Well that didn’t last long… GPU Mining Karlsen Equilibrium.

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[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good afternoon well might be evening for some of you Eastern people welcome to the live stream Bros sorry I didn't live stream this morning I massively slept in um but uh I'm I'm doing a little bit better my voice still kind my voice is still kind of out but mentally I'm I'm better I'm better but um welcome Bros welcome to the live stream so we're we're just gonna we're GNA talk about the elephant in the room which is probably a lot of you that are mining Carlson right now and it's probably it's becoming less and less profitable due to the price of it which has kind of come down it's kind of going back up again but who knows if it's going to go up much higher and the difficulty of Carlson is continuing to go much higher looks like it's kind of Dipping down a little bit but it's generally it's very high it's very high um so yeah I just want to talk about that today and whatever else that you guys want to talk about we can do that as well a lot of stuff here uh let's do a roll call here we got Stephen Cicero Steven good good uh good afternoon random Miner Shaker Z pirate Z pirate 2720 crypto domg crypto Frank finally catching a live stream hi over here crypto Frank hello good sir uh DJ mines Captain happy DJ mines how are you man DJ mines we got to we got to get into the uh Neo uh play to earn Counter Strike CS2 I hope that comes out soon um Captain happy helon Dom G uh coinage Steven sister Steven I mentioned you already Ste lynen Burger gaming with Smokey Dan Smokey Dan what's up man you better not be late as watching a video on free power but stop to check out what you are up to also did give you the time the time thing a try no I didn't not yet um hello RPM a pirate uh Co crypto mining red P mining code R what code RPM for 5% during live stream oh oh wow well then well well then does that mean can I use the coupon myself if I want to buy something can I can can can I buy something for 5% off I don't care if anyone else uses it but can I buy something can we change it to 10% coal crypto mining sure uh that's great okay well if anyone would like to buy anything on Coastal crypto mining go check it out if you are interested in anything uh how do I add the promo code here we go RPM apply 10375 is that 5% is that is that 5% I think it is all right awesome thank you aome so crypto mining all right you guys go go check it out if you like go check it out go check it out um uh I I'll put the uh I'll put the link in the live chat so you guys can go for it go for it go for it all right car crypto mine do you take CC credit card uh that's a good question that's a good question okay um everyone else welcome so Carlson mining is kind of no longer really showing up on the profitability top profitability it depends on your electrical cost I think right now um the depending on your electric car cost it is coming down okay it is coming down um uh so 14 14 cents it seems like Carlson mining is still okay but if you had 50 cents or more uh it's it's obviously it's obviously going down so I I think it the where it was profitable before where it hit that point because the amount of difficulty there is uh the price of the coin and the electrical depending on your electrical cost there's an equilibrium there of for those miners that are mining Carlson right now and doing it dependent on the profitability numbers so it's been getting it's been getting worse and worse and we've we've I mean I think everyone that's here right now now understands that yes the hash rate will continue to rise uh the difficulty that's the difficulty will continue to rise and so there will obviously be that that equilibrium okay and what I mean by that is okay you know what let's let's do a little let's paint let's paint something here let's do something let's do something fun let's do something fun so there's there's this like triangle okay okay this is I'm going to I'm going to all right this is my triangle all right don't laugh at my triangle okay so pretend here Carlson oh that's way too big that's way too big that's still too big Carlson price okay then then uh there's um capex or I guess it's just electrical cost every every single miners um crypto miners main um expense is the biggest expense is going to be electricity okay so that's that's going to go here and then the next one of the of the triangle the last Point here is going to be the diffic uh difficult difficulty difficulty difficulty I was going to say hash rate but it it actually it's the difficulty that matters here so there's this there's this equilibrium so equilibrium here so every time you guys are going to I don't know what to mine or hash rate.

Um it's calculating all those things together the price of the coin the difficulty and the uh electrical cost cuz you obviously enter in your electrical cost here uh to get your general profit number okay so it's it's been going it's been going down now everyone knows that especially with how you know let's say ethereum mining was so amazing because the emissions during that time was what 21 bll run numbers 21 to $25 million uh what is it now emissions of Carlson is daily okay is is what what is it 637000 so this was like 900 like maybe 3 days ago 2 days ago it it it it it's it's it's changing so fast and and the amount of hash TR is coming online on Carlson it's ginormous it's it's getting worse right so it that means that profitability is continuing to get worse and worse looks like it's going down obviously h a little bit over the past like day here but hopefully for anyone that's watching this after the fact understands uh that if you're doing it for profit it's not it's really not going to last long unless trade unless Carlson decides to go up even further in price you know it's it's it's it's it's it's this is the biggest thing right here I mean but I mean really depending on your electrical cost it all it all factors in together there's an equilibrium there of of your of your profitability all right that's all I wanted to do okay let's see what you guys are talking about here um always have a rig for strictly profit mind to exchange and do you want sketchy setup but got to got to risk it for the biscuit uh yeah yeah if if you're okay with um doing you know selling on Exchange and then um uh trading it for something else yeah yeah t tons of people do that uh if you got time if you want to if you want to get into that sure um the other thing is now that people are now that a ton of people have flocked to Carlson um that that has that has um opened up a lot of uh other coins here in terms of their uh yield so here alium is a great example I think Al lithium's hash rate has gone down quite a bit yeah it's gone down from like 115 down to 84 83 80 it looks like it's jumped up here a little bit in the past day but um a lot of people good 20% jump jumped off a lithium over the past couple past week um obviously due to Carlson the Carlson profitability maybe only like this really good profitability of Carlson so far has been like a week and a half it's December 10th and this came out like on trade ogre like seven days a uh 7 days ago uh week 11 uh December 11th this came out December 4th so not even six 7even been yeah a week it's been a week it's been a good week okay and