Spreading out my GPU Mining Rigs… which coins am I accumulating? November 2023

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[Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] n [Music] n [Music] a [Music] n [Music] [Music] good good morning what is up Bros miners maybe some ladies I don't think so they're all dudes let's be real what are you guys what are you guys up to welcome Happy what day is it today Wednesday Thursday hello never mind don't have to wait for this to start Tommy coin you are banned everybody everyone is banned smash the like smash the likes let's go okay so today's live stream is about I'm spreading out my rigs okay I'm I'm going to be mining different coins coins it's it's the accumulation phase all right it's it's time starts spreading out my wings does that make sense diversifying the speculative bags oh no is that is is that's the wrong wording supporting the different Networks [Laughter] okay let me start a poll hold let me start a poll what what would you guys say what what which way would you say it I got to fill I got to diversify diversify my spec bags or I want to support other crypto project crypto networks I don't I don't I I don't know okay this is too long networks there starple golden wolf Panda I'm driving to work you're early no I'm not you mean spreading your legs crypto KJ God damn it I I I like that though I don't see any flux mining uh I have flux mining on on this on the other uh on my other Farm uh the 6600 this is all going but I'm I'm going to go I want to go more I want to go more spec we're going we're going to go more spec all right everyone says I want I got it I got to diversify my spec B and 25% of you I want to support crypto Networks uh support what go for [Laughter] profit H what do you think about radiant there is no activity and no team I I have not followed radiant at all um but I'm building some bag there yes building some uh now I had some before um not much but uh just adding on to it now he's saying pigeon I do need a pigeon coin so I'm what I'm going to do I I have like I have 24 6600 no sorry 1660 TI uh gpus that are offline right now I'm I'm planning on either keeping them in octom miners or putting them in open air rigs like six GPU open air Rigs and just those are going to be like super like super duper spec lower spec like lower spec than any of these coins that you see here I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm going to go I'm I'm going to go even further spec on those 1660 uh 1660 series 16 series gpus um okay so I I I am now I'm okay I just I just changed over some rigs yesterday okay all right so somebody told me about this new this not new it's actually been out for a while uh EAS or eeka I I I don't know holy crap this this these two gpus are not doing well um eteka because apparently on Twitter this was yesterday uh I I don't know but this I'm not trying to sh this or anything I don't know if this is it sounds like a good thing but anyways says DX announces strategic partnership with eeka and donates 100,000 DX to accelerate open source medical research in this strategic C collaboration with eeka and open source protocol for medical research the aim is to make neuromorphic Computing accessible to EA's medical researchers this initiative will provide the efficacy of quantum Computing without its limitations thus Expediting scientific advancements as far as the partnership DX will contribute 100,000 DX and nurma for computing credits on the dyx platform to support EA's research community so that's that's interesting um I I don't I don't know I don't know what this oh I don't have a medium account so that's that's okay anyways um Ed Eda protocol so here's their website I was looking at it uh um so apparently their white paper has been out since September 28th 2019 eta's open source protocol for medical research without intellectual property eica blockchain started April 17th 2022 oh read the white paper Okay so the white white paper came out earlier but the blockchain may not started April 17th so I am mining on one rig right now and if we go to mining pool stats this is not I am not trying to get you guys to mine this I'm just I'm putting one rig to it I set up one VM okay you can see uh all my wallets I've been setting up a whole bunch of different Wallets on a VM um I've already mined like 48 eica and ah man what's the I don't care if you guys see my wallet addresses as I pay my taxes okay I pay my time uh let's see coin Gecko and IA PTI so apparently because of that news it jumped up 162% um on safe trade or Z these the markets for EAS on uh I don't know how to pronounce this egx Zex and safe trade all right 16 cents 20 cents so over the past just I'm not trying to I'm just I'm being real with you guys here I'm just showing I don't know if this this is uh the past 11 hours I've mined like 48 uh 48.8 EA or EAS so I don't know if that translates to 20 cents so if I if I times if I if my 30 370 rig the single 38x 370 rig M 