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Comparing LOL Miner, Bz Miner, and Regal Miner

A Crazy Comparison Day

Okay guys, today has been a crazy day! In our previous video, we compared LOL Miner with Bz Miner and Regal Miner. Bz Miner was considered the best miner in that case, but it does have a slightly higher Dev fee. However, depending on what you care about, it might not be the best minor choice.

Regal Miner’s New Update

But hold on! Regal Miner has just released another update, version 1.4.3. So let’s compare this new version with our previous test results. And guess what? It seems like Regal Miner may now be the new kingfish of miners!

Wattage and Hash Rate Comparison

Let’s dig into the numbers. At the wall, we have about 89 Watts. Subtracting my system’s 22 Watts, we are left with 67 Watts. Currently, we are pumping out 9.18 gigahash with a gigahash to watt ratio of 0.137. This makes Regal Miner the new ruler in the fish kingdom!

Constant Battle of Miner Dev Wars

For this entire week, we are going to witness a lot of upgrading across these miners. It will be a constant battle of miner Dev Wars. Miners are constantly striving to outperform each other and improve their efficiency.

Speculation on Price and Profitability

Now, let’s move on to some speculation on the price of iron fish and its profitability. Specifically, let’s analyze the profitability of iron fish mining on an RTX 3070.

The Break-Even Point

To be profitable on an RTX 3070, iron fish would need to open at a certain price. If it opens at two dollars with a network hashrate of 2.2 petahash, which is the current network hashrate, and assuming it continues to climb, the cost would be 17 cents per coin. Considering a cost of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour, the break-even point would be at the two-dollar mark. If your power cost is higher than 11 cents per kilowatt-hour, you won’t be profitable. However, if it is lower, you will be in the profit range.

Speculation on Iron Fish Price

So, what are the speculations regarding the price of iron fish? Some people believe it may open at around ten dollars. In that case, the value before factoring in power cost would be approximately 85 cents. This isn’t too bad compared to other coins. If it opens at 20 dollars, it would double the profit, but we would still need at least two dollars per iron fish to break even.

Exchange Listing and Community Thoughts

At this point, it is unclear when the exchange listing will happen and which exchange it will occur on. We will have to stay alert and keep our ears open to see what happens. Now, let’s turn to you, the readers. Are you currently mining iron fish? What are your thoughts on this new coin? There is a lot of hype surrounding it, and we’d love to know your opinion.


In conclusion, the battle among LOL Miner, Bz Miner, and Regal Miner continues. Regal Miner’s latest update has positioned it as a strong contender for the title of the best miner. However, the profitability of mining iron fish depends on various factors, such as its opening price and the cost of electricity. The future of iron fish remains uncertain, and it will be interesting to see how it performs in the market. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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  1. There are 42 million Iron at launch, so if the price is $2 it is worth 84 mil, if price $10 it is almost 1/2 billion 🙂 if price less than $2 we mine at loss , so why not mine something else to get profit then sell it and buy more Iron if you think price of Iron will go up ?

  2. Hi rabid, i get only 1.9GH with an 3060ti with this settings

    –lock-cclock 1305

    –cclock 250

    –lock-mclock 810

    –pl 150 did you know what sould go wrong?

  3. It's quite clear that also the price going much higher can be problem, since there is already tens of millions of coins distributed, if the coin would suddenly be 10 dollars, the premined coins would be already worth like 400 million dollars or so. I'm not sure if there was some kind of restrictions about selling those premined coins, I think I read something about it. Also price setting much lower will mean the current miners are going to take a loss at least at this current crazy network hashrate, mining just a single coin is huge task even for newer hardware, let alone speaking about the older mining hardware. Still, the project seems to be rather legit stuff, it's not a typical clone of BTC or something like that.

  4. At current network hashrate of 2,2 Petahash, using RTX 3060 making lets say 8 Gigahash, using 130 watts, that means it has to mine on average 229 hours to get single IRON coin (divided from 20 coins per block). 229 hours times 130 watts means it is roughly 30 kilowatt hours of used energy to get that 1 coin. For many people the price of IRON is probably needed to be clearly higher than just 2 dollars. Obviously the price of electricity matters here a great deal, many people have no chance to compete against guys having some 3-5 cents kWh price.

  5. May try TRM for the AMDs but I personally feel staying steady on my current miner will be more profitable than constantly switching for every new miner update.

  6. I prefer Lol miner as it provides What your Best Share is?Which can be used to help utilize if you found a block?Good to know if you wanna Gamble to solo mining?None of the other mining software keeps track of this stuff which if you plan on Solo mining?Should be a Must Have……

  7. Did you encounter any issues with your node ? Mine stopped after 3 hours and i reconned .it says "miner connected while the node is syncing. Will not start mining until the node is synced"

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