The Glory of GPU Mining.

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[Music] [Music] hey guys RPM here I hope you're doing well having a really great day continuing on the crypto mining Journey well specifically the GPU mining Journey trying to get my octom miners up and uh one of the rigs didn't turn on it was my 3070 rig that was sitting there and so I got it pretty much apart here because the ethernet did not seem to be working on this octom Miner VH b85 Ultra pcie motherboard which this is one of the first times I've actually taken one apart just to yeah see what's going on and what I'm going to do is just get another one okay I have another octom Miner over there I'm going to take out the motherboard from that place it in here and see if it works because yeah otherwise yeah this the OLED the screen on the front uh wouldn't show any IP address or anything wasn't seemed to be not getting any network I tried flashing the SSD I yeah I don't know what else to try other than swapping the motherboard which I think is the issue but um yeah just thought I'd show you guys this thing because H looked to be pretty cool but anyways guys the point of this video is just I'm going to be adding on more uh octom Miners and gpus at the top of the shelf so previous video we basically added four octom miners here all x12s there's a a minor dude X12 basically the same thing so I have 24 or 12 a2000s on one another 12 a2000s on the other one top second row here is 6 390s and the other one here is 12 Radeon 7s and so combined right now on a single 30 amp pdu we're at 6 amps on this bank and another 10 on this bank so we are not fully using utilizing the power on this pdu but we did talk about in the previous video that since we're mining DX which is pretty low power that I may want to mine other coins like maybe dual mine or triple coin mines so that's going to use definitely more use a lot more power than DX on most of these cards so that's why I want to leave a bit of power capacity just in case I am going to change algorithms all right that's something I think you guys should definitely be wary about as well if you are going to do something like that and another neat thing I thought was a good idea was I renamed my rigs that are on pdua okay that's going to be on that tripl light so that I know which rigs are you know in case I change algorithms that I can generally do the math because octom miners do show pretty much true power at the wall so that I am not going too much over the you know 80% rule on a 30 amp 240 volt circuit so about 56 57 100 Watts or so so yeah that's pretty cool for me to just distinguish and so my next part rigs are going to be like you know 05b that's going to be the B is for you know the second pdu and then I'm going to have C and then I'm going to have D so cuz I have four 4 30 amp 240 volt circuits I'll be able to distinguish that way and so I'm going to have a lot of fun trying to you know spread out the power consumption on 3 30m uh 240 volt pdus here okay which are going to be for the top row of gpus all right so let me swap boards and see if this works be right back okay okay I got three RTX 3070 rigs up so changing that motherboard worked okay this one is now be able to mine I can see it in hios finally there is network connectivity on right there okay so that looks to be good well actually there was network connectivity before on the older motherboard it was lighting up but uh I don't know why it wasn't working so just swapping the board seems to work and now they are all all mining just fine okay so continuing on adding on the mining rigs GPU mining rigs I got to make sure okay so I am at 240 volt here which is perfect and three RTX 3070 rigs so there's 8 370s on each octom Miner here so we have using right now mining DX we are at 9.4 amps so I can realistically go up to 24 amps on this pdu so I'm thinking I'm going to add on my 3080 rig okay RTX 380 which is going to be uh this is a 6700 XTS and then all the 3080s are in this octom Miner X8 Ultra okay so this is actually a little bit bigger than the x8s okay x 8 Ultra okay this is the X8 Ultra Plus so a little bit bigger a little bit taller wider and so H it's going to mess with my OCD but because I want it on the same pdu I'm going to have to move it here Swap this one over and uh yeah get that on and that should hopefully be enough power capacity okay so four OCTA miners on this pdu that should be enough just in case I swap algorithms okay all right so let me do that right now be right back okay it's been a couple hours thank you also to one of my best buddies Mr RI Ry good sir you've been been helping me tune my rigs here uh we've been just going through all the rigs one by one so before I show you guys my other pdu that I just got set up here with the 370s and 3080 rig uh let me just show you quickly okay so my 309s here I am getting 8.7 Kash averaging power consumption about 150 to 170 watts and look at this the power consumption for the whole rig is about 1,1 36 so pretty pretty good pretty