48 eica over the past 11 hours times uh 20 cents oh oops2 that's that's $9.6 that's that's different right I'm assuming that's not the same it translates over to EAS or whatever so I don't think that's that's it I'm just I'm just going to build a bag of this I I I'm going to be mining this on one rig I'm not going to go too crazy but uh because of that news yeah there's only 66 according to mining pool stats 66 people mining EA and it's Etc hash uh you're mining EAS not eiti there is two EAS and eiti egas is different no no but it's it's on it's the same it's the same project I know it's different but it's the same project uh apparently you can swap it to um you can swap it to uh eica or something uh I I read it on their Reddit uh okay you guys have the prices the price here EAS is 0.41 uh 0.07 72 okay so that's [Music] 0.722 * 48 that's okay 34 cents okay so the past 11 hours that's not that's not great that's that's not great Panda do you use trade ogre issues with C Buton I used trade ogre long ago long time ago long chump change you Shilling coins again yes yes yes I [Music] am yes yes I am I am mining different coins now I'm done going all in on One Singular coin I'm going to be spreading my rings and I'm mining Al lithium as well I changed over two rigs uh to mining Al lithium and now Ergo and also radiant as well okay doing that as well all right uh but I do want to change more rigs over to other different coins I'm going to be so this is where you guys what are you guys doing well I I see I'm I'm looking at a bunch of different a bunch of different coins that some people are mind there's like 500 to a, different people on all these smaller blockchains right the uh okay maybe even you know like 24 on a key blockchain I think this is a new one I don't know if anyone mining that but there's a whole bunch of like smaller smaller cap coins that some people are going into and I I don't I've never researched any of these um Kyla Kyla isn't that isn't that the fpga isn't that the fpga one so ETI minable or just EAS well EAS apparently you can use your IP poos and Jazz miners as well yeah best budget GPU for mining whatever the best deal you can find on really 307s 60 6,000 series gpus uh you think neoa will go big I think so I don't know but we I I'm not Financial advice but it's it's um it's been having some hype though the master node structure that they have from Dash it I don't know if it's that's going to translate over from Dash's uh Pro like how the how it affected Dash over over time who knows I I don't know Chum change check your DM when you get destination I just messaged you where's Chum change going jump change honest question I would love your opinion on when it comes to purchasing Castle Miner versus just purchasing the coin what do you think is the smarter move probably to okay okay here let's here hold on hold on hold on hold on let's I got the perfect I got the perfect sheet I got the perfect perfect sheet okay hold on all right okay so oh you know what you we should totally add uh you know what if I move this over uh can I move this all over will that screw up anything bot [Laughter] coin okay all right so uh let's do it let's do it let's do it okay wait chump change you totally screwed up the stream this is all about GPU Mining and then all of a sudden you come out you come out and ask this goddamn Caspa question what every single time no I'm not I'm not answering your question I'm only going to answer it if people want me to answer it no no unless I see I'm going to end this poll unless I see people say red panda answer Chum Chain's question then I'll do it see nobody nobody wants me to answer it so so there there you go that that answers your question that answers your question nobody wants me to answer it so answer equals neither answer Joker Miner V via says he say no more as6 the time for caspo was a year ago answer ch's question Ron wat Ron Watkins I expected more from you Ron Watkins I expected better you're not supposed to be on chump side love the music Panda uh it's it's the typical the typical playlist all right I was okay real quick I have to answer it I have to answer I have to answer real quick okay all right so say you you bought $3,500 $3,600 worth of Casper right now what would that be right real quick real quick real quick and then I'll I'll get i'll we are not talking about castle mining after this I'm done okay that' be 7ou 7,511 Caspa okay so I'll put that into my sheet here this one thank you Mass boost if you're here making this bot coin 7 this would be um ah crap where's the uh total price us just going to total um equals this time this what name the hell what happened here equals this times this oh no that's not oh that's not uh that's not times uh this star stupid there we go all right all right hey done done okay so all right so uh 35 okay so that's about 3600 so if you bought a ks2 right now and what's the yield of a ks2 what's the yield of a ks2 right now cash I know and this is