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he [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys red panda mining here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I wanted to just talk with you guys regarding my basement here which I've been here for over the past I don't know 5 or 6 years now mining here creating YouTube videos and it's all thanks to you guys thank you so much for supporting me day in and day out watching my videos and everyone in the community who I've been involved with all the camaraderie I've had with a lot of other people content creators it's been amazing but besides all that good stuff this basement here I think I may be upgrading the power and so I may be going from a 200 amp service to a 400 amp service and that's what I want to talk with you guys about how should I have this place all laid out or should I even do a 400 amp service in this basement here right now my current electrical ratees about 8.5 cents USD All In and if I were to get a 400 amp service then I could go down to like what 7.8 so I have to use of course a certain amount of power uh like demand charge to hit that you know commercial rate so that would be nice right that would be nice I want to announce a giveaway here for you guys I want to give away an RX 5700 this is a MSI Mech 5700 this is a non XT okay 5700 Mech all right so very easy you just have to comment down below what you guys think of today's video positive or negative uh just give me your thoughts regarding what I'm talking about today and if you are in USA or Canada that's it I will choose the winner 24 hours after this video is uploaded for all the loyal viewers and subscribers who watch me day in and day out this is for you guys just comment down below with your thoughts on today's video and you USA or Canada so good luck okay so I kind of already explained this in another video recently uh regarding my power situation okay so I I'll explain it again but I have a 200 amp service here okay before like maybe four or 5 years ago I did have a 100 amp service and I was able to upgrade it to a overhead uh 200 amp service for about only 2200 bucks a USD about 3,000 Canadian upgrade the new panel the new overhead service outside and as well as the connection to the power line okay which is actually very close it's very short so that's why I think the cost was generally okay but I just got a quote for doing a 400 amp service here and that's the max I can go for in this residential lot here okay 400 amp service so it should be pretty easy to do a 400 Dam service here uh they did give me two options though okay so I could do uh 2×2 200 amp panels actually I already have a 200 amp panel already uh they mentioned that so I could do a 2×2 200 or I could do a single 400 amp panel so I don't know which one to go for obviously the 400 amp panel it would be uh it would cost a lot more so I got quoted roughly about 6,000 Canadian to do a 400 amp upgrade and that was for the uh 400 amp service now if I were to do the 2×2 200 it would cost about I think $1,000 or $500 less less or something so in USD pricing I think that's about what 4500 USD roughly to do a 400 amp uh service upgrade here overhead upgrade let me know what you guys think about that is that too much is that too expensive should I do it or am I going to waste my time okay so $4500 I'm guessing $5,000 all in after all said and done taxes and whatnot uh to do a 400 amp uh service here okay so that's obviously going to give me a lot more power in terms of capacity so right now I have 4X 240 volt 30 amp circuits here okay on the single 200 amp panel so if I were to add another 200 amp service or 200 amps that I could add another 4X 30 amp circuits is it worth it to do that is it worth it to spend that much money to have you know just another 4 5 30 amp circuits here for mining in this basement at around 8.5 which I could get eventually under 8 cents 7.8 cents uh USD let me know what you guys think all right this is uh this is something I've been really thinking about doing just for the fact that I'm able to get a lower electrical rate here is why I am entertaining the idea of doing a 400 amp uh upgrade okay so let me know what you guys think about that now if I were to do a 400 amp upgrade how should I be having the layout here in terms of the power honestly I don't like it how I have the 30 amp circuits right there okay they just stop the 102 gauge cabling the stops at that top there uh which is obviously a really short run you guys can see it's like less than like I don't know 12 15 ft okay pretty close but if I were to get a 400 Dam service and utilize my basement here that I would probably need to knock out some windows so that I can add another exhaust fan right uh 18-in exhaust fan I do have another 18-in exhaust fan right there maybe I can pop out that window as well so I can have four 18in exhaust fans okay but how am I going to or how am I supposed to run the 102 gauge cabling or if it's going to be the RX or if it's going to be go a little bit more expensive route and get the uh 102 like Tech cable but it costs a lot more obviously but how would I be able to rearrange that or how should I lay out that okay so let me just I'll just stand back here I mean you guys can generally you guys have seen this basement many times over the past I don't know four or five years if I were to do the 400 damp service how would you lay out this basement for mining okay if I were to have uh eight or 10 30 amp circuits here of course I'm not going to go up to you know 400 amp uh 4 damps of mining of course I have to think about the people that live up here there's also a rental here as well so you know I got to be mindful of the power that I'm going to be using here and uh I guess essentially the the sound as well the sound is going to be an issue because there are people above here but it's it's pretty well insulated you can't really hear the GPU rigs but if I had as6 down here you can definitely hear the fan wine uh upstairs a little bit not it's not bad but you can definitely hear the the k3m there so yeah just let me know like am I going to run like 102 gauge cabling up here I know I can actually pop out these uh these tiles here they actually do come out I actually did try one uh right here so it is easy in a way I could run 10d gauge cabling up here and uh yeah just do all that stuff get it through here have I don't know four oh looks like we got some water damage here um some 4X 30 amp circuits here another 4X 30 amp circuits uh over here and then have a setup here and then have another mining setup over here because of the exhaust windows I don't know what what what do you guys what do you guys think let me let me know this is I guess Endless Possibilities that I could do here and it's just something I've been thinking about because yeah I'm able to have generally lower electric that's really all that comes down to is the electrical rate and I guess all the money that I'm going to be investing in in installing all the electrical stuff which I can obviously expense right I can do all that and uh I could you know do all the wiring myself I mean you guys have seen me do all that I'm not a professional I'm not an electrician uh please go speak to your certified Red Seal electrician uh when you want to do it at home if you're not comfortable doing it of course then you know just be mindful that yeah you you just want to be safe about doing it I I'm no professional okay I am not a certified electrician so don't do what I do in any of my videos okay guys anyways I think that's it that's all I really just wanted to talk about and uh show you guys here this basement I've been through a lot of change and uh it's obviously been a lot of work but I mean it's been rewarding at the same time you know creating this content for you guys and uh bringing you guys along the journey I mean you guys have you guys have been along the journey for a very long time and I'm seriously thankful to all of you guys who watch me day in and day out so again don't forget comment down below anything positive or negative regarding this video I talked about my Electrical uh let me know your guys' thoughts and if you're USA or Canada and I'll give this 5700 away in 24 hours I will pin the Winner's comment and they have to email me their shipping address and I'll ship this beautiful GPU out and stay tuned I'm going to be building a 6X 5700 XT rig with these Sapphire Nitro cards beautiful beautiful Sapphire Nitros ah can't wait it's going to be an open air rig it's going to be glorious all right my friends good times ahead I'm extremely excited but I'm also oh I'm I'm kind of dreading the fact that I'm going to have to do all this work myself and uh well not not the 400 amp upgrade but I mean doing all the aftermath stuff of uh upgrading wire probably have to move change the layout of everything probably get more shelves I don't know yeah it's going to be fun but feel free if you guys want to email me your opinion and uh layouts just email me contact at red panda how would you have the power how would you have the shelves exhaust fans okay like this is where the two fans I can I can only have them in these two windows okay so just be mindful of that I can't change up anything on here I could take out the windows but that's it okay I'll see you all in the next video I appreciate you all have a good one peace out peace out [Music]

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