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all right so what is up laddies and lassies um just going through and trying to break down some of all of my tech junk that I've accumulated over time I basically said you know I was thinking through my head if it doesn't need to go to the shop and it doesn't need to stay here then it's probably junk and it needs to be thrown away so um I got me a tub right here and we're going to start filling it up and going through all the stuff that you end up accumulating over time it's and you know what I'm talking about if you're in into Tech at all you just accumulate all this stuff cuz you're like oh I could use that for this or oh I could use that for that and there's just it just never ends so um I'm probably going to set the phone up and I guess it'll be like a little bit of fast forward unless I find something like really cool I don't know we'll see Lighting in here is horrible all right so I went through the the first box and I did not realize how long that box has been put together so if we look right here this is a cardboard box full of 80 and 160 gig blank hard drives back when I was using those which that's been years I don't know if they're bad I guess I could take them up there and they're not really good for much of anything probably just throw them up there for a couple bucks maybe on like maybe a little discount shelf or whatever somebody might find a use for them um have a crappy old monitor right there have that up there for a couple bucks might just have like a little little clearance section if people want to cuz you know some people might might have a use for it um so no needing absolutely throwing it away had a keyboard bunch of three and a half inch Drive discs like boxes of them boxes of them and then I had a USB uh floppy drive adapter just I kept that on hand because I used to do a lot of uh like repairs and stuff for people and people would always have like oh man I need this and you know can you copy it and put it on another drive that kind of thing and I'd always be like you need to get that off of a floppy drive but I I don't I don't think I'm going to run into that as much anymore um some random like mini DVI cables um check this bad boy out this is a essence essence STX Asus High Fidelity audio card with headphone amp oh yeah that's the good stuff right there so that box really had a bunch of of junk in it there also had these removable mobile racks and it says interface interface with up to 1,000 or sorry 10,000 RPM Raptor drives that was back when raptor drives were cool uh so this is like pre pre SSD stuff yeah these are all IDE um I really don't even know if they have any value I will throw them in there and I'll have like a basically I think like a clearance shelf or a clearance rack uh where stuff will be marked down in the the single dollar range just just cuz you never know somebody out there might want it and come might get them to come by the shop um just to hang out and might pick up some old Tech um there was a couple other things that were like broken and missing parts so just going to let that let that ship sail um I have another bag yes bag full of stuff so I'm going to go grab that now and we'll be right back oh my there we go all right we're going to try a little bit different format for this one we got our tub right here we have our bag of hopefully no animals by the way this isn't we haven't even got into like my mining room or mining stuff this is all like pre- mining back when I was just like working on car or working on computers I said cars but um yeah so like I've saved all of this over the years and definitely need to just get rid of it but anyway looks like we have some just SATA cables some thermal paste some screws I used to keep a lot of stuff in tupperware cuz I thought I was being you know organ organized and stuff we'll go ahead and we'll bring that you can never have enough SATA cables even though you end up with tons of them all right in this one we have oh yeah so they discontinued these a long time ago back when I first got into mining somebody sent me these prototypes and these are 16 uh PCI 16 to uh eight times Splitters so yeah 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 eight H and they actually work but they don't work on the full eight they only work on about six you put them up to eight that plx chip gets hot right there so my theory was you could put a uh little you know heat sink on it put a little air on it and it'd be good but the company never that was during like 20 17 I think I don't know anyway that company went under these are basically no longer possible to get your hands on um here's another more common style of like PCI Express splitter um uh it looks like these were a bunch of just like weird PCI Express adapters in here that I kept for who knows what reason yeah like m.2 to PCI Express one uh four times but for one uh is that one times no that's four times so yeah might as well just we'll keep that all together and uh we will definitely be offering and have a mining section for mining Hardware uh in the store so if you do need or want any mining stuff it'll be it'll be in there one of the mini Asus keyboards that I got in Asus graphics card bundles that can go in there oh what do we have here it's a vision Tech 95 or 9250 128 megabyte it's regular PCI so this is not PCI Express it's old boy right there looks to be in decent shape set that to the side we'll try to find something to put that in uh box full of like SATA toolex adapters sure look at that Tupperware bin full of nothing yeah uh looks like some HDMI and then there's an one of those cables I think that was like for the Galaxy Notes for a while back it was like a or was that for the notes I'm not sure yeah yeah yeah that was for the the Galaxy Notes I had that weird plug on it so cables set those to the side find a spot for them um oh some USB hard drives these are they all say huh that's convenient for locating the size I don't we'll set these to the side as well looks like there's two of them yeah neither of them have a size listed on them um another little graphics card this looks to be older Zotac GTX 750 1 GB not a bad little card These are nice because they don't require external power obviously there's better options today but back in the day when you're building budget systems GTX 750s and I believe even 950s awesome for throwing in a computer with a weak power supply um look at that I bought a wall tap adapter splitter thing house fire adapter never used it another keyboard uh we got a bunch of looks like drills and drill bits and random Hardware I'm going to keep that in my garage Dusty um USB cables and PCI Express adapters no way oh this is a USB Nintendo 64 controller if you're into emulators these are awesome so that's pretty cool might bring that to the shop too definitely bringing that to the shop all right so I'm going to slam these graphics cards in this tupperware container that's empty cuz I'm sure I'll run across some more graphics cards that was like these are definitely can't be you can't make any money on those Mining and that bag is empty got some Koozies oh and I had some more stuff over here that's mainly just like power strips and and power adapters so right there power strips power adapters um that's all I had right here uh in in my new house but I have to go by I have a storage place I got to go get my stuff out of that I know I have a few bins over there and then I do have to clean out my mining shed that's where a majority of the stuff is down at my dad's shop um so that that's going to be a pretty decent undertaking but I figured I'd take you guys along for the ride I show I said I would show you all the behind the scenes so if you see anything that's cool let me know um but yeah I'm really really psyched really pumped looking looking forward to it uh if you watched the last video I went through walked through everything talked to the person talked to the land owner um I just got back to her I'm actually going in the morning tomorrow and we signing the lease went ahead and did the verbal agreement which I know means nothing until I actually signed but went ahead and pulled the money out um she doesn't take a card for the rent it's either cash or check so little old school but nothing wrong with that um might make it easier just to get up and going um already had a couple people ask me like when's it officially open I'll let you guys know when I do a soft opening and I what my guaranteed or like you know reliable ready reliable um I don't know what I'm trying to say my my guaranteed hours are like the days I'm definitely going to be there and what times and that kind of thing so you're welcome to come by but I I just don't I haven't figured it out yet so I know it's going to be a few days out of the week um and then we'll have a grand opening and I want to do some giveaways and stuff like that but we're not even anywhere close to that um I have uh an appointment lined up tomorrow after we get the keys to the place and I can allowed to start moving stuff in uh I found some display cabinets so probably just going to get I'm looking for one long one and then I'm going to put a uh a table or like a tool bench behind that for working on stuff um probably going to need some shelving we'll figure that out as we go but yeah so I'm actually going to jump on the computer see if I can't find any any decent shelving so the video is pretty much over but you can stay tuned and see what we got going on I apologize about this horrible lighting by the way

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