Unboxing a New Miner, Flux Book? and something I needed…

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] up [Applause] [Music] [Music] a [Music] ah [Applause] [Music] hello Bros welcome to the live stream it's is it Sunday today it's Sunday yes so very simple today I got couple of things here and I every single time I have this set up and I get a call I have more packages to pick up I wish I could get them and unbox them as well in today's live stream but we just got three packages here at I think that's enough time uh to unbox so smash the like we're going to have some fun got an Asic got some things I ordered on Amazon thank you to certain somebody and a certain somebody that sent me a book now we're going to have some fun here I might read the whole book on stream depending depending on how long the book is so what do you guys want me to do first you guys want me to do the book my Amazon package or the Asic what do you guys want me to unbox First what what do you guys want me what do you guys want me to unbox first I'll do whatever you guys say welcome Bros John jine yo stevenh Kaiser of course you're here I know why you're here Blue Moon mining Amazon Asic Amazon Audi book level 9 slacker first book then Amazon finished with that beautiful Asic all right all right well we'll start with the book we're going to start with the book it's a crypto book let's let's let me uh let's do it this is from okay this book is from Kaiser in the chat he is apparently apparently he's the author okay he's a very apparently he's a very distinguished author and he has decided to he's got like a a bunch of you know uh best what New York bestseller what do you call those I I'm just I'm just trolling I don't know if he actually has any other books that he's written I think this is his first book so not not distinguished at all right Kaiser you're you're in the chat you explain Z pirate what's up Golden wolf two hungry miners as you guys are all you guys are all asking for the Asic you know what asic's going to be last all right but if you want the Asic you got to smash that like I there's 91 people here 34 likes disgraceful Krypto KJ cry Oprah bestsellers ah man so good all right all right here we go Kaiser for first book I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it okay okay I got to pop out the chat it's just too small hold on I got to pop out my window I got to read the chat while I unbx I love I love doing that uh okay all right there we go all right going to make sure I go live chat I'm On Top chat okay here we go the first thing we're unboxing today is a book okay and let's see it's in a little it's in a little plastic wrap here so that's nice all right I'm going to put this back okay all right we got a book here called WTF what the flux an epic adventure author Kaiser McCain Mr Kaiser I love that the high remarks but this is the first book this is the first book uh Nemesis smash the like button or I will ban Nemesis what's up man RPM needs a bigger box opening knife no I don't all right all right here we go I'm opening the first page oo what a fresh book even smells good Kaiser why why does this book smell like like you know bedroom stuff did God Kaiser horrible horrible all right you wrote here keep up the greatness and never underestimate your potential best wishes Kaiser McCain the author the author of this book signed the inside of my in the book cover isn't that isn't that great I feel so I I I I feel so humbled I love that I love that okay why does this book smell like chloroform H all right WTF what the flux an epic adventure table of contents all right we got chapter one the digital Dawn the rabbit hole the code of trust the dark web Shadow the Tipping Point the final showdown the final frontier a new the new beginning the flux continues holy smoke this is this is insane Kaiser uh Kaiser you can do are you you can put your link you said you sell this book on Amazon you sell this book on Amazon here you need to here I need to add your as moderator add moderator standard save all right you should be able to post links Kaiser go ahead go for it if you want if you want people to see your book on Amazon all right gather around young people red panda mining story time is about to begin hell yeah all right what no burning smell jock jock mcer no there's no burning smell Krypto KJ smells like bourbon and cigars no ah too funny all right we're going to read all right hold on how how long is one chapter okay one chapter is not that long all right give me give me a one in the chat if you want me to read the the first chapter give me a two if you don't want me to read and you want me to continue on the unboxings give me a one if you want me to continue to read or give me a two if you don't want me to read gather around young people I love it okay all of you are saying one all right all right I better get royalties for this audio book Kaiser I I better I better get I better get some roties okay here we go here we go together wait you know what we need wait hold on we I feel like we need different music we need different music we need like not party music we need like very slow like I don't know here uh ambient okay I don't know what this is oh perfect okay hold on let's start from the beginning all right all right all right you bros prepare prepare to fall asleep here we go we're going to read WTF what the flux by Kaiser McLean chapter one one the digital Dawn where we delve deeper into Emily's world and her passion for computer science who's Emily Kaiser who's this Emily it's not so distant future Emily's world was mesmerizing blend of the tangible and the virtual the sprawling Metropolis dubbed new tech City throbbed with vibrant life throbbed I like that word it resembled a canvas where Neon Lights painted the cityscape in brilliant colors towering skyscrapers adorned with holographic advertisements reach for the heavens their reflective surfaces captured the ever shifting Hues of the digital Sky Emily's daily commute was an experience unlike any other she stepped onto the bustling side sidewalk and navigated the crowd of pedestrians yet something surreal lurked beneath this Urban landscape autonomous vehicles sleek and Silent glided beside her their surfaces adorned with LED displays that flashed advertisements and safety messages they moved in Perfect Harmony orchestrated by the intricate network of sensors and algorithms they seemed like sentient beings sharing the streets with [Music] humans the air in new tech city was electric with anticipation it felt as if they were very it felt as if the very molecules were charged I'm reading the live stream and reading this at the same time okay