Starting a PC Shop Update end of 2023

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day we are in the computer shop again and I am going to attempt to use my new camera again so I got a new SD card had a whole snafu with that so I'd love to let or I'd love for you guys to let me know down below how is the audio and how is the video um good bad z0 out of 10 all that kind of stuff uh but regardless uh couple updates in the shop so so right here hold on let me flip it around uh there we go so right here is the new um computer that's going to be handling live streaming and then like day-to-day tasks uh I am going to be doing away with the laptop uh just cuz clear up some desk space and also this is going to have a little bit more power uh we have dual Zeon 267s so those are both 8 core 6 16 threads so we'll have you know what 16 cores 32 threads something like that um and we're running a quad Channel and quad Channel which I don't know if that ends up being more than that cuz it's quad Channel up here quad Channel up there or down there um 16 and 16 so we have 32 gigs of RAM right now and we still have uh eight slots that aren't populated so we could add some more RAM easily uh as for a graphics card I had this rx570 that had a messed up uh mounting plate on it so that's a perfect uh fit for this build right here so rx570 8 gig for the graphics card um I am going to be moving this uh camera right here up higher and that's going to point down and show all of my workspace cuz this is kind of where I work on everything um the power supply for this this bad boy I'm going to end up mounting somewhere on the wall and then just run the cables up and over and clip them in I'm probably going to do cable extensions for like the PCI Express and you know run that up over up against the wall maybe to here and then and straight in just to try to leave it as clean as possible as for monitors I'm thinking I'm probably going to mount one monitor right here that's going to be uh above that will be the camera pointing down and then possibly another monitor right here um cuz I do want a dual monitor set up but uh I don't want to fill out this area because I do want like a little retail display right here with some uh the little I don't know what they're called the little racks or prongs that go out like a slatted display uh because I do have some new product coming in and I'd like to be able to hang that up um in other news what's some other like shop update stuff uh we still do have a couple more of the launch shirts so if you missed out on the initial buy you can grab one of those after the fact those are on the website the drawing for this bad boy I believe is tomorrow I think it's tomorrow so if you're not iner to win that um it is on the website you just go to bc- that's the website right there and down in the bottom left they'll be a little red thing that says giveaway you can click on that and it's super simple just takes like email to get logged in um don't mind the mess over here all these are boxes that I brought from my house or my friend's houses bunch of people saved boxes and I was doing a bunch of packing and shipping but I'm going to end up breaking all these boxes down I'm going to move that chair and I think I'm going to end up sliding all my boxes in right there so I think that's that's how we're going to do that situation um I still need to go through all that I I got a couple orders that have been waiting for weeks if not like a month for mining equipment so that is that is not not lovely um as you can see GPU inventory in the glass case is running a little thin so I think it's time for me to open up some of my my crates and my boxes I brought another box from home and we're going to put some more gpus into inventory and that's kind of that's going to be a majority of today and what we got going on it definitely takes some time to do um I forgot my space heater so I I cut this computer on and I let it mine for a little bit because it was a little cold in here got to love that and by the way I did get permission or well they actually let us know we have permission to run space heaters in our office because the outside area is climate controlled and it's locked off so the fact that it's locked off it gets a little chilly in here I think it's set at like 66° um and I don't I I guess that's a vent I don't know if that's a vent as well I'm not sure but um I know it gets cold in here and I brought my space feeder home so that way I could use it in my office uh cuz I wasn't I just didn't have enough uh heat in there and then I get here and I'm like super cold so I was like you know what might as well fire up that computer that thing's not burning more uh power than than a space heater would let me flip this around hold on oh man that's nice okay so and it's got a little tripod I like that that's that's uh that's really nice so it's time let me bring out some graphics cards and we can do a little bit of uh inventory work so let's see what we got first I apologize I had the printer on top of that one oh yeah we got all kinds of stuff so right off the top we have a powercolor