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he hey guys ARP here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video want to give you guys more updates regarding the 307s I just got in a few more boxes they trickled in here of the EVGA RTX 30 70s these are the xc3 models and actually various models which thank you to a lot of you guys in the previous video that we did we unboxed a bunch of 307s four boxes to be exact with eight EVGA cards in each box and then we also built a GP risers R8 I guess a full rig of 307s here granted we had one that had dead LEDs but it still mines so that doesn't matter anyway mining these cards probably forever but yeah thank you to you guys I was figuring out you know I was worrying about in the previous video that I have a lot of different revision like model numbers of these EVGA 307s you know they basically have the same shroud okay for a lot of these like the xc3 ultra it says xc3 here but then we have the uh like the 3070 EVGA like black gaming Black editions it doesn't say xc3 on here and like the gaming Black ultas or something like that with different model numbers but ultimately I don't think it it didn't matter a lot of you guys said it was just you know some of them were Best Buy model number some of them were from Best Buy some of them were like re uh how do you say it refreshed or refinished models like some that were back from RMA I guess and I guess you know EVGA is no longer in warranty but anyways thank you for everyone that helped me understand you know lhr models Ultra models gaming block Edition gaming Black Ultra there's just so many models and oh yes just to update you guys I think overboard Tech let me know that this one here it's not it's not dirty right it's just because uh UV damage on the back of this uh the back plate of this uh 3070 and you can see the black here it's just because of like a riser cable was was covering it so it didn't turn gold like the the other ones here so this one may have been on a open air you know back in the day open air mining rig back in the day anyways guys let's talk about these 307s I just got more in and I had a damaged really really heavily damaged box here okay this one here uh but luckily thankfully they're all good I checked all the io plates none of them were damaged okay so this first batch here all of these 307s are good and yeah they're actually all the same model numbers all the xc3 Ultras uh in this batch here now the second box okay surprisingly this one had no damage at all that box but we did have a little casualty on the io part of this one okay it's not a big deal it's really not a big deal as you guys know the last video the previous video I was able to bend back another one and it's working right now in the GPU Riser R8 no problem so yeah this one just needs to be bent back and then it's going to be fine otherwise the whole thing yeah the GPU is completely fine no issues no issues at all then the third batch here from the third box yep no issues all came just fine no IO damage here and everything looks to be just fine so shipping was subar UPS i' to be honest I've had a lot of bad experiences uh with UPS from time to time but in reality not too worried I mean these EVGA 307s in my opinion are probably one of the most well-built gpus which these are just like like I think they're just built like tanks and actually I had a question for all of you I think these have like copper copper shims or something can you guys see that underneath there's like a copper looking back plate under there on the core and the memory I was just thinking like did these xc3 already initially come with those these types of like copper shims I thought I thought that was actually popular back in the eth mining days you know people were doing the copper shim mods so I wonder if the gentleman who I bought these from you guys can see that right the copper in between there was that you know stock with these x3s maybe I I can't believe he did it to all of them but let me check okay yeah this one has a copper copper plate in there as well I don't know let me check let me check this one here yeah this one has the copper plate in there there as well I think all of these actually let me check the gaming Black Edition ones were the ones with no back plates on them but yeah this one has the the copper part there as well so that's why in my opinion the value of these 307s versus any other model out there like these are just 10 times better I mean I think a lot of you guys can attest to EVGA quality especially the fans I think the fans are one of the longest lasting fans uh just in my experience I still have my 1060s those fans are still going from like 2017 those 1060 fans are still going I actually still have those GTX 1060s with the same fans never replace them and they're still going so I'm expecting the same results with these 307s okay there's one thing I forgot to talk about with you guys before I carry on here I also want to announce a giveaway okay for those that may have not watched my previous videos that giving away a bunch of KS Z Pros which thank you to Mr BP he's got nothing to sell you nothing to promote he's just a generous dude in the crypto mining Community who said red panda hey I want to give away a bunch of ksz Pros so I've already done two already now we have eight more left along with the veteran minor has graciously donated these six pin to a new metal Barrel plug okay so no longer PL plastic it's a metal one and they're going to be used for plugging these into like breakout board you know HP server PSU so I will uh for the next eight I will put in the veteran Miner cables in them and guys go visit the meteran minor.com if you are interested in purchasing any you know handmade made in the USA pcie cables so how to participate and actually as this video is released there's only 2 days left you got to go into my RPM Discord join the red panda mining Discord go to the announcements page and you will see the giveaway there you just have to react to the emote there and you will be drawn in for Sunday's giveaway which I will be doing a live stream of that when that giveaway ends we'll see who wins this one and then every other week or every week the next couple weeks I'm giving away another ksz pro ks0 pro ksz pro every week okay so stay tuned for my videos as we go along and I will tell you