I'm just that's why I'm laughing I'm sorry okay going back it felt as if the very molecules were charged with the promise of innovation Emily with her augmented reality glasses perched on her nose felt a thrill with every step she took these glasses were more than just a fashion statement they were an extension of her Consciousness information flowed seamlessly before her eyes and her digital assistant an AI named Eva Eva whispered helpful suggestions in her [Music] ear Emily herself was a remarkable character in this digital tapestry her passion for computer science was pal pal palpable her intellect an unwavering beacon in the sea of technological Marvels she had always been captivated by the intersection of code and creativity it was evident in the way she approached her work however she despite the Allure of the city her true SE Sanctuary was her lab a converted Warehouse on the city outskirts it was a place where she could unleash her creativity and intellect inside the walls adjourned with circuitry diagrams and whiteboards filled with equations reflected her dedication to pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the digital realm rows of servers hummed in harmony processing data in her latest experiments is this uh this is not hold on before I continue is this a is this a uh fiction or like it's a non-fiction book science fiction like what what this is like uh I I I I rarely read books so wow Bible Charlie Lynn what what's up man science okay this is science fiction all science fiction all right all right continuing on continuing on however it was the notification that disrupted her solitary world one evening that would Propel her into the heart of this unfolding Revolution her augmented reality glasses illuminated with the message from Sarah Sarah a fellow digital Explorer known for uncovering her digital uncovering digital uncovering hidden digital Secrets open the door to an enigma the Nexus the Nexus was both beuling and ominous a virtual realm where the tech Elite gathered in the shadows the mere mention of its name sent tingles down the spine of even the most seasonal digital explorers for Emily the alure was irresistible as Emily navigated the nextus she embarked on a journey that echoed the ex great explorers of History the discussion thread on Flex became her compass pointing toward the world altering technology The Forum Labyrinth laby labyrinthine Labyrinth I don't know how to pronounce that digital bizarre teamed with voices passionately sharing Whispers of change and Rebellion flux emerged as the enigmatic Catalyst of Emily's Journey there's a lot of big words in here I I I don't know the decentralized blockchain project promised to unshackle Industries dismantle hierarchies and re and return control to the individual the forum's pages were a mosaic of intrigue and hope filled with the tales of the digital Revolution that flux could ignite Emily's Quest was more than curiosity it was an odyssey into the future fraught with moral quandaries as she Dr Dove deeper into Flex Mysteries flex's Mysteries she discovered that it was not just a technological Wonder but a Battleground the fate of the Dawn the fate of the digital Dawn rested on her shoulders and she was poised to make choices that would redefine the world's relationship with technology Kaiser your wording is amazing my friend you this is great this book is awesome I I I will read the rest of it at Bed times all right made in the Middleton Middletown deusa nice awesome thank you all right Kaiser thank you poor Emily is a Markus Shackled by flux Fe all right that's it that's the book that's the book Thank you thank you Kaiser for saying this and thank you for sending it to me that is awesome that is awesome all right how is everybody did anyone did you guys fall asleep to my reading or did you enjoy that press one if you didn't enjoy that press two Kaiser thank you Kaiser Thank You Blue Moon what's up BL mining I'm awake all right it seems like I'm sleepy now you guys enjoyed that all right uh all right we're going to go back to the EDM music all right okay awesome thank you all right next all right you guys want the Amazon the Amazon package or the Asic I feel tired now all right Let's do let's do the Amazon because this is I'll I'll have to because if I don't want to do the ace I got to get rid of this so let's just all right so I don't know if people remember but okay music's too loud hold on hold on um there was an Amazon Prime day all right there was an Amazon Prime day and uh Mr Joker mind there was a live stream and we were just looking for deals right we were just looking for Amazon deals and I saw one where I needed I needed a computer right for like I need it for like accounting and like you know just small office work stuff and I did want one for like just like I don't know crypto stuff I don't know another it's always nice to have another machine um by itself so thank you to Mr Joker minor in the US who bought these for me and I paid them of course paid them back all right I bought these two what else did he send me hold on oh he only sent me this okay two of these Ace mini PCS let me get rid of this box make sure he didn't send me anything else Chlor form or you know all right we're good okay all right Mr Joker Miner um I don't think he's here Stephen we need more time to take the Asic apart we want the full tear down I'm not going to tear down the Asic all right uh if Joker Miner had any part in it it's no deal for real all right let me open one of these it's a little tiny like Mini PC I'm curious to see what the uh the specs are 5G Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4 okay it's got all it's got a lot of let's take it up let's unbox it here oh oh this is small dude wow this is a small computer look at that Intel Inside three HDMI it's got two ethernet dude this would be a killer like little PF sense router dude it's got audio it's got a locking like laptop locking cable thing uh power adapter two ethernet 2 gbit 3 USB 3.0 and power that's it's pretty sick pretty sick little computer all right let me just see what the power adapter is like doesn't stuck uh let's see uh what's this for um it's going to be like my like accounting computer like doing like my fresh books and that kind of stuff all right here's a USB cable and here's the power adapter okay it's this little tiny little tiny I'm curious how much I'm curious how much power does this little thing take let's plug it in I got to plug it into the my my meter box right here hold on hold on Tak there we go all right hold let me turn it on all right it's on now it's on it's taking this little computer with I think 16 gigs of RAM 