Stop Cell Phone Mining Battery Bloat

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day and this is regarding the cellphone mining operation so everybody is super concerned about bloating batteries some people remove the batteries and like you know just run them off the wires but certain phones won't do that so then you have to do like a little modification or whatever but another guy told me about getting a timer a plug timer uh typically used for like Christmas lights and stuff like that and um turn the power off to your phones periodically so the one that I got I don't know exactly how it works but you can like push these these little pins down and I think it's um push down the joint slices according to the working duration of the household appliance you need so when they're pushed down it's on and when they're pushed up it's off so I could like you know charge it for an hour and then have an hour off and then charge for an hour and then having an hour off and apparently it's better to have the batteries come down and come back up and down and back up then just keep them on 100% all the time plugged in all the time um we're going to experiment with this cuzz I'd like to keep my batteries from bloating I'm going to start with like probably turning them off for I don't know maybe 2 hours and then back on for 2 hours and then back off for 2 hours I don't know if that's going to be enough charging time or not um I guess I'll find out tomorrow so let me plug this in and show you how it's working and we'll go from there all right so I have pushed these slots down I set it it's a little after 12 right now um and it's on um so if I pull these slots up that turns the power off uh you have to turn the switch to on before you can put the the little slots back down it won't let you for some reason but um so now we'll put it back on the timer and that means it's going to run from about a little after that one yeah uh from 11: to like 12:30 and then it'll be off all the rest of this time obviously we don't want that so we'll turn it on at like 3 probably let them run till about yeah about five then let them go off from 6 till 7 and turn them back on and run them till about 9 and then 10 to 11 off and then back on at lunch time and let them probably run till about I'd say about 4: yeah and then off from 5 6 and back on at 7 and then back back off at 9 so that kind of you know some different charging Cycles uh longer durations that kind of thing oh I do have to plug this bad boy back in there if I can get it in there there we go all right so everything's plugged in and we're good to go uh the switch on the side is a timer or just a straight on switch so when it's on the timer it follows the timer when it's just on on it's just on on all the time so uh note to self but if you have it on timer and you're trying to set these dip switches or whatever these things are called kind of remind me of dip switches um on the actual time that you're on it won't let you do it it like blocks it so you got to put the thing to up and then then it actually works so yeah wish me luck uh hopefully this ends up saving my batteries I guess I'll really won't know until I get a long-term test in but uh if you guys have any experience with using um like timed charge controllers and stuff like that these were like super reasonable I got it off Amazon and I want to say it was like five or six bucks uh and if I don't end up like phone farming very long I definitely can use this in the winter time whenever we get to put up our Christmas lights cuz I mean this is very simple and it just works now this is limited to 15 amps at 120 volts so uh right now we're only pulling like nothing but I guess if we were to put a heavy load on it I probably wouldn't put it over we'll do the 50% re rule so I wouldn't put it over you know 7 7 and 1/2 amps just because I think we'd be asking for trouble but anyway guys we're keeping this video short and sweet so um if you are interested in one of these I believe I still do have an Amazon affiliate link and I'll put it down below in the description um but other than that peace out I'll see you on the next one adios

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