going to change obviously yield is what oh 562 Caspa 562 562 562 but that's going to change real shortly so I'm going to say more realistically if the network hash for Casa doubled it's going to be like 300ish is I'm just ballpark okay 300 300 kaspa all right so if you bought a $3600 ks2 right now you would get around 70,000 Casa all right 70,000 Casa if you were to start min with one right now after if the hash rate doubled which it it will it will in the next like two months okay your yield is going to probably go down to like two 300 Caspa uh a day of course there's the chromatic emission schedule everyone knows every month it goes down 5.6% therefore if you know over the next couple months here you can see that your yield every month is going to go down okay so how long roughly roughly how many months would it take to equal the 70,000 Caspa let's see probably month how would Let's do let's see here uh uh here I think is this is this the total how do you [Music] um ah so okay 24 months would be 120,000 C if you m this for the next two years if the C CA Network hash rate was double um which it will all right over the next couple months it's going to be Chum change I didn't ask you to do any math I asked your opinion what do you think castle miners are going to continue to come out and I see being a massive issue with purchasing these cast miners are going to continue to come out and I see being I see him being that a massive issue massive issue purchasing these miners right and and chem change I'm I'm giving you the real goddamn I'm re I'm giving you the goddamn scenario I'm giving you the real all right let's say the casa Network hash rate tripled yield would be like 150 right now if you were to start mining on a ks2 right now okay all right if if the yield we 150 Caspa right now which it won't you know it gradually starts going down okay it over the next let's say 24 months yes you you would not beat you you wouldn't beat plus your electric you would not beat buying 36,000 3600 of the coin but all right here's the here's the kicker what if that $3600 minor that you bought and if Casper price went up to let's say let's say uh we're not done we're not I'm not even done explaining my goddamn Chum change you're you're banned you're you no somebody banned Chum change right now somebody in the next two years okay Roi whatever Break Even people think about you know buying miners as an investment people think like oh if it's not making me you know money back in a year I'm not buying it that's [ __ ] everyone is everyone who says that is stupid buying any type of minor not just as6 even gpus okay you got to consider that they will appr you're you're buying it because it's an investment and you believe the markets are going to go up again and the hardware is going to appreciate again so having less than a year mindset of trying to get your money back is stupid it's just stupid you got to think way longer than that okay you will not see your money back until 2 or 3 years plus more okay you're over 2 years you will mine you will start getting to you will get you get to that point where you will make more than what if you bought the coin okay it's not less than one year okay of course it totally depends if the price of Casa went up let's say a year from now it went up to 25 cents or more then yeah you could say buying the coin at that point would have been better within within one year if Caspa went up in a year from now yes you that scenario you would say buying Caspa at right now as we're doing this live stream today would have been better than mining the coin yes yes yes of course of course if you are planning for the next 2 years or 3 years or Beyond it would be better if you were to buy The Miner and of course if the price appreciated during any of these times that Caspa Miner is going to probably be worth more than what you paid for so you got to you got to consider that $3600 investment could turn into a $7,000 or $10,000 investment on the hardware alone plus all the all the C that you that you were mining depending on when the price of the coin I'm done I'm done I I I can explain this I can explain this so many ways somebody banned Chum change right now I I I'm done I'm done no no more no more thanks pen pen okay back to GPU money no no I will I will I will stand by my opinion and perspective no nobody nobody gets it it until you've been through it until you've been through the bare Market Chum change you will understand bye buy a bunch of gpus right now buy a bunch of as6 right now do it and tell me in in in a couple years any of those Hardware that you bought is it worth more than what you bought it today that's that's that's that's the ultimate that is the ultimate coni conviction right there that that is the ultimate play you got to put that in your head right now I don't care what your electrical price is I know it's crap you got you got to change the mindset right now CH change the mindset just just do it just just go