500 gig nvme this thing takes 12 Watts 13 Watts at the seven Watts now that's futing um will it run with 240 volt 30m I don't think so I don't know Ron I'm not sure 15 watts 16 Watts oh yeah this thing is this thing is pretty it's a it's a it's a uh one of those n proc Intel like it's not an I3 it's like those n processors but it's a octo cor octo octo cor 20 watts 19 Watts 18 Watts not bad how much did you pay for these mini PCS um two of them uh each one was like 160 bucks on Amazon black uh prime prime Day deal pretty nice I like I like it two ethernet yeah I'm going to good good accounting computer 3 HDMI hook up three monitors to this perfect perfect little machine yeah six oh here the specs are right here uh can you guys see that can you guys see the specs Mini PC T8 plus Ace magician 16 gigs of RAM 512 hard drive okay it's a Alder Lake n95 processor okay the CPU is an n95 alder link that's the latest uh Intel uh latest Intel Yanik laughing yashnik yashnik is that you yashnik is that you all right all right Bros that's the computer let's see if I press the button will it turn off uh yeah it did I think it has Windows 11 too so that's it comes you know 160 bucks it comes with all this spec comes with Windows 11 it's pretty awesome I I think it's pretty awesome some of you may not think it's awesome but I think it's awesome good little like computer to have in an office you know maybe uh the other one like I could do like you know just just crypto wallets or something or uh Ledger or you know your cold your cold storage that's it you do nothing but you do nothing but uh Cold Storage crypto crypto stuff all right it's time we're doing the big boy Asic now is that what you guys want to see or no or you guys don't care you guys care yeah put everything away I Care thank you at least someone cares I know most of you don't but it's okay you know that's the life we live these days I don't know okay this one oh okay all right last package is the Asic now this is one from endless mining okay Mr endless mining was gracious enough to send me an Asic 141 people here 65 likes can we please get over 100 likes Bros please this one's from endless mining he sent me an Asic because I specifically asked for it okay I specifically asked for a specific model of an Asic minor okay it's I know some of you guys are thinking it's some massive you know new Asic Miner well it's actually not it's uh it's new it'll be new to me but uh it's not new to what you guys are going to see now okay so let's he's okay let's unbox it so this is extremely wrapped like very nicely the Box all around the cardboard is wrapped in this like I don't know what this is but this is this is this is pretty good this is pretty this is pretty good stuff look at that look at that look at that protects the Box probably protects the box from water um okay let me just take the take this out all right and it's upside down I just realized it's upside down of course it's upside down hold on make sure no nothing doxing on the bottom okay okay all right what it's wrapped again oh my god there two wraps can you guys guess what it is can can you guys guess what Asic this is if someone here guesses it correctly I'll send you something I don't know what I'll send [Music] you and you only have one you can only have one guess you can only have one guess of what it is man you guys you guys are just you guys are all you guys are just shooting for the moon here you guys are all wrong I'm telling you I'm telling you right now you guys are all wrong [Laughter] ah this is wrapped really well holy crap endless mining my God man you have really outdone yourself this is amazing Packaging like seriously really good this is what is this stuff grip light grip bright grip bright what is this overlap okay well reading the chat nobody has guessed it no no like zero zero people have guessed what this is so you guys are all wrong you guys are all wrong this is really tough man here oh my God it's taped at the top too damn it all right good great packaging but a pain in the a take apart I'm sweating here I'm [Music] [Music] sweating hold on let open the [Music] top this is I this is great packaging amazing well protected all right oh look at that this might be a doxing uh this might be a doxing address so I got to take this [Music] out but all right none of you guys none of you guys guessed what does that say what what does that say RPM your knife needs sharpening yes yes it does I know I I I know I know guys my knife here is like 10 years old all right get off my back all right so this is an s1990 terahash see 90 terahash nobody nobody has guessed this nobody so I know you guys are saying red panda why did you ask for this model specifically well I'm here to do some fun like modding uh firmware modding bios modding hacking on this guy trying to see if we can get extreme uh extreme efficiency because I want to solo mine I want to solo M Bitcoin with this bigger boy Asic all right I want to we're going to waste a couple hundred maybe a couple it's going to be a couple thousand watts and holy crap he said he's okay he's got a letter at the top here look at this all right it says panda panda all right hold on let me take the Asic out first oh my God he sent me a bunch of stuff okay oh my God oh my God all right he sent me okay he's got he's got a happy note here and he's got he sent me some all right he sent me some candy as well look at this the hell is this the hell is this a Chinese for is this a fortune cookie oh my god oh oh my God we got to open this up I'm afraid to eat it all right let's read my fortune ah let's read it please give Hawk some CS2 [Laughter] lessons oh man get wrecked Get Wrecked hot crypto mining get destroyed oh my God that is so funny that is way too good wait wait H how did you how did wait how did you get it in here how the how the hell did you how the how did you do that oh it's open okay yeah yeah yeah yeah I see it's like that so you can just easily you can just easily put it in like that I see I see I see this is a fake this is a fake fortune cookie fake fortune cookie that's funny man you can get them made right Pand oh you can oh no wonder that's awesome okay thanks for the little Halloween thing uh Mr endless mining I love it I love it oh man Hawk get destroyed okay he also sent me a letter hold on let me take out the Asic let me take out the Asic this is extremely [Music] big okay wait the hell is this he sent me something else dude endless mining dude he sent me sandals a that's cool that's pretty sick that's pretty sick look at that mandal These are nice man the these are dude these are really nice that is awesome endless mining bro thank you