red devil this is a RX 588 gig so these are actually pretty cool cards it's just it stinks that they've they've gotten so old now that they're they're not worth very much um safire pulse believe this is a 6600 XT um all this stuff will be going into inventory today so if you're interested in some of it you can go over to the website and check it out um as for this one is a ooh RX 474 gig now that's really worthless I'm going to set this over here to the to the side and that's a mining one so it's only got one display out not a very desirable card at all here we go XFX RX 578 gig boom boom Another XFX RX 578 gig another XFX RX 578 gig all super D super super dirty um another 6 6600 XT Sapphire pulse pretty decent little cards right there oh PNY 1660 Super 6 gig got a couple more of those going into inventory those those sold pretty good um Asus tough 1660 super another one 6 gig what do we got here MSI this is a MSI Mark 2 570 8 gig lots of 570s we're going to be having lots of lots of 570s on the website which that's fine um oh we also I put in an order um I have a test order just to try these out and hopefully they're not junky um but it's from a manufacturer over in China something somewhere uh and I've looked at the you know the RTX 3060 M and the 3070 M and stuff like that uh but they've always been a mobile GPU that's on a like a PCB that you can slot in like a regular graphics card for a desktop but you've always had to run like the Frankenstein drivers and apparently this these models are it's an RTX 270m but it's the regular 2070 desktop die uh so it will run Nvidia official drivers and that's what I was interested in I don't want to deal with something that has to do the Frankenstein driver CU I don't know how that's going to be handled like when you load it into Hive uh and it's just trying to Auto pull drivers it just may not even work so um I ordered in a couple of those as a test and if they end up being good um that might end up being like one of my new um entry level or budget build recommended uh graphics cards cuz I was looking at the uh the performance on them and they perform really good they perform just like a desktop 2060 if not just a little bit better in certain you use cases and situations um but they definitely mine almost identical to like a a a desktop 2070 so they're kind of like in between a desktop 260 and 2070 they just have that limited uh Power TDP which is kind of nice if you're like trying to build a low power setup but um initial price on those uh is going to be right around I think it's like 190 or 195 is my resale price so if you're interested in those RTX 2070s um 270 M I just want to be clear about that uh that's that's kind of what they'll they'll be going for and coming up for another 570 armor Mark 2 The Mark iOS were were way better the mark 1's had a lot of fan issues from MSI um 1660 super goodness got a power button here put that over there oh another 1660 super PNY oh my goodness all right so MSI Mark 2 580 MSI Mark I 580 I I have tons of these down here oh my God MSI Mark 2 580 MSI Mark 2 580 MSI Mark I 580 MSI Mark 2 580 MSI Mark I 580 MSI Mark I 588 gig or sorry 578 gig my bad those are all 570s not 580s which in the grand scheme of things doesn't really mean a whole lot so we cleared out that box I think that's going to bring a significant amount of inventory back to the shop um I have a couple more uh used buys coming up so if you're interested in more stuff keep checking it out if you're not subscribed to the email newsletter on the web store you can subscribe to that and I try to update that like once a week um but if you want more constant and more readily available updates uh it's definitely suggested to go over to the new the store Discord not the crypto Discord um I try to keep them separate for obvious reasons I apologize for all the the notifications um but to get there the easiest way there's a link down below it says you know store Discord or you can go to bc-pc docomo there's a Discord um link uh in the navigation bar and that'll put you in there and there's like a couple different there's like a welcome page a inventory updates and then a discounts and Deals page so you can kind of check that out and feel free to jump on over um as for price Ing and stuff I'm going to dust all this stuff off lightly dust it I'm not going to get too crazy because um there's no need for let me to like pull the coolers off and and go through and and do like amazing cleaning jobs on 570s that are probably going to sell for like the $4 to $50 range we'll just we'll clean them up good all these were running in good shape when I pulled them um I did not have any issues so I can you know sell them with the good conscience and um yeah that's that's pretty much how the cookie crumbles ladies and gentlemen I hope everybody's having a good one and um with that being said I hope this video ends up turning out good on this new camera because I'd like to start using it more so but anyways other than that I'll see you on the next one peace adios all that kind of stuff later guys

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