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Comparison of Mining Efficiency: BZ Miner vs. LOL Miner vs. Regal Miner


Welcome, everyone! In this article, we will be comparing three popular mining software: BZ Miner, LOL Miner, and Regal Miner. Iron Fish, a cryptocurrency, has garnered attention from new miners and has prompted developers to improve mining efficiency. We will evaluate the performance of these miners and determine which one is the best for mining Iron Fish. Let’s dive in!

Testing Setup

For this comparison, we will be using the Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card. Our overclocking settings will be obtained from Hashrate.no, a reputable source for optimizing mining performance. Both BZ Miner and LOL Miner will utilize the same settings, including a 300 MHz offset, a locked core clock of 1305, and a locked memory clock of 810. These settings are based on the Ethereum overclocking method. It is worth noting that Iron Fish uses the Blake 3 algorithm, and there seems to be some variation in memory efficiency compared to the Leafeon Blake 3 algorithm.

BZ Miner Performance

We will begin by evaluating the performance of BZ Miner. After running several tests, we observed a hash rate of 9.033 gigahash with a total power consumption of 90 Watts at the wall. After subtracting the system power of 22 Watts, we calculated a gigahash-to-watt ratio of 0.132. Furthermore, BZ Miner proved to be compatible with popular mining pools like Hero Miners and Cryptex, indicating its versatility.

LOL Miner Performance

Next, let’s examine the performance of LOL Miner. Our tests revealed a higher hash rate of 9.209 gigahash. However, the power consumption was slightly higher, averaging around 93 Watts. After deductions, we obtained a gigahash-to-watt ratio of 0.129. While LOL Miner also demonstrated compatibility with Hero Miners and Cryptex, it fell slightly behind BZ Miner in terms of efficiency.

Regal Miner Performance

Lastly, we tested Regal Miner to provide a comprehensive comparison. With Regal Miner, we achieved a hash rate of 8.992 gigahash and a power consumption of around 89-90 Watts. After removing system power, the gigahash-to-watt ratio was identical to BZ Miner at 0.132. This result tied Regal Miner with BZ Miner in terms of efficiency. Fortunately, Regal Miner also worked well with Hero Miners and Cryptex.


Based on our testing, BZ Miner emerged as the most efficient miner for Iron Fish. With its optimal overclocking settings and high hash rate, it demonstrated superior performance compared to LOL Miner and Regal Miner. However, it is crucial to note that BZ Miner may encounter issues where overclock settings are lost periodically. This drawback suggests that Regal Miner could be a viable alternative. Nevertheless, it’s important to follow updates from developers to see how these issues are resolved.

In conclusion, our roundup of the top mining software for Iron Fish showcases BZ Miner as the best miner for both efficiency and hash rate. However, the mining landscape is dynamic, and improvements and changes are expected. Stay tuned for updates as the competition intensifies in the coming days. Thank you for reading, and we’ll catch you in the next article!

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  1. Hi Rabid. Thank you for your video! Please try on Rigel Miner theese settings: –lock-cclock 1335 –cclock 400 –lock-mclock 810. I've reached 0.143 Gh/W on my 3060Tis.

  2. I think there might be a problem on lolminer 1.7.4 with alephium, reported hashrate at the pool is about 35% less than the miner, i reverted to 1.7.3 and it´s all back to normal

  3. Rabid; do you have a video that covers miniZ core and memory locking? I need the commands to put in, I’m using windows. I have 3060v1 and v1, 3060ti, 2080 super, and 3080! Thanks! I think the fluctuations of core clock are affecting my hashrates!

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