I actually needed these I could use more of these oh actually what size what size are these they're literally the size they're literally my size size wow perfect oh man fits me perfect fits me perfect fits me perfect awesome endless mining bro thank you man thank you thank you thank you thank you okay so he sent me a note um I might I might have have to read this before probably the all the rest of the stuff but let me let me open it here okay I'm afraid to show hold on let me see if there's anything incriminating before showing this to you guys all right all right nothing nothing too incriminate okay all right he sent me a postcard he said it says hi Panda hope you get some good yields from this minor and thanks for partnering with endless mining make sure to open what's inside the Happy Meal box while recording carefully Augustine happy Halloween Augustine from endless mining Bros awesome that is sick that is awesome beautiful andless mining has a thing here thank you so much for your order we appreciate your business your Asic Miner as we enjoy having you out as our client in addition to our as6 miners we're also offering a range of components hosting Services starting at competitive rates 0.09 kilowatt hour and as low as 0.08 kilowatt hour inclusive of all fees with onetime setup fee of $25 per minor nice very nice very nice there there it is guys check it out Augustine from endless mining go check him out link down below all right it's a secret seed phrase yeah all right so man I'm I'm shocked I'm shocked right now so the Asic Miner that we got here it's an s19 90 terahash model okay I know you guys are saying R Panda why did you why did you get one of these older you know the s19 J S9 it's not a s9j it's an s19 90 terahash okay so um I know there is low power mode with this um so I'm going to see what the efficiency is of this thing actually you know what should I just plug it in now you guys want me to plug it in should I open it wait do I need to open it it looks brand new this actually looks brand spanking new okay we're going to here let me turn on um I don't think I have power oh I do 2 C13 2 c14 power cables [Music] oh it's turning on and it's loud it's very loud Extremely Loud okay I don't smell any smoke so sniff dest hit that like Bros almost at 100 likes 84 140 of you here 85 likes Smash It smash It smash it all right I'm going to log into it log into this bad boy let's see what we can do all right all right uh I'm going to switch my screen screen there we go there we go all right all right all right it's mining to their via VIA I don't know who this is reene test via BTC so actually the biggest thing I want to do is does this have a this doesn't have um this doesn't have a low power [Music] mode release firmware version August 24 oh okay okay hold on we need to go to the bit main firmware yeah let's do it together hold on okay um let's go back to screen all right I'm at the bit main firmware all right so it doesn't have low power on this one but I'm going to see if uh there's a firmware update all right so this is an s19 is this this is not even a pro it's just s19 at minor s19 so at minor s19 S9 support low power mode yeah here we go s19 merg firmware plish date 2022 1228 uh all right we're going to download this uh download there's another one here release firmware transition firmware to low power mode if your S9 firmware version is lower than May 2021 please upgrade this firmware first then upgrade the S9 low power more firmware oh snap uh uh what did it say here L lower than May 2021 we have August 24 2022 so I think that's I think that's okay Hawk what are you doing here Hawk did you did you see this Haw where are you you missed it man you missed it you missed it hold on let me go back hold on hold on you missed it Hawk there's a fortune cookie here from endless mining right from Augustine okay I opened up the fortune cookie and inside that fortune cookie says this can you read that Hawk what does that say I had like seven [Laughter] DMS yes well I would love some lessons ah I love it yes I can read it okay good that's what I wanted you that's what holy crap this thing's taking 3265 Watts Jesus Christ all right okay so I think I'm okay I think we're okay the firmware is uh after 2021 so I downloaded the latest one here we're going to firmer update let's go at Miner s19 uh keep the same sure all right red panda is predes predestined to be a billionaire in 2025 I hope so uh that game is mid that game is mid yes it is it's okay Hawk yeah I can read it h hawy you're you're you're you're you're not amused I I I can see that I'm sorry man this thing is loud okay it's restarting Caspa new alltime high today Panda ignores the Caspa Community Caspa Caspa mining can f the right off just kidding I'm not talking about Caspa because I just I talk about it too much already I I'll talk about it more later I do have a ks3 coming in like two more days I got to pick it up DHL and then I have a new uh M60 s coming that's going to be really cool like 180 terahash or something insane I can't believe what's Miner has them out before the bitmain s21s maybe they did that for a reason uh mon I'm getting my s9k 150 tomorrow should I put the Epic board in now or wait to see if if it worked good before uh month I would definitely try the minor before everything before you put a new board in um yashnik I'm loving the free cast right of mind to my address after I turn the last poker turn uh no such thing as too much Casa okay all right um yeah we got the new firmware now December of 2022 so now if we go to settings oh this says normal sleep normal sleep there's no low power mode what the hell I got jipped wait I may have to control F5 hold let's control F5 refresh okay wow that works yeah control F5 re hardcore reset refresh now there's low power mode Hell yeah look at that you guys see that I changed it yeah low power okay we're going to do low power um you know what I I think I know red no RPM 2023 uh s19 uh s901 sure X save all right uh Hawk should I go live testing s9k in Epic board yes yes you should Hawk yes don't you don't think about it you just do it Hawk go live after me go live go live right now I will redirect to you right now cuz I got to go I got to go pretty soon right now Hawk like right now right now I will redirect everyone to you anybody I'll redirect anyone uh I have to schedule it I need like 25 minutes yeah okay yeah Hawk 25 minutes perfect yeah 25 minutes we will go to you sure I can I can wait I can stream for another 25 yes Andrea's bread install you will enjoy your ks3 and days mine arrived last week yeah I I I just hope mine doesn't blow up because Coastal crypto mining had