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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today we are going to be working on the new shop computer it's not new it's a lot of used parts it's actually sitting over here next to me it's hanging on the wall right there it is a dual Zeon uh I don't remember off top of my head right now but they're dual 8 core xon I could upgrade those to better zons later on but uh that's what it came with um I put a RX 570 uh 8 gig in there just to have some display out and right now I'm running 2 4 6 8 one two three four five six running 16 gigs of RAM and I believe it's just bog standard nothing special I think it's udm or ECC something like that it's one of those like weird server Rams that are verified for these motherboards it's a super micro motherboard um and that server Ram is so cheap I do need to I only have eight sticks in there uh and this has 16 slots so I need to get another matching eight sticks before they they sell out because I got it from a guy on eBay but regardless what's been holding me up on this I mounted it to the wall mounted the power supply put a 500 watt I'm like that'll be plenty these 8 core chips say the the power usage on them is only like 80 Watts a piece um but this power supply doesn't support dual CPU um headers so I have a single this is you know the Dual for pin or you know whatever it's called then it splits it out into two CPU so one CPU in two CPU out you got to be careful with these especially on a system that's going to burn a lot of power um so if you're running you know two big xeons which later on I may do that and I may need to upgrade the uh power supply but for right now I'm trying to get off of my laptop which is a it's old noo or no it's a Toshiba satellite which actually I like Toshiba stuff and it's a testament cuz this thing's still running I've had this for years I bought this brand new but it's got an AMD A8 Apu in it and if you don't know about those those things are Dreadful they're right now they're painfully slow that they've gotten that old and uh I basically use it just for like office stuff and I wanted to try to like plug in my TV over there and I was going to run um or have one of those like HDMI like streaming sticks or whatever uh and I wanted to like put TV on over there but um I can't even plug in a second monitor or my main laptop screen chugs and it slow like the whole thing slows down to a crawl so I'm like I'm not even going to try to plug in a TV over there cuz I was like you know maybe you can put some put some old like Gamers Nexus or lonus Tech tips up on there playing while I'm hanging out and stuff so people come in like you know sets the mood you know sets the mood with a little bit of Linus but yeah this laptop needs to be retired to to like a a web surfing laptop or something I don't know probably give it to my wife and she can set it in the kitchen and do whatever with it uh it does does still play YouTube but it doesn't play 1080 uh if you bump it up to 1080 it just chugs but it'll play 720 so might be good for her for like the kitchen or something um yeah so I guess it's time to hook this bad boy up and see what it does all right so here's a up close and personal um I I'm not going to tuck all these wires in zip time yet because I'm probably going to have to pull uh a s wire out of there for a SSD cuz this board does not have any m.2 on it which is odd but I don't know maybe this board's a little too old for that I kind of take it for granted that everything doesn't have m.2 slots on it anymore um but yeah I really like the way this is sitting so I I'm probably going to move that monitor right there and then I'd love to put a monitor up there so um I don't know exactly how I want to run all that yet but we'll get there first things first I got to fire this up it uses a nonstandard header panel so I need to Google that real quick and see what two pins constitute a power button on this bad boy all right so I just looked it up and it is this header panel right here normally it's always like a staggered one over here on this side but it's actually completely all the way at this side it's these two pins right there and let's power it up and I'm going to go into BIOS and make sure everything is happy I hope these fans are enough air flow I haven't mounted them yet or not because I don't know if I'm going to end up staying with that fan set up we don't have any display yet so cross your fingers oh yeah [Music] still no display we're doing something I'm going to give it a minute to see if it is going to pop up and then uh I'll be right back this is super frustrating I'm not super experienced with like server boards so I've been going through all the troubleshooting steps I'm getting solid power on with that green light up there I am getting the BMI heartbeat which at first I saw a green blinking LED and I'm like oh that's a problem after searching through the uh troubleshooting steps the BMI heartbeat is good so if you have a green flashing LED there you're good it recommended taking all the ram out and leaving one populated right there but before that I pulled all the ram out and then it gave me a six be six short beeps which means no system Ram detected um then I put one stick of ram back in there and it's no longer doing no no system Ram detected um so green LED we got a heartbeat I can't get