all in is a pirate at least you can sell the gpus after 2 years well that's not well okay you can say that about gpus yes of course but you can't you you got to consider that as6 have also gone up in price as well Bitcoin Litecoin as6 have all gone up um uh the ethereum as6 have also gone up right the the ETC hash uh what do you call those e9s no no not the e9s e3s E9 e3s whatever those model everything everything went up okay everything 3 mil all I see is you as the guy from Always Sunny in Philadelphia mean explain dude I lit that's literally exact that's exactly that is exactly that is exactly me yes okay the only thing I change is diapers I'm sorry ch ch change when do you start poty training okay I'm I'm already I'm derailed I'm never answering any question from CH change ever again never again all right Andre manany have you already bought an octom Miner server for proof of use of work block no I have not neon buy The Miner nobody wants mine the coin when nobody do sell the coins when everyone wants and sell the miner when everyone wants repeat NE neon that is that is the best that is the best way to put it yeah I that is that is the best way to put it yes I like that I like that I like that I mean it all stems it all stems it's not just Casper it all depends on the any price of the coin that you're thinking like do you ultimately believe it's going to go up again when Bitcoin goes up I mean generally in my opinion when Bitcoin goes up a lot of the alt coins start going up so who the hell knows who the hell knows okay I I I I I I'm I've seen this before I've seen I has happened one two three times now okay I've seen it three times all right since 2015 2014 when Litecoin mining on AMD GPU 7970 6970 30 whatever 3 gigabyte cards um those are mining Litecoin back then you know and the next runup 2017 I'm not I don't need to explain it I don't I I sound like a broken record again B Crusher what are you B Crusher thank you for the donation I get it Panda I've been mining since 2018 got to stay true to your principles I have to I got to because it it it it happens every time it happens every time I I stuck with it in 2018 to 2020 it was the same narratives as people are saying the pessim pessimism the pessimism or the pessimistic people it's it's the same thing that's happening right now when people are questioning hey should I buy this Asic or not or maybe you shouldn't buy this Asic now or not or buy this type of mind by this Hardware I mean it's it it it comes down to the the cost basis of that of that Hardware if you're doing the calculation versus of when it it could potentially go up when Bitcoin starts pumping back up when the bull Market's here it it it becomes exponentially it becomes just it everything just goes up it's it's not just your coins but the hardware right so if you're Mining and if you're holding that's that's the strategy that is the the ultimate crypto mining strategy right there and so not only do you get to sell the coins later on when things are up but you also can potentially sell the hardware when it's extremely profitable as well that that's that's always it's always been there it's it's it's that has happened every time every single time every single time the only real curveball is electric companies raising rates will affect people buying Hardware this next moment with gpus in my opinion I'm going to disagree because do doing the calculation right now ethereum if ethereum was still minable right now I think the issuance would be about $8 million a day before it was um 25 million in the bll run right so if you added up all the other proof of work coins now together I think it equaled about almost $3 million the GPU minable ones or two two 2 .5 or 2.2 million or something so of course it's not it's not the same as that 8 million if if ethereum was minable now of course right you got to consider though that 8 million half of that would probably be the as6 right so let's say realistically 4 million then would be for shared towards the GPU miners so I think this my opinion and your opinion too CH change that in the Bull Run you were profitable mining people were profitable GPU mining at like 50 60 cents or something 50 cents or more I don't know something insane right the GPU mining was in the dollars right and so I think the same thing goes along we we we just talked about this yesterday we literally talked about this yesterday is that gpus and silicon is going to become is going to have a shortage again Nvidia is going to have is going to manipulate the market gpus are going to become more expensive again and it's going to come to a Time where mining um for people that people are going to f the retail the Timmy the Regular Joe is going to come in buy GPU buy gpus for way more than what they cost now and CU they're seeing like oh yeah this this 40 this 4070 is making uh $2 $3 a day now and so they're going to spend $800 $1,000 on a 4070 again it I think it's going to I think it's going to happen it's