their ks3 blow up so I will definitely open the ks3 just to make sure everything's like okay you know all right we are in low power mode now um make sure low power yeah okay so I'm curious you know you know what we should have done um hold on here you know what we should have done cuz I don't think I have a 90 terahash in here anywhere uh S9 yeah I don't have a 90 okay so I'm just going to put pit main s19 90 here Hash Hash rate 90 uh 30 what was the power consumption 3260 is that what what I was getting I don't remember or was it 34 does someone remember 34 or 32 3200 Watts um someone some does someone remember I don't remember 3420 okay 3420 that this leave is stream we going ficient at 90 Terra hash okay that is Hash per watt of what um watt per hash divided by 90 38.4 that's bad that's bad if I go here sort um s19 is s19 pro is not even is way down here 38 watt per hash H it's so bad okay all right let's see is low power mode working or not um abnormal power consumption says 2100 Watts 2,00 no 1,800 Watts it's fluctuating a lot there we go 1825 1827 here I'll show you guys wow wait we we dropped from 3260 Watts down to 1840 can you guys see that it's right there 8 1850 now 18 50 Watts at how much terahash are we at much ter 69 nice 69 terahash ah 67 now it's going to fluctuate that is a massive drop but we also dropped in hash rate too we going to let we're going to let this go for a while we're going to let this go for a while I'm just I just want to see why does the title say flux oh because um ah here hold on uh for those that missed it yeah I think everyone missed it we did the book first I got a I received a book a signed copy very prestigious author named Kaiser McCain WTF what the flux an epic adventure and uh we read the first chapter and it was amazing and also hilarious thank you Kaiser okay go check out out this book is in the live chat he just linked it he's actually in the live chat as we speak okay going back going back going back all right 66 ter has at 18,00 Watts 1916 Watts now um crypto cat Farms not at the airport also nice meoa stream Nice DJ mines hell yeah stream to earn hell yeah let's do it dude GTA RP Let's Do It um why is uh oh yeah low power mode we didn't check yeah um all right looks like 66 terahash 65 averaging out over the yeah 66 trash here so let me put in here main s19 90 terahash low low power mode LPM all right hash rate 66 we're now at 1935 Watts that is a hash per watt of what uh 29 that wow I mean that's not good I mean that's better but it's not it's uh 29 hash per watt all right watt per hash efficiency 29 h no wait no I'm wrong right here yeah right here this one so okay now this is where I heard I can try getting it even lower okay like if I want to try to solo mine if if I if I want to try to so Bitcoin solo mine because I know like those little USB things are like you know a couple hundred you know 60 70 hundred Watts depending how many you have right but you only get like less than a terahash so I I want to go a little bit more big boy like one of these things and see if I can get down to like I don't know 1200 watts so I need to I need to install Luxor firmware on here or brains or some some firmware on this thing so that we can then go even lower you you got you guys know what I mean you guys know what I'm talking about and then I'm going to just keep it on for for solo mining Bitcoin what do you guys think what do you guys think about that should I should I do that or is that a bad idea is that a bad idea I prefer more hash rate just me yeah I I don't I could spare the 1950 Watts 1935 Watts it's using right now sure but do I want to for something that's solo mining install brains then go low power plus remove one of the hash boards oh that's a good call that's a good call Mohamad raaga what's up man doing good man doing really good uh what control board does it have um am logic according to the it says am logic I do have a zyink I do have a I do have a zyink board I don't know if that will translate to this though I I don't know if that would work um install brains go low lower plus remove one of the hash boards okay I'll try that solo mining sucks it can ruin you financially that that's true but then I could also I could also make can also make a lot okay it's it's a risk right um okay I want to I want to go I want to go to what to mine Bitcoin all right so we're going to I want to see you guys are asking profit so or income whatever I'm just going to so low power mode all right we're still getting 66 yeah 66 around there all right 66 terahash 66 terahash power consumption it's going up it's creeping up now 1960 1961 I better I better upd update yeah probably better if I just leave it and see how it goes over time um so cost per kilowatt hour here if I know if I were to put in my other basement 0.8 hit calculate this thing all right all right at 8 cents kilowatt hour currently this s19 not a pro not a j not a k it's just a s19 90 terahash model on low power mode I am profitable by a13 hell yeah wait did I put that right 66 terahash 1961 Watts 8 cent kilowatt hour yeah a13 hell yeah oh dude give me a pet on the back look at that look at that dollar look at that look at that look at that income is $4.89 a day that's if you had free electric um but hey okay you know what good good T good thing we're here though because you guys know Bitcoin having is coming up block reward is going to go down to from 6.5 6.25 to 3.25 to 3.125 bitcoin so difficulty stayed the same right now and uh everything was the same calculate after the having at the current at the current difficulty I would be losing then a143 a day it would cost me $3.77 on electric at 8 C and uh yeah losing a143 yeah ah not good not good not good not good not good but see this is where it comes in like I I want to run it on solo mining I want to run 66 freaking terahash on solo mining Bitcoin is that a bad idea is that a bad idea it's a bad idea okay I want to see what you guys say uh Yeti uh Yeti don't worry about it bro ah don't worry about it uh mon low profit rip you can change the topic lo you can change the logic board alter Tech offers this on the XP models uh for crypto yeah uh I'll I'm down if alter Tech has a uh board for it I'm if I can get even more efficiency lower down power then rather than using 19900 I'm down uh Nemesis that's more than a 490 per day hey Nemesis you're you're not wrong Nemesis you're not wrong currently right for the next six months I guess next five or six months is the having but for the next five or six months now this thing I'm I make yeah it's a13 yeah you're right you're not wrong that's actually that's actually really funny to think about hash rate.