guys how to participate in that week's KS Z Pro giveaway okay going along with the video guys I I just want to give you guys an update on my power situation so again a bit of context I have not set up my power for the 307s for the GPU wall here okay I have not set it up yet because I was told from a bunch of you guys that hey red panda you should figure out how much power you are exactly using at home so I bought this imp Poria View Gen 2 smart home energy monitor two of them so cuz I have two 200 amp panels 400 amp service here and this thing here is supposed to basically ah I knew that would fall I just I just knew it okay anyways going back so this thing is supposed to be able to monitor all of the power that is coming out or be is being utilized from my circuit panel here and it is utilizing these these circuit sensors so these two big ones here are going to be for this okay the uh coming the service coming into the 200 amp panel I guess it goes into the bus bars here so I got to I I was going to put this in but I'm not I'm going to do that in another video I'm going to just have this for its own video and also has circuit sensors for the uh the 50 amp circuit sensors for the regular Outlets which I'm just going to use uh I only got the eight kit the eight circuit C sensor kits uh kit here actually two of them right so I have another eight sensors for this panel as well and and also another two uh main 200 amp circuit sensors here okay so those go on the two these two cables here okay I got to make sure I not only turn off when I install it I'm of course going to turn off everything turn off the main breaker here also outside I do have a main shut off for the service uh outside on my pole I actually have a disconnect there so just to I don't want to you know if I'm going to put it around that put my hands in here I don't want to get shocked right so stay tuned for that I just wanted to give you guys an update why I haven't installed the wiring yet I want to figure out how much power I am exactly going to be pulling from just whatever I'm using now so that I can determine how many 30 amp circuits that I can let's say put on this circuit panel cuz I know like you guys know I put my three uh 30 amp circuits here which are using for my A6 over there and I was planning to do another three for my G gpus and I was planning to do another uh I have uh one one spare no two spares here I it looks like it looks like that's installed but it's not so two spares of 30 amp circuits that I was thinking of taking one one here for the GPU sh shelf so one there three here but I yeah like you guys said a lot of you guys said in that previous V couple videos is that I should really calculate how much I'm using and I'll be able to monitor that like every minute like every hour every part of the day to see how much I am exactly pulling at different times of day and so whatever my you know Peak whatever that day is going to be for this then I can determine you know how much amps you know what I'm pulling exactly now with what I'm using on this circuit panel and of course this panel with a lot of my as6 already so then I can determine that that'll be for another video I will get this all up and uh showcase that to you guys next week sometime okay so back at the 307s here are G on the floor so I was going to I was going to build one uh in this video but I I I got to go now I got to go pick up my brother from the airport so I am going to leave this for another day I am going to take out a GP riser's case and we'll test out more cards as we go along I'm I'm still waiting for let's see I got 7even here I have four more okay four more 3070 boxes coming so that's going to be another 32 another 32 307s will be coming so that will be for next week sometime and so yeah just giving you guys an update here of uh just receiving these three and uh yeah oh thank God I thought one came out here someone decided to steal the 3070 but no it did come with eight there's eight here eight in the other boxes eight in the other box so that's that's all well and good oh there's one thing I wanted to test and thank you to the mining King for this idea okay so in the previous filler video yesterday you guys saw I did bring more 37s from my other crypto mining basement I got two Asus tops here one Venus 370 MSI Venus and then I have this Asus noctua Edition uh 3070 Big Boy noctua 3070 looks massive right but here mining King told me that I may be able to fit it right here so the last slot in the octom miner or the first slot depends how you look at it I may have enough room on this side here okay so if I decide to put this 3070 into a rig sometime that I may be able to fit it so let's just do a a test fit here oh yeah that that might fit might okay we're going to we're going to test I think it might hit the brake it's it might hit out it might hit that PSU uh the breakout board that little green spot yeah it might it might hit that okay we'll have to try it in another video then this thing is just this thing is thick man thick 3070 oh another update of this rig here okay I mining a lithium on this rig on the 8 307s so how much power is this pulling it's pulling 8241 Watts that's pretty good mining a lithium I'll show on the screen here what my hash rate is but that's uh really good lithio mining has been really prominent recently because of the price appreciation so yeah anyways guys that's it for this video I just want to give you guys an update as I go along here this is a big big endeavor that I am personally doing and I'm trying to focus on okay so not only as I get these in and I got to build the GPR risers the server cases all that stuff and you know get all this ready as well as uh I want to figure out how much power I'm using that's actually uh the biggest thing to do before I run more you know 10 to gauge cabling here and yeah I better get that exact amount let me know in the comments if any of you guys use these types of things and to figure out how much power you using I think it's a it's a good idea and by Circuit as well that's pretty cool okay I'll see you on the next video let me know your guys' thoughts and don't forget to join my Discord in the announcement section to join up and uh win a KS Pro this Sunday okay good luck everyone good luck peace out everyone peace out

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