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all right ladies and gentlemen so a lot of people that are hating on the old cell phone cell phone mining are gonna be happy because we're going to be doing a little bit of CPU mining so I had to go down in here into the shed and find me some some of the goods I believe I believe these systems right here are 5900x systems so I'm gonna grab me grab me a 5900 X let's see here a wham bam then command so it's got an Asus Prime b550 we're running an Arctic some kind of big air cooler got Pusher and puller fan on both sides I do have an identical system over there but I figure we'll get this one up and running and all happy and hunky-dory before we do anything else I do need a storage drive hold on this one doesn't have a storage drive on it so we'll need to resolve that situation foreign on here I think I was running it on it off of a USB uh oh there we go just gotta dig through all right so wham bam thank you ma'am that is a 128 gig and that's a 3800 X we're not rocking the old 3800x but I need to find me a little screwdriver so that way oh man oh sorry sorry about all that um that way I can get that a little m.2 drive out is that one small enough here we go all right let's go to screw in my mouth let's go [Music] all right you know what we're gonna go ahead and mount it Hello Kitty Cat can you say hi to YouTube oh no oh there's a new kitty hold on I gotta show you guys this world first or YouTube first appearance um so all y'all know horsepower hey so come here so this is horsepower he's been here forever and then look we didn't think he had babies but look at that one we don't know what his name is come here buddy he's a little skittish but he's been hanging out here with horsepower horsepower is a boy we took him to the vet when we first got him years ago and they said he was fixed but then that little guy popped up and it kind of looks like him kind of kind of looks like him let's see if we can get him on the camera where you at come here where'd you go oh there he is say hi say hi to YouTube okay so he's still warming up to everybody that's fine that's completely normal but I figured I'd uh have him say hi to to everybody oh where'd my screw go there it is a little magnetic screwdriver talkative all righty there we go all right so m.2 Drive installed 120 something gig I'm probably going to sorry about the diagonal lights in here and gnarly oh there's there's a little one see it's so weird other cats have come around but he's never been like accepting of them so I don't know what that's about anyway oh I'm back um I'm thinking about throwing Windows on this just so I can do some other little things here and there um so that means we need a graphics card because a 3900x does not have um onboard display so let's go shopping for a graphics card um sapphire red devil those are pretty cool cards uh 580.

Nah it's a little old 1070 TI let's get let's get something a little newer what's this wham bam this looks like an archiex uh 2060. okay that's definitely that's plenty of horsepower and it runs off of one plug so we'll grab that we'll slap that on the board sorry about this camera work this is this is atrocious honey I apologize I'm doing it on one hand all right there it is all right so we got CPU storage we have yep we got a little bit of RAM we got a graphics card um power supply we need a power supply here we go there's some power supplies oh no those are missing the plugs these are modular um I guess I could rip one of these off these okay I'll be right back I'm gonna I'm gonna take this power supply off head up to um my office and yeah wait man thank you man all right so I don't mind the old syrup bottle was smacking some pancakes down but got the cell phones right here I'm gonna run the CPU rig right here to test out some stuff I want to try some of these CPU coins that are apparently go on Bonkers I thought I had everything got a power supply GPU CPU obviously Ram uh storage motherboard I don't have this does not have onboard Wi-Fi and I don't have ethernet currently set up so I'm gonna buy one of those like Wireless ax Point access point things like I plug in here and then I can run ethernet out of it and plug it into there um I could do that with my laptop and run an ethernet cord out of it but I was doing that previously with that laptop and the ethernet ports all messed up and janky and turns on and off like crazy so yeah that's kind of unfortunate so this video is um I'm I'm actually gonna ask you guys what CPU coin should we try with this rig and I'm gonna go ahead and order that stuff I think there's I can get an Amazon Prime if I can get it tomorrow we'll get up and running and whatever is like I guess the top comment uh that's the CPU minable coin that we will try obviously I'd like to try something other than various coin uh because there seems to be a lot more that are quite a bit more profitable on the ryzen CPUs but I'll see you guys down below in the comments section um much love peace out uh by the way I figured I'd throw this in at the end I do have another YouTube channel it's basically like you know online gambling and that kind of thing if that's your thing awesome I appreciate you come on over uh or if you just like me testing out and losing money um you can come over and watch that every now and then we do win I've been testing out some roulette strategies uh I was showing the bonus because uh they give out bonus money for free once you hit different levels and then right here I just made a video today it's a dollar a per day for free forever as long as you have the account you gotta log in which I just realized it and that's why I made the video and I'm like this is better than any like crypto or GPU or CPU mining currently out right now it burns basically no power you log in for five seconds a day uh claim your free dollar and you can cash it out as low as ten dollars um depending on what coin you cash out in so it does uh have to be in in crypto but yeah so if you like that kind of thing check it out if not you know we're we're starting out we're on the ground floor right now 23 subscribers but gonna be showing wins and fails so rip pray for me

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