there has been a massive massive shift to mining Carlson because of the profit so that means a lot of other a lot of these other proof of work GP minable coins are going to be lower in uh difficulty thus that means the yield getting the yield is going to be much higher um now depending how you look at it I know a lot of people like mining for profit so then you're just going to buy the coin cuz you will ultimately get more that way yes yeah I mean you're not wrong you're not wrong um but there's value of there is value in which mining the coin um you know virgin coins um especially if uh whether or not you care because of about you know non kyc exchanges or not um that's your own prerogative but you know having the OG uh having the the Virgin coin itself mining it itself is also you know there's there there is there is value in that as well um and in terms of it in my opinion uh it depends how you do your taxes is this is not tax advice um but initial cost basis of when you mine a certain coin it's it's it's that's the cost basis right there when it hits your wallet um and if you are going to be importing or doing taxes with you know exporting your exchange wallets exchange um all the coins that you've traded it's just going to be a nightmare um that's why that's for me that's one thing I like to do mining instead of just mining what's most profitable in a sense but if you're trading it within that same day um I mean the cost basis is I think is is the same thing anyway um maybe there might be different variants depending if the price changes within that hour or within that day depending on when whenever you you you traded it but honestly I don't think they're going to care that much it's really the exact same so uh your cost basis could be the same if you traded it in uh that day um so whatever strategy you guys think is good it depends on your situation um it's uh yeah so look DX I'm C Did DX hash rate drop off let's see holy crap oh wow okay yeah DX hash rate has jumped off uh yeah 1,000 Mega one gigahash down to 5 514 megahash wow that's like pretty much 50% drop here oh no that's 100% that's 100% drop in hash rate wow that's uh that's pretty big um what other so the yield on mining DX would be would be probably amazing right now um let's see a a typical 3070 um mining let's see DX you get almost dude you get almost point8 of a DX on a single 3070 a day wow that's that's that's that's incredible I mean I remember my 30 a single 370 was getting like point .12 at most 02 of a DX of a of a coin I mean so I mean dude this is I mean yeah it depends it depends what you want to do um what your strategy is so um so yeah um a lot of great things or a lot of good things have come up here over over the past what couple months I'd say uh with GPU mining um I think you guys have seen a lot of coins uh over even over the past 90 days have really blown up um Hive mapper holy crap Hive mapper man then I did a 24-hour Drive uh like a whole uh uh there and back 24-hour drive and I didn't have my hive mapper I like thought about it this was like a month ago if I had my hive mapper on for that whole trip oh my God I probably would have made like $1,000 or something damn it damn it but anyways not regretting um chor AI past 90 like I don't even have to I don't even have to like if you just look at the past 90 days look how much in P like in three in uh hundreds of percent all right that this is hundred hundreds of percent a lot of these coins of GMA is this better obviously better than a like like a 2% 5% um savings account like like in like if you invested your money in the bare market like GPU mining over the past year after the ethereum merge like if you're just Mining and hodling a lot of these coins oh man you you've done you've done really well I mean here I here I got you know what I've been mining a lithium pretty much over the past past year and a half I don't have a big bag I I'll just I'll just show you I don't care I don't really have that big of a bag but I've mind about I've M about 4,000 almost 4,19 a lithium all right right now that's worth about 3,300 bucks okay so that's that's a pretty good that's a pretty good little jump here um am I going to sell it right now no no this one I am hodling for long uh long long term so um but I got many bags of other coins um as well I got a little bit of chor I got narai as well uh what what else have I mined over the past year Varys coin as well Caspa I mean of course you all know um cortex I have not cortex I have not mined um Nexa yes I just got a bag of that recently um you guys probably saw that video Iron fish I got a little bit of a bag of that not much um I just saw a sea coin I got I got over half a million sea coin how much is that worth right now uh I've been mining this for the past like 2 years on those HS lights oh that's worth almost four grand damn that's not bad that's not bad that's not bad okay oh I'm holding that I'm oh I'm definitely holding that half a million times 4 cents what if what if what if c a coin went to 4 cents how much would that be worth half a million time 04 that would be 20 grand if see a coin in the bll Ren could go to 4 cents at least oh that would be a nice that that would be a nice run that would be a nice run oh something went wrong okay there we go all right um but yeah yeah um GPU mining has been amazing I mean if I could curate all the negative comments regarding GPU mining especially after the merge especially for those that like wanted to get out and like you know didn't didn't understand the long-term vision of of crypto mining I mean yeah I I mean this this this happened in 2018 2020 and also 2016 uh 2015 2016 and then uh yeah you know the same thing happens it it happens all over again and uh it it played out but obviously we don't have ethereum anymore we have all of these other prominent other GPU minable coins that have done amazing literally amazing and we're not even in the bowl run yet just wait till wait till all these other coins start going up exponentially four times 10x then then you're going to see like people with 14 Cent Kil hour people are going to be making dollars a dollars a day on their gpus it's people that are still holding on to their Hardware right now you guys are winning you guys are like I've held on I didn't sell a single GPU over the past year and a half I've kept all my Hardware granted I don't have it all on right now I'm I'm sick I'm trying to I'm actually trying to get that all right all right all I got to be honest I'm you guys know me I'm like I got so many projects going on like literally downstairs in my basement right now I have I have like 20 boxes I have to open okay I've been sent I've been sent I'm I'm not complaining I'm just I'm just telling you guys here I'm like I'm I'm a oneman show I have a crap ton of projects and like videos to do like it it's I have I have a lot I have a lot going on over the next month here and it doesn't help that I'm sick and I can't record any videos because my voice is like kind of effed and so um and like I want to I need to run more 30 amp circuits I need to get more gpus up I need to get my octom miners up man I got gpus all over the place I I'm not trying to boast or anything but like I think I've gotten to the point where I've been such a big hoarder I've been I've been hoarding so much stuff and I got I got stuff in which I I I I got a I got