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[Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys red pen mining here hope you all doing well having a really great day today I have an ice River ks3 this is an 8.2 terahash model around 3,300 Watts or specifically around 33 29 30 Watts at the wall here and I am actually at about 50% fan speed so the noise right now is really not that bad you know about 72 73 DB okay not too bad and we also did the live stream of unboxing this guy and uh we actually took it apart as well because I did hear some metal noises inside even when I had the Box all closed up when I was carrying it I was hearing a lot of movement inside the ice River ks3 here so we took that apart looked at all the hash boards made sure everything was good and ultimately it's good it's good so here we are this video guys I just want to do an overview a review of this ice Ser ks3 for anyone that is interested in one of these as6 cuz right now Caspa has been I would say really prominent over the past I don't know since the beginning of this year Casa has just been on an uptrend now it's about 7.3 cents as of recording this video and it's just been continually going up and there's been like just a massive massive Journey with these ice River as6 and other as6 and fpgas and GPU mining in the beginning you know it's it's just been quite a crazy year for castal mining over the past year but anyways I want to thank crypto Miner Bros for sending this to me I did work out a deal with them and I did pay for this ice River ks3 oh I want to ask you guys the question how should I get my initial investment back on this ice River ks3 you know the good old strategy of Mining and hodling or you know mining into BTC or you know mining into usdt whatever I want to gaug your guys as a opinions down below all right let me know down below what you guys think I should do how to break even on this I've already been doing a bunch of other tests with a ks1 I'll show on the screen here how much that's worth uh since I mined that when I started it and how much Caspa it's mined thus far so I'm going to have to say that this is a like a third batch of a ice River ks3 I'm not quite sure I'm lost track regarding batches and so these I know essentially these have come out since June of this year so the days of you know mining thousands upon thousands of Caspa uh in the early days is no longer like that I think as of recording right now the profitability of this is about $140 $150 a day yielding about I think 21 2300 Caspa a day on the ice River ks3 currently looking at the network hash rate for Caspa right now you guys can see it's over 50 petahash and continues to climb obviously uh but that's you know due to really a lot of hype a lot of people are have been interested into casle mining recently as you all know anyways guys first impressions of the ice River ks3 it's I would say decent okay the shipping box I'll start with this first I am not too fond of their I don't know this foam padding seems pretty weak to me uh ultimately though it it's enough comparing it to I'd say bit M or maybe uh what's Miner what's Miner packaging I'd have to say was much better than ice River pack packaging here as well as I think bit Main in my opinion has a little bit better packaging than the ice River their cardboard box seems to be fairly thin uh compared to the other boxes that are out there like from what's Miner or bit M so I'm going to have to give the ice River box a C+ it's not it's not that strong at all and I think they could have done a little bit better in the packaging material also there's a bit of spacing uh in between like the box and the foam and so there was a lot of movement inside so I'm not sure if that is something that is was supposed to be like that but as you guys can see the Gap I think just to protect it a bit more they need a bit more foam on the sides and stuff and and yeah but yeah it doesn't come with a power cable okay you're going to have to utilize for anyone that's going to interested in a ks3 is going to need a c19 to C20 plug okay and I recommend that you go to infinit uh to buy those types of cables okay I I highly recommend it I'll have a link down below really good thick gauge cables for your Asic miners in general so now on to the ks3 itself all right this is a 8 terahash model or 8.2 terahash model we did do a firmware update in that live stream and initially out of the box we're only getting like 7.5 terahash then we went to the I server.

Website and did the firmware update and that brought it up to about 8.5 trash and I can verify with you guys here 8.4 8.5 I've seen it fluctuate to like 99.4 as well and as of recording I've had it on for about 18 hours and here is the web guei and such you guys can see here uh here's the hash boards there three different hash boards here's the temperatures of the ks3 it's really not that bad okay under 50 60° C I have the fan speed set at 50% right now so it's it's pretty pretty it's pretty quiet like I don't have to talk too loud you guys can tell and uh comparing it to maybe like the what's minor that thing is really loud or maybe an s19 J Pro bit main s19 it's it's also loud but otherwise it's been working good I've been mining to uh via BTC and I can show you guys the pool at the pool side it's hovering around 10minute average 8.56 terahash okay so with this firmware update just from the ice River website ice river.

It's been doing pretty good over the past hour 10 minutes here I haven't had it on a full 24-hour but uh yeah it's it's been doing good in this regard there is something I want to try okay regarding the ice Ser ks3 there apparently is a firmware that we may be able to go up to like 8.7 or maybe 9 trash I haven't confirmed exactly but the caveat to that for me trying it for anyone is to uh get rid of the fans and uh put on a fruition Des designs a shroud kit which I I think I have but I think it's for the ks 1's uh or ks2 so I'm going to look into getting the ks3 kit and then we're going to PLP in one of these uh AC Infinity fans that it'll offset the power consumption of the 120 mil fans on the ks3 so that'll help uh with the power supply because the power supply currently on here is a 3400 W power supply so if we were to do the overclocking uh like the gentleman told me about the overclock here it would go past 3400 Watts so that's not going to be feasible with these current fans so the idea here is to take out both uh the fans in the front and in the back and then put on the fruition designs uh silencer kit so that we can alleviate the power from here and uh put that on like a 120 volt for the AC Infinity fan and see if we can get higher I'm willing to try that that's that's going to be later down the road just want to give you guys an update about that but otherwise guys yeah the ice over ks3 here has been working just fine over the past day here as of testing and yeah this thing is quite a monster obviously the profitability it's really nice right now I don't really think I need to talk about the risks I think I've talked about that in many other videos but you guys understand for anyone deciding to purchase one of these things it's really going to come down to if you believe in the cter price which has been on an upward Trend since the beginning of like January of this year and that's also going to depend on how many more people are going to be investing you know in these types of Asic Miners and also like the wind Miner K9 which is announced which is I think 11 Tera has who knows there's going to be maybe more different ice river as6 that are going to be coming about here real soon and maybe there's going to be more price drops but for anyone that has decided to buy one of these go check out Crypt Miner Bros down below I have the link down below they have a bunch of other Caspa as models down below for anyone that's interested so guys that's it for this video I just wanted to do a short and sweet one overview of this ice River ks3 I'm going to be making a specific howto Channel how to set up a ice River ks3 on Crypt Miner Bros YouTube channel so stay tuned for that I'm going to talk about the power talk about the web guei you know how to set it up it's honestly very easy but I know there's a lot of people out there who are new getting into the crypto mining space especially for Caspa mining as it's been so prevalent and profitable over the past I don't know year or so here but who knows if it's going to be good for the next while here or longer as the maybe the bull Ren's coming there's a lot of risks involved in buying these things but you guys should definitely do your own research do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing something like this but if you are going to purchase something like this I trust crypto Miner Bros I've been partnering with them for the past 4 years and so you can't go wrong with that all right my friends I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace [Music] out

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