Uh changes you have made not been saved yet okay oh [ __ ] no wait what Google didn't save my ah okay that's fine gpus all right all right so if I had a 0.8 over here look at that GPU is only making profit wise 18 cents yeah you're right Nemesis that's definitely more than a 4090 definitely more than a 490 uh Hawk R uh 4M live stream for s9k 120 Tash epic board swap now yeah Hawk awesome man so that's in 30 minutes okay 32 minutes what the hell yeah what the hell Hawk I need to see get Center is post for latency uh Yeti uh Yeti skip it I I don't need I don't need a strata man that's not we don't need to waste money it's okay man it's okay later later later H Hawk DJ Minds I had the finish before I can sit down Panda can hold down for 30 minutes uh I don't know if I can hold down for another 30 minutes but sure Ron Watkins well if BTC is 30k and you get 3.21 125 then you would get approximately 95k per block however if the earnings $1 per day then it should take approximately 52,000 days to get 100% block Ron Watkins don't ruin my dream okay you don't put logic don't put logic into this okay I I just I'm going to do it I'm going to solo mine Bitcoin and we're going to get a block I I'm I am determined I I am determined I will run it to the ground for the end of time I you know what I will have this running non-stop if if I can get okay wait let's go to alter Tech I'm I'm Cur can someone look for the board if there is a uh Al alter Tech do.com al.com nopee that's not alter alter alter tech.

That's the site okay let's go let's go here Ron Watkins no problem only 144 years oh I I better get a block before then um okay s19 J okay they got the boards here perfect s9j s9j Pro beagle bone board no I don't want that right uh s9j s9j Pro okay no epic UMC Universal mining control board for firm and firmware for at minor s19 is this the one $158 is this the one it is is this the one I I don't know much about these I don't know much about like you know boards and stuff uh s19 yeah I have the S9 so this this could work okay here we go uh new control board Ash rate optimization uh I already know how to install it um is this the one Epic sucks am logic works better what wait so okay you're saying the okay so the existing am logic board I have in this now could I just I could just I could just change the firmware to like Luxor or brains or something right I'm just going to try it you know what I don't want to spend money you know I don't have to spend I don't I don't have to spend 150 you know 158 bucks right now uh for this one but um then I could just try the other firmwares here see if I can just bring it down like way down hard for crypto L dude you don't need to spend money I know hard for crypto I know I know I know I know I won't I won't epic has zero Dev feed the dashboard look amazing and the underclocking overclocking is is so is so easy oh is it okay you need a mini SD card now because you upgraded the firmware oh wait it yeah but it doesn't have SD card in the front it's uh or is it inside look it's it's one of these uh what's this what's this cable what what what port is that is that a USBC no that's that's not USBC that's like micro I think that's like a micro micro b that's a micro micro yeah micro b cable okay so can you up can can I update the firmware through that or no I have to open it up and the you need a OTG cable okay that I don't [Music] have uh OTG cable actually sounds familiar my ledger wallet I think had a OTG cable will that work Nemesis there's a mini SD card behind the plate cover oh okay oh what the hell you know what let me just open it well you know what let's open it [ __ ] it can I open it while while it's still open all right while while it's still mining is that a good idea this thing's pumping out Heat this thing is pumping out a lot of heat okay better all right I'm got to turn it off turn it off right now okay it's off now taking out the network cable okay all right let's see what we have inside Tech Hustler don't get electrocuted I won't I mean I could but it would be funny live and I would die you guys don't want me to die right yeah we're inside all right all right does this have SD card in here [Music] somewhere H look at that look at that look at that bus bars there's one two three hash boards and this is the control board I've never uh this is a bit M bit m what what is this H I got to stand up uh oh we got to turn this around hold on let me turn this around okay it says a uh it says bit Main controller board now is the SD card no some of them do have SD card no I've seen yeah you know what I've seen SD cards inside right but this is a am this is a am logic board maybe it's so the it's maybe it's the other one um beagle bone has SD card yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah beagle bone has wait hold on you know what I got I got boards hold on okay hold on I'm here I'm here hold [Music] on okay I got three different boards here I I'm not I'm not an expert in this okay I I I I have to express okay so okay what is this I want you guys to tell me it says BB I'm assuming this is the Beagle born beagle beagle born beagle bone uh this has a SD card slot in the back here okay um nothing at the bottom okay so this one has SD card now we go along all right this one is the this one is the xylin chip so this one is the xylin board this this is the zyink one right and I actually have an alter I think this is an alter SD card right here yeah this is Alter alter Tech SD card so so could I put this can I put this into into the s19 can I put this zling board could I just Swap this into there would that work would that work but then would it know what the firmware or what the model of this would be would that work okay okay so I could put this I can put this in there okay well what about this one this one has SC slot oh this is another oh this is another uh zyink this another zyink one yeah yeah yeah this is another zyink one I don't know why I have two I don't remember um I think this is for my XP my XP and S9 XP but I took it out um hard for crypto yes use that on your s19 okay okay that say you should be able to use it as long as it's for s19 I don't know these boards are from the s9j series I think this one's from s19 XP this one's from my s19 J so I don't know if the J or XP matters cuz X XP and J are newer than the s19 I'm assuming right giveaway Andrew massage I'm not giving these away God damn it I need these uh oh what time what time is it when's Hawk streaming okay in 20 minutes okay do we do we do we