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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day and we're going to be talking about a little bit of CPU Mining and of the x86 variant so um I thought I grabbed a ryzen 93900 x i actually grabbed a ryzen 9 5900 X um that's not a problem still a similar CPU uh 12 cores 24 threads right out of the box went ahead and threw Windows on it I know lot of people like oh my God mine on Linux mine on this mine on that but I want to be able to use this computer for a couple different things not just straight mining uh so having Windows is a big benefit to me um I have a monitor I have a keyboard a mouse I'll show you my setup here in a second let me flip the screen around all right so currently let me WIP this a little dirty all right so currently this is the setup uh old 32in TV it's 1080p it's horrible um but 5900 X is running we are making currently estimated 58 cents a day and let's look at the hash rate here that's at 10 Kash or about 10,000 hashes um this is not overclocked not undervolted not anything like that um so we could pull potentially a little bit more power out of this temperatures seem pretty decent across the board all cores are in the mid to low 60° C range um these these chips definitely have no problem putting up with that um but yeah so I mean 57 cents a day going to going to use it like this um I am I was looking at some of the comments from the last video where I was asking like you know what what coin should I mine I think I might try mining a couple different things see how they mine see what we can accumulate um a lot of people were saying put it on ver varus coin but um I already have my Varys farm right there so I don't want to necessarily put more on Varys I I want to kind of try some other things some people did say some RTM um and there were some other ones in the chat too so uh just comment down below and let me know and then we'll be that'll be on the next video I just wanted to get this one actually up and running because man it just it felt like it did not want to actually go through um I had to install Windows like three times don't know why but it just something maybe with that storage drive is not happy um but yeah so here is currently the setup I need to clean it it's a little dirty in here got the laptop screen's running off that I need to bring my desktop in here um and then this computer's right here so uh keyboard mouse I'll be able to use this for some stuff that's a RTX 2060 it's not currently mining that's why the fans aren't doing anything uh but we're going to be testing out some different stuff on that as well so just a quick little update with what we got going on um I figured figured let's do some some quick napkin math here and you know let's see here uh 58 cents a day this is before power obviously times 7 that's $4 a week uh 58 cents a daytimes 30 we're looking at $17 a month times 12 so this CPU would make about2 200 bucks a year at the moment I don't know if things will get worse or better they can change at any moment but um now if we take power into account I believe these bad boys are burning yeah they're burning about 25 cents a day so they're you know our 58 cents minus a 25 cents we're left with a 33 C profit times 30 $9 a month time 12 about almost $120 $118 a year and straight profit if we were to sell everything as we're mining it but we're probably not going to do that um let's go to coin market cap I'm currently mining on nice hash which means I'm getting paid out in Bitcoin and in my opinion $26,000 Bitcoin it feels low um obviously this is not Financial advice don't listen to me I'm I'm just a guy in a metal box now that's got wood and plastic around it um I have absolutely no kind of backing behind that other than the fact that I've seen it higher so hopefully it'll go higher but who knows it could definitely go lower and all of it could go to zero this is all this is all fake money it could all do nothing tomorrow it's unlikely but it could um so yeah I'm going to let this bad boy M some Monero until I see your guys' comments and pick a new coin I'd like to try one that I haven't done before so I have already done rap torium i' I've done varus I didn't do it on this rig I did it on my my laptop rig um and we've all obviously dun Monero so let's try to shoot for something other than those three so I'll look forward to seeing your comments down below and yeah peace out see you on the flip side

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