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oh my it's super bright outside anyway what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back I have a bunch of stuff for today so we are back at the the computer shop and I have look at these look at all these so I started buying my bubble mailers in bulk um I bought I think that was 200 of them I need to need to probably buy more than that but I was just going to see how these were cuz I noticed uh some of the cheaper ones quality-wise people were complaining that the bubble mailers were basically just poly mailers and the little air bubbles were basically non-existent so I got a pack of these we're going to see how they do if they do good then I'll order a thousand of them oh my we let's get this open ah this is one of those those sides of like e-commerce that I've never really seen and I don't know if a lot of people even talk about get this unlocked there we go okay we are in I need to shave look a little Burly all right so set that down and I'll grab the camera oh no there we go oh goodness it is a beautiful day today it's a little chilly outside where' my marker go uhoh I lost me MAA oh there it is okay it is a little chilly outside but overall it's actually a pretty nice nice day sorry about all the camera moving around I'm going to go ahead and Mark out these addresses just not trying to leak anybody's personal information all right we'll mark that out is there any more need to get in the habit of that just Mark out all addresses there we go bam and we got one more right here so in my last video I showed or I posted my Ebay link Down Below in the description and uh just in case people wanted to buy anything um that I am listing temporarily uh and a and I had multiple comments and multiple people reached out to me oh don't use eBay don't use eBay eBay is horrible um but for the time being there's all my bubble mailers but for the time being eBay serves a really good purpose and it opens up my products to a large audience at a very low fee basically well the initial fee is low but the fee that you pay on the back end is High um uh what was it sorry I losing my train of thought uh but I am going to be transitioning into using my web store in January so I want to start the the company officially um on paper and tax reasons and everything January until then I'm just going to be doing everything personally so it's like if I was personally selling stuff on eBay as of right now um and some people are like oh that that's against taxes that's that's you're going to get in trouble you're not going to get in trouble there's no difference in me selling stuff on eBay personally than me selling stuff on eBay personally in a larger amount I'm just I'm this is all just still me doing it personally under my Social Security number so don't worry um I know you guys weren't worrying but some people were were like you're doing it wrong no that's that's not the case um and they were like oh and you're documenting it uh you're allowed to sell stuff on eBay without a store um it just they $199 you I believe they $199 you I don't know exactly what tax form uh but you do get taxed on it and um but you don't have to pay like your what is it monthly or quarter the sales tax um because they take that into account when everything gets sold and they they do that for you so that is a a nice thing but uh starting in January once I you know use my EIN number and all that stuff for the company I'll start having to do that um but I'll be listing a majority of the stuff on my website and then probably rotating it to eBay as I see stuff doesn't move or stuff doesn't sell I know in the beginning it'll be slow um but I'm hoping I can provide really good prices that way I get a lot of people coming back um and then you know kind of Drive traffic and repeat business um so a lot of people are like how how am I getting good prices on Hardware well I did make a Facebook Marketplace post and I just said you know buying used or or old computers and Hardware that kind of stuff I've had a ton of people message me and there's honestly more stuff in my inbox than I can even afford to buy right now because everybody's got some old Hardware uh and people are like oh so what are you buying it for what are you buying it for for full disclosure right now I'm shooting for about 30% 30 to 50% I don't want to pay more than 50% but 30 to 50% of the recently sold recently sold on eBay prices so not what stuff's listed for cuz a lot of people like oh man this is sitting on eBay for 200 bucks but if you go and look at recently sold they might only be selling for you know 150 so you definitely have to take that into account especially on on lower volume items uh stuff that might not sell as fast um but I'm shooting for about anywhere from uh 30 to 50% of its value is what I'm paying that way there is still a little bit of meat on there by the time I end up uh relisting it um and having to pay out the eBay fee now I can't wait till I can start using my own store because then I can lower my actual asking price because I'm paying such less amount of fees and I can actually still even make more money and um just to go over that I wanted to show you how bad the fees were guys the fees are atrocious on eBay let's see here so I'm going to pull up I don't want to leak any information on here but one of my recently sold items on Ebay let stay signed in sign in and I want to show you what fees and how much fees they took out of it so let's go to sold let's try to find one that's like right around a 100 bucks just for ease of reference for 90 95 uh all right so there's one for $95 sold it let's go to order details see and like this person's bought stuff from me multiple times their company is I don't want to say it in case regardless anyway they've bought stuff from me a couple times so I know they'd probably be a repeat buyer on even more reasonably priced stuff but so yeah $95 they paid $413 shipping their order total is $993 um the selling costs let's see here transaction fees are calculated at the time of sale and may include International motor deposit and final value fees was $1,343 on the $993 so um order earnings $857 so basically 133% little over 133% is the fees that I was I was paying um I did do some test transactions through uh the Shopify store and it looks like depending on if it goes through through PayPal or if it goes through a credit card um let me pull it up I actually had it Shopify fees per sale there it is all right so if it's an online sale it is 2.9% plus 30 so on that $95 that would have been what like $32 something cents we can we can round up since it's 100 but $33.30 instead of where was it at order details instead of $13 so yeah eBay jugged an extra 10 bucks that's basically their eBay 10% fee or whatever or I guess it's technically more than that but yeah they they jugged an extra 10 bucks out