going to happen again the AMD and Nvidia they have mining um divisions right they got teams specific for crypto Mining and a lot of these a lot of these Brands Asus they all have that as well so you can't forget that this Market is definitely manipulated in some way and Nvidia will wholeheartedly do that they're going to withhold inventory they're going to create that supply and demand and everything's going to start going up again this is why I am trying to hoard gpus I'm trying I've I have not sold any gpus I'm trying to trying to attain accumulate more Hardware right now I that is that is the play that is the mindset everyone should have that's not Financial advice that's just my opinion I've seen this before that is my opinion this is this is the mindset the the the the negativity the pessimism that's happening around the space right now that's this is the time to get in you got to think the opposite you got to think you got to think the opposite of what everyone else is saying the majority of people I know everyone's in financial hardships right now the economy is down no one's making money I get it I get it but you got to find a way to go past that and you got to you got to get yourself out of that rut somehow by if if you want to do this whole type of uh crypto mining strategy it's it's not easy of course it's not easy you you got to put a lot of upfront money of course it is a big risk it's very risk risky I would say it another thing against you know when people saying uh would you why don't you just buy the coin it's a lot riskier because you don't have a phys a physical tangible product that you could resell right so with buying a a piece of Hardware yeah sure the cas Asic could be worth nothing in the next year or two it could be it could very well go to zero I'm not saying that it can or or or will go up or go down who knows the same idea goes with a GPU any crypto mining Hardware you have a physical tangible product that you can you could resell later all right so it's not like where if the coin went down to zero it went down much more then your cost basis of 3600 would go down to 1,200 you know it's the same idea everything will if it goes down then you lose value on your bought coin and you have nothing to show for it physically uh but with buying a piece of Hardware you have that it's it it's kind of like in in a way less of a risk I don't know depends how you look at it but you have you have that physical you have that physical product it it all it depends man it depends so many different scenarios but I I I think I think we all should just we should all just not care about anything else right now and just I think the time is to start accumulating that's that's that's that's the ultimate end all end all be all I I don't know man I I think my my conviction my conviction into all this it stems from seeing it before and being mining through the bare Market of 2018 to 2020 was probably one of the biggest hurdles of my life and I think in my opinion for me I I I have that how do you say it I think I've grown that is it like resistance or like um you know I've grown that base in a sense that we knew or we all knew for those that were mining throughout that time knew that we would see the massive Bull Run of 20121 right that 4-year cycle uh that fouryear cycle came about and ultimately we were all right and I think the same thing stems now when everything is down I mean how much how much more can things go down right H how much could a how much could a uh you know $100 GPU go down like a 5700 or you know an RX 580 you know 35 50 bucks right now how much lower Could It Go compared to what they used to cost in 2021 you know RX 580 was 500 bucks I'm not saying that's going to happen in the next run no nobody knows I'm not saying that's going to happen um but if you want to if you are going to take that risk right that you compare it to the the price appreciations of when everything everything starts coming back and Bitcoin starts going up and Hardware starts being becoming profitable again it's it's the same it's the same thing every time I don't know I it's the same thing I I I I will never I will never get that out of my head because it happens every single time every single goddamn time every single time sure timing could be different different times of when this happens World issues Black Swan events sure I'm bet but I'm betting I am betting on gpus becoming worth more in price again that's what I'm betting I could be entirely wrong the fouryear cycle could never play out Bitcoin could never go up again everything could go down to zero government USA is going to ban Bitcoin then the whole it's done you know what that who knows who knows reading everyone's so I want all right I'm going to read I'm going to read this Chum change never ask me that question ever again Chum change never again no more then black cat crypto accumulating Hardware or also mining with it right now in my situation both yes in in my financial