope she never has to use it uh so that's why we just don't want to introduce those situations and increase our percentage of something like that happen so keeping people away from the house good to go keeping you know keeping randoms away from my kids that's a good thing having a little you know business or retail shop to do that at yeah that's that's that was kind of uh the big step so a lot of people keep asking me when am I going to officially open and I think for tax reasons um the business is going to officially open on January I think we're going to shoot for basically like January 1st or January 2nd I don't think we're going anywhere for New Year's so I'll be in town uh definitely definitely and you know what we're 14 minutes on in on this video and I apologize but guys I want you to know if you're local or if you're even willing to drive a little bit to come out here depending on if you're far away and I'm sorry if you guys are like multiple hours away and you just can't make it um I understand I will be shipping some stuff online but as for like the grand opening um we're going to have like a little party um I talked to the landlord and she's totally okay with me bringing a grill and setting up outside and Grilling out um but I want to have some door prizes I want to have some some giveaways and that kind of thing um I got some people that are going to help me out with uh with you know setting up a grill and having free food um but basically I I want the you know I want to kind of give back and um I don't know if it's going to be a monthly thing um but I'd love to uh love to have offer some stuff so I'm I'm going to be putting together a build uh one of one I'm going to do a build and show that off and then that's going to be a giveaway I might I might do like a tiered setup like like three systems like a super low entry level a mid-range and then a highend and then we have like three different drawings um on those on like the grand opening day so that way you know people can come in maybe get a ticket I don't know exactly how we're going to do it I want to be within the letter of the law I know you can't sell raffle tickets that's technically illegal so um I'm not looking to like earn money and and make money off of people uh I just want to uh want to give back especially on opening day just get people in the door um show them what we got going on and and do some do some awesome stuff so uh if you guys got any ideas for that uh I definitely think I'm going to be giving away some systems uh I'll show off those builds here in time on the YouTube channel I definitely want to be giving away some T-shirts I don't know if I'm going to end up making hats or not um I feel like hats are just one of those things it's like some people wear them some people don't a lot of them get shelv so I'm definitely going to make some T-shirts we're going to be giving away t-shirts we're going to be giving away those systems um we'll also do might even I even thought about getting one of those wheels and you know like everybody comes in and everybody can you know spin the wheel one time and it has like some random stuff on it but like uh giving away some graphics cards giving away some like SSD drives some some stuff that I have a lot of inventory in and stuff that won't you know it's not going to hurt me if I say you know oh we're going to door prize like first person in the door gets a I don't know 4060 or or 3070 or something like that and then you know second person in gets a blah blah blah blah and up to the first like 10 people or whatever um yeah yeah so anyway I'm getting off on a tangent so I guess this is is just me kind of being like uh I am going all in on the computer shop but I'm technically not you know um because I'm Diversified not only in my income but I'm Diversified in uh where my funds are coming well I guess that is income I'm Diversified in my income and I'm Diversified in the fact that well I guess that that's income too I was going to say cuz my wife's got you know two jobs she has she's part-time on one thing and then she works at home from another um but yeah so don't worry about me guys I'm doing good um cuz a lot of people keep see seem like super concerned about me opening up this computer shop and it just completely being a flop and we I know we got some uh we have some some fans of the channel That watch every single video and they actually comment multiple times on every single video and it it blows my mind uh because the trolls are just they're they're awesome in a sense that they're they're literally some of your most loyal Watchers and they get you views on like every single thing um but there's been some there's and it's it's almost comical now because there's been some that are just and like every single video it's going to your Shop's going to flop your Shop's going to flop um well I'm I'm setting it up in a way that I'm not going to say never but man it really shouldn't shouldn't flop we shouldn't have any issues especially not with the connections that we've made so far and um I'm just really looking forward to having a good time with you guys so we're at 18 minutes I didn't mean for it to get this long um but I do have a guy coming to look at buying this machine and um it just made me think about you know maybe I should take you guys a little bit behind the scenes so hopefully this machine will be gone and I'll be having some some cashola in my hand here here soon but even if it doesn't it's not a big deal I just don't want to stop bidding big jobs end up not using that machine and it end up sitting there and depreciating even more uh cuz if we ain't using it to make money it needs to get on out of here kind of like those other trucks if we ain't using those if we're not driving them and and putting people in them to make money we need to get them on out of here um I'm I'm kind of and this might go along with like GPU mining I'm kind of I'm I'm slightly a little bit of a order and you can tell me guys if you're a GPU Miner it kind of like goes with the territory like oh we're going to keep that and keep this and keep that and and I used to be bad about the boxes oh my God I'd have I had so many GPU boxes I was keeping boxes to gpus that I didn't even have and um when I moved this last time I was just kind of like you know what we're purging we are purging boxes cuz I had literally like totes and totes full of empty boxes uh so I think that hoarding transcends just gpus and I was hoarding trucks there's no need for me to hoard equipment um if something does come along and it's some super profitable awesome amazing job because I was talking to a couple of my buddies and they're like man if you sell it what if you you know this job pops up or that job and if it's that good of a job then I'll just go rent a machine and if it doesn't pay for a rental then it's not that good of a job you know what I mean um I'll still have my other machine I'm not selling that one so man my my screen dirty there we go um but yeah so I'm ready to get back to some of my hobbies as well and I know a lot of people are like oh my God you're starting a company it's it's hard to do anything but on the weekends I want to get back to my cars haven't touched these things in like months I got to put this one back together that one over there just needs some TLC but uh yeah I think uh I think a little add got a hold of me and we we spiraled off track here but anyway I wish you guys well um while I'm waiting on that guy to get here I guess I'm going to go back into the back and start packing up some more gpus cuz gosh I got more it's always funny because um I posted a couple videos on like TiK ToK by the way I have a Tik Tok page now I'm a Tik tocker but you know what's up Tik Tok um crew but uh I'll put my Tik Tok Down Below in the description if you want to follow that kind of stuff it's just like small little tidbits and stuff that doesn't end up making it over on YouTube but I've had some people like oh my God he put all his inventory in the display case is that all he has and um it's just like I have boxes of gpus sitting up at my house and then I still have you know there's a rig there's a rig down there there's a rig down there all these motherboards I guess that's that's pretty much it in here so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 two eight that's 20 21 22 23 24 25 oh so we only have like 25 or so more gpus in here so we're almost cleaned out but then we have a ton of these motherboards um I am going to be bringing those in the store uh going to be selling those cheap those those mining motherboards so if you do want those we're going to be making some deals here soon I don't know if I'm going to end up doing anything so oh that was another thing some people ask me oh you're going to have any Black Friday sales I don't know if I'm going to be I don't think and don't know if I'm going to be officially open for Black Friday so it's kind of hard to have Black Friday sales if I'm not open you know what I mean socket set need a put that up um but I'd love to like you know liquidate some stuff and be like you know heck I'd probably let it got a lot of those go for like you know 10 bucks for those mining motherboards including the ram like just just get them on out of here um but I don't know we'll we'll cross that bridge when we get to we're at 23 minutes all right I'm I'm cutting this off later guys I'll see youall in the next one peace

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