Windows 95 Laptops in for Repair ?

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you said you think they Windows 98 or 95 I think it was 95 or 98 or something like that I remember them and then you said you don't think they have hard drives I took I remember taking the hard drives out yeah I was going to uh upgrade them and U I remember taking them out I think they went here I'm not sure it's been about a couple years and this D here yeah this one goes right there I'm going just pop this cover off real quick and you have the Chargers for them too yeah both Chargers in here for this one I believe okay so this one has it has a hard drive in it has a hard drive in it yeah has a IDE Drive old old hard drive old old you huh yeah you don't make them no more um I don't even know if they do make them they make conversions uh to where you can run a newer Drive I've seen some on the internet where you can actually plug up something to your um to your or what is this port right here UBS USB yeah yeah have like or what is what do you call that or internal or external hard drive and they pull up Windows and everything you go you going win a computer like that now yep you can um dep so depending but uh let's see since this one's got a drive in it let's see if it'll if it'll do anything it won't turn on or do nothing I think it came on I think I don't know the cold pass right up or something I don't remember something it might need to reflash right yeah that might be it and this one looks like it's got Windows this one's got Vista this one's a little newer than I thought okay so maybe that's the older one let's see that one's Windows 7 that one's a little old this was this one a little bit newer so they're not yeah definitely not as old as I had originally thought cuz you said 98 95 I was like woo those got some miles on and then we can kind of see what kind of options you got cuz there's no need in putting a bunch of money into something um nowadays cuz you know computers have gotten so reasonable right um but now if you can spend a little bit and you can bring it back to life I understand that too right so always nice to know your options you know hey but you do have refurbished comps right yeah I I do right now I don't uh I have one laptop but mostly desktops at the moment so one right there and I have two right there okay okay and it's got this one's okay so this one's definitely newer so that got a hard drive yeah this one's got a 250 gig SATA uh hopefully this is the one we could save or Flash or um bring this one back to life because this one lot new newer um than that one a lot this is Wireless right uh yeah this one's got Wireless and but it didn't have Vista right this one had Vista that's Vista this is seven okay seven is good yeah we can put 10 on it as long as the hardware will allow it right 10 10 runs a little bit better than my I like 10 better I like seven but it is older okay so um so they have hard drives in them yeah they have hard drives in them if you want to this one I took out of it when I don't know this one's got the ram this one's got the wireless car that's what those are right there this one has the hard drive if you wanted to I can boot it all up and see if this drive is good yeah um you can step up to what's called a solid state drive and it's just a lot faster it's a ddr2 system pennium R dual core and primary hard drive none this drive is dead that's why I wouldn't boot into it so it's got a hard drive in there but it's dead yeah yeah thank you thank you buddy appreciate you a no problem all right so as you just saw um I had a gentleman come in and well he contacted me on Facebook I put up a little like Marketplace thing just you know PC laptop repair and upgrades he was like hey I got an older laptop or a couple laptops don't know if if we can fix them I don't know what all the audio picked up or whatever but um in anyway I ended up booting up his newer laptop cuz he had a super old one and um it had like a ID drive in it and I'm just like this one's not working fixing unless you really want to but his newer one had um Windows 7 on it but I booted it up and the actual hard drive showed up as none has a dead hard drive in it and I'm like well for not too much money we can step it up to a SSD and I was like you know you want to go it had a 250 gig hard drive in it you want to go with the 250 gig SSD he's like yeah I'm going to flip it around and show you where we're at so this has like a really nice cool little pullout tray for the drives so pulled out this old Cate 250 gig putting them in a Lexar 256 gig SSD um this should be a night and day difference and he's like how how you know will it run better and I'm like with this it should run better than it ever has before it's such a big upgrade and that's one of the like really cool things that when somebody brings in a computer with a hard drive in it you know spinning rust as a lot of people like to call it and you literally don't do anything except put a SSD in them um it's it's like going from horse and buggy to automobiles it it changes the way the whole computer just acts reacts and um performs so um really really solid easy upgrade and then I really like this tray I wish you know current stuff would be like that and then literally just two screws go in there super simple and then it's only held in by a screw there and a screw there