Am I WASTING my time crypto mining with this?

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hey guys red panda mining here hope you all doing well having a really great day this is probably going to be one of the stupidest videos I have ever done recently and that's going to be talking about mining with one of these ant Miner z9 minis this is a six y- old Asic Miner that came out in I think June of 2018 bit main released one of these mini equihash Asic Miners and this mines as of right now a lot of different equihash coins like zcash Komodo horizen pirate chain and I think a few others I'm going to talk about that in this video but mainly what I'm planning on doing with this thing which is taking about 300 watts right now or uh 34 it is overclocked a little bit in the web guei which I'll show you guys in a second I am solo mining a certain coin right now and I'm not sure if I'm going to switch to another one it's going to be interesting and I'm going to give you guys My reasonings why it's probably a bad idea because as of right now if I were to pull mine with this thing I wouldn't be breaking even at all even at like 2 cents per kilowatt hour I would not be breaking even on the electric using this because the profits would not make up for it so this is yeah not a profitable Asic minor as it is not efficient since six years ago there's been a couple new equihash miners that have come out and are a lot more efficient than this guy but I'm going to do a fun theoretical well real test here and see if I can solom mine my way to riches with one of these things we're going to see let's talk about it in the computer right after a word from today's video sponsor coin mining based in the United Kingdom coin mining Central has been in business for over 5 years as one of the top leading suppliers of crypto mining hardware and cryptocurrency related products with free worldwide shipping they have competitive pricing and offer secure and tracked delivery for Peace of Mind secure and encrypted payment options using numerous cryptocurrencies and bank wire transfers account management for your orders professional customer support and even bulk Asic Miner deals in which all new miners come with a manufacturer warranty check out coin mining Cent .c today and use code RPM for $135 USD off each product ordered links in the video description below okay so I am not recommending anyone to go out and buy these I am doing just a fun test here but I was just looking on eBay how much these z9 minis are going for on eBay and looks like they're selling for about $53 to $100 I've been seeing on eBay okay so these are obviously very cheap because they're not profitable all right and they only do about 10 to 15 koles depending on if you overclocked it or not so I I'm just doing this for fun test here of mining you know solo mining a few coins okay whether that's going to be zcash or probably not zcash there's a lot of you know hash rate and a lot of miners already on zcash but maybe Komodo maybe horizon or maybe uh hush even or even uh pirate chain which I'm actually on pirate chain right now I'm actually mining on mining dutch.

