Will my 3x 3090 Vast.ai mining rig work?

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foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] hey guys RPM here I'll be doing a while having a really great day this video this is gonna be a video made before I actually do a live stream which you guys will probably see this live stream beforehand the reason why I'm recording this as a video is because I kind of want to explain further in depth what I'm trying to do with this mining rig here well it's not supposed to be mining it's actually supposed to be made for like vas.ai or potentially flex's new proof of use of work or whatever other type of compute method or AI rendering that I could utilize this rig for okay so I just want to explain all the parts I have here I'll probably already explain that in the live stream but in case anyone that didn't watch that live stream beforehand I'm making this video for you and I don't even know if this is actually going to work for the use case that I want to use it for which is for mainly vas.ai at the moment but if something else comes up in the future then I hopefully will be ready so for my PO UW or vas.ai compute rig whatever I have gotten a mining frame that I used for a mining rig initially okay this is just a you know typical 12 GPU mining rig frame a lot of people use them as six GPU mining frames like myself because the spacing on them are pretty are pretty close together so in the past you know with my 3080s or 30 90s or like even 30 70s I only did spacing like three at the top and then three on the second level and of course the motherboard and all that stuff power supply was at the bottom row here anyways I got an inspiration from multitudes of people whom I've talked to with over the past couple months and so with the anticipation of proof of use for work or some type of AI rendering compute what have you for utilizing gpus as a crypto Miner we potentially may need to shift in some sort of way or maybe diversify so why not in a way in which I already have you know a bunch of these mining frames and maybe you guys do too and somehow retro fit gpus you know like 30 90s or 3080s on a mining frame like this and so I just want to explain all my parts here okay so this is going to be different from you know a typical mining rig frame like this or actually I have a great example here which is you know a mining rig frame like this with utilizing risers and you know putting gpus like so imagine maybe a whole bunch more but one of the big differences from going from this to the new raygun building is going to be the risers and also the motherboard CPU pcie Lanes Ram you also you're going to need some fast hard drive storage you know that's that's all going to matter on this new AI rig that I want to build so completely different parts we're not using risers like this but I am going to utilize something like this this is a pcie ribbon extender cable these are notably made for like ATX cases or you know computers that you know want to extend the gpus into a different area of the case and another benefit is that all x16 pcie lanes are being transferred through this ribbon cable unlike a typical mining Riser which is X1 bandwidth okay which I think is about what 250 megabytes and then on a x-16 bandwidth it's like much more I'll put on the screen here obviously so with compute and AI rendering type of workload it's going to utilize a lot more bandwidth and so that's why these types of ribbon cables are going to be used now disclaimer I don't know if I am going to have issues you know because I'm using much longer I think these are like one foot like 30 centimeter long ribbon cables that I may have some degration or maybe I don't know some power issues or maybe since I'm also going to be utilizing 30 90s okay I have three RTX 3090s which I think the TDP of these are I think almost about 400 and 450 Watts or so I am afraid and I have heard some stories that these ribbon cables depending on what model depending how the quality of these are and also I've heard of like powered pcie risers for x16 like pcie ribbon cables like this uh maybe more beneficial rather than these ribbon cables so that is something I am going to be testing out essentially and so if I burn my whole setup here motherboard I guess we'll find out because p7e slot specification on the motherboard I believe is 75 Watts so if there is issue of the power distribution to these uh 3090s and through these ribbon cables I guess we'll find out now some of you guys may be wondering red panda what motherboard are you using well I didn't buy anything I've actually already had this threadripper AMD threadripper I believe I'm using a 1920x or 1900x CPU so it's got a good amount of threads and uh you know cores and all that kind of stuff good enough for vast.a actually I'm not even sure if it's good enough for vast.ai that's what I am wanting to try try out but I do have 32 gigs of RAM I am able to expand it a lot more I have eight slots on here so if I need to buy more dvr4 RAM I will do that down the road but I'm just utilizing things that I already have on hand such as you know the mining frame the motherboard the ram the CPU all that stuff the only thing I really had to spend on this really because I was able to move over as well a power supply okay I'm using a 1500 watt server PSU with a zsx amp Edition breakout board okay this is the power of the motherboard uh this part here and also I have some veteran Miner pcie cables okay thick gauge 16 gauge pcie cable six pin to eight pin to power the three 30 90.

