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The Best Way to Mine Duromine: Solo Mining vs Pool Mining


In this article, we will explore the best way to mine Duromine, a CPU minable coin. Duromine has gained popularity among miners for being one of the most profitable coins to mine. Recently, new miners like Astro 1.9 have emerged, along with various community pools. This has raised the question of whether it is still more profitable to mine Duromine to your own node (solo mining) or mine it in a pool. To find out, the author conducted a test using different mining methods and tracked the results for three days.

The Test Setup

For the test, the author used 21 out of 22 AMD 3900x rigs, dividing them into three groups. Seven rigs were pointed to the Rabbit pool, seven to community pools, and seven to the author’s own node. Each day, the author reset the node to coincide with the payout times of the pools.

The Payout Process

The author explains that on the Rabbit pool and community pools, payouts occur every 4,800 blocks, based on the block time and the number of seconds in a day. However, due to slight variations in block generation, the payouts had a delay of about an hour and 15 minutes on pools compared to the theoretical payout time. The author made sure to keep the node online for the same amount of time as the pools, even though it was slightly longer than a day.


The author presents the results of the three-day test. On day one, mining on the Rabbit pool yielded a profit of 0.55260, while the community pool gave slightly higher profits at 0.58078. Surprisingly, mining on the author’s own node resulted in the highest profit of 0.73826. The author also noted the number of orphaned blocks on their node, indicating the importance of optimizing the node setup.

Day 1 Results:

– Rabbit Pool: 0.55260
– Community Pool: 0.58078
– Own Node: 0.73826

On day two, the profit on the Rabbit pool decreased to 0.529320, while the community pool gave slightly less at 0.5065. However, mining on the author’s own node once again resulted in the highest profit, reaching 0.861 with 14 blocks found and zero orphaned.

Day 2 Results:

– Rabbit Pool: 0.529320
– Community Pool: 0.5065
– Own Node: 0.861

On day three, the trend continued, with the Rabbit pool giving a profit of 0.58193, the community pool 0.5263, and the author’s own node 0.861. The test results consistently showed that mining on the own node was the most profitable option.

Day 3 Results:

– Rabbit Pool: 0.58193
– Community Pool: 0.5263
– Own Node: 0.861


Based on the three-day test, the author concludes that mining Duromine to your own node (solo mining) is the most profitable option. The author emphasizes that this aligns with the original intention of the network, which aimed for a decentralized chain with everyone solo mining to their own node. However, the author acknowledges that there are reasons why some miners may prefer to mine in pools, such as lacking the necessary hardware or not wanting to set up their own node. Community pools provide alternatives for those miners.

Regardless of the mining method chosen, the author recommends optimizing the node setup and ensuring time synchronization to maximize profitability. The test results serve as a reference for miners looking to mine Duromine efficiently.

Support and Final Thoughts

The author mentions the Rabbit pool as an option for those who want to support the channel while mining Duromine. However, for miners solely focused on mining Duromine, the author suggests exploring the various community pools available, all of which are built on the same software and offer similar rewards.

In conclusion, the author asserts that solo mining to your own node is the superior option, as evidenced by the test results. The article ends by thanking readers for their time and interest and promises to provide further updates if necessary.

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  1. I give up on DERO 🙁 no matter what pool I join the miners will restart. And restart. Even the closer servers same issues I don’t understand.

    I would say it resets every hour on 3 rigs and 7 others reset within 5-10 mins apart. All Ethernet and all on the same network.

    Using AstroMiner

  2. Still on raptoreum, not sure if it worth it to switch to dero, only have 5 cpu mining right now, been looking for more 3900x but people asking way too much in my area so will wait 🙂

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