NL solo mining at the moment all right you guys can see uh here z9 mini 01 I have it connected right now so we're going to see if I am eventually going to find a block I haven't found one yet I obviously just started and uh here is the minor here I haven't seen a bit M ant Miner web guei in a long time this is what it looks like here okay it's it's yeah this has been a long long time but anyways you guys can see the stats here I'm getting about 11 uh kols here uh according to the the web guey here it's only been running for about 43 minutes according to mining Dutch I'm getting about 12 uh kols but I did see under advanced settings there is a frequency here for overclocking and I haven't tried any higher it was stock here at 500 actually this z9 mini is not mine it was sent to me by someone else so I am going to mine with it and why not solo mine with it and see you know within the next year how many blocks am I going to find how much money is it going to be worth we'll talk about some funny stuff here later on in terms of the price and if we are on the brink of the bull run or not but looking right now okay it's about uh beginning of the first week of April as of recording this video 2024 okay so the z9 mini came out in 2018 this is a very old Asic minor all right it's it's one of their their smaller ones right the z9 mini does 10 koles but they have the z9 big does 42 koles but 970 watts and then as we go up here uh in a silicon had their monster uh equihash miners as well and of course we got bit M right z11 Z5 uh z15 Pro so what is the efficiency here of the z9 mini versus let's say the Z5 Pro and yeah there's a big difference here it's looks like it's uh I would say 9 10 time more efficient than the z9 mini okay looking at the difference here from the z15 pro I've reviewed the z15 on my channel and I remember this thing was able to get its money back within like 3 or 4 months and that was actually in the beginning of uh 2021 when these things first came out so was able to break even quite fast on this I think it was about $2,500 when it first came out and then of course we got the z15 pro which I actually I'm mining Horizon right now okay I'm pool mining Horizon and uh that's been doing pretty decent but anyways back to the z9 mini I just want to show you guys the efficiency here of how inefficient this minor is compared to the newer models now so the next thing and I did mention this already profiting off this z9 mini this little as6 minor is non-existent if you had 1 cent per kilowatt hour you would not be making any money as of right now according to Asic minor value if go to mine the Asic even at you know 0.01 Kow hour according to my the Asic I'd be losing 6 cents so not even breaking even I I would be losing money and so the power cost okay of this thing is uh if you know my electrical rate currently is going to be about 8 cents so I'm losing 58 cents a day or $17 a month or $210 a year in electric to mine with this thing okay if I were to pool mine with this thing but I am solo mining with this thing okay so the main idea for me is I am going to be trying to mine some of these you know prominent equihash coins Horizon zcash commod not zcash difficulty is way too high but Horizon Komodo pirate chain so these three coins okay whether or not they may have some potential in the future or not because of past history looks like price appreciation has happened with some of these coins you know Komodo as well uh Horizon had some previous history Komodo has a little bit of History here price appreciation looks like it's been going up as of recently because bitcoin's been going up pirate chain this is uh one that went up quite a bit in 2021 I don't know if it's going to go up again in the next bll run we'll see but I am going to try to solo mine a few pirate chain blocks now in my opinion to like kind of like increase my chances of getting a block in any of these chains like uh horizon or pirate chain or kodo uh kodo I believe is one minute block times okay it's not like C where it's like soon to be multiple blocks per second not comparing projects here but like trying to solo mine Komodo at least I have a bit of a higher chance cuz it's like one minute block times you guys can see here and each uh kodo each block sorry is about three Komodo per block all right which is which is pretty cool and but you know pirate chain is also one minute block times I believe as well just by looking at their explore here and uh you know how many pirate chain can I get per block block reward is two all right two pirate chain all right so if I put two here that's about 40 cents per block okay so in theory all right in theory I should be getting at least one block a day all right on solo mining pirate chain we're going to see I will keep you guys updated maybe like another month from now and we'll just go through the history of how many blocks uh we have potentially found okay for pirate chain and then I'll mine Komodo next or something for next the next month um but you know looking at Horizon now Horizon I believe is also one minute block times as well don't quote me on that yeah looks like it as well and uh each block will yield about 6.25 Zen all right so if I go to here that's going to be about $80 all right so I should really try solo mining uh Horizon but Horizon in my opinion I believe is quite high in hash rate already there's a good what 5,000 4,000 miners already mining Horizon so it's going to be a lot my my chance of finding a block is going to be further out versus like you know Komodo which has only about what under 500 people mining this coin right now or pirate chain which has under 200 miners right now the hash rate is decently low compared to Horizon and hush or hush is actually very low 47 miners uh 9.32 Mega soles which is pretty low but there's I don't think there's there's no solo pool for hush so I didn't give that an option but if there is then uh I'm willing to try it if you guys let me know if you guys think there is uh but Horizon Komodo uh zcash yeah zcash I'm I'm not going to solo mine it's already very high in the G Souls Giga Souls here and uh over 100,000 miners probably more mining uh zcash these are like wallet addresses not like specific miners there could be thousands of miners on one minor address so just keep that in mind but yeah guys let me know what your thoughts are of uh what I just talked about you know why not I I've had this thing sitting for a while and I thought you know what I really should make the video now regarding this thing so if I'm losing about 200 bucks a year I'm going to see if I can at least solo mine pirate chain of about 200 bucks but if there's going to be price appreciation of pirate chain that I'm mining then you know that 200 bucks I could get that $200 back uh of electric for running this thing for a whole year right and uh what if solo mining a bunch of other coins like kodo or uh hush or something else uh in the next couple months you know within this year I'll keep you guys updated that's the fun thing about this you know little z9 mini that I am willing to try to uh do this test this fun thing I highly don't recommend anyone else to do this unless you had free electric if you're living in a condo and your rental agreement is you know you got free electricity sure if you can find one of these for you know 50 bucks go to town why not m solo mine some of these other projects and have the potential uh you know to make some money if those coins price appreciate why not right why not all right let me know your guys' thoughts of this here if you think it's a waste of money I'm wasting my time I'm probably am but why not we're going to do some fun thing here I'll keep you guys updated in a month or two of this and uh why not see how it goes I'll see you guys in the next video have a good one peace out [Music]

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