have 20 minutes to change out the board do I have enough time doesn't take that long does it um um okay let's do it let's do it then watch me break this thing um let clip not coming out come on stuck ah there we go all right this one has the four uh the four fans so doesn't it matter yeah okay these two were that one okay these two for the right okay okay and then there's a six pin six pin six pin power okay okay all right Kaiser don't drop that on your foot you will I will lose money on your feet Pi terrible terrible okay changing out the board I got to unscrew I got I got to unscrew this right it's been a while since I've done this it's been a like it's been a while I don't remember my I have short turn memory taking this out here right all right all right this comes out all right I just slide it out right yeah sliding out done there's a piece of Branch here okay now um now I just I'm just going to put a I'm just going to put a I'm just going to put this in uh without the SD card easy peasy yeah that was that was that was fairly that was that was pretty easy okay zyink control board going in okay I'm going to oh wait oh wait if I were to do okay this metal part is not big enough for the SD slot so if I were to try to do an SD SD SD card I would have to take this front off in order to put it in oh man okay I screwed it back in uh there Nemesis La face plate has no spot for the SD card you will have to run without the plate yeah right oh okay yeah I I'm fine with that actually I'll take that if we need to do the SD card thing then I'll take it out yeah I'm I'm okay with that I'm okay with that unless I unless I can like somehow cut I can cut the face plate [Music] I can cut the fa I can cut the face plate the hell it's not going in there we go all fans are going in okay these two fans go here I hope this works all right um does it Ma does it matter which uh does it matter what I don't think it matters okay all right we're all in all right I'm turning it on without the cover let's go let's see some smoke please no smoke ah best stream M my crypto best stream ever oh my God this is not the I'm sure goat can 3D print a new face plate yeah that's true all right here we go I'm plugging it in there we go please no [Music] [Music] smoke okay okay you need a case extender for the fourth hash board what I'm not putting a fourth dashboard all right let's see if this got I don't think this got the same [Music] IP okay hold on yeah of course it got a different IP because it's a different it's a different rout rout okay I'm uh let's go back in all right I'm logged in it says it's an s19 J Pro Ah that's not good that that's not good right so can I just wait so what does that mean if it's an s9j Pro I got to change the firmware can I do this can I do this [Music] wrong firmware that's all okay so I can just update it I can just update it to this new one right no issue I'm doing it [Music] oh it's not taking it's not taking the firmware oh wait July 7 2021 ah so we got to do that thing we we got to we got to do that thing um uh we got uh I think I I'm I'm not sure I'm just s19 okay we have to download the other firmware because it says here transition firmware to low power mode all let me just let me download that I didn't download that okay so let's let's do the transition oh God it's Frozen no it's over here that's the other one close that okay let me get it here update okay this works okay so I need to do the transition framework because it's before me I guess all right let's see if it goes it's turning off it just turned off uh restarting that's a good sign this is fun this is fun guys I'm having fun see I like that I can I can play with an older Asic Miner and I don't have to worry about it like if it's dying or not you know in a way we do a lot of fun testing with one of these things I already got I already moved my s9j pros and XP and KS to the hosting the hosting place um so now that I have this guy I can play around um play around with uh some firmware stuff for fun okay now it's on November 2021 all right now it says s19 now that's perfect so now can I upgrade now I can upgrade to the other uh merge release this is the low power mode update yeah it let nope doesn't let me oh boy there's no low power mode here okay now it's working that's strange you guys see that I guess it just need to boot up a bit before I click the other firmware huh yeah spell the Deets on the hosting Ron Watkins just DM me I'll send you the DM of where I'm hosting it's in Canada so for those that are mining in in that are living in the USA I wonder if you need to have a business in Canada I don't I don't know that's that's something I would you guys will probably have to figure out what's the benefit of sending it to host lower electric cost yes uh Martin for me the biggest thing for me was freeing up power capacity because I have a new wave of Asic miners coming and I just I I should just get I should just get rid of my other as6 uh not get get rid like get them hosted because it just makes sense and plus I'm getting they're getting a little bit lower cost electric as well so why not right why why not and uh yeah so we'll see how it goes uh M how much uh CAD is your kilowatt per host um 10 cents around 10 cent kilowatt hour yep it worked it worked we're on the latest firmware now on the zling board let's see if there's any um I'm curious to see if there's any uh uh power saving with the zling sport is that is that a thing probably not what's the oh man what's the what's the vbtc pool what's the what's the address can someone get it for me I'm not logged in damn it I don't I'm not logged in h it's on though I can see the hash boards hell yeah stratum plus TCP SL slash RPM does does does someone have the uh does someone have the Via BTC does anyone have an account nice thanks for explaining I have three S9 has stop mining due to electrical cost ah I see John English Tech what what kind of cast Miner is this John English Tech God damn it does someone have the Strat mining pool for Vi BTC that would help a lot then I don't have to log in and docks my whole thing [Music] up um all right nobody uses VI BTC God damn it all right you know what I got to log into my phone man holy [ __ ] why is C by like 66 cents almost 7 cents dude that's nuts that is nuts Adam Jensen what is the flux book did I miss that part yes you did you're going to have to go in the beginning of the live stream I'm sorry oh I'm logged in on my phone Perfect all right I have it I have it I have it V VT BTC do via bc.