situation I can do both yes um sorry that was my phone don't don't look at your iPhones um uh I have two rigs never stop mining paid electricity out of pocket under OC on see I'm at can vargan that's what I did in 2018 to 2020 yep I did the same thing a few years ago uh I keep mining profitability since merge 2 but hey I'm a tax evader best advice ever my cond bits don't cond bits you don't say that you don't say that on a live stream okay uh hardwood changing R Watkins wow that's great I loved it wish I could go back there are so many strategies but also a good plan same as I'm doing selling to pay lower selling to pay your power is like rocking in a rocking chair it takes a lot of effort to get nowhere exactly it if you're mining right now and you're breaking even on Hardware you're breaking even on what you're mining to your electric there is absolutely then you there's zero point in selling that like zero you you should be if you believe the markets are going to go up again which in my opinion it will I mean that's the ultimate play we don't and it's going to depend on your it's going to depend if uh you're able to pay your electrical bill out of your pocket right that's that's the whole strategy right I think that's one thing a lot of people they talk about but everyone's financial situation is different okay and I have to say that because I see it from everybody they're like oh you know I can't do that because I live paycheck to paycheck then yeah you can't do that that's unfortunate you got to find a way to make more money then to uh hold that investment because you're waiting for it to go up that's it crypto KJ three mil bit late to the game mining but 5 years I will be a whale like you P sign Crypt unless you're heating your house uh there you go I actually just moved a bunch of stuff upstairs this is been really cold um hold on I just want to see since I just talked about this as if people moved over this no okay good um I kept everything I Min since the start of early 2022 turned off only while I was away on holiday huddle to the ball Market not Financial advice so pirate that's that's the that's the strategy right there there's nothing else there's nothing else nobody needs to talk about no need to talk about any drama no needs to talk about anything dumb or waste of time it's just mine toddle accumulate and that's it stick to your plan try to make money elsewhere pay for your electrical bill out of your pocket that's it you wait for the coins to go up in the future that's it timing it's timing the Market's obviously hard and if you can stomach it that that's a big risk it it this is a big risk obviously but um if you ultimately believe that uh it's going to go up again then that's it that's that's that's your conviction right there I got 25 Kow solar helps to reduce my overall consumption from the grid nice Ron Ron Watkins that's the best way man uh I have a schedule to my RS M DX Soul flux conflux nice if you had to start mining from scratch what would you buy mine that is a loaded question honestly I would for gpus I would start diversifying now um that's what I'm trying to do that's what this live stream was supposed to be about and I was supposed to ask you guys what other coins should I be mining on my gpus I'm going to be switching more of my DX rig off because uh I I just want to start I need to start accumulating some other stuff you know I think it's time um I'm a little shrimp hand to make splashes I pyer in the water uh my electricity is paid for my apartment uh so I'm mining over 2500 watts on DX and ltc6 over for free pop Ryan montis that is amazing that's awesome uh what are your best GPS for mining DXs uh AMD cards yeah uh cheap 370s or 470s red fox red fox crypto holy crap the only answer is to go all in on pigeon CL you know red fox I miss you buddy I miss you man uh all in I'm all in Pigeon coin give me give me that pigeon coin I need to put a rig or two on on this on this coin 100% 110% oh yeah wow W it had $2.4 million volume in November of 2019 what the hell that's crazy previous B run didn't have not that much but it did go up wow wow okay anyways red fox what's up man red fox Krypto how are you man uh Miner boy red P what is your octom Miner 06b mining octom Miner 06b uh it's this new it's not new uh it's about I think it's like a year old it's called eica ETA short form is EAS uh there's a tweet from DX just yesterday and uh I'm not promoting this I'm not I'm just I just put one rig over um but they announced some strategic partnership with eeka and donates 100,000 DX to accelerate open source medical research so I have one rig on ETA and just seeing how it goes because uh yeah we'll see I don't know I just have one rig on it I got some rigs on Ergo radiant two rigs on Al lithium uh my I I my lithium bag is too small it's it's too too small let let me let me Lo let me log in what's my password all can you guys see my password no oh wrong password uh what's my password uh I I have $672 worth of a lithium 3283 a lithium need more I I want this to be a I want this to be thousands I need thousands in this bare Market need to start need to start accumul lithium um need to accumulate more radiant I just want to I need to accumulate more I need to accumulate everything just agnostic to what profitability is I don't care I'm just going to I I'm mining what other so I'm going against the grain of what hash rate.