obligations in which I have to I have to do those soon so um if you guys don't see GPU videos over the next week then that's probably why uh I got sent the Doge 3 I got a ks3 m I got to take out the box I got some other uh A6 coming I got A6 the s19 K I got oh man I got I got I got oh I got a ton of stuff to give away oh I I got a ton of stuff to give away I'm giving away um s19 uh yeah an Asic I'm going to give away an ASC I forgot which one it is I'm going to get I'm going to give away an ASC and uh some other one that I'm I'm uh I'm uh Affiliated partner with so stay stay tuned over the next week we got giveaways upon giveaways I'm giving away a crap ton of stuff a ton of miners we're we're doing it we're doing it Christmas time is coming I'm going to give away like a GPU every single like Christmas Christmas day all the way till New Year's just like we did last just like we did last year just like we did last year um so that's coming up that's coming up uh hopefully in the next I got so much work to do I'm not complaining I just I have a lot I have a lot of stuff to do um okay let me read some uh let me read some um Let me let me read some comments uh for you guys here uh okay so holy crap we have almost 300 people here 57 likes smash the like Bros happy Sunday to all of you sorry my voice is still effed but uh we are we're back we're back um Krypto KJ I won't hold my breath that anyone in the UK will [Laughter] win H uh okay um this is a late video Bloom Mo mining what's up man what's up man how did you manage to get the electrical company to run so much kilowatt power to you um Yanni Ivanov I only have a 400 amp service uh where I am that's typical it's it's nothing it's nothing it's nothing crazy I mean it is I mean most people have 200 or 100 amp but um 400 or 600 amp isn't out of the equation for for some people where I live um okay DJ mind zero chance I'm leaving a ks3 m offline f everything listen listen listen okay I'm I'm going to get to it tomorrow okay tomorrow um f everything in life Max voltage if anyone is looking for a 4090 Best Buy has them reloaded on their site for pickup on Saturday I just ordered one nice Max how much $15.99 14.99 how much how much and yes uh Kaiser I just saw you right you said Transformer yes I okay I had my I had a Transformer blow outside my house outside on the power lines uh two days ago um but the Electrical Company came and fixed it within like 4 hours which I was like that was amazing uh they replac they put up a new bigger bigger Transformer all right I'm like they're like hey you use a lot of power I'm like yeah I do I'm like all right well put in a bigger transformer for you I'm like oh thank you thank you thank you H we should be good now we should be good now we should be good I can go all the way up to 400 amps just kidding I'm not going to mine 400 amps uh worth of power that would be that would be that would be that would be freaking nuts uh oh yeah so update on that okay I'm I I'm actually using almost 160 amps so uh if I can keep that up over the next 6 months I can then apply for the 7 Cent uh 7 Cent USD uh Power and man if I get that oh my god oh all hands on deck everything turns on I'm doing giveaways every day money flying everywhere it'll be great it'll be great if I can get 7 Cent per Kil hour ah that ah golden it'll be golden uh techman Shameless meterbox plug Red Panda versus Vos coin the meterbox dcom yes the meterbox has a giveaway happening right now Max voltage I'm putting in a bigger transformer for you translated I don't want to come back out here to fix this again yeah exactly Max exactly exactly so true man so true so true okay guys um uh yeah we're just in the point of the stream of uh questions and uh you guys can answer ask anything um I call my electrical company and they wouldn't do anything to work uh for me for the power over here I'm in New York 27 cents electric dude that's a lot that's a lot enough power to start your own Vegas no I guess guess this won't be addressed it's really a shame I guess enlux mining what happened enlux mining what did you say can someone assist me in getting my question answered uh what influx mining what did you what did you ask ye Yeti previously reported on Kos might have been beened key logger did something change if not we should address my previous question where is this Sor what was your previous question what was your previous qu I don't nlx mining what did you what did you ask before that RPM would you be so kind to address my earlier question okay I can't uh I'm scrolling up bro I'm scrolling up I'm doing it for you and F would love a comment from RPM on my question it has if it has embeded key logging then it hurts crypto at Large uh enlux mining uh we don't know I I don't know if it has a key logger or not I don't how that we don't know but Yeti is the one who did the audit on it um but he's not sure if it's a if it's a uh false positive or not so what does that mean inlux money if you watch my video If you literally watch my video I we literally talked about it if you have a VM okay if you have a virtual machine totally separated different network different subnet RFC RFC 1918 firewalls firewall rule the block inner vling connections between each other or you have at least a different device like a laptop totally just by itself with nothing else on it then you're going to be installing the wallet at your own risk I installed it myself on a virtual machine all right nflux Mining and nothing has happened yet so but granted I have it totally separated so I I don't know I I I don't know what to say I I don't I don't know what to say to your question I don't know what your question really entails uh other than the answer is you have to safeguard yourself uh when it comes to installing um new wallets I mean it's it's that's that's a given and I I mentioned that in the video two or three days ago nlex mining did that answer your question nlx mining I I need confirmation from you I guess this won't be addressed it's really a shame well I just answered it influx mining it does that and and flex mining if you don't answer in like 10 seconds you are sorry I was asking if it had been dis disproven if it's possible that it has key logging shouldn't we discourage mining it until we have proof I.E call out the company uh nflux mining I I I'm not a coder I'm not a developer I I don't have tools to do that I look you look on their Discord there's like thousands of other smarter people than you and I that are mining that coin right now um granted they're probably mining it to their The Exchange so it doesn't even matter they're not even using the core wallet anyway um but in the Discord if you go in their Discord you you search up hell you search up I don't know uh key logger Howell let's see here let's let's the fact that he brought up the key logger fud without looking into it while also making expectation that Dev show up the same day he's over his okay would be pretty Advanced key logger to log my keys for my tofa devices let's see I don't know my guy expertise I don't know about the key logger fud uh info on the supposed key loggers screen readers HDD destroyers and such Yeti bought uploaded all the virus total get some Windows Defender style General crypto flagging back that's all there is to it this is already weeks old weeks are so old a lifetime at killer speed okay I don't know who this