any video out from there so then I found the jumper which is right there for Onboard video I made sure it is on jumper one two just to make sure I wasn't going crazy I did put it on 23 and tried it both ways no video display there and I can't get video display out of this graphics card so I thought it might have been that graphics card so I grabbed another graphics card this is one of my little low profile cards that has no external power I plug that in there no display out of that one um the next troubleshooting step is said to uh take the second CPU out so I got to figure out which one's the first one which one's the second one I assume this is the first one cuz it's closest to the io cuz everything's been going like left to right uh but I ran out of time and I have to go pick my son up from preschool and the day is over so little frustrating right there um not what I wanted to see but if any of you guys are experienced this is a uh what model is it hold on I'll put the model it's a super micro but I'll put the model number down below in the comments section um and if you have any sort of advice I'd love it if not then um let's is a problem that lives to fight another day so anyway guys I'll see you on the next one peace adios all that kind of stuff got ton of packages going out today so if you ordered something over the last few days I apologize with my getting my wisdom tooth pulled and St thing I was a little bit slow on that but I'm going to make it up to you guys I really will we got some really good deals coming just added some 3080s and some 390s to the website and remember if it's your first time shopping you can use uh the discount code code five off no capitals no spaces for 5% off your entire order so anyway guys thanks for watching I'll see yall on the next one audios all right anyway guys I'm in the computer shop what's up welcome back this is Brandon coin that kind of stuff but um so I have these little uh CPU boxes they're for shipping AMD CPUs normally because let me get one that I haven't already put stuff in um they have this lip inside there I don't know if you guys can see that well anyway the edge of the PCB of the AMD CPU sits on that lip so then the pins don't touch the bottom it keeps them like supported off the bottom and then you can slide it in here you can wrap a thing in bubble R bubble tape or just regular tape around it throwing in a bubble mailer and you can ship it and like it's really sturdy um these are on the website for sale but I was like man you know something for like Intel CPUs would be nice too and then come to find out I'm using using the same ones but I was like they're a little loose I need something in the bottom so a regular Post-It note fold it in half and fold it in half again put it down in there and it kind of it's kind of a little slightly too big so when you push the CPU and it kind of like holds it really well and then it gets like a a really nice fit because it's it's like holding it up against there but the the bottom I don't know I just thought I would show you guys so these are on the website they're listed under 3D print section I don't know if they're still on sale they were like 50% off but they're like two bucks a piece if you've ever shipped an am4 CPU and you've bent the pin on them you know what I'm talking about it is a pain in the butt cuz I've sold uh am4 specifically or AMD not am5 because they they don't have pins anymore but I've sold quite a few of them and uh I've probably had like two or three of them come back and and then it's like every time I sell or used to every time I sold one I'd have to like get creative and like cut out foam and do all this crazy stuff and that still doesn't take into account like you know shipping carriers just throwing those things all around and it doesn't take much to bend those little pins so um yeah just word to the wise and a lot I had some people be like oh my God these things are such a ripoff they're two bucks a piece but you know your shipping is like $4 and I'm like well to ship one little item is not cost effective so if you buy more the shipping doesn't go up until you hit like a bajillion of them or quite a few of them um so these are definitely aimed toward people that are like selling multiple or going to be selling multiple or even using them as little like storage trays and they can put them in there and store them away uh buying one's not cost effective but if you've ever looked up buying those little clam shells that come and with for the AMD CPUs those little clam shells aren't cheap either um they actually end up being quite a bit more so this is just the most cost- effective way I have found to uh to ship AMD CPUs and Now intel CPUs Intel CPUs really don't need this but just trying to go the extra mile you know what I'm saying so that being said I'm going to just tape these together so that way they don't move around even more and it tapes the the uh the little the little box inside there shut cuz these bad boys are getting shipped out um these are two uh I3 7100s somebody on the web store just bought these don't know what he bought them for but um they're a pretty good deal got some other cheap like lowend CPUs too so if you need any anything like that you can check it out um but yeah yeah now it's just uh time to go grab a bubble mailer yeah

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