Is saying on pretty much everyone's gpus right now I'm trying some gpus seems like radiant is good but uh anyways I'm just just trying to yield we got to yield we got to yield King what are you doing King thank you for $2 four BLX Sol long K has one so far Panda you're missing out king I am not solo mining is not good for me I tried it sucks I'm not solo mining where's my ks1 hold on we we're not supposed to talk about Casa anymore we're not supposed to talk okay I'm averaging 325 Casa every 24 hours King so if if you can beat that then you're beating me thus far but I think over time you're going to start losing out cuz your luck Factor it depends on your luck factor it's probably going to get worse that that's that's what happened to me and I'm like oh there's some days you get many blocks in one day and some other days you just don't find any right some days you just won't find any it comes and goes comes and goes with solo mining uh hero miners nice but I will eventually yeah I I I just wanted stable I I I I couldn't handle all the the solo mining not getting any not getting any blocks for a few days and then getting a whole bunch of blocks uh I have 693 so far nice RPM do you like the 6700 XT is it a is it good as the first GPU for my uh dude yeah 6700 XTS are great man yeah dude they're really good yes really good efficient gpus yes um uh crypto Wild World bro you're mining e do you know that there's a minable token in the same blockchain yes I do but I I could not figure out how to uh ETI it's it's Shaw 3 solidity I don't what Hardware there's 115 people mining this on eica pool what what Hardware is the Sha three solidity is that some sort of basic or whatever is this is is is this the is this the founder of eica who is this science has no country because knowledge belongs to humanity oh this is who is this black Miner F1 does Shaw solidity oh okay interesting it's FP it's for fpga but gpus work oh nice it's core algo that gpus and fpgs combine I can show you an example of my flight cheat if you want uh Alexander Miller sure well is it just is it just a matter of um I can show my flight sheet too I don't care uh here I mean I can we can change this right is there a is there a PT I see no is there a sha 3 there's no sha 3 in LOL minor but what minor what minor is it holy crap I'm getting a lot of rejects on these on these [Music] [Music] GPS um I'm replacing a standard PC motherboard with reptech motherboard electric uh dude the rep techs are I don't I don't really like the reptech motherboards anymore I don't know they seem very slow I have two 6600 XT rigs on them and they perform very slow so just beware uh maybe the latest version of hi sucks on the on the new reptech boards I I'm not a fan I'm not a fan they're really slow um Krypto KJ you are banned crypto Krypto KJ you are banned good sir listen I'm going to reboot this cuz it looks bad I don't know if it's going to reject anymore you are banned I know how to fix my OC's godam F terrible LOL Miner and SRB are also getting there oh okay are you using micro SD or thumb drive for the rep dech uh I'm using the micro SD yes the little micro SD card yeah not not USB no if you're if you're not a fan I won't either thanks yeah no worries what Miner for ETI that's what I'm trying to find did someone say what the minor is for ETI not egas EAS I'm using LOL minor LOL minor but I I don't know if it's good okay I I don't know it's just because DX announced this yesterday I have no idea if this is anything I'm just I'm just putting a rig to it and um that's it I I I don't know I don't know any hope for zcoin you mean Theo um I don't know man uh what are your overclocks for 6600 XD for DX um here is is this good enough or you need to see this here I wouldn't waste a watt on EAS okay well I'm trying I don't I really don't I don't like their wallet their wallet here looks very it it's I don't know cookie cutter look needs to look better maybe uh maybe it's better than it's better than these like electron or uh wallets at least it's a little bit better that way but I don't know see I have ETI and then I have EAS in here so if I can mine ETI on here I think that would be better uh here they have it on their website I saw I saw the minor here here miners okay here how to mine ETI use latest 2.34 by Dimitri solidity sha 3 Miner there right here and then they have the EEG guys the EEG guys minor LOL minor supports it there you go I want to build a GPU Miner what what budget gpus would you recommend to get for the next Bull Run I plan on using nice hash to mine uh Mr