of me just for using them now is it worth it right now yes um but that means I could realistically lower the price on this from $95 down to 90 bucks which I was already the cheapest CPU at that $95 I could even be cheaper at 90 bucks and the transaction fee would actually even be slightly less on that it would end up being let's let's calculate that because my my math math skills are atrocious and the calculator is not pulling up so anyway the transaction fees would be even a little less on that um I would end up bringing home um still more money than selling it on eBay for more money so it's just a win-win all the way around um some people did tell me uh some some good moves and they said you can get kicked off of eBay for it but everybody does it so it's technically not wrong apparently you're not supposed to put contact info into the boxes um but a lot of people will put like their business card in there uh so I may end up doing that for legal reasons if eBay is watching I'm not going to do that but um yeah so and on you know on the business card could be like your your store your info web store that kind of thing so repeat buyers can see oh I'm getting really good deals from this guy I'm going to go to his web store buy from him direct now a lot of people will be like oh well you lose the uh the safety net of eBay and all that kind of stuff I'm going to be honest I don't think eBay has much of a safety net anymore um for buyers or sellers honestly if you're a buyer and you're using a credit card you already have a solid safety net and if you're a seller on eBay I've heard a lot of stories I haven't had too many issues I've had some returns that kind of thing a lot of I got to eat it or just you knowy send it back and we'll make it right it is what it is um but I've heard some really really bad horror stories on some big ticket price items where people are just like ah it never came and then eBay's just like well not much we can do you gave a tracking number and and yeah so and I've heard of sellers getting shafted so doesn't doesn't make me see a lot of value in the eBay system especially when I you you know $100 sale is a relatively cheap sale on computer parts on average people are spending significantly more than that so on $1,000 eBay wouldd be taking 130 bucks unacceptable unacceptable um whereas on Shopify it' be you know what $303 technically $29 like 29 anyway you see where I'm getting that exponentially uh it gets really bad so anyway didn't mean get all on like a rant or whatever um I got a lot of stuff to package up and and send out but yeah I'll see yall later on anyway thanks for watching thanks for the continued support and continued love uh so we are now shooting for uh a January opening date I don't know if it's going to let me pull the calendar back up I think we were going to go for let's see here right now is currently November 13th by the way uh everybody that did pre-order a shirt I think they sh sales call um the shirts are coming in on uh November 29th and I'll get them shipped out after that so um have a couple more weeks for those if you do want to pre-order one of the launch shirts um we will be discontinuing those shirts once the store actually opens cuz it's a launch shirt it's it's uh a shirt that's only going to be before the launch of the store um but yeah we are shooting for January 1st is actually a Monday hm that's interesting so being that it's New Years and all that kind of stuff we'll probably shoot for either Tuesday or Wednesday I'll know more in the next week or two um but we do have some we're going out of town in December there's no no reason for me to like open and then have to close the store for like a solid week um cuz we're going on an extended trip that kind of thing um but yeah yeah I'm really looking forward to it we are going to be doing our launch event I don't know if it's going to be on actual opening day or not or that week like I said there'll be more information as stuff comes up uh but I oh uh you know this video is basically over but if you're here go ahead and drop it down below in the comments and let me know just just say um I don't know say whatever you want say a fried corn because man I tear up a DG on Coba fried corn right now uh but regardless I ordered in the case and I already have a motherboard and CPU that I want to end up putting in this system but uh I'm going to do a a giveaway system on launch day and then I think I'm going to end up doing five graphics cards and a couple of them like lower end so probably like some 578 gigs and then step it up into like maybe some 30 60s um and then I don't know if I'm going to do like a big dog like a 3080 or 3090 giveaway might just be like a yeah I'd rather do more low lower and mid-range cards than like less high-end cards cuz I can't afford to do but so much um but I'll have all that information on how to to get entered and that kind of stuff uh it's probably just going to be local so unfortunately um I know a lot of you guys are not local and I I'm sorry about that but I can't control everything so if you can make it out we're I definitely want to do some door prizes um we're going to be doing a little bit of cookout out in the back uh which actually tomorrow tomorrow the video I'm going to show well I don't know if you're going to see it tomorrow it might be later on um but I'm doing work for the landlord in the back we're ripping out some some concrete footings and stuff we're building her a parking lot out back because I was like Hey I want to do some stuff I want to do some events and she's like oh we have a huge back area and I've always wanted to do a parking lot and I'm like I'm your guy I can do all that I can level it out put con or put gravel in rip the old concrete up and it'll be a good time so she's like oh man if we could work that out on rent and I'm like we absolutely can she's like I'd even give you a little bit more credit towards your rent and I'm like yeah so this is this is going to be a really good arrangement um speaking on like the rental situation and the room I think I am going to end up putting up my shelves because it looks like I'll be here for about another in this location for about another month and then hopefully the the the location on the end of this strip mall so the only thing I'll have to end up changing is my suite number my address will stay the same but my suite number will change but we'll get our own storefront and I'll be able to put a sign up front and um that'll be nice that'll be really nice but it looks like they are definitely not renewing and they're coming up on their last month so yeah we may be grand opening in the new location which would be awesome that would be awesome but I don't know only time will tell so anyway guys this video got way too long way too fast uh I'll see on the next one adios

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