uh I don't know who this a a ugr duel is um uh so look read all this man I I honestly I I I haven't heard anyone getting I haven't heard anyone yet being compromised um from this so I I I don't know I don't know man I I don't I this is something where it's beyond my control this is obviously Way Beyond My Control um uh but we have the disclaimers there I mean try to you know you got to be safe don't install a wallet a crypto wallet that's on your main driver the computer you use every single day the computer you use for banking um do not install those types of Wallets on your the same computer you you do your dayto day that is the the worst idea ever um don't click on any links in emails especially if you don't know where it's coming from uh don't click on links on your phone um you know learn network security a little bit learn about making a virtual machine uh learn about making a hypervisor at home if you have any spare computer install uh look up like unraid look up proxmox proxmox is free VMware bxi uh is also free I believe oh no I might be yeah might have to buy now um what else hyperv Windows 10 Pro Windows Enterprise uh hypervisor hyperv is free free uh you got to have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise not home edition um that's so it's not technically free but free within the operating system uh to to do that um what other there's a whole bunch of different um hypervisors you can install out there um so ah pelish Miner did you set up your Etc po node yet pelish Miner yes yes I did yes I I I you know what I'll show it I'll show it right now hold on and I I did a claim I did a claim yesterday I did a claim uh BC can you do a video on detailing the steps you take to create a VM for wallet isolation not asking for actual commands but the steps so I can adapt those steps in my environment okay should we do it here we might you know okay uh we might okay there's okay multiple ways multiple ways to okay uh you want to you want to totally separate you okay all right for anyone that's at home right now okay so everyone has their typical I am not okay this is not networking advice I am not a network admin Master okay I'm not a expertise at all this this is just uh base knowledge Okay so so say you have your say you have your ISP router okay whatever it is Comcast AT&T whatever the hell oh my God oh my go oh my God my voice okay I'm sorry okay so you have your ISP router okay why is it so big let's make it smaller let's make it much smaller there we go okay okay and then um where's a cloud is there a cloud on here let's just do a heart okay that's the cloud that's your that's your internet Okay Internet uh internet IP okay right here okay goes into your router okay your main home router okay then from here you probably have okay just typical home setup okay typical home setup here's your here's your uh office PC okay and okay and and I'm doing I'm doing this real time here okay so okay then and then let's say you have uh let say also your ISP router also has Wi-Fi built in it most likely does it most likely does so a lot of people have that so that means um the IP addressing the subnet for this one's probably going to be 192 1680 uh 1.0 sl24 so that gives you 255 IPS so that's a single this is a single subnet and DHCP it's automatically addressing the IPS to the different devices okay so you say you have your you have another you have you got another PC here okay um uh let's just put wife's PC if you have a wife I'm sorry for anyone that's not married uh there you go so there you're going to get an IP within this subnet and that's going to be on the same network okay same network 192168 let's say the 1 dot like 50 56 okay again DHCP okay let's make this smaller um uh for 13 can I make this small there you go okay there you go all right and then this all your office PC is going2 168 uh 1.

103 102 whatever okay this is all communicable within this subnet okay so if there's some trojen some hacker on your PC is going to crawl your network it's going to see every within here okay I forgot to have like you know like your your Wi-Fi devices just you know let's just let's just do you know random you know let's say your iPhone kids tablet you know um you know maybe you have uh uh TV that's Wi-Fi um uh Alexa God forbid I hope anyone nobody has these things um what else uh uh wi-fi printer okay all the little circles are Wi-Fi devices and you know they're all going to get they're all going to get the um the same IP address here okay they're going to get 192168 1.45 for your printer right your Alexa your Alexa is going to have 192168 1 do uh 165 or some random with within that subnet okay um 2 168 1 do 78 okay I'm just I'm just doing examples here your phone's going to get a 192 168 1 do 180 198 I'm just doing random dhtp whatever uh 1 1921 168 1 do 123 okay so there your kids tablet okay so this is all hopefully this makes sense so this is this is all in one network okay all all in one um Network now let's say you want to have you want to separate your um your VMS or you want to separate you want to have a computer let's say you had a spare computer by itself and you don't want it to you don't want it to communicate to any of these devices here you don't you don't want it to communicate with your PC your wife PC that your dayto day like you don't want to in you definitely do not want to install Wallets on the same PC you do dayto day okay that just opens you up potentially to be compromised you you don't you just you just don't want that okay you don't want that so Jon how does memorize all these IPS anyways okay um okay so let me bring up something um let me bring up um I just I okay this might be an easy solution for some people okay hold on um you don't have to do any programming you don't have to do um anything too crazy hold on let me just let me just bring it up uh Edge router okay you just need a cheap little like ah okay here it is okay all right okay um okay so what we're going to do you want to have if you have any spare router lying around here's a very simple way you could do this right now at home okay um another router and this can be anything your like dlink uh Cisco uh linkis uh ubiquity whatever uh linkis router ASUS router um if you had a ubiquity you will most likely then getting you would be getting rid of your ISP router but that's that's another that's another that's another day um so here I just I just recommended I just recommended one of these um uh to DJ mindes okay so for any I was going to I was um I would love to do a video of actually showcasing of how how to do a Virtual Router you you can do you you can set up a Virtual Router um in hyperv okay like PF sense you can you can you can make another virtual machine and Route another virtual machine through that router okay a Virtual Router okay but what I'm explaining here is a totally separated physical router okay this is a physical router that that you know does DHCP and IP addressing and it pushes out IPS this this will essentially be segregating it away from all of your other network over okay so here I'm not done yet we're not we're not finished we're not finished so this going to this subnet you're going to make it totally different you're going to make it like a a cclass let's just do 10.1.0 do1 sl24 okay this is uh sorry that's zero uh sl24 that's the subnet okay that's a subnet the router is going to be 10.