so it's like boom and that nice nice so um I'm going to get that screwed back in we'll flip it over fire it up and I'm going to attempt to put Windows 10 on this uh if that doesn't work then we will go back with Windows 7 I don't see why it shouldn't work with Windows 10 um it is a dual core it's only got I think 4 gigs of RAM so it's not going to be any Powerhouse but be better than what it was which was dead all right so so far so good Windows 10 Pro the drive shows up so we'll go ahead and wham bam we'll start the install on that I don't know how long this is going to take because this is an Intel pennium dual core and it looks like she's got some damage on her but um yeah so we'll be back soon all right so I just called the gentleman let him know his computer is good to go so it is a dual core t4500 that's a 2.3 gigahertz uh little little tiny dual core but actually it's not bad and I thought it had 4 gigs of RAM it has 2 gigs um so not a lot of ram but I asked him if he wanted to upgrade and do you know more RAM or anything like that and he's like no no no I'm I'm good I'm good I'm just going to be using this for like web surfing and stuff and I was like well then you should be fine um I was jumping on over here and I was going to look up that CPU to see how old it is it is a t4500 say Pentium t4500 go to the Intel Arc I forgot I thought this might have like the scroll up and scroll down but it does not okay so this is and 2010 so this bad boy is 13 years old honestly impressive that it can even still be usable cuz if you if you were in 2010 and tried to use a 10-year-old computer um like from the you know year 2000 it would basically be unusable let's see I'm curious to see how YouTube fares on this bad boy go ahead and close this out close that out we're working with limited vram here all right let's see here um I don't want to get copyrighted so let's not do music um new movie trailers oh SB mowing That's my boy right there cop approaches me God this video is getting ton of views shout out SB toe or SB mowing if you guys watch you know mowing oh that's music um okay we'll skip that we running it at 480 see if we can't make full screen can it handle full screen okay allass below 10 in tall through our entire property grounds they got find $900 a few months ago for that there's stuff all over this there's another one right there wow that's actually I mean this is usable especially for somebody he told me he hasn't he hasn't had a computer running in a while um and I guess this is his newest computer uh and he hasn't been able to use the intern internet and stuff and I'm like well this should fa him fairly decent that cop just walked up and I had no idea what he wanted let's go ahead and close that out it ain't no it ain't no Dagon I9 you know 10400 or or sorry 10900k or nothing like that but not everybody needs that sometimes people just need close the search bar I don't like that uh sometimes people just need need something super basic and let me actually set um per perform resource monitor device performance and health I think there's some some settings in here that may end up helping him I don't really [Music] remember maybe not I don't know if that was Windows 10 thing or not I haven't really done that in a while there used to be like you could you could turn off a lot of like the the extra display stuff that just eats up a little bit of of a system Ram but I haven't done that in so long cuz I haven't been worried about system RAM and so long I don't even don't even know where that's at or even if you can turn it off anymore but yeah uh anyway we'll see him here in a little bit so and I said that and then I just did a little searching and uh this is what I was talking about performance options so um to get to that I think I what did I search adjust performance and then you can get to this performance options let Windows choose what's best for my computer absolutely not we want best performance so it turns all these animations off Fades animations slideshows all that kind of stuff um and I'm curious let's bring up our task manager here again performance so right now we are using almost a gig 1.1 of uh of ram right here 900 I wonder if we apply this will it go down Maybe not maybe not but at least it'll be less load uh because none of this stuff will be trying to run obviously if you have any kind of modern computer um none of this stuff even matters uh so it can run it without even thinking but when you're working with a limited Ram not not great let's actually what about virtual Ram that's another thing that I haven't really messed with in a a while uh virtual Ram accessing virtual right click my computer properties Advanced I haven't I haven't done virtual Ram in so long [Music] properties uh it Advanced system settings maybe that's where it's at yeah performance that's where we were a second ago Hardware computer [Music] name environment variables we ain't messing with with that oh I was actually already in there I was in the performance options where the vram was I'm such a dummy um so paging files and area on hard disk that Windows uses as if it were Ram now on a regular hard drive it's basically useless it keeps it from like dying uh on this SSD might might work a little bit better automatically manage paging file we could set it a little bit higher here recommended it's at 1 gig minimum allowed