Shiba Inu Could Make You a Crypto Millionaire!!! Shiba Inu News!

Shibba enu is dumping this might be the Optimal time for you to load up on Shibba enu to become a Sheba enu Millionaire welcome back to 99b YouTube Channel I am your host Umar Khan and Today we're taking a deep dive on shba Enu and some exciting things are in the Mix some lots of news directly from the Team is Shiva enu going to break past Some newer and newer alltime highs in June that's what we're looking at in Today's video first of the video I want To ask if you haven't already make sure You smash that subscribe button down Below as it helps out the channel Tremendously overall crypto Market Looking red honestly we're down 1 on the Day almost all major coins down 5 to 10% Which is interesting to say the least Furan greed index currently at a 55 Neutral which is slowly slowly creeping Back towards the greed side of things Now or so I want to say fear side of Things now we made a video earlier today Talking about the downfall crypto Everything's crashing sell your crypto Now check out that video there's a lot Of like gems that I put in the video Talking about some seller psychology and No don't sell all your crypto now it was Just uh a sexy title all right so Looking at the meme coins guys sheu Still holding his place number one close One behind is Pepe currently at 5

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Billion but Shibu having more than Double and Mark cap at $ 11.9 billion And getting very very close to Dogecoin Guys and I really think this time around Shibba enu will flip Dogecoin in terms Of Mark cap making the number one mem Coin and a top 10 cryptocurrency Globally which is absolutely insane to Say the least we see on the day we're Down about 1% on the week we're down to Whopping 14% And the month we're down 11% we go on the one year guys we're Still up at whopping 200% you know when Zoom out there's so much gains that were Made as especially bought before this Bow Market really started there's still So much gains that were made we go to Alltime guys and again we still haven't Broke his previous all-time highs just Yet that we're really anticipating to See during this bull run now we talked About the markat we talked about the Volume let's go ahead and take a look at Some of the news of her Sheba enu so uh We're starting things off on Twitter Guys 3.8 million followers and we can See they posted this just yesterday good Morning Shibu how uh ship Army will you See uh how will you use your ship to Innovate and and influence the world Today and now there's so much so much Utility tokens uh and so much way to use Uh Shiva enu in the real world talking About a mem coin guys let's pause from

Sh for a second come over to Doge verse A new play to earn uh pre-sale gem That's going absolutely crazy they've Already raised 4.3 million in Mark cap And in one day 13 hours they're going to Have a price hike so they're going to Raise the price if you want to get a Lowest price Buy in now what is this Token to play to earn uh Doge game play Doge play doge is Ultimate mobile play To earn game that brings the iconic doge Meme to Life as a Tamagotchi style Virtual pet secure your play tokens in The pre-sale to earn crypto while Playing a nostalgic 2D Adventure game so If you like play to earn this is a Project for you if you're like pre-sale Jams this's also a project for you cuz This has given me lots of Doge verse Vibes and again a lot of us made a solid Bag on Doge verse so you may want to Load up feature on ton of different Articles they have a strong about tab They have a strong road map as well Having Community Focus at the top of Things uh great tokenomics as well 50% To free pre-sale 10% to marketing 10 11.5% to liquidity 10% to project funds 12% to Stak and 6.5% Community rewards Talking about staken currently paying Out 186% AP so you're not going to want To miss out on this gem load up link in Description below again not Financial Advice back to Shu guys there's still a

Ton of more news that we're going to Cover so wolf deck tool now support ship Swap unlock Advanced defi analytics on For the ship Army uh gold uh gold Standard achieve at uh at bad idea AI Excited to see at the booth of the Future con ship Army if you're going to Pop Along come say hi to the bad team Which is pretty awesome how they're Going to be at Canada's largest web 3 Event August 13th to 14th and guys if You're in Canada you're in Toronto I Might actually be at the event too so if You want to come on by and we could do a Little uh hangout session and talk about Our favorite meme cits now uh craving The latest ship Army news uh ship Arium News ship Army shipet has got you Covered give them a follow to get the Latest updates and the ship network is Just constantly putting up updates right Same time sharum syncing notes uh Scratch 1 to 2 days but now with the Snapchat downloaded it just takes 1 to 2 Hours download yours now you can see all The snap shots here which is pretty Awesome now let's go to the technical Side think looking at the technical Analysis and we're seeing yeah we're in Sell again there's a lot of selling Going on ERS are neutral moving averages Are strong sell indicating us a summary Of sell now we go to one week uh we're Seeing again still kind of in the red a

Summar is neutral moving average are Neutral but the oosers are still in sell Uh now when it comes to the new side of Things which is so important for crypto Guys the more people talk about it the Bigger it's going to be some exciting Things ahead right she holders can now Pay delivery fees with Sheba tokens Right Sheba euu the crypto industry uh Um second largest mcoin can now be used To complete payments for web3 food Delivery service the food order placed Through the uh Delver go according to do Uh which was announced a successful Trans transaction on its X handle so Again is a food delivery uh payment History transaction uh it's it's massive Right so now you can do your food Deliver sheiba adding more real world Utility making it more and more Accessible uh and again more Transactions right she shares critical Uh uh reminders with ship Community um To a recent tweet ship uh youu Team uh Lucy U issued an important reminder to The ship Community to much the much Anticipated treat token has not yet been Launched Lucy tweeted a screenshot of The ship uh uh Eternal uh gameplay Teasing that ship Shiba Inu Community Has been asking uh any Shoshi around Actively seeking treats for ship uh What's your Fighter for treats so looks Like the token is just being slightly

Delayed and there's an update on that Which again we just love the news Shibu Skyrock um 86 3% in major indicators so We see uh in the past 24 hours the token Burn rate has surged and astounding 800 63% with total of 107 million ship Tokens Burns this brings a total burnt Amount over last week to uh 368 million So again a lot of burns going on a lot Of news taking place and overall the Crypto Market is about to have a massive Flip we're anticipating with all these Announcement and all these major news That Shiva enu is going to say some Brighter days ahead so guys that wraps To the Shiva enu video if youj like this You know what to do smash that subscribe Button down below like always not Financial advice until next time it's Your friend Umar peace [Music] [Music]

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