10.0.1 okay uh Gateway so that's the Gateway okay uh the the uh G Gateway a subnet will be 2555 255 the most typical subnet addressing is sl24 okay um if you want less IPS then you start going up okay sl25 this will give you about 128 IPS you want to keep going less 64 32 16 84 and you know what I actually set up a VLAN myself a DHCP myself that's actually a slash3 so this will only give you four IPS and you know what that's actually good good because if you only had a single computer or a couple single computer or two um then there's no there won't be any other uh in case someone hacks in and starts making another machine with an IP uh to access out you know what I mean so having less IPS in that subnet is also a way to secure yourself as well okay so um you could do that you could do that so [Music] um another thing I'm I'm there's so many there's so many things I'm I'm missing out okay you can also if you want to totally separate this this network here I'm not done yet I'm not done yet hold on let me just draw okay so let me draw here so you're going to have your VM machine here okay you're going to have another pc pc SL hypervisor for crypto wallets okay okay this one will be and then the IP of this which you should you should give it a static will be 10.1.0 do five okay and okay that's that's that's the IP of the host okay uh host okay of this computer uh when you start making um a wallet okay let's just uh a VM sorry a VM okay let's just let's just say this uh let's just say you have a couple VMS okay and the VM is going to be uh a star what the hell okay star this is a VM this is this is a VM this is another another VM okay um 10.10 do 10.1.0 do uh 10 okay okay there's there's that one we going to have another one that's 10 101.0 do11 you're going to have another VM that's 10.1.0 do12 okay so I just realized uh oops oops oops oops VM VM VM okay so another thing is this Edge router you can do VPN client so everything that passes through all the internet traffic all the internet traffic that goes from these VMS will go out from this router out through your ISP router and out straight out okay um that that is what that is like Bas this is like basic physical router Hardware separation from your your your family your home your office PC uh you you and then hook up a keyboard hook up a keyboard monitor mouse keyboard um to this machine here and you can manage it this way or or and there's another thing you can do this ubiquity router okay um this ubiquity router you can also attach a access point okay so get like a UniFi 6 light you know it's 160 bucks it's expensive uh but you can also with here okay oh here man you okay guys this is this is amazing this is the best thing right um okay so say you had okay let's let's bring another line down over here okay okay say this circle is your UniFi light okay your UniFi your or just a access point any there's tons of different access points out there okay access point and you can give it you can give this you can either keep keep the same range if you want or with the ubiquity router okay with this with this guy you can put a subnet on each on each thing okay eth one okay you're when eth zero is going to go from your ISP router ISP router to this eth zero eth one is going to be uh okay you know what you hold on hold on hold on let's make hold on hold oh crap oh crap okay uh wait uh let's see uh okay okay let's see okay this is totally separate okay so okay so this is going to be so you're going to be plugging your ISP router uh eth like eth one eth port one into e zero okay into e0 then this port uh this port here um you can either you can either do you can get another switch okay you can do many things you can do three different subnets here okay here let me explain let me explain here three different you can do three you can even you can do three subnets and you can VLAN and then firewall block interconnect between each thing okay you can block you can have uh2 168 5.0 Network here sl24 okay off this one port okay and then you can have another one um 20.

024 Network here okay and then you can do a you can do a cclass you can do a cclass here uh 10. 10.0 10.50 5.0 sl24 or network here right and then you can put your access point see you can put your access point on this last port here okay and you can put all your like mining rigs or Wi-Fi devices that are mining on this on this uh uh on this one and this is going to be you can totally separate it as well with a VLAN and also the firewall rules to block intervlan connections uh between each of these subnets you can you can do that you can block that you can block everything okay um so this subnet here will be one uh like 10 uh you know 1721 Uh crap what's this A 128 one 12 what's the RFI what's the RFC RFC 1918 of uh uh what's the RFC what's the other class B is it Class B uh I forgot private private Network um 20 block uh bclass bclass Network you can do 11610 do0 sl24 okay you can go nuts you can go ham right this this network here is for your virtual machines okay uh thank you for the donation retro mic this looks way more complicated than my 2010 lyus wrg 54g router uh see and then this this one can be your like home SL gaming uh VLAN here right or whatever the hell this is and then this one's your mining WiFi uh uh VLAN hell you this one can be another mining VLAN for your hios hios rigs right you can keep them totally segregated separated uh from from every from everything oh sorry I'm coughing like nuts I want to read your guys's comments but I have like I have like a million things to explain here so you guys understand here of totally separating your crypto wallet your crypto stuff from your main your main uh your main Network where you have your TV your office PC your wife's PC whatever you don't want you don't cuz you never know when you're installing a an unknown wallet let's say Carlson crypto GitHub wallet the core wallet you never know if that's going to be able to crawl the rest of your network and um compromise a lot of all these devices and do nefarious things and steal your existing crypto steal your banking information uh steal your your address your information everything everything literally oh my God oh my God my voice Hawk better read my comments Hawk I don't want to read your comments Max wage how do you how do you redo existing network with UPnP and port forwarding to add a new subnet for all the mining vast node devices how hard is it to retrofit existing net I know how to do that on on ubiquity ubiquity is very easy to just create a new network and then you select the ports that you want on that Network Max and then on the uh internet side the is uh the ISP side on that router on the ubiquity for instance you can select the VLAN to enable UPnP okay there is a UPnP uh per VLAN okay that you can enable that if you want it it's it's very easy it's very easy to do um oh my God my voice so so I haven't even gotten into like the firewall the firewall stuff okay like the firewall rules is one of the most important thing because if you want to block inter VLAN connections if you want to block the connections from your hios to your home gaming VLAN or to your virtual machine server VLAN you you got to you got to do all the firewall rules okay you got to block those connections in inter Vine connections and if only you just want to you just