we could do a custom size initial size let's let's give her like a maybe two two gigs technically right under let's let her let her go up if she want Heck if she wants to 10 10 gigs I don't know if that's actually going to help much or not but yeah maybe might might help out might not who knows anyway oh let's uh I got to unboxing over here let's let's pop this box open all righty got some got some hard coming in I think this is the low profile rx550 I believe could be the low profile 1030 we got a packing slip that over to the side there we go got some bubble wrap oh look at that look at that bad boy right there so it does use looks like mini HDMI or display port so um I think I have a display port to a HDMI adapter but this is a tiny little guy this is going to go in those small form factor office PCS so we're hopefully going to pop this in there add a little bit of ram to it and then see how it games just to give somebody you know like a sub $200 option I think I was trying to hit like the 150 to 120 range for those uh with 8 gigs of RAM dedicated graphics card and um pretty much ready to go but I'll be right back all right well today's video is getting cut short a little bit I just got a call and I'm going to go meet up with uh two different guys one about a desktop that won't power on and he just wants to sell it as is um it has a uh 2070 in it um and an i79700 uh F the not a k 9700f but um I was talking to him and at first he was talking about fixing it but then he's like man I just want to sell it out right um and it's actually uh part it's it's on the way home where I drive past so I was like what do you want for it he threw me out a crazy number and I'm like you know what even if if I take it and the whole system's junk and at at least the graphics card is good then I can get my money back on it but hopefully I'll be able to fix it he thinks there's something wrong with the motherboard um uh I don't know might be power supply a ain't no telling there's just no telling um he's had a couple different people look at it they've been into it taken it apart that's always a little scary but I'll take a look at that grab that uh and then picking up some other trade well not trade inss but um buying some other parts so I'm kind of trying to make these deals work whenever they pop up uh so I'm kind of leaving in the middle of getting I'm I'm putting my hangers up for my shelves and guess we'll do that another time because computer parts are more important um and my my office is an absolute wreck right now we got computer parts and stuff all over the place that'll be for tomorrow anyway guys thanks for watching I'll see you on the next one adios all right so um the system was a bust I I pulled the side panel off and it had some kind of sck sticky substance that had been spilled on it uh it looked like soda or something like that and he was like you know you don't give me anything for it and I'm like man I nah I'm just not I don't even want to mess with it um I was like sorry about that sorry I wasted your time sorry I wasted my time but it is what it is um but I was like do you have any other parts that aren't covered in whatever and he was like no no but anyway um I did end up scoring some stuff uh from another gentleman and what I'm most excited about is this right here this Corsair big boy um radiator and it already has like 1 2 3 4 5 six big old RGB fans um and it looks like it's set up like it's definitely it's not an AIO it it's definitely a radiator for like doing a custom Loop um got it for absolutely Dirt Cheap basically nothing so super stoked about that uh don't even know what it's going to be used for but just you know always always happy to add some some quality parts to the fleet but anyway guys um yeah that's pretty much it you got sometimes you got to get out there and hustle to find the deals and sometimes the deals aren't exactly deals and you just have to pass up on them and that that's okay um it is what it is uh I had a couple people reach out to me and they were like you know hey can you do some some uh some custom builds and I'm I was like yeah you know I can I'm wondering how uh computer companies like especially small computer shops normally handle that um is taking a deposit like is that acceptable I would imagine it's acceptable hold on so um I I mentioned that to the two gentlemen that had contacted me and they acted like I just called their mom a three-headed whatever and uh they were like no way that's how I don't understand that and I'm like well if it's custom build and it's this is exactly what you want with that and this and that um it's very personalized it doesn't make a lot of sense for me to Fork out all that money put it all together and then what if you don't buy it so that's kind of my reasoning behind it let me know down below if I'm totally off Bas with that um and the deposit was only like 20 25% of the total value uh just to help recoup stripping it back down and and I don't know making it uh one of them was a little off the- wall uh with what he wanted but regardless Ain ain't going to out that so anyway I want to thank you'all for watching I know this video has been all over the place and my videos kind of have been so hopefully you enjoy that because I imagine it will continue that way for a while later guys bye

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