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The video script discussed in this article revolves around the topic of the ice River mining company and its alleged scamming activities. The script talks about the release of a new miner, KS3, by the company and the uncertainty surrounding its price. It also mentions the existence of two websites, and, with the latter being claimed as the official website. The script refers to a statement on Reddit by the ice River team, where they accuse an ex-employee of stealing their website and social media accounts to scam people.

The Alleged Scam

Official Statement on Reddit

The script points out that the ice River team made an official statement on Reddit, addressing the situation. According to the statement, the ex-employee who used to work on the development of the website and served as the maintenance guy turned rogue. He stole the website and social media accounts, and is now impersonating the ice River team to scam people. The official website mentioned by the ice River team is, which is claimed to be their new official website.

Validity of the New Website

However, the validity and legitimacy of the new website,, is brought into question. The script points out that the website was created only two days ago and has an expiry date set for three months. This raises concerns about the long-term commitment and trustworthiness of the new website. The script speculates whether the ice River team is trying to divert attention to the new website to potentially carry out a scam or whether the original ice River team is itself involved in fraudulent activities.

Analysis and Recommendations

Caution and Research

Given the uncertain and confusing circumstances surrounding ice River and its alleged scamming, the script emphasizes the need for caution and independent research when dealing with the company. It highlights the importance of verifying information and being wary of potential scams in the cryptocurrency industry. The script recommends staying away from ice River until concrete evidence of miners being shipped and legitimate operations are observed.

The Role of Individual Responsibility

The script also emphasizes the importance of individual responsibility in conducting due diligence before investing in or engaging with any company, especially in the volatile and unpredictable cryptocurrency market. It urges viewers to be careful and cautious, not only relying on external sources of information but also conducting their own research and analysis.


The script discusses the alleged scam involving ice River, a mining company, and its impact on the cryptocurrency community. It highlights the existence of two websites and the uncertainty around their legitimacy. The script recommends being cautious and conducting independent research before engaging with ice River or any similar company in the cryptocurrency market. It stresses the importance of individual responsibility and critical thinking in navigating the complexities of the industry.

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  1. You’re suppose to be one of the tops dogs and you didn’t even talk to ice river ceo before releasing a video like this ??? Bring on the hate I have all the proof

  2. With the current market I'm sticking to mining Verus coin with mobile devices. Really profitable and broken cracked screen mobiles are cheap. Making 6.00 a day with all my mobile devices rigs

  3. don't buy it its just like i said.
    they saved up money to buy the miner, sent it to a youtuber that happend to be RPM. they get him to confirm its real then rack up the sales i already posted this last week and guess what i was right.

  4. Certificates that last 3 months are usually Let's Encrypt certs, I use them on my own website. They are certs provided for free, but downside is they only last 3 months. I have a bot on my Linux server that automatically renews cert. So I would not use that as evidence of malicious activities. This Iceriver sure is fishy though. I wouldn't buy any until I know for sure ppl are receiving the asics

  5. I knew this was an obvious scam. The math on the asics didn't add up. Didn't spend any more time on this. I learned to never jump on something in crypto right away. So many scams out there.

  6. What is everyone going to do with their KAS that they mined? I was watching it go up and then kind of forgot about it, but now I see its dropping like an absolute rock. Guess I hold to 0. Classic me.

  7. Rabid Mining the first website is registered to a real Ice River HK company, that’s been confirmed already. The KS2 that was sent to Red Panda Mining came directly from that company, I don’t know if RPM release the tracking information.

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