want your hios uh rigs to go out to out to the internet that's it it's not it's not like a DMZ okay DMZ you're only referring to one IP uh but you need the firewall rules uh to block the traffic Route just to go outside that's it okay that's literally it um uh per Peron thank you I'm I'm going to need a video dedicated to the hi isolation I'll teach us and give me step by step guys it's not that it got it the the the network stuff it this literally deserves its like 24-hour video it it's not you you cannot do this in 10 minutes this is not a this is this is not a thing where you can just set it up in 10 minutes guys I I'm telling you right now networking is its own monster you can get as big as you want you can get as small as you want you can separate as many ways as you want um uh there there's so many go go just go on YouTube YouTube there's tons of networking security videos uh how to isolate how to separate how to VLAN how to do all that stuff whether you want to use ubiquity uh pfSense or open sense there's a new one open sense open open sense um there's a lot of open- source free router virtualized software you can do as well CU what I mentioned earlier is that with hyperv you can create a virtual router okay so if you want if you don't want to do a physical router like this if you don't want to have a physical router um if you already have a hypervisor a physical machine that's going to be on the same network as everything else then okay then in that case you're going to need to learn how to make a virtual machine like a a p sense um pfSense is very is free pfSense is very very it's complicated but there are howtos on YouTube and how to create a virtualized router okay and then you can then make another Network in hyperv to Port all that traffic from another VM that you're going to be doing your crypto Wallets on like this okay you're all that info is going to go through the pfSense router that's virtualized in your hypervisor if that makes sense okay then that that in that case it is isolated that will then be isolated it won't then won't be able to communicate to your office PC wife's PC uh all that all that other stuff ah uh guys if I did a video if I did a single video on this it would take it would take it would be like a 5 hour video I and and you know what the the the funny thing is it it would be it would totally be dependent on everyone's Hardware too like you know not everyone will have a uh you know an extra Nick like an extra network card you're going to need to buy like a $20 $10 network card um to retrofit to a you know an older PC and then install PF cents on it or something or uh or the other way of doing a virtualized router man man there's 's A Million Ways there's a million ways you can go about this I what I showed here is like the physical way okay I didn't I didn't I didn't show the virtualized like the virtualized way virtualized router um doesn't involve any extra Hardware at all it's all using a hypervisor uh like hyperv or VMware or um uh like look like look at this I got all my ETMC nodes on an esxi host okay I'll just show you guys this I just this I I got to make sure I did a claim did I do did I do a claim yes I did a claim uh just yesterday so it worked oh well I didn't get the payout yet I didn't get the payout yet but um uh I got you know like this doing stuff like this is very powerful because you're not using another physical piece of Hardware um you're not wasting not wasting money in a sense but your you're kind of your your ability to keep your Hardware your software on a single machine like a server with lots of ram like my host here has 128 GB of RAM I got I got 40 cores I got 40 CPU cores on this Dell uh r620 thank you to the my king for the server by the way um uh it's it's it's going to be it it's there's so many ways to do this I wish I could like I wish I could make a video on it but like it would take me hours Bros it it would be an hours long video I don't know I don't know how to explain it there's so much there's so much to it and if you miss a step with networking with networking if you miss a step it breaks everything okay if you don't follow along in the video step by step there's millions of steps I don't know how to expl there's millions millions of steps just go watch go yeah go watch uh Lauren systems on YouTube yes please Lauren systems he has many pfSense videos amazing amazing pfSense videos um max volage some follow M just said how many hawks would it take length of the video can you share a link to that router uh sure sure um hold on I'll make it Affiliated so if anyone buys it I get a little Kickback for free at no cost to you um hold on I'm making it right now this is a very cheap router I honestly I if if you're going to go big if you're going to go like if you really want to go big like look into the dream machine uh Pro Se like look at the dream machine pro like look I have this one personally I person personally have uh this one okay bigger router it's got 10 it's got 10 gabit you know and it's very powerful Poe you know everything um but anyways here's a simple very cheap router that if you just want to get started learning on how to do all that stuff just you can do it you can do it with this little Edge router x uh the ubiquity Edge router X it's very it's a very powerful little router it can do vling do multiple subnets it does firewall rules it does uh VPN as well VPN client so all the traffic from let's say your hi can go through a VPN okay it's very powerful it's very powerful um so um the 6p the six p is better fully electric what is the 6p [Music] 6p 6p $220 $230 dude at this point I would probably buy the uh drein machine pro but this is nice this looks pretty nice 229 though oh that's it's a little little expensive for my taste I mean that little Edge router the the the little one it for 60 bucks I mean it pretty much it's the same software um yeah if you want to go a little bit if you want to go a little bit more uh robust more processing yeah the Ed rer 6p will do it forwarding rate much better yeah okay I that makes sense that makes sense I mean like I said this little one this little Edge router X the little tiny one um is uh is going to be for very small traffic okay you're you're not going to do anything too crazy throughout this uh throughout this small $67 router okay so um anyways I does this make sense does this make sense to anybody like granted if you installed the a virt uh a wallet on like your your virtual machine here okay on this on this side here um and it's somehow you had you know make sure you have a very complicated password on your router because most likely they'll probably be able to log into the gateway um and if in any case they're able to hack and then go out and then into the other ISP router some in some H in some fashion I don't know how there are probably some very smart hackers out there then they'll be able to get into this other network here but you're you're doing this you're doing the physical um you're doing the physical router because you're at least you're you're at least not giving them the the ability to scan or do anything nefarious on the existing Network that you have for your office PC your wife's PC uh whatever else so it's you're just trying to have less loopholes in a way and you're trying to have isolation between your crypto