Okay in case anyone wondering probably a lot of people here are wondering why red panda why are you using vbtc well one thing is because all of my other as6 the dash the ckb um the e9s all of them are all supported on Via BTC nice hash okay I did have my Bitcoin as6 on nice hash unfortunately um I don't know if I was earning more or not it was I don't know anyway it's minuscule I I moved everything to VI BTC and I like that because I have more compatibility for oh my other as6 that's why that's why nice hash didn't have the compatibility no P check out that after the live yeah no worries man I'll show you the book right hold on hold on since you're here hold on what the flux an epic adventure by the prestigious Kaiser McCain f b all right I'm all right are we getting it's uh I don't think this is working we're getting an error normal I don't know if the hash boards are going to work or not it's at 85 Watts right now stuck at 85 Watts this board this Zing's board may not work I'm in it though which is cool huh all right all right Hawk crypto mining oh my God he's going to be streaming here in a second hold on let me let me get up his channel Hawk crypto mining what's up guys so you guys know I got this my God all right Hawk very nice okay all right I'll show this on the screen now Mr Hawk is streaming in about five minutes five minutes so we're going to head on over there I'm going to redirect him I got to make sure I do that all right so redirect I'm going to redirect all of you to Mr Haw crypto mining I think we've had oh Hawk are you kidding me Hawk are you are you kidding me right now Hawk crypto mining redirect privileges needed ask hot Crypt mining to add you to their live redirect list in community settings hawkk are you here get go to your go to settings go to go to YouTube Studio go to settings go to community and then go to redirect and do all Hawk do it now or else I can't redirect do it now man come on go fast go fast otherwise we're effed all right guys it's not mining it's it's not mining the boards are not the boards are not going up it's already 3 minutes or does it take more than 3 minutes is that 85 Watts right now I don't think this is working Bros low power we going to go low power mode it's not working Bros it's not mining check the logs good idea no test standard chain zero hash board ah bit main pick disable common failed read back data read back data power off hash board uhoh we broke it we broke something F what does that mean error power lost that power type version failed power voltage cannot meet the target [Music] what let's restart this [Music] thing hard for crypto um yeah just DM me on uh x man yeah okay um all right something's effed Bros um I don't know what it is is Hawk did you did you enable no I still can't redirect H crypto [Music] mining HW yep refresh okay refresh [Music] no yeah it worked Hawk thank you perfect all right Bros Hawk is streaming in a second here um I did Clear Cash yeah God damn it yeah Haw it's good it's good way too fast for you the miner is from endless also I end up buying a ks2 cuz why not it's low watts and low power nice man yeah I agree uh yes this is from endless mining let's go check out endless mining.com this is where if you guys are looking for anything link Down Below in the description if you want to buy any as6 from him he's got the best prices also the best packaging I've ever seen it it was really nicely packed so this is him this is Mr Augustine thank you good sir for sending me the 90 terahash model here I'm going to have some fun we're going to try to going to try to mod this thing and get it really low power and uh it's still stuck at 85 Watts I don't think it likes the silink board I don't I don't think it likes the silink board yeah see it failed see it failed again power off hash board power off hash board ah Bros this is not good this not [Music] good it's not good hasport chip status yeah everything looks good all right now I guess I'm going to go buy an s19 no don't ah all right that's it guys I'll see you on Mr Hawk crypto mining he's going to start streaming right now I'll see you guys over there um you will be automatically redirected if not you can go to this right here I have it in the live stream peace out Bros I appreciate you all thank you for the fun thank you for the book Kaiser Kaiser good sir Mr Kaiser McCain thank you kaer thank you for this thank you for the book I love it I love it thank you so much thank you Joker Miner Joker Miner if you're here thank you for the mini uh my mini PCS thank you good sir I love it 13 Watts good office computer I love it two ethernet dud this is this is beautiful beautiful all right peace out guys see you on Hawk stream I'll see you guys there see you all there peace out there is Hawk right now peace out Bros peace out and

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