Narwhal uh it's hard to say because there's been quite of there's been recently more so recently I'd say there's been a lot of influx of uh kapow and progp pal coins that game pass Game Pass is a is a prog pal coin is Game Pass a prog game pass yeah Sky Doge as a prg pal coin neoa as a c prg po coin mecoin kapow calor kapow naray kapow look at all the Raven coin all these coins here are predominantly I would say AMD uh favored right 6,000 series really efficient on progpow and also very cool as well that's one thing people don't consider when you're mining progp power kapow and Nvidia cards they're very hot it's it's too hot so um that's why I I've been I've been kind of accumulating both Nvidia and AMD cards so kind of just diversify that way uh DX of course is really strong on AMD cards at this point in time um but you know you can see a lot of these kapow progpow coins have been coming up more so recently so uh who knows if the if that translate anything into the bull run or not who [Music] knows so um yeah that's it SS just caught up listening to XP s what's up man Bros 170 people watching smash the like let's go 100 likes I just want 100 likes and then everyone you guys can save your SA save a couple seconds of moving your mouse to hitting that like button okay that's it Bros that's it this live stream was was all about just trying to um I'm just I'm just spreading out my rigs I'm not done I'm going to be moving more rigs off but I don't know which coins I want to start accumulating you know I think I think a good for a crypto Miner like here what I want some opinion from you guys what what's what is like a good medium like how many coins would you would you start accumulating as a minor five like would you stick to a good five would you stick to a good 10 20 like how do you how do you gauge how do you like diversify what do you what are your guys' thoughts what on that honestly I think maybe for me for me I think a good like 10 coins I just want to just mine and hdle you know just a good 10 coins turn on more rigs Panda I am I'm slowly turning on more I'm trying to do more need more time things have come up recently I'm a micro farm so close to two to three coins Max oh okay I got 11 cards that is two rigs mining DX and when it's above $1 I buy cast oh nice in that regards I think it would be more rigs equals more diversification that's true um s rxd and DX they have the highest potential if you do 20 coins you need a good idea how to track prices to not miss a price spike that's true I know a lot of people use a lot of people use the watch list um so like coin gecko for instance has a portfolio here right you guys know I have the portfolio of buying the botcoin for the 8X 6600 XT rig or actually 10x 6600 because mining King and overb Tech they have uh Raven coin and a meow coin rig uh for me um so look at that if you bought ,400 $1,400 of DX a bit ago it would be down $330 but then if you bought any of these other coins they r Bitcoin mecoin a lithium it's up $543 over the past since October 8th I think is when I bought these in theory okay I didn't personally buy $1,400 but October 8th this is when I was keeping track of this and also I'm mining the eight rigs 10 Rigs of those coins and we're just going to see in the long run which one does better so actually you know what this is going to be a great example to Chum changes question to me earlier I think I think red uh hash Force good sir I personally like to carefully pick about five good projects maybe five more smaller Lottery bags hash Force I like that you know what I'm I'm probably the same way I'm I'm probably the same way Ron Watkins you want to build another 66 Tower I I do I I I would love to have more actually uh I set goals per coin black hat crypto nice okay all right Bros I think that's it we've been streaming for an hour thank you all for watching thank you for being here such a fun time yelling screaming pandering opinions thoughts trolling everything thank you guys I will see you all tomorrow maybe a stream tomorrow all right have a good one peace out good Caspa talk no more Casa talk god damn it anyone that asked me everyone who asked me that question anymore I'm going to ban them I just sent CH I just sent CH change a [Music] message subs thank you too bro I love it when you get passionate thank you man thank you subs thank you you're the real one everyone's the real one all of you everyone that's here you guys want you you guys know you guys know what's what's up I I don't need to say it or sound like a broken record you guys you guys know you guys know what's happening okay bye-bye have a good one bti is the token e guysa is how they going to pay researchers yes yes exactly thank you I feel real now Al Le Ley does I'll do it I I'll do it oh PB com geek what's up man all right peace out peace out Bros have a good one have a good one thank you [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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