stuff and your your day-to-day stuff okay this is a very small example like if I showed you guys my ubiquity right now I got V I got like at least 15 different VLS right now I got one for Wii a couple for Wi-Fi um I got mining Wi-Fi I got one for my hiveos I got all my rigs for my A6 my A6 are separated um my test bench area is totally isolated it cannot communicate with anything out outside right now it cannot communicate with the other subnets with the other VLS everything is completely connection blocked um um uh pelm yes cuz I love networking had pfSense netgate router firewall until I bricked it a couple months back oh dude uh pfSense you can install on anything right pfSense uh you can do virtualized or um how uh HP refurbish desktop okay like this is a great example like you can buy one of the like this is even this even this is overpowered okay you can buy one of these guys okay HP uh Pro desktop 600 G2 90 bucks okay um look you can buy you can buy a low Prof you can buy probably two or three low profile Nicks you just need one um so at least already has an Ethernet port here so that's going to be your when okay this is your when uh when Nick from the ISP router you're going to get another uh low profile PCI Express or PCI I don't know what these I don't know what these desktops have um probably PCI Express uh network card plop it in there like get a four port hell you can get a four port net Nick okay get a four port Network c ah four port um you can get a four port network card low profile let me see if uh those exist um 4port uh low profile Mi yeah okay oh these are expensive 80 bucks 65 bucks I thought it was more like 40 bucks okay here's one B okay I would I would probably get like an Intel okay eBay is probably cheaper GTE 26 bucks for a two Port uh Intel Intel i350 chip 1 GB yeah I mean like I'm sure you can I'm sure you can find these cheaper somewhere else um these are really expensive I'm I'm sure the I'm the these are very expensive these are very expensive but anyways look on the used market for cheap network cards and then you just plop it in you plop it in something like this okay um then you'll have five network network ports okay one for the when which is coming from your ISP right and then you install you install pfSense on here okay and this essentially is your router it's not going to be using Windows it's going to be using something called pfSense pfSense is an open source uh pfSense pfSense is an open source uh router software okay free free to download um download you can down you can download it right now you can install this and install I haven't played with pfSense in like ages but I'm sure it's I'm sure it's still very uh very easy pfSense versus open sense uh OPN sense I I honestly I don't know what the difference is I I know that they're both free so I don't I don't know what the difference is between op and sense but PF sense is tried and true and and I've done this before where I've made it in on Old desktop into a router so if anyone has a free computer laying around you can do this yourself install that four port network card um and then you can do vlans segregate firewall rules isolation between the inter vlans uh between the vlans and uh you can have physical Nicks that are going into other switches or something and uh then you can put all your hios rigs into the okay hold on so this port all these ports here you could probably put um if you had your hi on this one you can put like a 24 Port uh Port un you can do unmanaged or managed um to make it easier uh just do unmanaged because it will if it it this port will already uh be untagged and it will just push forth uh this this DHCP uh to the switch so then you plug in all your hios rigs in into this VLAN and and call it a day so all right I think that's it I I I I I could I could go about I could talk about this all day I could I could talk about I could I could do networking all day there are so many different variations you could do there's so many different ways you could go about this um if I could go through every different scenario and every different different hardware setup I I I I could do it but it would take all day I I'm I'm done let's go back to crypto let's go back to crypto all right is is Carlson unprofitable yet I think Carlson's it's it's still profitable but it's going down uh the price of Carlson has gone down a bit from 25 to 14 all right so what did you guys think about that what do you guys think about what I just talked about I have several old PCS that I got from work and they switched out all the net registers I've been looking for something to do with them uh Jason roie look into turning them into PF sense routers just one you just need one um PSN say oh free BSD OS based op has no sense uh sorry I missed all I missed all yeah netgate had some three phone support uh cooking well get back into it fully electric I am not getting back into it I got burnt out so hard Kirk solar howto video coming up dude there are so many how-to videos on YouTube already I don't think I need to do one very detailed explanation well done we could go we could go even more in depth if you want we can go like if I if I could if I could make this a lot bigger and more granular I I could we need to use like uh we need to use that uh website that makes uh Network diagrams uh Vio or V Microsoft Vio oh man I haven't used Vio in Forever uh I used to do all that I used to do all those diagrams um crypto shape Civ 6 let's do it let's do Civ 6 let's do it I love these Network related streams some people do some people don't I mean people that are already getting into crypto Mining and then they're going to get into networking it's going to be like it's it's it's a trip like there's a lot there's a lot to it uh ma Massa Telecom has a good video on ubiquity and VLAN uh Stephen yeah there is plenty of ubiquity VLAN videos out there tons Network Chuck has some good Vios y dude I I don't need to do networking networking videos on a crypto mining Channel it just I don't think it makes sense I don't think it I maybe it does but I'll think about I'll think about it I I I need to think of a solution that'll be more relatable I need to think of a solution that's relatable to everybody and then like I want to do a setup where I can actually show it physically show the setup you know and like show the differences and you know separating and and and and making a a hypervisor like it's going to be a lot of work it's a lot of work um any good guide on Old HP switches um you you're going to want to use putty and you need a Serial cable or a uh ethernet to seral or USB seral adapter then you can use putty and SSH into the into the switch and manage it that way or just web goey you can use the web goey of the of the [Music] switch ah I'm I'm already getting burnt out like I I when I talk about this stuff because it refers to like my my previous life like this this this is my previous life Bros I I this is a this is a small scale I used to do I used to do fiber buildings to building uh building to building stuff and uh uh you know dual router setups dual W setups uh like high availability setups like for Enterprise like I used to do this stuff in my past life and I hated it I actually hated it it was it was it was a lot of work and it was it was it was a lot of just a lot of small things