So I'm gonna need nine in total I know right now it looks like I only have six but I have uh three more over here so I'm going to be using nine for the top end of the 3090s okay 30 90s require three eight pins per 30 90. okay just like so so those veteran minor cables will hopefully do well uh in powering the gpus no problem but again the worry is going to be is if these ribbon cables are going to be safe enough to power those 3090s especially if it's going to be doing some type of full uh you know there's no overclocking or undervolting invest.ai or run pod or any of those types of services the gpus are running full bore power okay so that's something we're going to be testing out and as well hopefully Benchmark invest.ai or maybe flex's new proof of use of work benchmarking software if there's going to be some type of performance degration utilizing these ribbon cables especially the distance of them all right so that's something to consider so hopefully this 1500 watt hp server PSU should be sufficient enough to power three 30 90s okay if it's 1500 watts and each GPU is taking about 350 to 400 watts that should be technically enough motherboard should take another 100 Watts 100 200 150 watts or so so we should still be under the 1500 watt rule there maybe the 80 rule I'll test that out I guess you guys will see the live stream I may put Hive OS on it and then just see how much you know full board without undervolting it uh see how much power consumption it'll it'll take and just see if it'll handle it or not so yeah I just wanted to yeah explain this whole setup here guys I would like to know I just I just want to make this separate video just to gather some maybe opinions from you all for those that maybe have already started on making you know getting ribbon cables and uh you already had maybe your crypto Miner you already had i7s yeah you know ryzen nines threadrippers Xeon servers whatever and you're trying to expand utilizing these types of ribbon cables and not you know pcie risers like we typically do going into USB X1 on a typical motherboard in this case we're going X 16.

So yeah just yeah look at that okay so this is how it goes into a full x16 slot and actually this motherboard that I have it's an x399 chipset I forgot to mention and since this has three x-16 pcie slots I'm able to get the full x16 it's not just x16 on the one and then X8 X8 it's actually x16 x16 x16 when I utilize three gpus on this okay so this motherboard chipset is able to handle to be able to handle uh to do three uh way x16 so hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of uh the pcie lanes going for this and as well as the distance and hopefully it won't be an issue I guess we'll we'll test that out I don't know if this is a good brand of ribbon cable or not that's what we are going to figure out I just ordered this off Amazon easy DIY Fab here's the product number here made in China yeah oh okay it's at gmail.com for an email all right I don't have much confidence uh in this anymore maybe I've made a mistake I actually heard someone in the live chat saying they ordered some c-pane x16 adapters that have the pcie power on the Riser but you get full x16 bandwidth as well but obviously the price of those they're quite steep right compared to these ribbon cables but uh yeah these room because I order them for like what 20 bucks USD or so so I guess we will try that out uh once I do the live stream okay guys that's that's all I wanted to do let me know your thoughts I guess uh yeah I'm gonna be uh doing the live stream the next day obviously you guys will see this video later on but I just wanted to do a separate video in case some of you guys did not see the live stream and let me know your opinions and I guess we'll see if it worked out or not once I get vas.ai on here and uh see if someone rents it out and see if I can earn some money utilizing three baller Asus strix 3090s okay I already had these gpus on hand because of mining right so basically everything that I showed you guys I already had uh on hand like the 3090s the mining frame uh the veteran minor cables I mean these technically have to pay for if you're going to be using like a mining frame like this or there's a bunch of other mining frames out there you could probably utilize and manipulate in some way to make a you know proof of use of work AI compute rig like this or something again disclaimer as you guys are watching this I don't know if this is gonna work but this is what I am attempting and I have been uh just wanting to try for a while now so we'll we'll see uh if this works okay I'll see you on the next video let me know your thoughts have a good one peace out [Music] [Music] oh I just realized if I put the GPU on this way that I have nowhere to bolt it onto the frame oh I'm gonna have to swap these rails and the fans over hmm I guess I'll figure that out in the live stream

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