efficient going down okay uh the next one the Radeon sevens okay you guys know these radon 7s I've shown this before obviously very very efficient at 1,700 Watts but the whole rig is getting about 117 Kash so that's pretty good latest version of SRB minor okay moving along a2000s now I don't know about these they're also running pretty hot and 2.8 k hash at about 50 watt okay got 12 of them whole rig is about 668 Watts for all 12 so that's pretty good again octo Miner shows true power at the wall okay another 12x A2000 rig okay 686 Watts 2.8 Kash about 50 48 watts each card okay now last one on this pdu number a is going to be the 6700 XT rig okay so I just added this as well along with that 380 rig because I thought to myself you know we're using six amps right now I added this rig down there and uh these are what I'm getting the hash rates I'm getting on the 6700 XTS okay and going down okay by 307s I got three of the same rigs they're all pretty much getting the same numbers here getting about five Kash four K yeah five Kash on each card at about 80 Watts average 77 Watts average so that's pretty good the whole rig you guys can do the math is 771 watt true power at the wall cuz octom Miner doeses that okay um I'm going to skip the other two 3070 rigs they're the exact same now moving along to the last one 3080 rig okay the 8 3080 cards okay getting 7.1 Kash at about 132 120 watts so pretty good really good really good really good mining dyx okay so all these rigs are doing really well let's go see the power at the wall okay so at the pdus all right so since I've added and I almost tripped uh since we added this one okay so we got five rigs here on one pdu all right so we're at 12 amps and 11 amps 10 amps so looks like it it's hovered around there so I'm pretty much at Max Capacity on this PD and so I will not touch the configs I'm just going to keep mining dinex on these rigs I'm not going to touch those rigs and uh yeah but this one okay different story on here so we got four rigs on one PD right now one 240 volt 30 amp PD I'm using about 14.5 amps so I'm definitely under the 80% rule which is up to 24 amps so I got another 10 amp capacity here essentially so I am not going to be adding any more rigs I got uh 3370 Rigs and 1380 rig so in case I do want to switch algorithms which I probably want to I am thinking about triple coin mining on two of these rigs maybe I want to mine a Capal algo coin and maybe the 3080s I want to mine another coin that might take more power maybe iron fish when they finally move to their new algorithm and uh that may take more power right and so I will have the extra capacity just in case right cuz DX mining is quite low power right but once we move move on to the other algorithms potentially I won't be so hardpressed uh to change the the power consumptions on these rigs okay so this one is good all right I got two more pdus to fill right now they're at zero M because there's nothing filled on these so I need to do some I just need to do some planning here uh this is a 20 series rig a bunch of different 20 series cards uh this like a benchmarking rig for uh benchmarking different coins and stuff and then I have a few of these 30 series cards which I really should make a rig of 370s 380 TI 380s uh yeah I'm just I'm thinking of just putting them together in a rig and call in a day and then I have some more 30 series cards over here and also have some in the barn as well okay so I need to uh I need to bring those over right now it's like pouring rain so guys I'm going to leave it at that this video I think is long enough and uh we will continue on the mining Journey the crypto mining journey of RPM again changing up his mining basement changing up the how he's doing mining all this every single time I feel like I changed like every other month or something but uh hey it's it's a fun content here for you guys hopefully you guys enjoy what I am documenting here I oh I got to put this rig up another 3080 rig here 6X 3080s you guys are probably wondering red panda where's the other 238s well I realized with these EVGA cards they need three 8 pins for power and the octom miner X8 Ultra only has two 8 pins per card so I had to double up as you can see I had to double up the pcie okay I have no more PCI connections even on the breakout board there's no more here so I had to do I can only do 6 3080s with these EVGA so okay that I will probably stack right beside the 20 series rig that'll be for the next video I'm going to try to keep filling up all all the way guys we're we're we're still going we're still going this is seriously this is the the glory of GPU mining this is what I miss this is what I love and uh let me know if you guys also love uh this stuff as well all right I'll see you on the next video Ry my bro thank you for helping me again I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out oh man I got to build the sapphire Nitro 6 by Sapphire Nitro 5700 XT rig beautiful cards man beautiful cards

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