and when you change something and it breaks it's just like okay with networking if you don't do it in order if you don't do it right it breaks everything if if you screw up a setting you know and you change multiple settings it it can it can it can just screw up everything and you're just you're going to get frustrated and there are many times I've been frustrated uh in the past so that's why that's why I can't do it anymore I can't do I can't do I can't do networking anything related to networking it just it just it just it just brings it's like PTSD for me like it brings back it brings back bad memories yeah it can be frustrating it can be a nightmare yeah go to bed you sound horrible uh I'm feeling better Kaiser I'm getting better can I mine Carlson with my KS zero uh Lucas no does does not does not work no doesn't does not work Roy Roy say adventur did I miss did I miss a stream on networking you did you did we went we went hardcore we went we not not really hardcore but kind of explaining like what the hell like how to separate how to separate your virtual machines your crypto wallets from your main Network okay that's it you guys have any other you guys have any other questions full electric I love networking that's the only reason why I've not left it's fun and exciting for me f Electric for it's fun for you not for everybody crypto clutch Mrs clutch says hi oh hi Mrs clutch Krypto clutch do you have all your ks3 m's on uh Fu do you have uh do you think there there are already fpgas on kosl network uh probably sebs what's up good sir sebs Hello message retracted what Seb you didn't let me finish reading your message Seb Seb bring back SS bring back your message I miss it bring it back how can I read your message I I want to read what you wrote no damn it I'm going to have to go back in stream and read that techman thank you bro feel better bro you should sub all your CP miners to the boot off Network Nas pxe or something uh techman yeah I maybe I have a crap ton of those little nvme or uh m.2 SSD drives yeah I got I got I got ton I got a ton of those okay Bros uh Lucas thanks for your answer one more do you run etcp on Virtual machines or on server PC uh yeah I run my Etc pal on uh virtual uh hold on let me log in excuse me virtual IED yes all virtualized look at that there I'm using esxi yes there I need to I'm going to be claiming these ones in like two more days oh I hope it works I will be making a video once I I get an actual payout okay uh Subs just said thanks for the master class but my message got cut off oh definitely not a master class oh man I am not I am not a master uh okay Bros I think that's it I've been streaming for over an hour thank you guys for watching thank you for the live stream is there anything else you guys want to talk about anything [Music] else ah 293 people here smash the like bro smash the like time time for some time get some more rest SMY Dan I'll try some time I will definitely all right peace out Bros that's it that was fun that was fun oh Kirk solar I have separate cable Jeff key what's up bro what's up man VMware Workstation is also nice to host to make quick VMS yes yes VMware Workstation is is free yes VMware Workstation is also [Music] good yeah I have separate cable modem and Linkus Wi-Fi router do I need to put my lyus router in bridge mode and connect the output of the edge router to internet port on the lyus uh Kirk solar man I don't understand your setup there I would probably get rid of the lyus router and then your ISP router is going to go into the edge router or if you can somehow get rid of your ISP router and just go into the like what I showed here was for like home people like not change not getting too complicated just keeping your existing setup like if you want to buy an actual big boy like you know dream machine pro rep place your ISP router do it that way then yes that's obviously the better way than you can manage the firewall rules and block inter VLAN connections uh that way um uh keeping your VM separate keeping your hios mining rig separate on a different subnet a different vland that's that's the way to go that's that's the way to go again look on YouTube there's many how-tos on how to do that kind of stuff uh like it gets so it can get as granular as you want it can get you can separate things like crazy if you want it H your mic pump EDC P so I can afford fancy time me Retro Retro mic God damn it um ISP still have routers yeah surprisingly yeah run walking B BC does it work if you have set up DMZ and put crypto stuff in DMZ with private stuff on internal um uh BC I no I think the DMZ I'm the DMZ would still be accessible I think from to the uh uh to your other network um depends on the firewall rules I believe I I haven't done DMZ forever I I wouldn't do DMZ honestly let's do port forwarding and uh or in pfSense I think it's called virtual IP VIP in pfSense you can do VIP and then uh virtual uh yeah virtual IP that way um ah penda you're you stay sick all the time yeah I'm sick all the time because of my kid and and daycare and yeah daycare is assessible of signus like 80% of the daycare is wiped out um you need a license for each node yes yes you do why are you running so many Etc nodes because clutch I I like money don't you like money fully electric DMZ offers no protection yeah exactly right DMZ is is not is not a is I wouldn't do dmcs uh DMZ ports are separate from your network and can't see across either way depends on the depends on the router and the software uh some DMZ are will automatically make the rule where you can't communicate to it and then there's going to be some Enterprise routers where um you need to manually make those rules so there's so many different ways there's so many different I I wouldn't do I wouldn't do DMZ M electron I got 15 nodes how many are you mad electron how do you m electron did you buy 15 ETMC nodes oh my God I only have six running I'm about to buy three more once I get a payout I'm doing I'm going to buy I'm going to do three more once I get uh I did a claim already yesterday on three of the nodes man electron yes I paid for all the nodes oh my God met electron such a monster man Med electron such a baller how come you're so rich how come you're so rich man give me give me one give me give me some um fomo is real I'm rich from listening to you I don't think so no man electron no you you it's all you it's it's all you I I didn't do anything okay okay that's it I don't know what else to talk about Luke plle brother bro what's up Luke what's up bro okay I think that's it D miners what's up bro D miners what's up man cause he watches terrible terrible okay that's it for the live stream I'll see you all the next one uh tomorrow we're going to live stream tomorrow H I don't I don't think I can get a video out tomorrow I don't have the I don't have the energy to do it I don't I don't even know yeah it's too tired all right peace out Bros you guys have a great day peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out thank you for the stream thank you so much thank you guys PB com geek good to see you Luke you are banned no air drops all right peace out peace out Bros have a great day rest of your day rest of your [Music] [Applause] night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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