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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I'm sorry I missed my video yesterday but I have exciting news uh a leasing agent called me back and this is basically an update on the computer shop so um if you guys didn't know I was working on putting a computer shop together and I had a location but everything kind of fell through because those were new buildings and apparently something wasn't done to code and they've been held up uh waiting on power to be installed but they couldn't get power installed because something was wrong anyway uh it looks like they're probably not going to get power for another foreseeable future so I'm just going to kind of look in other areas I put out some feelers hadn't heard anything back until yesterday and actually have a meeting set up for this coming week and um it's a it's not as close as before uh it's a little further away about 25 to 30 minutes but I'm thinking if I could and they're small and they're actually more reasonable in a very populated area so they have units anywhere from 400 ft all the way up to 800 ft and the prices range from 300 a month to 1,000 a month so if I could even get in one of the smaller units I don't need a bunch of space um I need a location so that way I can have a public meeting place where people can come buy a computer try a computer uh have a place to come back to if they have any warranty issues or if they want to buy sell trade upgrade all that kind of stuff just have a location where people can come to repairs I want to offer a a good deal or a good range of that kind of stuff I'm probably not going to go invest in a bunch of inventory I have a bunch of used computer parts I'm sure I'll get more in on trade um if people want anything specifically nowadays they can just go online and order it but I will have like some basic stuff I'll I'll carry some ssds I'm going to carry some some Ram um you know just some of your normal stuff but um very specific things I probably won't maybe some like USB and Mac adapters and you know all that that random stuff but um I wanted to show you guys some video or some pictures I was kind of trying to get some inspiration of how I want to actually set it up um I was looking at this one right here and I kind of like how the computers are on the side I would almost Envision you know if I have a small space like this is probably bigger than the space I'm looking at but do nothing in the middle do desks on each side and then set up computers at each desk and I was looking something super basic like some little wooden desks like this I like how they're like wood and metal um but I'd love to do a computer a monitor keyboard and mouse on every single one that way when somebody comes in all those computers are for sale but unlike this one they're just sitting there you can't try them they're not plugged into anything each computer's plugged into something it'll have a little print out below it with all the specs and the price and then you can literally sit there it's hooked up the internet if you wanted to try it before you buy it it it's there you can um and if you don't want to then you don't have to either but I feel like that's one thing that is not readily available is being able to like demo especially desktops and um like budget budget kind of stuff so um that that's kind of one of the big things so desk along the side and then once you get to the back I want to do some kind of shelving along the back wall um I don't know if I want to do something like this or deeper like something more retail esque but shelves along the back wall to like put inventory up on um because I have a bunch of stuff bunch of used parts we can put that all over the place um and have it available for sale if people want to buy it and then in front of that I'm thinking some display cases that run like 3/4 of the way over have some of the nicer stuff in the display cases I feel like these prices are fairly reasonable I know it's going to cost me a little bit to get everything like set up and going but I want to try to keep my overhead minimal that way way um we can you know weather the hard times and I feel like opening a retail store in the beginning that is definitely the hard times now this is not going to be taking over my full-time job uh I still do own a construction company we do erosion control I have equipment I have trucks and trailers but in the winter time it slows down so I figured um this is a perfect opportunity we're coming to the end of summer um maybe I could get into a location for this winter time and that worked out good cuz the leasing agent said that they have some some stuff coming up uh this winter so um everything you know the Stars might be aligning and if I can get in one of those units that's three 400 bucks a month I feel like I could definitely facilitate that um that way I don't have to have people come into my house to buy computers and that was kind of one of the like the deals me and my wife talked about once we got to this location no more random people coming over uh to buy stuff and sell stuff it's just we just separate business and and personal life um so especially now that we have have kids it doesn't need to be intertwined anym than that and I'm really looking forward to being able to like host an event and be like all right guys if y'all want to come out and talking to you guys on the internet if you want to come out or if you're close by that kind of thing obviously don't drive from across the moon but uh I could just have a location where people if you're close by you can stop in say hi say what's up you don't have to buy anything you can just come and hang out and you know talk to me and if you know just have a good time whereas I've never been able to do that cuz I've never had a retail or a walk-in like public space so I am pumped about that uh but like I said it's not going to be my full-time job so I'm going to have some limited hours I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of like probably 3 to 4 days a week maybe like anywhere from about four to 5 hours so that way I could go in um I could do my office work for my construction company while I'm chilling there if I'm not working on any repairs upgrades that kind of thing and then obviously offer appointment only or or any times outside of normal uh scheduled times or scheduled hours or appointment only so just call to make an appointment and then I could just run across town go and open it up if somebody wants to buy something they can buy it sell it trade it all that kind of stuff um I'm also interested in doing the barter like bartering with a lot of people because I did that in the past especially when I was hustling a lot of computers you know I'd have $5 $600 computer somebody like what will you give me for my old one you know I'm like e maybe 100 200 bucks you know it saves them a little money uh they weren't doing anything with that anyway and then they don't have to go through the hassle of selling it because I don't know about you but Facebook Marketplace has become rough nowadays uh it seems like you just so full of so many D robots and scammers and it's bad so um but yeah best case scenario I sign a year lease and we end up renewing and it grows bigger and I'm I potentially outgrow the smaller space move to a bigger one or at least move to a space that's closer to my house uh worst case scenario a sign a year lease it doesn't work out it's not like I have some crazy high expensive rent cut my losses and um yeah you know learn the old uh retail law as they call it whereas what is it like one out of every so many stores actually ever even make it but I'd love to take you guys along for the journey and show you all all the behind the scenes stuff um that's one of the things that I enjoy watching other people get like stores up and running I actually I watched this one uh this one guy like start a a shoe store and I I don't know why like I mean I like shoes and stuff but I literally watched him you know set the store up and then everything and I I really enjoyed it so hopefully you guys will enjoy what I'm going to offer and um yeah no need to hold y'all up didn't mean to make this into any kind of long video just just an update video so so hopefully I'll have another update in the next coming days after our appointment or after our meeting and um maybe we can go ahead and you know start looking at getting some some shelving and some furniture and getting it getting it set up and ready to go so other than that ladies and gentlemen I want to wish youall a happy night and uh I hope everybody has a great weekend I will see you guys Monday night other than that over and out adios

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